Stranger’s Wrath HD Released, Oddly Free Patch

Oddworld have announced that Stranger’s Wrath HD has appeared on Steam. The tale of a mysterious, vaguely angry (yet loveable) bounty-hunter was already ported to PC in 2010, of course, but owners of that original release can now get the HD patch for free. The HD rebuild adds hi-res characters and environments to the game, but also reworks the controls and difficulty settings for PC. I’ve posted a trailer for this HD version below, so that you can sample some of the odd flavour of the shooter set in Oddworld. Odd. But good.


  1. pakoito says:

    Buggy as heck, could never get to run it :/

    • HermitUK says:

      Performance issues might also be fixed by this release; might be worth trying it again.

      I’ve had this on Steam from a sale for some time, waiting for this patch. Will need to give this a spin.

  2. tlarn says:

    HD version’s finally out, eh? May as well reinstall and see how it handles now.

    • egg-zoo-bear-ant will e 91 says:

      Yay. Same here. Always felt bad about getting stuck and putting it down. I wonder if the voice recording sounds a bit bertter, and if it’s all still strangely ‘sparse’.

  3. Schazzwozzer says:

    Whoo! Good on Just Add Water, the studio responsible for the HDifications! They stuck to their word and brought the PS3 up-res to the PC version.

  4. Dominic White says:

    A very underrated game. I still insist on referring it to the original title (Oddworld: Stranger) that the devs gave it, before EA’s marketing people failed to see the joke.

    And please, nobody post spoilers in this thread. A lot of PC gamers have never played it. Let them have all the surprises!

  5. Lewie Procter says:

    Still very problematic for me. Dodgy framerate, major graphical glitches, camera problems (gets stuck on geometry) and a HUD/Interface that betrays its console roots quite often. A shame, it deserves better.

    I would warn you against buying it in it’s current state, and if I were them I’d put out a demo before expecting people to spend money on what has been a flawed rerelease twice now.

    • HermitUK says:

      That’s a shame; I was under the impression the release was supposed to tidy up the technical issues as well.

      • RogerioFM says:

        Nah, buy it, despite it’s few glitches it is an incredible game, a platform game done right, with a lot of personality. But, ok, there are some bugs here an there.

    • RakeShark says:

      You have an ATI card Lewie? That might be the problem. ATI have notoriously been slacking on support for Stranger’s Wrath. JAW have pretty much had to shrug their shoulders and say “We’ve done everything we can, ATI has to do something”. It runs pretty smooth on my 570Ti, though it starts to stutter with x8 AA.

      I’d almost agree to warn people against it, but Stranger’s Wrath is one of those games that I’d still recommend due to it’s brilliance in design and swagger.

      • valz says:

        Actually, you’re supposed to design games for hardware, not design the game to be broken on hardware and then tell the hardware manufacturer to fix it. You have this backwards.

        • The_Mess says:

          That’s unless the hardware manufacturers alter what the drivers are doing, so the engine you built and modded to spec now has issues that weren’t present before.

        • notlimahc says:

          But the problem in this case is AMD’s disappointing OpenGL driver.

        • KenTWOu says:

          @RakeShark, The_Mess & notlimahc

          – You are behind the times, and should really be firing your complaints at Nvidia. For the last couple of years I’ve used ATI cards for GL development exclusively. Unlike Nvidia cards they actually implement the GL spec to the letter. With Nvidia cards you can pretty much call any old combination of GL functions, and something will appear on screen. They never fail! This is a problem because you never find out errors in your GL code until after you’ve shipped the product. With ATI, if you pass an invalid arg, or call a method at the wrong time, they will generate the correct error. This sadly leads to a situation where a developer uses an NVidia card for development, ships, and then it won’t run on ATI or Intel cards. The upshot is that people incorrectly assume that ATI drivers suck. They don’t. Nvidia drivers are the ones that suck!

          – So you’re saying Nvidia is the IE6 of video cards?

      • Lewie Procter says:

        Yeah, I have amd graphics.

    • Saleck says:

      They couldn’t fix the camera stuff without rewriting the entire camera system

      This game was designed in 2005 entirely with consoles in mind. They’ve made the best of a bad situation. Sure it isn’t perfect but I was a beta tester on this HD pack and, I can assure you, it’s a lot better than it was before.

      If the PC controls don’t win you over you can always use an Xbox 360 pad instead.. or is saying that like heresy around these parts?

    • Prime says:

      I can’t disagree with Lewie’s assessment more. I bought the Oddbox when it came out, practically the first day, and while there were technical issues on launch – not helped by JAW basically not understanding what PC gamers expected (“Why would you ever want the game to run faster than 30fps???” <-actual quote) – workarounds existed within 48 hours and patches made them official within a week or two. Not a great start but JAW listened to feedback then knuckled down and fixed it. If you're still having trouble, well, that's a genuine shame but the entire Oddbox has run beautifully on my PC for about a year now.

      Please don't be afraid to buy this HD upgrade. Stranger’s Wrath is a rare treasure of a game, up there with Psychonauts, BG&E and Planescape: Torment as one of the truly classic gaming experiences.

      The HD version is lovely. A little laggy at higher resolutions (the fault of the anti-aliasing?) in the way that a 10 year old game really shouldn’t be but it’s still perfectly acceptable at lower res. Once again, please please please don’t let Lewie’s negative opinion put you off trying this for yourself. It’s an amazing game.

      • Lewie Procter says:

        It’s hardly opinion.

        Stranger’s Wrath is an amazing game, but the technical issues I described are very much present in the PC version for me on my machine. I’m pleased for you if none of them are present for you or not hampering your enjoyment of the game.

    • StewartGilray says:

      Never let it be said that we don’t interact with our customers…

      Ok, so you need let me know your PC spec and the EXACT problem you have, in the install folder you’ll find a file called oswlog.txt can you email that and a full description of the problem, IE framerates etc. to info AT

      As for the HUD comment, I don’t get it?! as we actually use the original HUD designs, so how that betrays it’s roots is beyond me. All we did for that was take the 128×64 texture and put in 512 based ones instead, IE higher res versions of the same thing.

      Also, MAJOR graphical glitches? please send screenshots of this. During the closed beta of 100 testers we had around 65 ATI/AMD owners and 25 Intel Owners. Out of hose 65 ATI owners only ONE reported issues with glitches, and we have now found the cause of that and are fixing it, so it really is a TINY % of ATI users that are effected now.

      re: Performance, did you read the readme file? there is some discussion in there for people with FPS issues and how you can tweak that via settings.

      Stewart Gilray
      CEO – JAW

  6. MadTinkerer says:

    Oooh! I hope they fixed the broken character animations and other issues I had (which were definitely not my drivers, I checked). I could tell there was definitely a great game behind the mess of glitches, but ultimately I stopped playing because of those glitches.

    • StewartGilray says:

      Animation issues, do you mean where the characters stood around in T-POSE’s? if so then that WAS a Driver issue with OLDER ATI OpenGL drivers that had a bug in there “skinning” system.

      May last year, 2nd or 5th? ATI released a HOTFIX driver that fixed an OpenGL issue we brought to their attention, an issue that actually also affected Quake3.

      So for the most part it has been driver issues.

  7. Eskatos says:

    This game is amazing and everyone should play it.

  8. Jerakal says:

    An underplayed and undervalued game, like much of the Oddworld franchise. Stranger’s wrath was different, from other Oddworld games, and other FPS. It was a hybrid in many ways, a risky experiment, but I loved it.

    I’ve been really sad that there hasn’t really been any news on the Oddworld front since it’s release, especially after they cancelled that one project.

  9. Wedge says:

    Huh, I got a free oddbox copy over the holidays some time back, maybe I’ll actually install it now. Had already beaten the game on the xbox, so never felt a reason to use it before.

  10. Radiant says:

    Runs wonderfully for me.
    But I’m sitting next to an extremely warm humming death star; so there’s that.

  11. gmcleod says:

    Well this would explain the sudden Strangers Wrath patch that made steam stealthily eat up my quota yesterday..

    • Prime says:

      God, I hate Steam. An install of Fall of Cybertron has just taken 12 HOURS thanks to its insistence on automatically updating the game via the method Valve claimed to have fixed: namely re-downloading the entire f***ing game. I bought the DVD version from Amazon precisely to avoid that kind of 8Gb mega-download as my current internet connection is pretty poor by modern standards. Oh, silly silly me.

      Oh for the days when you just downloaded a 200mb patch from one of the many hosting sites and made your own decisions about when and how to look after your own game!

  12. Orazio Zorzotto says:

    Bought it this morning, already around half way through (I think). The short and repetitive nature of the game would probably have bugged me if I’d bought it at launch, but at its current price I can enjoy it for the….Quirky…thing it is. The ammo selection really sucks for mouse and keyboards though.
    Also, to add to the performance talk, it runs awesome…On my GTX 670…

    • StewartGilray says:

      Actually we added the mouse stuff to the ammo selection screen due to feedback during the Closed Beta, so blame some of your PC gaming comrades for that one :)

      I find it funny sometimes that Stranger gets some negative feedback due to “linear gameplay”, yet games like the Uncharted series don’t (which I love BTW), despite the fact that in Stranger when you go after a bounty you are free to chose the order in which you do them, unlike Uncharted where it is literally A-B

      Just a comment :)

      • Orazio Zorzotto says:

        No, I was commenting on the fact you’re forced to go into a menu to swap ammo types, despite the fact that a keyboard has number keys at the top…I digress though, just finished the game and it was really good :) I definitely enjoyed the…latter part of the game more than the former because the bounty hunting was kinda grindy and bored me a bit.
        And there are definitely people that complain about Uncharted’s linearity. I’m one of them :P

        • StewartGilray says:

          Ahhh ok, yes I see what you mean re: the weapons, the problem is you can allocate them to the left OR right side of the crossbow, so it’s not as simple as pressing 1-0 to pic your weapon as that would not let YOU decide which side to put it on the crossbow :)

          Glad you enjoyed it though :D

  13. HAXTC says:

    I’m still not able to play the game as it would crash every time I start it up. The launcher does work but after I press “play” my screen goes black, I will hear a sound which suddenly stops and I get an APPCRASH Error revering to stranger.exe.

    Intel i7
    12GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5650

    I was able to play the game a few months ago. So I’m pretty sure its because of ATI and their “worthless” OpenGL driver support ;(

    OT: I love the game and it doesn’t deserve less then a HD remake.
    Watched some gameplay footage and played the game on my girlfriends laptop. Over the top eye candy for a classic game like this. love it

    Edit: In case anyone with the same problem:
    Found a little work around on the Steam forum to get the game working. By using an older atioglxx.dll file.

    Found it here:

    Not sure if it keeps the whole game running with no glitches. But at least I got further than the first 2 seconds of a black screen. If your having the worst fps ever, disable all the settings under “Advanced” in the launcher menu.

  14. Justin Keverne says:

    I’d love to recommend this but there’s a persistent issue that I’ve experienced where the game will just drop me out of a run for no discernible reason, at first it’s just a minor frustration. But a few hours in full (On all fours) run becomes a lot more important. There’s a point near the end where you can’t actually finish the game if you can’t run at full speed consistently. I’ve tried everything to fix it and nothing works, I’ve seen others report this issue too, so for us at least the game is very likely impossible to complete. :'(