EVE Community Unites Over Player Death In Libya

The world can be an incredibly miserable place sometimes. Case in point: a recent assault on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted in multiple deaths, which served to underscore all manner of related violent conflicts that have been going on for ages. That’s simply nauseating to even think about – let alone be a part of in any way, shape, or form. One of the now-deceased victims, US state department official Sean Smith, was an integral member of the EVE Online community. But, in an unlikely turn of events, that fact gave rise to something positively incredible.

It began with a heartbreaking, fantastically heartfelt post from Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco, who praised Smith for his skills as an excellent diplomat both in real life and as a member of EVE’s Council of Stellar Management.

“I’m clearly in shock as I write this as everything is buzzing around my head funnily and I feel kind of dead inside. I’m not sure if this is how I’m supposed to react to my friend being killed by a mob in a post-revolutionary Libya, but it’s pretty awful and Sean was a great guy and he was a goddamned master at this game we all play, even though a lot of people may not realize how significant an influence he had. It seems kind of trivial to praise a husband, father, and overall badass for his skills in an internet spaceship game but that’s how most of us know him, so there you go. RIP, my friend.”

But that was only the very, very tip of the iceberg. CCP employees and former CCP staffers alike chimed in with tributes of their own, as did countless members of the Something Awful forums, which gave birth to much of EVE’s gigantic Goonswarm faction. Something Awful proper, meanwhile, is organizing a full-blown fundraiser for Smith’s wife. And then there’s one of the more amazing bits, which saw hundreds of in-game outposts – many of which belonged to rival corporations – change their names to honor Smith’s untimely passing.

Kotaku’s done an absolutely wonderful job of cataloging the whole movement, and I can’t really do their write-up justice here. So go read through it for yourself, and take a moment to reflect on, well, all of this. Oftentimes, it’s easy to look at online gaming communities and see only the negative aspects. Anonymity, insults, sexism, racism, exclusion, rage, isolation. But it’d be a tremendous mistake to lose sight of the incredible good they can do. Smith’s friendships spanned years, careers, continents, and, well, life. He’s gone, but people he’s likely never even met face-to-face won’t let him or his loved ones be forgotten. That’s beautiful. That’s one of the most powerful things I think any game’s ever facilitated. To all involved, you’re amazing.

So rest in peace, Sean Smith. At the very least, you deserve that much.


  1. Bios Element says:

    There’s a level of irony in this, as he was a member of the Goons, an organization that thrives on Insults, Sexism, Racism, Exclusion, Rage, Isolation or in summary, “Tears”.

    That said, the actions of the whole can’t be allowed to infect the great work that many do and the loss of Mr. Smith is a terrible, senseless loss.

    EDIT: It’s great to see the apparently official Goon response to this: link to jestertrek.blogspot.com Reading the comments, I must say I have a great deal of respect for them.

    • jellydonut says:

      No, they thrive on trolling and scamming. Know the difference.

      Perhaps you should google something called the ‘cultural revolution’ — the EVE community at large is a cesspit of sexism and racism, and Goonswarm is actively campaigning *against that*.

      Their top fleet commander is female, unlike in other alliances where a female FC would have been hounded and called out constantly on voice comms until she left the game.

      • Bios Element says:

        I’m a player of Eve Online, I very well know the community. Perhaps it’s better in some sections, however the public face of the Goons is still pretty pathetic.

        Past actions speak louder then worlds. link to forums.eveonline.com

        • Chalky says:

          Perhaps you should get some perspective about the fact that a real person died and stop crying about someone completely different being mean in a game of internet spaceships, you incredibly petty man.

          • Bios Element says:

            Perhaps you should read what I wrote rather then sling insults.

          • Gurrah says:

            The same “just a game of internet-spaceships” argument that always gets tugged out of some drawer when it suits people. It obviously is not just a game as the support for Vile Rat and his family has shown, if it were just a game he would’ve been one of many that just never logged in again for one reason or another.

          • battles_atlas says:

            In belittling the virtual world Chalky you’ve kind of missed the point of this whole thing

        • St4ud3 says:

          It’s pretty obvious that you have no idea about us at all. “Sexism, Racism, Exclusion, Rage, Isolation” <– Literally everything you mentioned will get you banned.

          It's really no wonder that we don't want to have to do anything with the general EVE community, which is a vile cesspit of everything you mentioned.

      • DarkFenix says:

        No, Goons are basically as he says. They’re a fucking disgrace and represent the worst aspects of gamer culture.

        But as Chalky says, not the time or place.

        • Seth says:

          It’s funny that people think this, because ‘EVE Goons’ are a tiny (but really well known) fraction of the Goons of Something Awful, a forum with literally thousands of members, 99% of whom have nothing to do with Goonswarm. And SA is one of the more civilized places on the internet – far more so than even RPS comments. You’ll get banned almost instantly for even veiled racism and misogyny, called out for casual use of ‘fag’, and generally held to a higher standard than most venues. SA pseudo-activists were responsible for the partial shutdown of Reddit’s outrageous child porn hubs.

          Vile Rat, the man who died, was not just a prominent Goonswarm diplomat, but a moderator in SA’s Debate and Discussion forum, where he was known for his temperance, calm, and good cheer. And he had a wife and kids.

          Goons, the ‘worst aspect of gamer culture’: neither particularly bad nor, for the most part, gamers.

          • Redd says:

            Sorry to hear you’re Conservative :<

          • Cryo says:

            called out for casual use of ‘fag’
            Yeah, they just use “sperg” and “autistic” instead as catch-all insults. And think that makes them classier then the rest of internet somehow.

          • Seth says:

            If you’re suggesting that the casual use of ‘sperg’ and ‘autistic’ as an internet insult is problematic and that Goons should cut it the fuck out, I completely agree! One of the great things about SA is the fairly sizable social justice contingent. I wouldn’t call it a ‘good place’ or a safe space or anything like that, but the internal culture of self-mockery and argument lends itself towards at least a little progress.

      • pepper says:

        I am currently(for a few years already) playing in a online tournament which has 2 sides(Axis and Allied) that vary by name and officers each campaign. This campaign we as a tournament are fighting against our rivials, and the 2 woman that play in the tournament hold the CINC(Commander in Chief) and the third in control(major something something).

        I find it a nice development, although these woman are not your everyday woman I suppose.

    • rargphlam says:

      Goons are some of the kindest, most generous, funny and caring internet individuals while at the same time being some of the foulest, vilest and most derogatory. The SA forums, as whole, is probably the most forward thinking and least racist and sexist internet group out there. Shame you feel like painting with such a broad brush.

      • dE says:

        It’s almost like… people were individuals with opinions of their own… heh, what a funny thought.

        • The Godzilla Hunter says:

          Sir De,

          I am highly offended at your suggestion of judging all people as separate entities. The idea is appalling and I do wish you will rescind it with a formal apology.

          The Godzilla Hunter (M.D, Professor of Law, Knight)

          • tobecooper says:

            We are in complete agreement with The Godzilla Hunter, M.D. Maybe in the future you should keep your silly opinions to yourself, Mr dE.

            The Hive Mind

          • Droopy The Dog says:

            Surely you mean keep his vaguely defined social group’s opinions to himself? Individual opinions and merit are the exactly the kind of crass nonesense we’re fighting against here.

      • DXN says:

        Um, really? The *least* racist and sexist? I daresay they’re not quite as terrible as the reputation they’ve entirely justifiably built up by acting like dicks all the damned time, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got a ways to go before they’re less assholish than the communities that were built around maturity and acceptance in the first place.

        • ShineDog says:

          The forums are a very different beast to goonfleet. Goonfleet, or whatever it’s called these days, represents a tiny, tiny handful of the forums numbers. It’s a visible handful, but doesn’t represent the forums as a whole in the slightest.

        • St4ud3 says:

          You seem to confuse ‘assholish’ with ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’. We are only one of those.

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        “Goons are some of the kindest, most generous, funny and caring internet individuals while at the same time being some of the foulest, vilest and most derogatory.”

        I think this comment nails it. I spent many years as a member of the SA forums after entering a digital art contest on the website, and found the creative communities (art and writing) generous and wonderful, while also being some of the harshest and most brutally honest critics you could wish for.

        While I have moved on to other things, my wife now maintains an account on the SA forums, expressly because of how well moderated they are and the breadth of the content available on them. She is a strong feminist and progressive, and never has any issues with the tone of the discussion that takes place there.

        That said, the goon presence in online games is somewhat akin to ripe French cheese; difficult to appreciate from the outside but with a sophisticated and rewarding heart. That said, as much as I grudgingly respect them, I tend to avoid servers with Goon guilds because I just don’t want to put in the effort to cope with the chaos they spawn.

    • fredc says:

      As an experiment, Bios Element, register a SomethingAwful forums account and post a racist or sexist thread. See what sort of response you get and please post your results here.

      • Bios Element says:

        I’m afraid I wouldn’t know ( or care to know honestly ) where to start. link to xkcd.com is about the best I could manage. >.>

        • fredc says:

          If you don’t know or care, why did you state that the site thrives on racist, sexist etc. posting?

          Anything of the kind will get you banned, the length of time that takes depending mostly on the potential for creative mocking and ridicule of your Awful views detected in your post. The moderation on the forums is about as friendly to bigots as Mother Jones or the letters page of Ms. magazine.

          The forums are publicly browsable, so you could have spent half a minute informing yourself on the topic instead of spending even more time hunting down an xkcd non-sequitur to share with us.

      • mike2R says:

        That was my thought. My only contact with goons has been occasionally lurking the SomethingAwful forums, which seems to be an extremely well moderated forum with a very low tolerance for that sort of thing.

        I’ve always found it slightly odd they have this reputation. Given the foul-mouthed crap that seems to infest all multiplayer games, are they really tat much worse?

        • Snargelfargen says:

          Most online goon guilds are dedicated to griefing, and a big part of that is mocking people that take their games far too seriously. I don’t want to minimize the effect of bullying, because it can be very harmful, but by and large the targets of their griefing mostly shrug their shoulders and carry on with their lives. The rather vocal minority that chooses to take it as a personal affront is a little more… passionate.

          Maybe that’s a natural consequence of online and offline identities slowly becoming one these days. There’s no easy answer. In any case this entire derail about goons is selfish and disrespectful towards the deceased and his family. There’s a place for discussions about griefing and this isn’t it.

          It’s also a perfect illustration of what happens when people take their games too seriously.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Yeah, I’d be careful about conflating all internet asshattery into the same category. I’d argue that bigotry is much worse than general trolling, and like people say SA seems quite a progressive forum compared to much of the internet, even if the goons do like griefing people.

        • PopeJamal says:

          You can sit there and marvel at the different types of maggot colonies on a garbage heap if you want, to each his/her own. As for me, every “goon” I’ve ever had the “pleasure” of meeting has been in an MMO, and everyone of them, to a person has been a useless asshole. And no, I don’t take my games too seriously, I just don’t want to babysit someone else’s kids when I’ve put my own kisd to bed for the night. “Social Commentary” or not.

          Campaign all you want, but MY personal experience tells me THAT type of sandwich tastes like shit, and I’m not going to try it again. I don’t care if they heal the sick and kiss babies all day on the SA forums, they’ve already gotten their chance at a first impression with me, and they blew it all 4 times.

          Not to speak poorly of the dead, but it’s because of the association with “goons” that I find the character of the deceased to be questionable. Regardless, no amount of internet trolling should leave anyone to die at the hands of an angry mob, so in that regard, I feel sorry for the guy and especially his family.

          More on point, it’s really nice what these people are doing and all the more surprising because I was under the impression that all these people were complete assholes. I’m still not sure if I’ve changed my mind about them though, because even street gang members are “sad” when one of their “boyz” get killed, and I know from first hand knowledge that most of those guys really are all assholes.

          • Hyoscine says:

            “and I know from first hand knowledge that most of those guys really are all assholes.”

            …and the line that nails it; you’re so very obviously talking out of your arse. Please take your hate elsewhere.

    • Yosharian says:

      Yeah there’s definitely some irony here, not sure about the whole sexist/racist aspect but they definitely are griefers through and through.

      There’s a kind of truth in what they do, but it’s not something I care to be involved in in any way. They’re pretty obnoxious.

      • Bios Element says:

        I’d be content to call it very crass humor at best. I certainly did not mean to imply ‘all’ of them are, or even agree with it.

    • Lightningproof says:

      Don’t know about Goonswarm, but for such a popular place SA is one of the best forums on the internets for reasonable discussion (outside of FYAD). The Debate and Discussion forum is teeming with feminists and leftists, even (which in my book is no bad thing).

    • ShineDog says:

      It’s pretty important to note that the goonfleet in Eve is pretty distinct from goon culture in general. Acting out on the forums gets you slapped down pretty quickly.

      • Bios Element says:

        That is indeed worth noting, As I wouldn’t have suspected much of a difference.

        • Quarex says:

          Of course not, because you do not care about facts, just about being the first to get the edgy “real-life griefer grief lol!” post out there.

          The Something Awful forums are the best moderated forums on the entire Internet, and the only place where people like you would be banned for being so profoundly callous and evil.

    • Deano2099 says:

      There is something blackly humourous in the fact that an organisation based around the concept of inflicting grief on others (self-identified ‘griefers’) are now experiencing actual grief.

      I don’t think simply observing that in any way lessens the fact that it’s awful tragedy that he was killed. Hell, when I finally go I hope it’s in a way that someone can joke about…

      • Bios Element says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • DrGonzo says:

        But their griefing is based around pointless trivial hobbies, essentially childrens toys that people take far too seriously. This is nothing like that, it’s real grief. Something someone should get upset and angry about.

        The fact you don’t see the difference could explain your hatred for the goons I suppose.

        • Deano2099 says:

          Of course there’s a difference (well, except for the bit where the leader of the Goons encouraged people to try and get someone to commit suicide in real life).

          But that’s the joke innit? It’s a pun. Griefers in grief. Like if someone who stirred up controversy on internet forums was killed by a strange horned creature that lived under a bridge. That’d be a tragedy too. Also: funny.

          Some people just shut down when horrible things happen, they can’t see the funny side, and that’s perfectly normal. Other people search for the oddities and laughter in even the direst situations because that’s how they best work too.

          • Aatch says:

            Reminds me a lot Jimmy Carr. He tends to get a lot of hate for “offensive” jokes, that under the cold light of logic actually are just puns or similar.

            Comedy is probably the best way, imho, to deal with tragedy. What better way to counter misery, than with mirth?

            I would much rather crack a joke at a funeral than break down in tears. I would rather laugh about how somebody was, than sob about how they are now. It is much better to remember them with happiness, focus on the fact that you were lucky enough to have them in your life than focus on the fact they are now gone.

            I’m not disrespecting the dead by being happy, the dead don’t give a shit. I see it as respecting the living memory by not being a miserable git.

        • PopeJamal says:

          I think the problem is that you view being an asshole as a “shades of grey” thing.
          I think being an asshole is binary.

          It doesn’t matter how or why you’re doing it. It’s like being a pedo: either you are or you aren’t.

      • Snuffy the Evil says:

        As an emotionally developed human being I’m pretty sure there’s a pretty huge difference between mourning and making fun of people who get angry at video games.

        • Jenks says:

          “As an emotionally developed human being I’m pretty sure there’s a pretty huge difference between mourning and making fun of people who get angry at video games.”

          The biggest difference in those two scenarios is in the first one grief was inflicted on you, and the other you’re inflicting grief on others.

          • Sardaukar says:

            You don’t think the biggest difference is that one involves the tragic death of a human being, and the other revolves around being upset with a virtual activity?

      • Hyoscine says:

        That humor is kinda dependent on the swarm having somehow all lead grief-free lives up until this point. Seems unlikely.

    • Quarex says:

      You are a disgusting human being, and I hope you stop posting here. The fact that a tiny contingent of posters on the Something Awful forums enjoys griefing does not take away from the hundreds of thousands of dollars our forums have donated to charities, nor does it magically eliminate the significant numbers of us who crusade against racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other variety of modern social ill.

  2. Chalky says:

    This upsets me so much, such a senseless loss. RIP Vile Rat.

    As a fellow goon said, quoted in a comment in that Kotaku article:

    “Fuck the people who made that video and the people who started shooting at the embassy, they are different sides of the same coin, fuck them forever.”

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I’m not defending the video or the vile little pieces of shit that produced it, but it’s now thought that the attack on the embassy was planned well in advance and the video was simply an excuse to get the “natives” riled up as cover for the assholes carrying the RPGs and assault rifles.

      At least according to our State Department. So take that information with a grain of salt, I guess.

      • Bios Element says:

        Meh, it makes sense. Mr. Murderer wants to have cover for his Embassy Attack, so he gets a dumb ‘movie’ made to cause a stir.

      • Chalky says:

        That’s kinda the point though, these gunmen felt like they needed an excuse to do it – they couldn’t just walk up and do it. I’m sure america was pretty well loved in Libya by the majority of people since the revolution and it would take something really offensive to rile them up enough for something like this.

        Nutjobs in the middle east being provoked by nutjobs in the west with innocent victims. It’s vital that neither minority can use things like this as justification for being complete assholes.

        • Bios Element says:

          It’s worth noting that while the headlines are covering the “Americans killed”, It’s also reported that an unknown ( several is the best I have ) number of Libyan guards and officers were killed. As an American myself, I find this very upsetting. Why should the focus be on only the Americans? Sure it’s notable, however I’d argue the guards holding the line until the end shows that not everyone in the country was ‘outraged’.

        • sinister agent says:

          And on that note, you’ve given me an even better excuse to post this:

          You won’t see pictures of Libyans mourning the death of US Embassy staff on Fox/MSNBC/CNN, but you can see it here: link to t.co

          (leads to some photos of Libyans gathering to respect the people who died, nothing dodgy or graphic).

          • Temple says:

            You never need an excuse to post Sinister -thanks for the link.
            You are one of the few who can remind me what it was like when it was sane around here.

    • Sirbolt says:

      More like “fuck the gunmen and anyone who gets offended by a movie depicting their prophet having intercourse”.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Do a bit of research on who was behind that video and why they made it, and you may end up pinning some of the blame on them. Regardless of who’s ultimately at fault, you’re absolutely right — people who get offended at that type of thing need to chill the fuck out.

        • Sirbolt says:

          Scanned the wiki-page and a lot seems to be unknown about its creators, except that they may be Coptic Christians? Regardless, any religious practitioner should feel confident enough in themselves and their beliefs to just stand above someone criticizing, demeaning or speaking ill of it, and we in the west should ultimately defend all those who do so, provided they act within the boundaries of the law. Most religions have developed quite thick skin over the years, and its high time the rest followed suit. Easier said than done, but tip-toeing around them because certain practitioners have a tendency towards violence is probably not a good thing.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            Florida Pastor Terry Jones, the same man who publicly burned copies of the Qur’an, is promoting the film, and it supposedly got the majority of its funding from well-to-dos in the hardcore Zionist community. I won’t debate the validity of their theological arguments, but it’s pretty obvious that the entire history of the film is steeped in extremism.

          • Jenks says:

            Murder a bunch of people over a movie: extremist
            Burn a book: extremist

            All these people need to be stopped equally!

          • Sirbolt says:

            Of course these things will always bring out the nutjobs. But burning books is legal, so is protesting because you feel your religion was slighted, even if I find it silly. Murdering people, however, is not. (By the way, seeing as this heinous act was committed on September 11 I can hardly see the movie as anything but a pretence for something that’s probably been planned for a while.)

            My point is, people are and should be free to, within the boundaries of the law, express their opinion no matter how reprehensible it is, without it somehow excusing the murder of said peoples countrymen. It’s a completely reprehensible standpoint that provocation justifies or excuses murder in any way.

          • BruceFnLee says:

            Stop comparing murder to burning books.

            Seriously, recalibrate your notions of morality.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            @BruceFnLee, Jenks. The two are simply sides of the same coin: they both represent an extremist view, and book-burning is just another step on the road to justifying ideological murder.

            I guarantee you that Pastor Terry Jones and his ilk would gladly murder as many Muslims as possible if they were allowed to do it and get away with it.

    • circadianwolf says:

      Yeah, it’s really baffling when a population gets murderously upset with the diplomatic representatives of a country that has indiscriminately bombed the shit out of them and generally treated them like a client state to be abused and manipulated as that country sees fit.

      The US State Department is a tool of American imperialism. Which is not to say this isn’t a tragedy–it’s always a tragedy when people are killed. But there’s a lot more dead Libyans than there are Americans.

      (Obviously this particular story is very relevant to RPS in a way that the general Libyan conflict obviously isn’t, so I have no problems with their choosing to report on this and not the other–that makes perfect sense. But the news media’s focus is disgusting.)

    • Jenks says:

      “Fuck the people who made that video and the people who started shooting at the embassy, they are different sides of the same coin, fuck them forever.”

      This is so racist, but it’s alright because it’s anti white and pro brown, so it’s progressive.

      • alw says:

        How is it racist? Seems to me that it’s whole point of the comment is that both sides are equally to blame..

        • Jenks says:

          White people: made an inflammatory movie
          Brown people: stormed a consulate and murdered a bunch of people

          Dipshit racist progressive’s thought process:
          “We can’t blame those poor Muslims for their actions. They can’t control themselves, they’re animals. Those evil white people were basically riling up dogs! It’s as if these white people knew exactly what they were doing: hitting pit bulls with cattle prods, and those poor stupid beasts didn’t know any better than but to attack. It’s what they do, they can’t be blamed.”

          It’s so, so ridiculously racist. I guarantee you that if someone made this movie about Jesus, and a bunch of white people shot up a Mosque, there wouldn’t be a single cry against the film maker outside the extreme religious right wing (US). All the blame would go where it belonged: violent fanatic extremists. For the record, I’m an atheist. I’m just calling bullshit and racism where I see it.

          • alw says:

            I don’t think anyone has said you can’t blame the people who did it. Of course you can, they had free will. But that doesn’t absolve the people who made the film, either, because they must have known that they were provoking a reaction that would likely put other people in increased danger – yet they knowingly went ahead.

            So yeah, fuck ’em both.

          • BruceFnLee says:

            Stop comparing violence to words and non-violent actions.

          • Jenks says:

            No, not fuck em both.

            Fuck people that can’t deal with free speech. Fuck those backwards animals that would take a life because someone disagrees with them and made a fucking movie.

            link to theonion.com

            Let’s see if any other religion goes on a murderous rampage now.

          • alw says:

            Not sure where this post will end up, but a quick reply:

            “BruceFnLee says:

            Stop comparing violence to words and non-violent actions.”

            No, because if you use words to incite violence, you should be held accountable for the results, as well as the person who carried out the violence. I mean, are you seriously saying that there should be no punishment for incitement to commit a crime?

          • Grape Flavor says:

            I love that Onion article. That’s the great thing about the Onion – it’s all bullshit, but it manages to say some very true things at the same time.

            I always thought it was kind of hilarious how the further left you go politically, the more obsessed people become with denouncing far-right Christian religious extremists (who kill people every once in a while), and the more obsessed they become with excusing, rationalizing and dismissing anything done by far-right Islamic religious extremists (who kill people every single day).

            Then again, the fact that the loonies on one side of the spectrum are just as delusional and hypocritical as their counterparts on the other side should not be news to any aware, thinking person.

          • Jenks says:

            Grape Flavor: A big, huge, sincere thank you.

  3. atticus says:

    A very sad story, but the response has been heartwarming to all who have followed it.

    As a rather surprising effect of his tragic death, we finally get to see some media-coverage focusing on a adult male playing computer/video games as a hobby, and it’s presented as a positive thing.

    That’s something we don’t see very often!

  4. Utsunomiya says:

    That’s what you get when you occupy foreign nations, duh.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Please explain what all this has to do with ‘occupying a foreign nation’.

      • Goodtwist says:

        My take on “occupying a foreign nation” is that it is an unfortunate wording for the blissful propagation of peace and democracy by the freedom loving countries of the West, NATO, EU and what not.

        Technically, I guess, Lybia is not occupied.

        Which is one side of the coin whereas the other is, that the tragic death of one individual is, well, tragic and shouldn’t have happenend, obviously.

        • mike2R says:

          I’m not sure that the complete absence of any sort of occupation force counts as a technicality in this case.

          • Ritashi says:

            I mean, technically, he is correct. In a technical sense of the word technically.

            In more related news, while there are valid points lying somewhere vaguely under the surface of that argument, you might want to flesh out your concepts more before claiming that Libya is somehow being occupied (this in reference to the guy that actually made that claim). And to everyone, generally, make sure that your opinions are well thought out, contain enough references within themselves to support detailed analysis of them (though such analysis itself is not necessary in a simple comment thread, there needs to be enough there for others to actually understand your opinions and think through the implications and reasoning on their own), and are relevant before stating them.

          • Utsunomiya says:

            Well, true, bringing a puppet government to power and constructing a military base on the territory of another sovereign state is not technically an occupation.
            Far more insidious.

        • JackShandy says:

          Technically, I guess, the moon is in space.

          • brulleks says:


            Nice try, but this is the internet, remember?

            Most people won’t have got more than three words into your post before the ‘pew pew’ noises in their head distracted them.

        • alundra says:

          Sure, just like technically Iraq and Afghanistan were “liberated”.

    • Nim says:

      Libya, unoccupied.

    • Llewyn says:

      Diplomatic missions count as foreign occupation now? Panic! London’s absolutely swarming with foreign oppressors! Help!

      • The Godzilla Hunter says:


        Edit: That is supposed to be the cry of protesters outside of an embassy. Didn’t really translate into words very well…

      • circadianwolf says:

        When they’re used to make unilateral demands backed by the very real threat of overwhelming military force (which is most US embassies), yes, they do.

        And London, incidentally, would qualify. The US treats the UK like a client state and expects to be obeyed. They generally get their way.

        • hypercrisis says:

          come off it, Blair cajoled the yanks into as much as they did him.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Yeah, because it’s totally not the fault of religious bigots who are actively looking for excuses to use violence, while whining over how the world disrespects their religious sensibilities and right to kill and opress with views that differ from their own.

      • Tengil says:

        Ah yes, why are these Libyans upset about a neoliberal regime imposed by Nato, perhaps they should just calm down and stop being a bunch of religious bigots

        • Subject 706 says:

          Maybe because no one but the delusional hard left thinks a neoliberal regime has been imposed on them by the west perhaps, you tinfoil-hatted moron?

          The guys responsible for this are probably the same guys who wrecked several sufi-shrines recently i.e. the very definition of aggressive bigots, all too common, but definitely not all the libyan people.

          • codename_bloodfist says:

            Yes, clearly, the NATO didn’t pick sides, didn’t get involved at all during their last civil war and didn’t help destabilise the country. We just had French aeroplanes there to protect the innocent and the oppressed hurr hurr. Pathetic.

          • alundra says:

            @Subject 706

            Please change your name to Cynical Bigoted Fuck.


          • Subject 706 says:

            Sure , as soon as you put together a coherent argument as to why I am cynical and bigoted.

          • DrGonzo says:


            You’ve done such a good job yourself I don’t think he needs to.

          • Subject 706 says:

            No, I do not. It gets really stupid, when your only argument is “ur dumb an u know it hurhur”. So please, tell me why I am such a bigoted cynic, please.

          • Subject 706 says:

            @codename_bloodfist, aldudra, DrGonzo

            Ok, I’ll make an effort: I do not share your view that the current Libyan government is neoliberal, neither do I think it is a tool of NATO. I also do not think the Libyan uprising was instigated by the west. You boys know anything about a decades long dictatorship in that country perhaps? I do, however believe that NATO intervened because it was politically convenient to do so, since Khaddaffi had been quite useful to them until his powerbase became eroded.

            Now I also know firsthand that most people in the arab world take their religion very seriously, but showing popular anger != killing people. I very clearly stated that I think the people responsible are the same extremists who drove around Libya destroying Sufi shrines, i.e. the worst kinds of religious extremists. And yes, those people exist, and no, they do not ONLY exist because of US policy, however much you like to think so. I also stated that the general population of Libya does not support such acts.

            This is why you think I am pathetic, cynical and bigoted? I’d say your smugness and inability to see anything beyond your “it must be american imperialism RAH RAH”, makes you the pathetic cynical bigots.

            End rant.

        • Subject 706 says:

          Yes, NATO took sides. How does that equate to the current Libyan govt being a neoliberal puppet of NATO? What is really pathetic is people with little knowledge of the region, whose ideology severely clouds their judgement .

          • alundra says:

            Noooooo, not a puppet government, that’s why NATO and friends weren’t done sending the country back to the stone age and the rebellion was already shipping oil tankers.

            Are you competing with Homer Simpson or something?? At least he is a funny guy, you are one poor sour SOB

          • Subject 706 says:

            “Noooooo, not a puppet government, that’s why NATO and friends weren’t done sending the country back to the stone age and the rebellion was already shipping oil tankers.”

            Boy are we aggressive today? Check your facts, Libya is in no way “bombed back to the stone age” as you so eloquently put it. Are their roads not traversible anymore? Sewage system, water supply destroyed? No?

            Exporting oil is Libyas main source of income, you bet the rebels wanted to start exporting it ASAP. I still see no evidence for their recent election having placed a neoliberal puppet regime in control. Or do you have anything other than your really smug opinion to back it up with?

            As for the rest of your reply, using insults instead of arguments is rather weak. Why don’t you just tell me how much worse off the Libyans are now instead of under Khaddaffi? Or is your mind incapable of entertaining the notion that most Libyans weren’t terribly happy about his 4-decades of dictatorship?

    • Shooop says:

      You seem very confused about what an embassy is.

  5. ukpanik says:

    Never knew him but I played eve once, so I’m going to pretend it effects me:
    RIP 4eva nr❤ ur wiv da angels now.

    Anyone know if the other guys who died were gamers? I need to know if I should care about them too.

    • marlin says:

      We’ll all have to hope that no-one you care about is killed tragically won’t we? Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll look forward to reading comments like yours from utter arseholes.

    • kyrieee says:

      It’s not that he’s a gamer, it’s that he had a profound impact on the game and a lot of people who play it.

    • DJ Madeira says:

      Wow, dude. Really? Who cares who he was; he’s a human being who was killed for no good reason. Have a little sensitivity.

      • Ragnar says:

        I prefer to think that he’s trying to make a point about how we care and morn the gamer, but not so much the other people who were killed. Presumably, we should morn all who died, and not just those to whom we can relate.

        Of course, if so, he could have just come out and said that.

    • Bios Element says:

      Meh, Let’s not feed the trolls.

    • Askeladd says:

      I believe this ‘troll’ is disgusted by the pretense all of this is or could be.
      I’m not judging people, but I can’t help to remember that it’s that little ugly thing called ego that does most of our decisions and that thing makes it naught impossible for the most of humanity to show true compassion for a person they don’t really know well. If you strongly disagree you either are very emphatic or you lie to yourself.
      This is of course simplified – reality is much more complex.

      – ‘true compassion’, I formulated this vague, sorry.

    • Yosharian says:

      Hahaha. I have to admit, there is something a little forced about this whole thing. Still, let’s not be too cynical, eh?

    • JackShandy says:

      What kind of person is worried about how sincere strangers who show grief are?

      Do you go around scrutinizing the mourners at funerals?

      • MarcP says:

        If the funeral was held in a shopping mall and I was here to pick up groceries, why, yes, I would probably have a look.

        I’m not in ukpanik’s head, but the way I read it, and agree with, is it’s somewhat disturbing to see people with no personal connection to the guy grieving for him in particular and nobody else, as if one human life was worth more than another, based on how popular you were or on your appartenance to a particular group.

        Do you mourn for each of the ~30,000 african kids dying of hunger per day as well? Or are their deaths not that important because they haven’t accomplished anything in a video game?

        This kind of question inevitably prompts people to vehemently claim they can care about both things, but the point is, you don’t care as much. You can’t care as much. It’s only human, but that doesn’t make it pretty to express in public. What you see as a celebration of the life of an individual feels, to some of us, like pissing on the graves of others. Surely, if you have that much empathy you can understand some people may have a different perspective than you do, can’t you?

        • Berzee says:


          good word

        • Ritashi says:

          The problem may be that we express this as grief, when in reality we are showing respect. You can’t realistically feel grief about the death of someone you don’t know (the sheer number of deaths every day means that if you could you would be perpetually paralyzed with grief, but then ultimately you would desensitize to it; bringing us back to the point where we can’t feel grief for people we don’t know). However, what we do in these situations is two-fold. First, we show sadness that a human being has died. It’s not severe sadness, but it’s that mild sort where you know that it would have been better had something happened differently. Sure, we don’t typically show this sadness thousands of times a day, but we do show it any time those deaths are mentioned (generally speaking). It’s not grief, it’s just slight sadness that everyone is accustomed to.

          But then we also show something else. We show respect for the accomplishments of a lifetime. We look at the public parts of a person’s life, and we say that they did well. They were important. They made a difference. We will remember them. Is that how we judge the worth of a life? Well, partially. I mean, don’t we all at some point desire to make a mark on the world, to be remembered? Even if we only wish to make a mark on those close to us, everyone wants to change the world around them, and everyone wants that impact to be positive (not everyone I suppose, but very very many. Living without a care for how you impact others is a rare thing). Most of the respect being shown is basically people saying that he mattered, that he made a difference, possibly that he’ll be remembered even now that he’s gone. We like to think that when we go, we might have people say the same of us, even if only those closer to us said it.

          Further, funerals are for the living, not the dead. The dead person has moved on, and has either stopped existing or gone on to whatever may constitute the afterlife. Sean Smith, whatever he may have thought in life, no longer cares what we say about him. However, other people do. Those truly close to him, they may care. And the people actually saying these things? They care. To look at someone else’s life, and show respect and admiration for it, can help give people hope and let them attribute some meaning to this life.

          Too often, we fail to distinguish between the sadness we display towards the deaths of people we did not know, and the respect we show people of note. Those people who vehemently defend that they care equally about the deaths of children in Africa, are talking about the sadness they feel. They do feel equally sad, and in neither case do they feel very sad at all (desensitization, paralyzing grief otherwise, etc.). But when you attack them for it you are talking about the respect they show towards the life, not the sadness towards the death. We cannot offer more than passing sadness at the deaths of those we have never heard of, and hell don’t even know the names of. I agree that people who claim genuine grief are either self-delusional, liars, or totally naive. But most people don’t claim that.

          I offer my respect for a life well lived. Though his name will, ultimately, be forgotten, as will everything he achieved, that will in no way invalidate the things he accomplished. The true measure of a life lies not in the memories of others, but in the heart and mind of the one who lived it. I can claim no insight into his thoughts, for I never knew him, but I believe that all may rest easy in the knowledge that everything is now out of our hands. The dead no longer need our attention; look to living instead. Honor the dead by living each day to the fullest, in celebration of the chance we still have to do so. Take this as a reminder that life is always shorter than we would wish, so grasp it with all we have while we still draw breath. I hope that his soul may rest easy with the Lord, but that is between him and God, as I believe it at least. Instead of worrying for the dead, worry for those we can still affect. Draw closer with those who matter, for it is on them that you will make the only marks that count. To those who knew him, a few words cannot, and should not, cure your grief; instead, I urge you to seek comfort in those who still live, so that your grief will not become a prison. Grieve now, so that later you can emerge from your grief a new person; scarred, perhaps, and changed without a doubt, but not crippled.

          You know, that last paragraph may have been a little over the top. I’m bad about that sometimes.

    • Dinger says:

      How these internet gaming communities handle death has always been an interesting subject, and on that basis, it’s worthy of observing. True, it’s usually high-profile community members or high-profile deaths that get note, but the point of these exercises is that the community establishes itself and defines itself at the moment of that members leave.
      Back in the day, in the late-90s Warbirds, the funeral custom was for everyone to fly together in some massive funeral procession, and take a group plunge into the caldera of a volcano. It would be interesting to see a survey of MP gaming funeral customs.
      And, of course, of that unique characteristic of internet communities, the funeral trolls. The guy who tries to shoot down the volcano plungers, the video of the WoW funerals gone awry, the parent poster here.

      And, to answer your question: I didn’t know this Vile Rat character, either in person or virtually. Years ago, I had the future ambassador as a housemate for a few weeks, and if he was a gamer, he kept it to himself. He was, however, a nice guy. So I guess you two had nothing in common.

    • Berzee says:

      I do appreciate this post, ukpanik, as it saves me the effort of thinking how to word the similar thoughts that were lying about in my head.

      I think it helps take the edge off if you look at this article as a study of the interesting mourning measures some games-players have taken upon the death of their in-game friend — and less as an article which tells you that you too should mourn and be as somber and affected as if he was your friend (though of course at least a few readers/commenters are likely to take the latter approach). The title of this article is a good guide for how to take it, and as that kind of a story, I find it passably fascinating (like most stories about large-scale EVE collaborations and real-life/in-game crossover).

  6. Mordsung says:

    The Goons remind me of the Satan’s Choice biker club that used to operate in the area of Canada I live (they got assimilated into the Hell’s Angels years back.)

    They were criminals, and did bad things, but if their clubhouse was in your neighbourhood you knew crime was going to be low. If your car was broken down and you couldn’t afford to fix it, drop it off at their club house and they’d fix it as something to do between beers on a weekend.

    They were a group of guys engaged in unforgivable acts of crime, violence, and prostitution but the individual guys were some of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

    That’s what the Goons are in my mind, except they’re not committing crimes but just being internet trolls.

  7. Arathian says:

    I am not even a goon, but goons are fine.

    Now get the duck off your high chair. I would bet my right arm that you have, multiple times, used homophobic, racist, sexist etc language on the Internet. You know why I know it? Because EVERYONE does. The Internet isn’t serious business nor it should be. People vent steam over there instead of doing it irl and that is a good thing.

    Seriously, stop being such stuck up assholes.

    • Bios Element says:

      Fraid not. I’ve never acted in such a manor to attack another person. I’ve certainly vented and complained in private, but again, I don’t need such language to make a point.

      Just because lots of people do it, Doesn’t make it right and frankly, That’s not the person I wish to be.

      • Arathian says:

        “Just because lots of people do it, Doesn’t make it right and frankly, That’s not the person I wish to be.”
        You sir are a liar, and a pretendious asshat.

        • Llewyn says:

          You and your idiot friends are not everyone.

          • Arathian says:

            Claiming that you’ve never been offensive on the internet is on the same level of absurd as claiming that you have never farted. You might not be proud of it, but you HAVE done it. Maybe you had a bad day, maybe you were extremely pissed at somebody, but you have.

            You have been offensive on the internet, I have been offensive on the internet, Bios Element has been offensive on the internet, the author of this article has been offensive on the internet. Stop lying to yourself.

          • Bios Element says:

            Re: Arathian – “homophobic, racist, sexist etc language”. I don’t see offensive anywhere in that list. I annoy people on a regular basis, and in fact most people do. But then, since you wish to change your argument, I don’t see any point in debating it.

          • mike2R says:

            @Arathian To be fair the accusation was “you have, multiple times, used homophobic, racist, sexist etc language on the Internet”.

            Occasionally posting a stupid insult or whatever, yeah I’ve done that, and I bet most people have. I’ve never started ranting about gay niggers though, and it worries me that people think that everyone does it. Admittedly they didn’t have the internet when I was 14, but if you do that as an adult then this is not normal.

          • Llewyn says:

            Have I offended people? Of course. I have zero patience for cretins like you, and outside of my professional life I rarely care about keeping that to myself. But as Bios Element points out, that’s a long way from your original point.

            Accept it, you are sexist, racist and homophobic. Some of us aren’t. Stop lying to yourself.

        • Bios Element says:

          Coming from you, I’ll take that as a complement.

          “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          You sound like the pretentious one here, douchebag.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        Couldnt agree more. Every tme I’m playing a game of someone is yelling ‘f***ot’ or ‘n***er’ because he’s losing it makes me pine for the day that there’s a sepperate internet just for grown-ups

    • Zepp says:

      So true Arathian :)

    • Dog Pants says:

      Everybody does not use racist, sexist, homophobic language on the internet. I know more people who abhor that kind of behaviour than I do use it, mainly because I choose the company I mix with. Not being abusive does not equal being stuck up, and saying that being abusive is fine because everybody does it is part of the problem.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      > I would bet my right arm that you have, multiple times, used homophobic, racist, sexist etc language
      > on the Internet. You know why I know it? Because EVERYONE does.

      No they don’t you twat.

    • Gap Gen says:

      No, no, you’re not listening to the guy. EVERYONE continually spouts homophobic, racist, sexist, speciest abuse on the internet. Resistance is futile.


      See? Impossible to deny.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      Unless you’re referring to the expression “this is pretty gay”, which has about as much to do with homosexuals as “this sucks” has to do with bonbons, no, I have not. Neither as a teenager, nor as an adult.

      • lasikbear says:

        That counts! And stupid arguments like “well I didn’t mean it like gay-gay, just like you know, bad-gay” are a terrible excuse!

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        Why you gotta bring me into this, you damned… Hairy barbarian?

        Shit. Thinking up defunct ethnicities to use for ridiculous slurs is harder than I thought. This forced internet racism thing is tough. :(

    • Grape Flavor says:

      Many of my comments on this site have been negative, angry even, but I would challenge you to find anything I’ve said that used “homophobic, racist, sexist etc language”.

      You can argue on the internet without resorting to that kind of stupidity and I don’t know why you’re so convinced that “everyone does it”, because they don’t.

  8. Maxheadroom says:

    Think the Daily Mail will cover this story? Me either.
    Or if they did they’d somehow twist it to imply Eve was responsible for his death

    • Chalky says:

      Weirdly, the daily mail is cited as a source in the Kokatu article:
      link to dailymail.co.uk

    • Arathian says:

      Actually, they dedicate a whole paragraph to his eve career

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Well now I feel like a complete tool

      Kudos to them though for actually putting the truth above their standing mandate to vilify gaming culture at every opportunity, for once

      • mondomau says:

        Don’t. I highly doubt the DM would hesitate to turn on the EVE community if they smelt a story in it. They have a far bigger, more tempting target at the moment though.

  9. flipflop mcbop says:

    Hmm this was kind of the problem I had with Eve. I play games to escape the misery of life/people etc. Eve thrives on that stuff.

    Also, I’m entirely unmoved by it. I don’t know why when this kind of thing occurs in the gaming community it has to be considered unique or ‘special’. We are only humans, in any community that brings people together around a shared interest or experience this kind of thing occurs.
    Perhaps gamers still consider themselves a bit niche? I’ve no idea.

    I suspect many Eve players have died throughout its near 10 year history, with nary a whisper in the community, not all have the curious privilege of being held aloft by the Zeitgeist.
    I guess that’s just life.

    • Bios Element says:

      It’s little different then any other community. It happens for schools, clubs, sports, etc. I’m not really sure the gaming community considers itself to be unique as such, but rather the story ties in with a breaking news event and so there’s far more coverage then the weekly newsletter would usually provide.

  10. Secundus says:

    excellent blend of CURRENT NEWS EVENT and VIDEO GAMES, gaming blog. bonus respectability

  11. Snargelfargen says:

    Some great tributes have been made for VR on the SA forums: link to i.imgur.com
    link to i.imgur.com

    I can’t believe how petty RPS’ comments are getting :-(

    • Jad says:

      That is an absolutely wonderful little comic.

      And I agree about the RPS commentariat. When I first started coming here 3 years ago I thought that this site had one of the nicest, most intelligent communities on the internet. Reading this thread has reminded me how far it has fallen since then.

  12. Duffin says:

    Please disable comments for this post.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      I think that would have been prudent. This may sound hypocritical, since once things get stirring I’m certainly as big an asshole as anybody, but I could have told you this thread was going to get derailed from the very beginning.

  13. Berzee says:

    In-game funerals always remind me of the time (I think it was in DAoC?) where someone died and they held a beautiful server-wide funeral, peacefully for the most part, in a PvP zone…or something?

    And later they found out the fellow had only pretended to be dead IRL.

    (That’s not really related to this article except in that these kind of articles always tangentially remind me about that.)

  14. Shortwave says:

    That’s truly terrifying what happened to him.
    Theres really no words to describe how much I’d simply love to see an end to all the senseless violence in this world.. Reminds me of the article about the Bin Laden DLC really.. : /
    It’s just inspiring me to strife towards be a better person, my way of doing my little part.
    I hope one day those people can be enlightened and understand why violence is never the answer.
    But yea, that’s all I can do at this point in time is keep hoping one day people will just finally get it.
    Lead by example and try my best to help others understand the perpetual insanity which is violence.
    And how it’ll never be the true answer. Only communication, understanding and compassion will defeat it. Have some empathy brothers and sisters of the planet.

    My heart goes out to his family and all of his friends.
    Rest in peace dude.
    /me salutes

    No matter how some people perceived his group on EVE.
    He was a father, a husband and a peaceful human when it came down to it.
    I can only feel pity and shame for the ones who’ve done this to him.

    About the debating/arguments in the comments.
    Be respectful please guys, stay classy.
    This is no time to fight.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      that was beautiful, thank you. and much more appropriate than where others have taken this discussion.

  15. derbefrier says:

    looks like this story has made it onto fox news link to foxnews.com

  16. Redd says:

    Spess goyim changing their outpost names? Sounds like a naive form of insurance against having them targeted in the future by JewnSwarm.

    • Grape Flavor says:


      i don’t think I even want to know what the fuck you’re trying to say there

  17. wodin says:

    Can’t believe this comment thread has become about how “vile” a faction is…I find this comment thread quite vile myself. A man died for godsake.

    RIP Steve. My thoughts are with the family.

  18. MythArcana says:

    Better living through carpet bombing.

  19. iggypopbarker says:

    “Africa would have been subjected to a bloodbath of proportions unseen in history if the white man hadn’t destroyed their culture first.

    Examples I point to are as follows –

    The Zulu nation was happily destroying not only all of it’s neighbors, but many of their own people as the leadership happened to be certifiably insane. Shaka for example had a small penis (actually historically accurate) and killed thousands of people because of it. The zulu empire was actually not the bad one as the Matabele under Mzilikali after his loss to the zulu, took his tribe and conducted a scorched earth campaign across the lower section of africa destroying all in his path.

    Lets not forget the laughable Xhosa girl Nongqawuse who said she saw visions that if everybody killed off their cattle and burned their fields the dead spirits of their ancestors would grant not only tenfold cattle in return, but destruction of the new white Anglo/Boer civilization in the southern cape. Needless to say after they slaughtered and burned everything no ancestors were forthcoming and 25 thousand of the Xhosa tribe died.
    The tribes of africa were largely barbaric and vicious groups of people who really only understood killing for the most part. There were exceptions to the rule as there always are, the hottentots, and various smaller tribes, but for the most part african culture was set up to destroy other cultures to begin with.

    I’m not going to say that they are better off having been colonized by the europeans, but the alternative was pretty vicious as well.”

    – Vilerat. he died as he lived, aggressively promoting western imperialism

    • Snargelfargen says:

      FYI this is from a banned gimmick poster who would troll people with terrible opinions. Not sure what it has to do with Vilerat, unless they were one and the same (which would be kind of funny).

    • Grape Flavor says:

      I can’t vouch for any of the claims in that quote whatsoever, but I would like to note that as utterly horrible and disastrous as European imperialism was, does anyone really think that if the Aztec Empire were the ones with the ships and the steel and the diseases, and they landed on Europe’s shore, that they would have been any nicer? I mean, seriously.

      I’m all for owning up to and atoning for the past, and since Europe were the ones who ended up doing all that shit, they are quite obligated to put some of their their ill-gotten resources towards fixing it. But this recent idea that Europe is/was uniquely vicious and backwards and evil, and that everyone else was living in some make believe Disney movie version of pre-industrial society where everything was harmonious and people communed with nature and it was all just the garden of paradise until the Euros destroyed it, is just utter nonsense.

      Violence in these societies was brutal and widespread, and need I remind you of the ugly fact that most of the slaves the Europeans packed into their ships for a lifetime of toil and misery (should they even make it), were sold to the Europeans by their African slaver counterparts in crime who enslaved them in the first place. (Does this excuse anything? No.)

      Maybe I’m giving Mr. Rat too much benefit of the doubt here, but it’s possible (possible) that that may have been the point he was trying to make, rather than simply “imperialism good, africans bad”.

      Sorry for off-topic but if every last RPS article is going to turn to the topic of imperialism anyway, we might as well discuss it.

  20. ThePeon26 says:

    Man that is something sad to read about rely sad my condolence hes family and friends.

    But on another note I did know The Mittani, had a heart last time he said something about helping some one to take he life and then he got a 30 days or I may have been to sober to remember that on the fan fest.

    And yes im still disappointed with that cuz that´s nothing you even joke about ever to stop ass kissing The Mittani bloody goon pets.

  21. Tei says:

    o7 o7 o7 o7

    Another reason to hate all religions. All religion people, all religion building and all religion art.

    • Subject 706 says:

      But religion has created both beautiful art and architecture. Shame about the rest though…

    • Berzee says:

      “Another reason to hate all religions.”

      I have a pet fish.

  22. Enko says:

    Been playing the game for 6 years, I PvP with an alliance everyone knows for their PvP. I’ve heard of Vile Rat on the news sites, but didn’t know who he is until now. Politics and CSM are irrelevant to a lot of us.

    Its is a shame what happened. Seems like he was an extraordinary individual inside and outside the game.

    My impression of goons is that of a band of players who make virtues out of psychologically feeding on others. They aren’t particularly strong at PvP, don’t really have any self respect, their jokes are often vile and insensitive, they can’t be trusted on their word… overall a gang of jibbering retards.

    But there are some exceptions in that bunch. And they do deliver some hilarity on a common occasion.

  23. Bloodloss says:

    I can see where Bios is coming from. Consider this: There was an Eve Online player called Smoske who died in an automobile accident. Now, what do you think the goon/SA reaction to this was? Grief, sincere well wishes to his family and solemn tributes? No. What they did was relentlessly mock him and go as far as to make jokes about Smoske’s death to his grieving father.

    So yes, I can see why you would think there’s a little hypocrisy involved. It’s quite possible that they’ve changed since then, but who knows.

  24. Grape Flavor says:

    Just when I thought the “RPS community” couldn’t get any more hateful, bigoted, and disgusting than it already was, along comes this thread to prove me wrong.

    Only on RPS would the unfortunate death of a diplomat at the hands of crazed religious rioters be used as a launching point for unbelievable tin-foil hat conspiracy theories about the (non-existent) “occupation” of Libya at the hands of the maniacal conniving American imperialist empire.

    TBH I hope you guys die in a drainage pipe, bloodied and alone, just like the psychopathic tyrant whose empty propaganda you ape so eagerly to justify your delusional, hatemongering biases. I’m not sure why I still come to this website. Quality indie coverage and puns be damned, I feel dirty every time I scroll through the comments.

    EDIT: Actually, upon further investigation it seems that the posts this was a reaction to may now be outnumbered by the rational posts dismissing them, so it was wrong of me to tar the RPS community with such a wide brush. The point that we can’t have any kind of discussion here anymore, without such posts derailing it, still stands.

    • orionstar says:

      couldn’t get any more hateful, bigoted, and disgusting

      To be fair, you’re not really helping here.

      • Grape Flavor says:

        haha, point taken. I was letting off steam there.

        I just don’t know what the fuck happened to this place. It wasn’t like this when I started coming here. The comments section these days is among the worst I’ve ever seen and the official content has taken a nosedive too.

        It’s a shame because I used to really like this website. I imagine a year from now they’d might as well drop the games coverage altogether – since the RPS crowd pours nothing but hate upon pretty much every single video game anyway – and just switch over to being a full time arena for angry delusional people to shout their angry radical politics at each other.

        Because it’s already not a “PC games site” anymore, not really. That’s clearly not just what RPS is about these days, and I’m starting to question on a daily basis why I keep coming to this decaying wreck of a website.

        There are other sites that offer up quality PC gaming coverage without an eighth of the bullshit you have to put up with here, and I suspect the downward spiral of the comments is a sign that some of the normal-minded people who used to come here have realized that already.

        • codename_bloodfist says:

          The absolutely beautiful thing about stupid people is that they are often completely unaware of how very stupid they really are. Granted, it’s a bit of a Catch 22 with regard to oneself, but don’t let that stop us. Please, do go on.

          • Grape Flavor says:

            Typical RPS comment – gratuitous snark without even attempting any actual defense of the unsubstantiated, knee-jerk extremist nonsense that hangs onto every article like a malignant tumor. You guys are nothing if not predictable.

            Listen, if you want to wallow in shit and pretend it’s chocolate, I can’t stop you. Have fun. But don’t be surprised when others complain about the smell.

          • alundra says:

            @Grape Flavor

            Typical internet geek comment….thinking their condition or truth is the same as everybody else’s.

            Wake up call:

            Get off your sky high horse!!

          • Grape Flavor says:

            The horse is the only thing between me and the knee deep pool of retard excrement the comments have become filled with. I’ll stay up here where it’s dry, thanks.

            In fact I’d be rather inclined to ride off into the sunset altogether but the horse keeps puking and I’m not sure he’s going to make it…

  25. Obdicut says:

    Wow. I was really expecting better things of the RPS community.

    The man who died, Sean Smith, was a really impressive guy. As a moderator on SA, he was known for being fair, impartial, patient. As a poster, he made lucid, well-reasoned, and calm points, using actual diplomacy to bring people around to his point of view rather than scorning them for not sharing it in the first place.

    He was an Air Force veteran, a pararescue dude, which means he’d already been a bad-ass serving his country before he decided to sign up for more of that. The main reason he died is that he was the crypto guy; he had to make sure all the crytpo documentation and equipment did not fall into the wrong hands.

    The Goons, who are not Goonswarm, reacted to this with a sober, touching, heartfelt thread of thoughts for Sean’s widow. Goonswarm and the rest of the Eve world reacted similarly, putting aside their petty differences over the Goon’s ‘griefing’ to talk about how Sean had affected the universe, had made it a more interesting place, how much respect he had gained through his diplomacy.

    And yet here, on RPS, the comments are all either “Well, Goons are terrible people”, fatuous posts conflating Goonswarm with Goons in general, or outright Ron Paulian craziness.

    Sean Smith deserves better than this bunch of crap. The writers of RPS deserve better than this, too.

  26. ikh says:

    Huh. First time I find myself thinking really lowly of the RPS community based on the general tone of discussion in a comment thread. It’s a shame. Vile’s death made me tear up even though I hadn’t talked to him or played Eve in years, yet for some, it’s a reason to step on the soapbox about how shitty his internet game alliance was even if he might’ve been an okay dude.

    Seen nothing of the sort anywhere else, didn’t know the RPS Eve publords could take their bitterness this far. This kind of sperging would, as usual, be laughed at and ridiculed if it wasn’t so goddamn sad in this particular context.

    • Shortwave says:

      Agreed, I actually sat here yesterday in retrospect of some of the things said here and how disrespectful people were.. Was debating never returning again. Uhg, trying not to let a few ruin it for me.

      But like, I couldn’t game with some of these people and feel good about it.
      That was totally excusable and I couldn’t fucking believe it…

  27. Karnage7 says:

    Maybe now they’ve all experienced the pain of loss the goons will have second thoughts before encouraging their minions to assist in another players suicide.

    link to mmomeltingpot.com

    link to massively.joystiq.com

    “It began with a heartbreaking, fantastically heartfelt post from Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco”
    :rolls eyes: