Knives To Meet You: Hitman Absolution

Marketing is a funny old thing, by which I mean it’s the sort of amusingly affable codger who will tell you anything you want to hear if you give him a handful of coin for his troubles. Conversely, sometimes he’ll be hawking something awesome, say an actual magic carpet, but he’ll insist on unpicking some of the ancient weave in order to stitch in a crude simulacrum of a woman, 80% chest, 20% backside. If you ask him why, he’ll tell you such unsaucy sauciness is the only way to sell something as mundane as a mystical object. What I’m trying to say is, after the Contracts mode reveal, I’m happy to soar through the sky on Hitman’s back no matter what Mr Marketing might say. Here’s a new trailer.

That’s actually quite a good trailer. Well done, Old Man Marketing, sometimes you’re not such a bad sort after all.


  1. db1331 says:

    Very sharp trailer indeed. It got straight to the point.

  2. tikey says:

    I want to finish the game using only the plunger.

    • db1331 says:

      Achievement Unlocked: Plumb Crazy

    • Timthos says:

      I just want to know how he kills people with it. There are some really gruesome and disgusting variations I can think of.

      • tobecooper says:

        Does it involve bum gardening?

      • Zern says:

        He probably sticks it on people’s faces and waits. They try in vain to remove it, then slowly suffocate. All while a happy piano tune is playing in the background.

    • pepper says:

      I’ll take the ‘smash-head-with-car’ method please. Every level should have a mandatory bridge.

  3. Zern says:

    The gas can bit was very misleading. Also, shooting a gun is doing it wrong ;). Although I admit it was a fun thing to do in case you screwed up in previous games.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    The only true projectile weapon is the nail gun.

  5. X_kot says:

    I definitely like that there will be more improvised weapons to use – there were some in Blood Money, but they were usually gimmicks (e.g., the shears or the BB gun). These seem more all-purpose.

    Also, note to music score composers: quit USING the CADENCE from INCEPTION, please!

    • tomeoftom says:

      Wait, I thought a cadence had to be more than one note?

      • Rikard Peterson says:

        You’re right. A cadence is a sequence of chords. (But I think we understand what X-kot meant even though the terminology was wrong.)

        • tomeoftom says:

          Oh, that was me trying to inflict a pretty stupid musician burn. Guess it didn’t come through.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      But there’s an achievement for killing someone with the ‘Inception horn’.


  6. Wubbles says:

    Wow, Adam, the intro you wrote is really good.

  7. SkittleDiddler says:

    Another Dishonored post? How original, RPS.

    • iucounu says:

      Er, eh?

    • scatterbrainless says:

      That reminds me, I haven’t seen a Dishonoured post in like, a day. I’m going into withdrawal. I demand more Dishonoured post!

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  9. Balm says:

    Is it me or 47’s face ‘ve been morphed a bit?
    It looks closer to the guy from hitman-movie.

  10. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Is the whole game in that obnoxious blue-brown filter or is that just the style of the trailer? It can really ruin the look of the game for me.

  11. SiHy_ says:

    I’m glad they seem to have hired someone who knows what they’re doing to market the game now. It makes me wonder if they lost any potential customers with the terrible videos and such they were doing a month or so ago.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      I agree. Finally we are back to being encouraged to take joy in murdering other human beings violently, instead of being distracted by overt sexuality.

      It feels much more comfortable as its morphed into a female narrated male power fantasy of total domination via weapons in a quasi-sexual experience, doesn’t it?

      (In other words: I don’t see how this one is any “better” at all.)

      • SiHy_ says:

        Actually I was referring to the fact that they’re no longer exclusively showing linear levels where 47 slaughters everyone. There’s at least a nod to stealthiness in this trailer (even though it is mostly about the shooty shooty bang bang) and with the showing of ‘contracts mode’ and such the game is actually starting to look like a Hitman game.
        I believe you may have projected your own touchy feelings onto my comment. I didn’t mention anything about sexualisation at all. However, if you must know I’m definitely in the ‘make love, not war’ camp. I’d much rather the people of the world accepted the portrayal of sex than of violence but I don’t control such things.
        tl; dr- I was talking about the marketing of the game, not your fundamental beliefs about the portrayal of morals or gender politics contained within.

        • RegisteredUser says:

          You got me, fair point, and I, too, worry about myself, at that, about that(no sarcasm).

  12. RegisteredUser says:

    I miss the stiletto-heeled pornonuns. :(

    They just want to make a living, too!

    Always with the discrimination against women choosing to live out their free spirit via creative attire and automatic weaponry.

  13. ahmedsalah says:

    Why do all the new 3rd person games have the camera above the character’s shoulder.
    I preferred it when the characters was in the center, better for moving, looking around, shooting etc.
    Is there a good reason?

    • nasKo says:

      Wondering the same thing. Maybe there were some studies that you feel more attached to the character this way, I don’t know.

  14. lordfrikk says:

    The last bit of video reminds me of a similar scene in Equilibrium :)