Aaaand Secret World’s Issue Two’s Been Delayed… Again

Can you guys just release the issue already? My hand is getting really tired.

Yesterday, I told you to expect a giant pile of goodies underneath your Secret-World-mas tree today. And yet, unless you live in the future, you found nothing. I expect, then, that you are here waving pitchforks and torches aloft to run me out of town for my deceitful ways. But I didn’t do it on purpose. Honest! Instead, shortly after celebrating Issue Two’s imminent launch, Funcom realized it still had a lot of work left to do.

The almost comically beleaguered developer explained the situation in a highly apologetic forum post:

“As mentioned yesterday, there was an issue found that could have led to a severe exploit that we want to fix before Issue #2 is deployed to the live servers. Unfortunately, it will take us some more time to make sure the issue is removed and the new version has been thoroughly tested. We will keep on working over the weekend to fix the remaining issue and make sure that the final version will be ready for the live servers next week.”

“We are as eager to get Issue #2 to the live servers as much as you guys probably are. But we need to make sure that the version is ready and doesn’t contain any severe issues before it’s deployed to the Live servers. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Unfortunately, this will place Issue Two’s rocket-and-surgery-packed launch well outside Funcom’s plan for one injection of new content per month. In fact, when it’s all said and done, it will have nearly been two. That said, such an ambitious plan was naturally bound to have some kinks to work out – layoffs or not. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not this situation was an exception or – because of tremendous staff reductions – a foreboding look at the new norm.

It’s been an incredibly bumpy ride for Funcom as of late, so here’s hoping its long series of no good, very bad days at least has a happy ending.



  1. Scouter says:

    Better delay it and fix whatever issues it has instead of dumping it and then fixing it in my opinion. I don’t play TSW but I wish the very best for it.

  2. Sheng-ji says:

    I do hope their community isn’t too hard on them, they seem to be trying to do everything right and it would be a shame if this game didn’t keep the studio afloat. I really want to see what they will do next, especially if it isn’t an mmo

    • frightlever says:

      They’re doing a Lego MMO next. Squee, right?

    • PoulWrist says:

      I don’t know of any developer that takes as much vitriol from its communities like FC does… maybe it’s because they promise the world but only deliver a pebble…?

      I just want this TSW thing to settle down so we can have stability on the Anarchy Online team… that they suffered a layoff, and possibly more, is critical for AO and I hate that ;( stupid TSW screwing with my AO :((

      • Utnac says:

        Lying through your teeth to your community up to and including launch day isn’t ever a great way to build trust. See: Age of Conan.

  3. Revisor says:

    In the end running this game is a marathon, not a sprint. What’s important are consistent updates and support over the long time.

    • The Random One says:

      If you stumble and nearly fall right after the starting line you can still win the marathon, but it becomes considerably harder.

      • sinister agent says:

        If you’re running a marathon and a helicopter fires a rocket at you, you can dive forwards but you will graze your knees.

  4. Utnac says:

    I always knew they weren’t ever going to stick to a monthly update schedule but didn’t think it would fall apart quite this rapidly.

    • The Random One says:

      If half your staff is fired you can’t work as fast.
      If you can’t work as fast as you said you would you don’t get enough subscriptions.
      If you don’t get enough subscriptions your staff is fired.
      So you can work more so you can buy more crack so… wait I lost my grip on this.

      • DrGonzo says:

        They didn’t get enough subscriptions because their game wasn’t good enough. Not because they worked too slow.

        • Vorphalack says:

          Also because they set the pay wall too high with a £12 / month sub + cash shop + box price.

  5. Jerakal says:

    It’s a shame they weren’t smart enough to go for the F2P plus cash shop method. We warned them up and down on the beta forums that a subscription wasn’t going to work, and look what happened.

  6. Desmolas says:

    Like PoulWrist says, Funcom has a nasty habit of promising hugely ambitious features and deadlines. I would almost say they deserve it but that’s not fair. Theres nothing wrong with being ambitious but half the time they are also not being realistic and that’s the problem. Even their community – of which I was a part of for Age of Conan – is sceptical of the features they promise ever seeing the light of day. But their hearts are in it, no question.

    I can imagine that working for Funcom on TSW is hell right now, especially for the project leads.