Lone Survivor’s Jasper Byrne Teases Next Project

Emotional indie horror adventure Lone Survivor is one of the incredibly dark highlights of a very well lit year. There are plenty of games made by a single person but it’s still a wonder to play something in which the entire design, from music to narrative, feel like they’re so much a product of an individual’s skills and personality. I’ve been eager to see what Jasper Byrne will do next and, not that I am spying on him or anything, I know he’s quite partial to the punishing realms of Dark Souls. Today, he shares some artwork and ideas for a new project, including early prototypes, and he acknowledges the influence of From’s RPG. “…it may be Zelda x Demon’s Souls”, says he. I say, “yes please”. Take a look.

Along with Zelda and Dark Souls, I’m feeling a Sword and Sorcery EP vibe. Fantasy setting, fantastic electronic music, that’s what I’m thinking. I’m also thinking that this is a very cool image.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    coloured ghosts is giving me a pacman feel

  2. Vagrant says:

    That first image reminds me of a very specific area in Illusion of Gaia.

  3. Phantoon says:

    I thought Lone Survivor was shaping up to be a good game until I got to the streets and it waved Resident Evil’s escalation of violence in my face and said “NOPE, NO BIGGER GUN FOR YOU!”

    Then it had an indie 2deep4me ending. So my expectations for this game are very, very low.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s almost as if you’ve never played a Silent Hill game. Or any horror game other than Resident Evil, a series which stopped being scary about halfway through the first game.

      • Kaira- says:

        Hey hey hey. Resident Evil 2, 3 and Remake were bloody brilliant and tense ones and good examples of horror games. First one suffered from… well, Jill sandwich, generally bad voice acting et cetera. Sure they are gaming equivalent of cheesy B-class horror movies, but they’re still good.

        • Dominic White says:

          They were tense and fun games, no doubt about it, but scary? It’s really hard to be worried about slow-moving zombies when you’ve got a grenade launcher and a shitton of ammo for it. RE4 just kinda embraced the concept that they were more horror-themed action than real horror.

          Silent Hill is the kind of horror that gets under your skin and makes you really question everything. SH2 especially, and Lone Survivor nailed that feeling perfectly.

          • Kaira- says:

            Eh, I personally felt that RE2 (feeling of apocalypse), RE3 (feeling of being constantly chased) and Remake (feelings of claustrophobia and paranoia) managed to do horror well. Silent Hill and Fatal Frame obviously do it a bit better, but RE did it well also.

            … all this just reminds that I should get around finishing Lone Survivor. Loved the Lynchian atmosphere.

    • Beanchilla says:

      The gun part was great! I laughed at that it was a great throwback to old ps1 games where you cant get the objects in the background. The atmosphere of that game was completely dreamy and i don’t think having a solid ending would have worked with it. Besides once you beat it a couple times you start finding more clues and kindve getting an idea.

      I loved Lone Survivor, this game looks great as well.

    • woodsey says:

      Pretty sure the ending is based on how you play. I blasted my way through and was popping pills since I wanted to get through it (not because it was bad, the genre just doesn’t do it for me) and the ending made no bloody sense whatsoever. But I can still appreciate it was my fault that it was like that and that the game took consideration of how I acted.

  4. Synesthesia says:

    I love byrne. Not once has he let me down. And do check the soul brother soundtrack, its amazing!

  5. The Innocent says:

    Lone Survivor was one of my favorite indies of this year, so I’m excited for any new project he decides to try. I hope it doesn’t take too long to see the light of day!

  6. StormFuror says:

    I’m interested for sure!

  7. Wedge says:

    Lone Survivor was great when I was playing it, and then a huge letdown at the end. When you see the score tally that shows how your mental health is calculated, and the fact the endings are just based on a +/- scale of that, I lost all interest in replaying it. You realize none of the decisions you make in the game actually mean anything. I was hoping for something more branching or nuanced, but ultimately every action in the game amounts to +mental health or -mental health.

    Also the can opener REALLY shouldn’t have been made so easy to miss… I survived all the way outside of my house before finally going and looking up where to find it. I thought the game was just really hard and it was taunting you by finding all this canned food you couldn’t open for a while.

    Still interested in anything he’s working on though, there was a lot of cool stuff in the game, and you can’t expect too much from a one man project.

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  9. ribobura osserotto says:

    I hope it’s nothing like Sword and Sworcery EP, because that was barely a game to begin with.

  10. BestFriends4Ever says:

    yeah, I don’t know.