The RPS Bargain Bucket: That Fits Perfectly

Actually relevant!
I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning, for shortly I’ll be embarking on a geek pilgrimage to Bletchley Park, but not in such a hurry that I can’t compile a list of five of the best deals on PC games this weekend, with a pithy description of why each might be worth your attention. Delve into this week’s bucket, and once you’ve snacked on these deals there’s a never ending banquet you can gorge yourself on over at

Vaguely complicated indie bundle from GamersGate
Only vaguely complicated because you have to pick which games and how many of them you want yourself. There’s four pricing tiers depending on how many games you want to buy, escalating in value as you select more. If you were to ask me which games I think you should consider buying, which I guess you implicitly are by still reading these words, I’d plop for Cell: emergence, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers & AirBuccaneers HD for £2.49/similar price in other currencies. But I guess that’s mostly because I’ve not played many of the other games featured. Have you? Are any of the others the best game in the world? Here’s Nathan opining on 3079 and John on Tiny & Big.

Alice: Madness Returns – £3.74/€12.49!!!/$4.99
Alice: Madness Returns is primarily a game about EA hating the Eurozone and everyone who lives in it. Secondarily it’s about these things that Alec says it’s about:

Early Alice is a carnival of imagination. Arachnid, cyclopean teapots; doll-faced tar-hulks with beefy porcelain arms; winged pig-snouts which reveal secrets when peppered with, well, your giant pepper-grinder cannon; invisible roads and keyhole doors only discovered by shrinking Alice grasshopper-high. It aims to surprise and delight, and surprise and delight it does.

More here.

Renegops – £2.49/€3.24/$3.74
Registers on Steam.
Brilliant smashy bashy top down vehicular shoot the baddies game. Here’s what master of all things renegade Brendy C said about Avalanche’s avalanche of destruction:

Renegade Ops may have a bizarre attitude when it comes to ‘challenge’ – it doesn’t have an steep difficulty curve so much as it has an eccentric difficulty curve. But that fits perfectly with its roots. It’s definitely a game that needs to be replayed level upon level in order for you to feel like the care-free, proudly unrefined badass it so clearly wants you to feel like.

The rest of the things he said are over here.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49
The DLC and other gubbins are reduced too. I’ve not played The Missing Link yet, but everything else isn’t worth bothering with.
The best Deus Ex game since Deus Ex. I thoroughly enjoyed this for the mashup of Mass Effect and Splinter Cell it was, but I played this less than a year ago and can remember the original game way more intricately than I can this. Take from that what you will. I reckon Eidos will have probably taken on board the reasonable criticism of the basically game breaking boss fights, and player-agency destroying prerendered cutscenes, and Deus Ex 4 will probably be even better. It’s clear, and a shame, that their ambitions were more along the lines of “Make a smart, big, mainstream game” rather than “Make an immersive sim which will change games forever”, but DXHR is still very much a fun time. John wrote down what he thought about DXHR on this very website, specifically on this page.

Deal of the week
Armalyte, Dark Scavenger, Death Ray Manta, Space Giraffe & The Wreckless – Pay What You Want
Space Giraffe. SPACE GIRAFFE. Seriously guys, Space Giraffe. It’s the best game where you can’t really see what’s going on. I recommend not looking directly at it without the use of a pinhole camera, or perhaps just play it by listening to the sounds. Let your mind go and your Space Giraffe will follow. But Minter’s masterpiece isn’t the only thing here, you’ve also got the hot new Fearon joint, DRM. Which is DRM free. DRM is slightly more eighties than the years 1980 to 1989 combined, and contains an unusually high amount of space tiffins. Some bloke called Kieron wrote a thing about Space Giraffe which you can read right here.

Also of note:
Deus Ex – £1.49/€2.49/$2.49
Sam and Max Complete Pack [Doesn’t include Sam & Max] – £10.49/€14.99/$14.99
GOG D&D Promo
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – £1.61/€2/$2.63
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery – £1.61/€2/$2.63
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned – £1.61/€2/$2.63

Visit because I say so.


  1. iLag says:

    some more stuff worth mentioning: Hermitgames’ latest 3 games (qrth-phyl, leave home, fren-ze) for $5 on And the GREENLIGHT coupon for Flibble ( maybe still works. Gets you the game for $2.99. It’s quite silly.

  2. BooleanBob says:

    If you buy that bundle just for Space Giraffe, you are going to be hugely surprised (pleasantly so!) by Dark Scavenger, which is lovely. Assuming you ever get around to playing it, of course (~13% chance).

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Armalyte was utterly amazing back in the day on the Commodore 64.Tempted to buy the pack just for that (already have Space Giraffe and yes it is awesome like all of Yak’s games).
      Should be mentioned if you pay more than the average ($4.76 at present) you also get SOL:Exodus which is an Unreal engine powered game in the mould of Freespace (and registers on Steam).

      • Gabe McGrath says:

        I really enjoyed the Armalyte remake.

        RPS did a post about it at the time – but not a full Wot I Think – and KG linked to my review in that post.

        Here it is again, if you need an extra ‘nudge’ to put some decent money into bundleinabox
        link to

        • Donncha O Caoimh says:

          Armalyte is great but the remake runs too fast on my machine, looking as if it’s missing a vsync check or something. It worked fine when I first bought it but then months later after I installed other software it runs too fast. I need to contact the devs about it..

          Edit: after trying it on another PC it works fine, which is rather odd. Great game too! :)

    • mwoody says:

      Having not played it I can’t comment either way, but it’s worth noting that Dark Scavenger is also in the Gamersgate deal.

  3. alw says:

    Some of the links are screwy – eg the gamersgate one

  4. RobF says:

    I liked Flibble in a very silly sort of way.

    Definitely second Matt’s stuff too. Qrth Phyl is getting a lot of playtime from me at the mo, it’s so good.

  5. IncredibleBulk92 says:

    Everybody should be playing FTL this weekend. It’s just hit Steam but if you go to the FTL website (link to you can get it cheaper.

    Don’t worry you do get a steam key and the guy who made it gets more of your monies which is nice because he made something quite good.

    • d32 says:

      Well that saved me at least 2 euros – thank you!

    • LionsPhil says:

      Mmm. Still no demo, though. :/

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      It’s $9 on the dev’s site which works out around £5.75 at current currency conversions. Steam is £6.29 at present (£6.99 – 10% launch discount until 21st September).
      The dev site uses the Humble Bundle store to process payments so you can either download completely DRM free and/or get a Steam key.

    • diamondmx says:

      Yeah, this game has stolen my life since I got it.
      It’s got that “one more try” addictive quality, and it’s seat-of-your-pants scary at times.
      If you don’t like losing, though, this game is not for you, because it will kick your ass over and over again, sometimes in rage-inducing unfair ways.

  6. kregg says:

    Stick a “http://” on the url of “Vaguely complicated indie bundle from GamersGate”, and it won’t be broken.

  7. Avish says:

    Deus Ex HR (Augmented edition) is on sale for 5.99$ on gamers gate, Which is slightly better than the Steam one.

    Just saying.

    link to

    • thaumoradiance says:

      Well, Impulse/GameStop are having a pretty big sale, in which one should not have much of a problem scavenging a number of decent titles worth buying.

      Ends September 17th, if they are to be believed.

      • alundra says:

        It seems they don’t want my money, as soon as I place a game on the cart it defaults to full price and says the item is not available for my region.

        Yet I can purchase the same game from Steam….really, publishers are a veeeery stupid species.

  8. njursten says:

    A bit weird to not mention that Alec didn’t really like Alice: Madness Returns.

  9. drewski says:

    It’s OK, Eurotypes, EA hate Oceania too.

  10. SkittleDiddler says:

    If anyone is considering purchasing Three Dead Zed in that Gamers Gate indie bundle, don’t. It’s got the worst controls I’ve ever played in a platformer. Any degree of accuracy is impossible when attempting jumps, and considering that half the game consists of jumping, you won’t get very far without a lot of patience and retries. Horrible, fucking horrible.

    • Henke says:

      I already bought it. :( Haven’t played it yet but I’m sorry to hear it sucks. Will still give it a go though. Also bough Project Black Sun, which I already finished. Very good and hard Metroidvania style platformer. Highly recommended!

  11. felisc says:

    Well in that case i’ll release a game under the name EuropeanMcGee and sell it at expensive prices to the us audience. That will teach them.

  12. Carra says:

    ** Sam and Max Complete Pack [Doesn’t include Sam & Max] **

    They should have named it Sam and Max almost Complete Pack.

  13. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Probably grabbing GK1 as my original Sierra Classics version won’t start (even with an XP patch, sigh).

  14. wild_quinine says:

    Renegade Ops showing up as a tenner for me. :(

  15. Commander Gun says:

    Anyone knows if the Gabriel Knight games will actually work on a modern PC? I’ve had so much trouble with previous versions…
    For anyone who doesn’t know Gabriel Knight but loves adventure games, BUY THEM!

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      All previous games I bought on DotEMU (e.g. The Last Express or Transartactica) worked well, so…hopefully it will be a-okay

    • tobecooper says:

      The first Gabriel Knight should be DosBoxed, so there shouldn’t be any problems at all. Don’t know about the rest, but have to agree that they are fantastic adventure games. I love the first part as much as I love Lucasarts’ classics.

    • Berto says:

      All of them work on Win7 64bit, at least here they work :D

  16. azor1113 says:

    Darksiders is $6 on Green Man Gaming if you use the code ‘GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G’ on the checkout page.

  17. Suits says:

    EU Pricing: Madness Returns

  18. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m eyeing up GOG’s D&D box.

    I was thinking of buying ToEE and Planescape, but I’m not sure if ToEE is really any good. I’ve heard the combat is actually good, and it has some form of story?

    (I actually already have the original box release of Planescape, so that’s mostly just about getting a digital download version).

    • Filden says:

      Many people consider ToEE to have the best tactical turn-based implementation of DnD combat rules. It always felt the closest to me of an old tabletop dungeon crawl. Whether or not you consider this to be “good” is a matter of your perspective.

      The story is about what you’d get from an old DnD PnP module. There’s an elaborate backstory, but it’s essentially a fairly non-linear dungeon crawl with an end boss, side quests, and little in the way of scripted story.

      The game was unfinished and extremely buggy on release, but fan patching has addressed many issues and restored a good deal of content. I strongly recommend at least the standard Co8 (Circle of Eight) patch.

  19. Wizardry says:

    You can also pick up two of the best CRPGs ever made for FREE if you fill in a survey on

    link to

    • MythArcana says:

      Thanks for the hot tip, I would’ve missed it otherwise. This should run fine even on notebooks. Yay!

    • sbs says:

      I cannot find the survey man. I feel mighty stupid now.

      • Hoaxfish says:

        The survey is on the bottom of their news post, so you can just scroll down to find it.

        • LionsPhil says:

          It also won’t appear if you’re using NoScript or similar until you allow some random other domain starting with “j”, and then won’t work until you allow the other random domain starting with “j” that that pulls in. (Doing this will reset the form, because it’s important that the web gets worse over time.)

          So your data is being processed by a third-party, if you’re a bit paranoid about such things.

          • Wizardry says:

            I’m sure you can fake all the details and provide a throw away email account. Though I don’t condone this of course!

          • trjp says:

            They email your free game to that account so don’t throw it too far…

            That was another one of those crazy questionaires which were created by someone who only wanted to answer 1 or 2 questions in their own mind.

            Most of the questions make no sense – why ask me about games by price – I play games I want to play, not ones I can afford!?

          • Llewyn says:

            It looks like the jotform stuff is primarily form libraries rather than third-party processing. Of course there’s no guarantee that your data won’t be processed by a third-party, but that’s equally true even if no third-party libraries are used.

          • jrodman says:

            After jumping through all the hoops, and filling out all the fields, the survey still failed to work, and I believe they did not get my data and I did not get the games.

            Since it was the fifth time trying to fill out their stupid form that keeps erasing itself on load, I gave up entirely. After all, I’d already bought the games last year anyway. The questions weren’t terribly useful anyway.

  20. Matt_W says:

    Bargain of the week, I’d say, is Black Mesa, which costs $0.

  21. JoeyJungle says:

    Borderlands 2 is 20% off over at greenmangaming for a few hours link to

    The sale is because they were doing behind the server stuff and purchasing wasn’t an option for 15 minutes, so they have it on sale to make up for it. You can also use the code GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G to get an additional 25% off, so I ended up getting it for $36