Thrown Open Wide: Gateways Released On Steam & Desura

Just a quick note to say that one of my favourite games of this year, Gateways, is now out on Steam and Desura. You can see the trailer here, and find out why I keep banging on about it here. It’s £3.19 on Steam, but only £2.39 on Desura. By my maths, that makes the Desura version… (divided by 2)… (carry the 7)… (reverse the integral)… cheaper!


  1. YeOldeSnake says:

    If i recall correctly, Desura gives developers more control over pricing and such. It also gives the developers a bigger percentage of the money earned from the game.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      Also, if you want the steam version, but want all the moneys to go to the dev: It costs only 0.02€ more if you buy it directly via the Humble Store than via Steam (at least in Europe) and you get both a DRM-free version and a steam key.

      Still, a little love for Desura is always appreciated!

      • Dominic White says:

        Yeah, I’ll reiterate this in all caps so maybe someone notices it:


        Everyone wins, except for Valve, and they really don’t need the extra change *that* badly.

      • MaximKat says:

        Do you really think that the dev gets the Steam keys for free from Valve?

        • CaspianRoach says:

          Yep. They get an access to CD-key generator. Maybe for a small fee.

        • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

          Try and see it this way: An additional steam key with a purchase anywhere means additional incentive to create a steam account and be a potential customer for Valve. That’s worth some server traffic.

        • Dominic White says:

          Given that I’ve talked to a lot of developers? I don’t just think they do – I know. Devs who get on Steam are given a huge sack of ‘promotional’ keys to hand out, and Valve consider giving keys to existing, non-Steam customers good promotion.

          So yes, the devs get the keys for nothing, and buying direct gives the creators more money.

  2. CaspianRoach says:

    Aw, shoot, I like the developer, he was very fast with answering all sorts of questions about Shuggy on the Steam Forums, left a nice impression, but I won’t be buying it since my brain hurts just after watching the trailer.

  3. kalirion says:

    The USD price is the same on both services – $4.99 / $3.99 with the initial 20% off

  4. Herzog says:

    Just got it and played some minutes. Fun game it seems! Seems I cannot go into fullscreen and change the resolution, which is a shame :(

    • FunktionJCB says:

      The game has an option to switch to full screen, and a resolution selection option on the Options menu.

      I’m not sure why you’re unable to change any of them, since I’m playing the game (Steam version) on full screen 1680×1050 just fine.

      • Herzog says:

        Oh silly me…. just doesnt work using the mouse :D

        • FunktionJCB says:

          Glad you got it working. ;)

        • SmudgedCat says:

          That seems to be a bit of a bug! I’ll have this sorted today, at least you can use the keyboard though.

  5. Metonymy says:

    This is not a fun game. All of the early puzzles are obvious, and nearly all of the later puzzles require a brute force solution.

    Specifically, once you learn the ‘create multiple versions of yourself and stand on many buttons,’ it’s reused about ten times in a row, with each new version requiring more flowcharting. There’s nothing fun about keeping track of where they need to stand or wait, so you don’t walk into yourself. There’s no imagination or cleverness.

    I only had to buy one solution, and that was because I had no reason to believe an unopened time portal would transmit a laser beam. (After all, it doesn’t transmit flashlight beams)

    • ChrisGWaine says:

      Mostly the opposite to my opinion of it and I don’t know in what sense any later puzzles could be said to require brute force.

  6. JiminyJickers says:

    Looks awesome, just bought it off their website.

  7. FunktionJCB says:

    Both Gateways and Adventures of Shuggy are two of my favourite games of the year. Two great examples of an indie developer taking a somewhat “tired” genre and making something absolutely awesome out of it.
    Recently They Bleed Pixels, Snapshot and Closure did the same. Who would have guessed the PC would turn into such a “powerhouse” for the platformer genre? :)

    Both are currently selling for $5 each directly from the developer’s website (and both include Steam keys), so for $10 you can get both, which in my opinion is an absolute steal, considering the quality of both titles. Adventures of Shuggy, in particular, is a prime example of a puzzle platformer, with plenty of levels to keep you busy, including a number of co-op levels.

    Also, it’s worth mentioning my past experience with this particular developer’s awesome customer support. I experienced an issue with Shuggy, emailed the developer and a couple of hours later I had both a reply, and a Steam update was already available to fix that particular issue. This is the kind of practice that makes me happy to purchase a game on day one, knowing if I ever experience any issues there’s someone actively working to make my experience a positive one, and for that they earned my full support.

  8. Tacroy says:

    By my maths, that makes the Desura version… (divided by 2)… (carry the 7)… (reverse the integral)… cheaper!

    That joke is so derivative.

    • Rinimand says:

      That joke gets exponentially funnier the more I read it.

      • frightlever says:

        Sorry to go off at a tangent, but do these puns really serve any function?

  9. msarge says:

    Fine, John. Fine. I will buy this game.

    I feel like the reason it hasn’t gotten the attention it probably deserves from the general public, or at least from me, is that it’s not very screenshot friendly. I see it and think, “Oh good, yet another side-scrolling 8-bit indie game,” but thanks to your persistence I am finally going to check it out!

    I got very close once before, but then I discovered it wasn’t on Steam, and now it is!

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Indeed, I am very glad to see this on Steam and I got it right away.

      I am pleasantly surprised by the way the tutorial / hint system is integrated in the game. It’s less subtle than Portal, but Portal relies on always giving you the tools you need and this game shows you things before you can actually solve them. Combining hints with item collection is genius.

  10. DickSocrates says:

    I looked at the trailer and had no idea what was going on. I’ve seen Portal videos where this is true too and I’ve beaten both of those games without too much trouble, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    I’ll pick it up on a Steam sale to make sure the developer gets the least amount of money possible.

    Not really, I’ll get it from his site.