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The RPS Bargain Bucket: That Fits Perfectly

Actually relevant!

I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning, for shortly I’ll be embarking on a geek pilgrimage to Bletchley Park, but not in such a hurry that I can’t compile a list of five of the best deals on PC games this weekend, with a pithy description of why each might be worth your attention. Delve into this week’s bucket, and once you’ve snacked on these deals there’s a never ending banquet you can gorge yourself on over at complicated indie bundle from GamersGate
Only vaguely complicated because you have to pick which games and how many of them you want yourself. There’s four pricing tiers depending on how many games you want to buy, escalating in value as you select more. If you were to ask me which games I think you should consider buying, which I guess you implicitly are by still reading these words, I’d plop for Cell: emergence, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers & AirBuccaneers HD for £2.49/similar price in other currencies. But I guess that’s mostly because I’ve not played many of the other games featured. Have you? Are any of the others the best game in the world? Here’s Nathan opining on 3079 and John on Tiny & Big.

Alice: Madness Returns – £3.74/€12.49!!!/$4.99
Alice: Madness Returns is primarily a game about EA hating the Eurozone and everyone who lives in it. Secondarily it’s about these things that Alec says it’s about:

Early Alice is a carnival of imagination. Arachnid, cyclopean teapots; doll-faced tar-hulks with beefy porcelain arms; winged pig-snouts which reveal secrets when peppered with, well, your giant pepper-grinder cannon; invisible roads and keyhole doors only discovered by shrinking Alice grasshopper-high. It aims to surprise and delight, and surprise and delight it does.

More here.

Renegops – £2.49/€3.24/$3.74
Registers on Steam.
Brilliant smashy bashy top down vehicular shoot the baddies game. Here’s what master of all things renegade Brendy C said about Avalanche’s avalanche of destruction:

Renegade Ops may have a bizarre attitude when it comes to ‘challenge’ – it doesn’t have an steep difficulty curve so much as it has an eccentric difficulty curve. But that fits perfectly with its roots. It’s definitely a game that needs to be replayed level upon level in order for you to feel like the care-free, proudly unrefined badass it so clearly wants you to feel like.

The rest of the things he said are over here.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49
The DLC and other gubbins are reduced too. I’ve not played The Missing Link yet, but everything else isn’t worth bothering with.
The best Deus Ex game since Deus Ex. I thoroughly enjoyed this for the mashup of Mass Effect and Splinter Cell it was, but I played this less than a year ago and can remember the original game way more intricately than I can this. Take from that what you will. I reckon Eidos will have probably taken on board the reasonable criticism of the basically game breaking boss fights, and player-agency destroying prerendered cutscenes, and Deus Ex 4 will probably be even better. It’s clear, and a shame, that their ambitions were more along the lines of “Make a smart, big, mainstream game” rather than “Make an immersive sim which will change games forever”, but DXHR is still very much a fun time. John wrote down what he thought about DXHR on this very website, specifically on this page.

Deal of the week
Armalyte, Dark Scavenger, Death Ray Manta, Space Giraffe & The Wreckless – Pay What You Want
Space Giraffe. SPACE GIRAFFE. Seriously guys, Space Giraffe. It’s the best game where you can’t really see what’s going on. I recommend not looking directly at it without the use of a pinhole camera, or perhaps just play it by listening to the sounds. Let your mind go and your Space Giraffe will follow. But Minter’s masterpiece isn’t the only thing here, you’ve also got the hot new Fearon joint, DRM. Which is DRM free. DRM is slightly more eighties than the years 1980 to 1989 combined, and contains an unusually high amount of space tiffins. Some bloke called Kieron wrote a thing about Space Giraffe which you can read right here.

Also of note:
Deus Ex – £1.49/€2.49/$2.49
Sam and Max Complete Pack [Doesn’t include Sam & Max] – £10.49/€14.99/$14.99
GOG D&D Promo
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – £1.61/€2/$2.63
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery – £1.61/€2/$2.63
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned – £1.61/€2/$2.63

Visit because I say so.

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