Smooth Soul: Dark Souls PC Modded To 60FPS

Give that modder a big hand

They said it couldn’t be done! Turns out they just didn’t want to. From Software’s strong-selling but perfunctory PC port of the malevolent Dark Souls was cursed with numerous technical shortcomings at launch, but fans have worked hard to lift its rather pointless limitations. The locked 720p resolution is already a thing of the past, and now the treacly 30 frames per second ceiling has also gone the way of the eight-track tape.

Some provisos – you’ll only be able to play in offline mode as it entails putting Games For Windows Live to sleep (quelle dommage), and you’ll already need to be running the resolution unlocker. From there, you could hit any number of tech problems but hell, it’s definitely worth a shot to free this landmark game from its technical bonds.

Details, download links and a running commentary on what does and doesn’t work, and what might happen yet, are in this Steam forum thread. A direct link to the mod is here, too. I would embed a video but apparently Youtube caps footage at 30FPS, so that’d be pretty pointless.

You know what else is pointless? No, you’re wrong.


  1. Mman says:

    The Stream thread already contains ways to use it and still play using GFWL.

    Unfortunately with the current version it seems to be too hard to maintain 60FPS on my computer so I guess I’ll have to wait for it be tweaked a bit.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Still an issue as everything else in the game runs at 30hz..

      • SuperNashwanPower says:

        EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply quite here, oopsie.

        OK whilst on tech issues, have run into a few:

        1. I have the steam version, which I bought legally. For some reason I now have a folder in my savegame folder called “Fairlight”, Fairlight being the name of the guys that, from a google search, appear to provide the cracked, for-pirating torrent version. I DO have the resolution unlocker, and I just installed the frame rate unlocker. Why do I now have a reference to a piracy team in my installation?

        2. Also others may find a way round it, but it appears you need to start a new game to make this work. I tried shipping my save file across from the GFWL folder to various places (including the newly created folder called “Fairlight”) and whenever I loaded the game, it said my save game was corrupted. When I started a new game, its fine and the framerate is clearly better, but I dont want to start again. Uninstalling the mod files and letting the game look for GFWL again restored my save.

        Point 1 might admittedly be a bit paranoid or I’ve missed something, but the savegame loss is a dealbreaker at 22 hours in. Hopefully a patched version will come out that allows saves to work?

        • SuperNashwanPower says:

          OK I just answered my own question. As stated, in order to work, GFWL must be disabled. This means the modder has actually had to use the software crack by Fairlight to disable GFWL. I remember reading on a Steam forum, via a moderator, that this could result in potential steam bans, as its seen as disabling DRM (just reporting what I read, I dont understand how it works myself). So this is something to be aware of.

          Secondly, the way the mod and GFWL crack works means that the way Dark Souls ddigitally addresses savegames is altered. This means you cannot currently import your save game with this version of the mod and you must start a new game.

          • Quatlo says:

            Steam doesn’t really care about what you are doing with their games as long as you’ve bought it from legit source.

  2. x1501 says:

    What do you know, the worst console-to-PC port in recent history will soon become more or less playable.

    • remote says:

      Oh, shove it. This port is fine and highly playable, even without the resolution fix, which is just a really nice bonus. The only people still spewing this nonsense are obsessive PC “master race” nerds (gross) or lazy trolls who aren’t even playing it to begin with.

      • x1501 says:

        Oh, I’m sorry. Could you perhaps name me a stronger contender for the title?

        • Kaira- says:

          Resident Evil 4. Saints Row 2. Just to begin.

          • GameCat says:

            RE4 was patched later, but first version was terrible.

          • povu says:

            Did I miss the patch in which they fixed the complete lack of ambient lighting, the low quality pre-rendered cutscenes, the lack of mouse support and the two quicktime prompt buttons (showing console key icons) that were actually switched around?

          • MichaelPalin says:

            They actually patched in mouse support, but, just because they hated happiness or something they kept the same keymap the same, meaning that “run” was still right shift. Yes, to run you had to release the mouse and since you barely run in that game…

          • malkav11 says:

            There was only one patch. They most certainly did not patch in mouse support. There was a fan mod that mapped the mouse as a joystick to sort of kind of simulate mouse aim, but that was grossly inadequate.

          • coaning6565 says:

            I pirated it just to see if it was worth buying, I literally laughed at how bad it was, uninstalled about 60 seconds later

          • SpiderLoot says:

            Saints Row 2 was such a terrible port that I actually died of massive head trauma while playing it. Just completely, sudden, out of nowhere head trauma.

        • db1331 says:

          GTA IV

          • kyrieee says:

            GTA IV was bad but it didn’t come anywhere close to SR2

          • x1501 says:

            As unoptimized as it was, GTA IV wasn’t nearly as bad of a port. The only real problem I had with it when it came out was the lack of support for SLI and anti-aliasing. Yes, it was a bit slow, but at least you had more than 2 graphical settings, resolution changes that worked, functional camera control, working multiplayer, and a keyboard layout that included the Esc key.

          • fish99 says:

            At least it was eventually fixed.

        • remote says:

          RE4, SR2, Borderlands, From Dust, and so on. GTA4 was pretty bad at release. Dark Souls is not a bad port. You could call it adequate and insist that’s so very damning, but a fan had a very simple resolution fix out on the day of its release. GFWL itself has its issues, yes, but so did the online stuff in the console versions. This is a long way from the worst port ever, let alone a bad one.

          • x1501 says:

            At the very least, Borderlands (and probably most of other “recent” 2007-2008 games mentioned by other posters) came with a number of PC specific features like higher resolution textures, support for LAN and SLI, a range of graphical improvements (e.g., link to, manually editable .ini files, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff I forgot to mention. Dark Souls came out with no graphical changes whatsoever, a nearly empty graphics menu ( with nearly non-functional resolution options from 1992, a keyboard layout that could drive a man insane, some fundamentally flawed mouse camera controls, an entirely pointless fps cap, and a co-op mode that, at least from what I can tell, doesn’t seem to work at all. To compare the quality of the PC version of Borderlands to the quality of this port is downright insulting.

          • fish99 says:

            Sorry, but you can’t call a game with a 30fps cap, no true resolution options, no graphic options and crippled mouse/keyboard support an ‘average port’. It’s bad.

            Also people fixing this stuff doesn’t make it a decent port, it makes it a bad port, which people had to fix themselves.

          • DarkFenix says:

            No, all those missing features (apart from the broken keyboard/mouse controls) in a port make it ‘average’. The game works, a port that works is at the very least an average port. GTA4 and SR2 are perfect examples of awful ports, because they didn’t even work properly. SR2 is of course the worst offender there, you could run it on fucking SkyNet and not achieve a double digit framerate.

            The screwed controls are the only real bone of contention in the port and I’m actually quite willing to forgive that on this occasion, given that it’s so damn well known to be a game you need a gamepad for.

          • alilsneaky says:

            Look up average in the dictionary as you clearly have problems…

            SR2 being the only worse port (it at least has resolution support and m/k support and does work on a modern high end computer, while dark souls would have always been shit would it not for the community fixing some of the most basic elements of a pc game) does not make a pc game lacking m/k controls, graphical settings, resolution support and an unlocked framerate par for the course par for the course or normal….

            Average in this lowered standards time would be : console textures , lack of fov slider, mouse smoothing on by default because the guy who wrote the UI apparently has never touched a pc game in his life, shameful lack of LAN support, no 16:10 widescreen support (aka it supports the resolutions but with black bars),

            You’d be a great lawyer! But judge this double homocide robbery is normal because holocaust! Or some such retarded argument.

          • Shaun239 says:

            In reply to alilsneaky.

            Citing the fact that SR2 has ‘proper’ controls is completely irrelevant. I take it you never played the PC port of Saints Row 2 and as such never realized how broken the game is.

            For example; the main game breaking bug is if you have a processor with a clock speed above the xbox 360 (3Ghz I believe) the game can become unplayable since all the mission timers etc, will run much faster than they should due to some bizarre engine sync issue.

            A modder did fix this issue, but its not a simple fix – he created an in game race and you essentially had to compare the time left on the timer once you finish the race in order to work out what setting you should put in some ini file in order to fix the sync in the game. At least it was something like that.

            I adore the game but I’m so glad I played it on a console before I bought the pc port.

            Also there is the Saboteur pc port, which literally doesn’t work if you have an ATI card and which will never be fixed.

            In comparison Dark Souls is an above average port imo, in that it works and is more or less bug free – its mainly graphical issues that people are moaning about which I’ll gladly take over actually being broken or having an fps all over the place like GTA 4 or LA Noire. The people who went in trying to play the game with a mouse and keyboard deserve what they get.

          • kud13 says:

            because it’s too much to expect that the game work with the primary input method of the platform it’s supposedly ported to, amirite?

        • Xardas Kane says:

          RE4, Saints Row 2, GTA 4, Final Fantasy 7, Halo: Combat Evolved, those just off the top of my head. Those are games that simply DID NOT RUN when they were released, unlike DS.

          You can stop talking now.

          • Brun says:

            Er…what? Halo: Combat Evolved ran fine, I remember playing it for many hours…

          • x1501 says:

            Er…what? Final Fantasy VII is a 1998 game. Halo 1 is one from 2003.Though we may have to enlist the help of a professional historian to discuss a game released in the last century, I vividly remember both games playing just fine not just for me but for everyone I knew (and all my friends with PCs owned FF7).

          • Stromko says:

            Halo: Combat Evolved is indeed not a recent port, but it didn’t run well on the above-average gaming rig I had at the time. The first mission on the ship was fine, but as soon as I got onto the planet/discworld, it was unplayable. Perhaps it just had incompatibilities with some hardware of the time, but I felt it was a very poor port.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            Oh, so now there is an actual time window? Could you please specify from which year onwards you consider a game worthy of your time? What a laughable argument.

            FF7 at launch was barely playable. NExt to nothing could run Halo: Combat Evolved, extensive patching was needed to get it running. And I thought we were talking about bad PC ports, how silly of me.

            Nice of you to ignore the rest I mentioned though. Sure goes to show you how much filled with glaring holes your blinded hatred for DS is.

          • x1501 says:

            There was always an actual time window. I said “in recent history”, did I not? In gaming terms, 1998 is anything but recent. Hell, even 2007-2008 is already ancient history, as far as the vast majority of gamers are concerned.

          • alilsneaky says:

            Halo combat evolved ran perfectly fine and smoothly on my pc…. which was a year and a half old by then… it ran a lot better than dark souls does on my pc (still framedrops to 15-20 at times, while games like bf3 never drop under 35 fps maxed)

            FF7 ran fine…

            You are digging up 10+ year old games and making shit up, you don’t have an argument stop making a fool of yourself, fool.

          • Xardas Kane says:

            Stromko already acknowledged that Halo: Combat Evolved was terrible at launch. Even years later it didn’t run well on my FX 5500, so I am obviously NOT “making shit up”. Next time look up before you dismiss anything if you don’t want to make yourself look like an idiot. The same goes for FF7 btw.

            I do admit, I didn’t see the recent history part. Hardly all the titles I mentioned were that old though.

          • Ragnar says:

            I remember trying to play FF7 when it first came out. Neither my computer nor my friend’s could get it to work. It would run, certainly, but the 2D backgrounds were all garbled, so you couldn’t see where you were going, while the 3D battles worked fine.

        • BrendanJB says:

          Nobody liked the game but me – I had it on PS3, but the Dark Sector PC port had the most hideous port ever. Locked resolutions that didn’t support widescreen, pixel doubling, no shadows, windowed mode only, non-rebindable controls, the worst mouse acceleration in history, the list goes on. It was fucking abysmal and literally unplayable. It was so bad that they just gave the game away for FREE in a PC Gamer issue.

          Dark Souls works great for me. I plug in a 360 controller and the game runs beautifully. Even without the hi-res texture fix I think the game is great. I agree it’s a crappy port, but it’s nowhere near the worst, and it’s most definitely not unplayable.

        • thedavehooker says:

          The initial release of Dead Island.

        • Inarborat says:

          Mass Effect 3. Those morons at Bioware couldn’t even figure out how to implement a controller interface for the PC version despite numerous indie teams miraculously not having that problem.

          Dark Souls has some great art that was originally hidden beneath the low resolution. ME3, despite having a vastly higher budget, has no effort at all.

          • inoajd says:

            Yes, Mass Effect 3 not properly supporting a secondary control method on PC is worse than a game that barely supports the main one.

            You people are ridiculous.

        • Rawrian says:

          I know, I know! link to

          • x1501 says:

            Very well. In the spirit of unity, and in order not to accidentally downplay the gruesome experiences of those traumatized by shitty console ports other than Dark Souls, I’m officially downgrading the port’s status to “one of the worst console-to-PC ports in recent history”. I hope this important distinction will make the developers and rabid fans proud.

      • phylum sinter says:

        Though i tend to agree with you about the ‘necessity’ of this thing being kind of moot, it is regardless inspiring to see the DIY-ness of the gamers that love it enough to raise it to their level of goodness.

        Onward, post-release volunteer developers! You shall have your beautiful games by your own sweat and tears, should the paid developers quit too early! Onward, to higher resolutions and framerates! Onward, to semi-breaking other aspects of the game in the process! May your rewards lead you to heroism in the eyes of the whiny and discontented port players!

        • Xzi says:

          Some developer should just once port a game to the PS3/Xbox 360 with support for only USB keyboards and see how apeshit crazy the console players go. It’d be pretty funny.

        • remote says:

          Hear, hear.

        • remote says:

          I also want to point out something a lot of people don’t seem to be understanding: FromSoft don’t typically do PC development, and this is a very simple, direct, functioning port of the Xbox 360 version. People asked for Dark Souls on the PC and that’s what they gave us, straight up. Not shaken, not stirred, no ice. We should simply be grateful for that and even more so that it turned out to be so easy for some guy to do what he enjoys: tinker with the graphics and share the results with us, so that we may enjoy Dark Souls even more. This is a great story, and a great game, and whiners are absurd.

          • Vorphalack says:

            That’s more like ”corrupt a wish” than giving the fans what they asked for. They could have out sourced the port to a team with more experience on the PC.

          • remote says:

            I suppose the wish would have been “corrupted” if the game was actually broken and unplayable. Thankfully, it’s not, and again (again, again, again), we had a fix available to us on day one. The guy updates it several times a week. Who cares if he wasn’t employed by FromSoft? The end result is just the same.

            ALSO ALSO: We’re talking about a traditionally niche Japanese game development studio largely unaware of what your average western PC gamer might expect. It wouldn’t hurt for them to familiarize themselves with this market since they could do so well with it, as we see, but taking this as their very first venture into bringing games to PC thing have turned out pretty swell.

          • Vorphalack says:

            ”I suppose the wish would have been “corrupted” if the game was actually broken and unplayable. ”

            It is if you try and play with a mouse.

          • Kadayi says:


            The game was conceived with a controller in mind. I wouldn’t even attempt to play it on M&K tbh.

          • Runs With Foxes says:

            People asked for Dark Souls on the PC and that’s what they gave us, straight up. Not shaken, not stirred, no ice. We should simply be grateful for that

            You are a dog begging for scraps.

            How can anyone seriously defend From Software any longer? They had months to port this game to PC, and deliberately kept these restrictions in place. It took mere weeks for users to fix them.

            It’s unbelievable that people even trot out the condescending line that because they are Japanese developers who don’t make games for PC we should cut them some slack. I would think that as software developers they would have more pride in their work than that, and wouldn’t want people making excuses for them.

            But if they do, incompetence is no excuse for mediocrity.

            and even more so that it turned out to be so easy for some guy to do what he enjoys: tinker with the graphics and share the results with us, so that we may enjoy Dark Souls even more.

            Are you seriously trying to suggest that we should be grateful to From Software because they allowed it to be possible for someone to fix their game for them? What’s wrong with you?

            Given that it was “so easy”, From Software should have fucking well done it themselves.

          • BAshment says:

            This wasn’t your friend down the road doing you a favour this is a company charging £30 for a product.If said product is unsatisfactory or doesn’t meet to the standard of consumers on the platform they are releasing it on there is a problem. and making excuses about inexperience in the field is not really good enough. Unless you are confident you can release an up to standard game, you should think twice about releasing it.

          • Vorphalack says:

            ”The game was conceived with a controller in mind. I wouldn’t even attempt to play it on M&K tbh.”

            Of course it was, being a console original, but I think it is unreasonable to leave the mouse support in such a broken state for a PC port. I’d be willing to over look a lot of the ports other niggles if they had gotten the control system polished for the native PC control device.

          • Kadayi says:


            The game was designed from the ground up for controllers. If you want to optimum playing experience that’s the device to use, end of story tbh. If that grates with your PC master race sensibilities then I guess there’s no helping you, however if it was a flight sim we were talking about would you be complaining about using a joy stick?

            Plain truth of the matter is as an experience the game is reliant on combined input and combos and that’s not really something m&K has ever been good at. If you’re finding playing with M&K frustrating, nut up and get a controller. It’s not a thought crime and you’ll be all the better for it in terms of game play.

          • Vorphalack says:

            I can think of plenty of 3rd person action games that work perfectly fine with mouse look / keyboard movement. Implying that Dark Souls games could never work with mouse and keyboard is just bullshit. The only reason that the Dark Souls port does not have this feature is that they did not bother to implement it. I’m also not prepared to buy a controller for one game, considering this is not the only issue with the port. It’s effectively a £15 tax just to get the control system to not suck. No sale.

          • Kadayi says:


            Enjoy your continued misery then. Personally I find there’s a bunch of titles that are more suited to a controller than M&K. Sleeping dogs, Batman AC, the AC games are all a lot more intuitive on a controller than M&K in my experience, but each to their own. If you want to fly in the face of general convention over a £15 outlay that’s your prerogative at the end of the day.

          • Vorphalack says:

            Funnily enough I don’t own a single one of those games. There is so much quality on the PC that I can fill my gaming time without having to make up for the shot comings of games like the DS port. If DS was the only good game out on PC this year then you might have a point, but it isn’t. Other developers are making more effort to support the PC, and no surprise, they get my money.

          • Kadayi says:

            And you think you’re a gamer….


      • alundra says:

        So now PC geeks are an excuse for piss poor lazy ports??

        Oh goodie, some people will find an any excuse for mediocrity. No wonder our civilization is collapsing.

        • remote says:

          Yeah, Dark Souls on PC sure is a sign of the apocalypse.

          • Wut The Melon says:

            Nah, you’re thinking Darksiders there.

          • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

            Well it’s hardly the decline and fall of western civilisation, but they’ve got some goddamn cheek if they’re charging people more than £5 for this.

          • alundra says:

            Did I say Darksouls was?? Trying to excuse your own stupidity, eh??

        • Kadayi says:

          Get skillz

      • MordeaniisChaos says:

        Fine? It runs for shit for a LOT of people, who have been having a lot of performance issues even running at a quarter of the resolution of the monitors they spent hundreds of dollars on. It’s totally fair to give shit to a PC game that locks resolution to less than 720p and framerate to 30FPS, which plenty of people can’t even hit even with really solid rigs. It’s NOT a good port. It’s not a FINE port. Have you tried the mouse controls? It’s total garbage. I’d have been happy if the resolution, framerate, and PC controls weren’t fucked, but they are.
        Also, this is a PC site, why are you talking shit about PC gamers?

        • njursten says:

          Uh, you’re not allowed to criticize PC gamers on a PC gaming site? No comment on if he’s correct or not, but please, come on!

          • inoajd says:

            You are allowed to, but vermin coming on here acting like this is a good port and attacking anyone with a clear head saying it isn’t, are just pathetic.

            It’s a bottom 5 port of all time AT BEST. The 3 that are definitely worse are RE4, SR2 and MGS2. After those 3, it’s a list of ports that are as shit as the Dark Souls port, but they at least have proper resolutions.

      • doggod101 says:

        Nonsense maybe it isn’t the worst port in recent history but to say it’s fine is just delirious, and really don’t bring up that “pc master race” sh*t no one wants to hear it. Even the developers know this is a shoddy and shameful port the simple fact is they didn’t put in the time to make it anything more. And while their honesty on the subject is certainly respectable there is no changing that by default this game has severe issues in comparison to most titles on said platform and even on very basic things like resolution.

      • mixvio says:

        The port is pretty terrible. I adore Dark/Demon’s Souls but, yeah. Awful port.

        And expecting PC gamers to have a gamepad lying around the place is more than a little ridiculous. Most people who prefer PC prefer PC for the mouse and keyboard.

        • derbefrier says:

          thats funny i thought it was the things like modding, more interesting and technologically advanced games things like dedicated servers and it being an open platform that was the main draw of PC gaming. I don’t think i have ever heard anyone say “screw controllers, i am going to PC were i can use a M&KB to play my console ports like a civilized human!”

          seriously people its okay to own a controller they are not evil and you will not all the sudden find yourself hooked up to an xbox playing CoD screaming racist slurs over xbox live by having one in your house. They are a great alternative to the M&KB and are often a better choice especially since a lot of console ports are designed around that control scheme. The past was no different some games are just naturally better with a controller. I am sorry for the rant but statements like that just reek of elitism. quit being a cheap ass and go to wal-mart and spend 25 bucks on a controller. controllers are as an integral part of gaming as your precious M&KB. I know a lot of it comes down to personal preference but really refusing to use a better option of control out of some misplaced sense of pride is quite ridiculous.

          • inoajd says:

            Jesus fucking Christ, what’s with people like you? It’s okay that you like gamepads so much that you’d make love to one if you could. That still doesn’t mean nobody could ever prefer a mouse+keyboard in any game.

            Saying gamepad is as important as keyboard and mouse for a PC gamer is just fucking ridiculous. I have a gamepad because I own consoles, but stop with this fucking bullshit already.

            I will pretend you’re a lost console-only gamer trying to fight the hordes of “elitists”.

        • Ragnar says:

          I always thought that PC gamers peferred the power and freedom that PCs gave them, one of which is using the best peripheral for the job.

          I will always prefer mouse + keyboard for any FPS game, or any game that plays like an FPS (Fallout 3). But for action games, or third person games, or driving games, or flying games (Freelancer being a notable exception)? Of course not. That’s what gamepads and joysticks and racing wheels are for.

          Tie Fighter was great, but a miserable experience without a joystick. Grim Fandango played much better with a gamepad. Gamepads are not a new evil imposed on PC users by the console generation. I had the original Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad back in 1996, and they’ve only made them better over the years.

          You don’t limit yourself to an inferior game playing system, so why would you limit yourself to an inferior peripheral?

      • Kadayi says:

        Indeed. Clearly the comments of someone whose not played the game tbh. With the DS resolution fix the game plays great and frankly shouldn’t be missed. Is it hard? Initially yes, but the game rewards you for patience, observation (looking around and really taking in your environment) and the ability to think laterally when faced with a challenge.

      • Derppy says:

        I invest in gaming hardware so I can make the games render frames synchronized with my monitors refresh rate, at my native resolution.

        Games shouldn’t be tied to one resolution, aspect ratio or refresh rate, that’s just bad practice in game development, especially on a platform where setups vary so much.

        There’s 5 year old games that work at 7680×1600 resolution at 60FPS and will go beyond that as higher resolution monitors are released and get higher refresh rates. That’s what to be expected, because a PC game should give you as many frames as you want, at the resolution you want, as long as you have enough processing power to handle it.

    • AmateurScience says:

      See for me it’s not a bad port. I mean, it actually works, and better than the console versions. And it’s pretty stable. So in essence it’s an indifferent port. Even without the fixes it’s still the best version of the game to play. Can’t really call that bad as such, lacking yes, but it’s not actually broken.

      • Kadayi says:

        I clocked something like 150 hrs now with the resolution fix and I’ve not crashed once. I’m really not getting this ‘issues’ talk at all. Game plays great and is kind of tense fun once you get into it.

      • Toberoth says:

        Yup, couldn’t agree more. Works great for me, even with GFWL, which was a concern when they announced it. I was led to believe that the game would be basically identical to the console version, and from what I can tell it is. So I genuinely don’t see why it’s being bitched about so much, apart from some deep-seated conception that because we PC gamers are nuts enough to spend so much money on hardware, we have an unbending right to expect “better” games.

        In all honesty, I think it’s sad that some people can’t look beyond minor technical issues (like the need to use a controller–which the game was designed around, and which you were warned about in plenty of time) and enjoy what is one of the best games to come out for any platform in the last few years.

      • inoajd says:

        The port does not exist in a vacuum. (COMPARED TO OTHER PORTS)It’s one of the worst ports ever because it lacks the most basic features that are standard in 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% of (recent)ports.

        It’s pretty basic, really.

    • sebmojo says:

      With the two caveats that you need DSFix and you need a controller (though there’s actually a fix for the mouse issues now, I hear) , it’s actually a pretty flawless port. Looks beautiful, plays smoothly, doesn’t crash.

      GTA IV and SR 2 were fucking abysmal by contrast.

      • Stromko says:

        ‘Flawless’ is a step too far. ‘Adequate’ would make more sense. Even the developers weren’t trying to call it a ‘flawless’ port, they quite admirably sought to lower our expectations before we even had a chance to buy it. I’ve heard the dodgy frame-rate and performance were already a big issue on the consoles, and they were probably also locked at 30 FPS besides, so on that perhaps we can forgive the porting.

        I have to admit, I’m waiting for them to put in that ‘easy’ mode that was teased before dipping into the game. I have a low frustration quotient / lack of masochistic tendencies. I can usually put up with any challenge if it seems ‘fair’, and people have been saying that about Dark Souls, but … I still like to feel as though I can get pretty far in a game and experience a lot of content for my money. It’s why I ended up pretty frustrated with FTL, even though I usually love Rogue-likes. (Retreats to his bunker before the hardcore players read this)

        • Ragnar says:

          I haven’t played Dark Souls, but I did play Demon’s Souls. I have a similar outlook on gaming as you seem to do, and I found Demon’s Souls incredibly furstrating for the first few hours, but then it got better, and then I didn’t want to stop playing.

          It did feel unfair in some cases – for example, you come to a fork, go left, die to a blue-eyed knight; come back, go right, die to a red-eyed knight; decide to focus on taking out the red-eyed knight first, spend an hour doing so before you finally defeat him, then realize that you’re not supposed to go right at all, the red-eyed knight is overpowered to stop you, you’re not supposed to be able to defeat him yet, and had you decided to focus on the blue-eyed knight first you would have saved yourself 50 minutes of frustration – but nothing nearly as bad as FTL.

          And it’s very skill based, such that as you get better the game gets easier, and you feel a real sense of mastery.

  3. remote says:

    You know what else is pointless? Playing the game offline.

    Okay, maybe not quite, but it does remove one of the most important aspects of the game.

    • x1501 says:

      Spending countless hours on trying to summon someone?

      • sbs says:

        Seriously what the hell is up with that.
        As ssoon as I touch the signs they vanish and it fails all of the ime. upnp and shit is activated and open. Am I just in the wrong covenant or what.

        • MHaggag says:

          My theory is that this happens when the other player gets summoned between him placing his sign and you touching it. The signs don’t update immediately (it probably polls the sign server every once in a while), but when you touch them, they do. This happens mostly–in my experience–in places with heavy summoning traffic. If you’re playing with a friend and he places his sign at an unusual location, I find that it seems to work fine.

    • Cut says:

      Using AB’s asi loader GFWL works just fine.

      Paying customers disabling DRM restrictions. What is the world coming to?

      Oh, the irony…

    • MattM says:

      I don’t really agree that people playing offline are missing a whole lot. After spending 100+ hours on the PS3 version, I came away loving the single player parts and liking the multi-player elements more in theory than in practice.
      Invading, getting summoned and summoning help all involved long down time trying to find signs and a trip to the internet to find out where people were leaving their signs. Many types of vs fight weren’t level balanced so you would usually face a wildly unbalanced fight (often against someone who had exploited for infinite souls).
      In the level balanced fights you had better have built your character for pvp from lvl 1, and maxed out all the non lvl based ways of increasing your stats (gear, spells) or else your pve char would be at a big disadvantage. I minded less when I invaded that my mostly pve char (with a somewhat unfocused build) was at a disadvantage, then it was my choice. I minded a lot more when I wanted to be in human form for other reasons than invading and kept getting invaded by pvp focused players who were constantly invading ( I think there was a high ratio of people looking to invade to people available for invasion). It was a matchmaking system that favored matching pvp players with 100’s of fights with pve players with less than a handful of pvp fights under their belt.
      Co-op could be fun, but fighting bosses with two allies didn’t just help a little, it turned previously challenging fights into cake walks. Splitting the bosses focus allowed for no risk use of the estus flask and the little bit of extra HP the boss got didn’t really make a difference.
      I don’t want to say that people having fun with the MP elements are wrong though, just that I think people who preferred the SP parts had good reasons to.

      • Underwhelmed says:

        I have never had problems summoning, invading or getting invaded with the PC version of this game, but I tend to agree with you. The multiplayer is a great idea, but not actually all that fun. Invading is a cakewalk because most of the people you do manage to invade, will not be PvP optimized and thus pretty easy to kill, while the reverse is true of being invaded. The jokers that run around with maxed gear, keep a low soul level and then troll the beginner areas are in my opinion, even more aggravating than the hackers.

        • Kadayi says:

          Once you’ve been invaded there’s a 15 minute window where in you can’t be invaded again. Also once you’ve beat the boss of an area you can’t be invaded there. Sure it’s annoying that an invaders effectively cost you your human form however worst comes to the worst just rush through to the boss doorway and enter as they can’t follow.

          Also it should also be noted that if you grind kills & souls in an area like undead berg for a bit whilst hollow before taking on the boss, you’ll naturally acquire extra held humanity. Generally I’d say it’s worth doing that early on so you can buy equipment like the repair box, bottomless box and shortbow and a few hundred arrows from the undead merchant.

          Also once you’ve beaten a boss it’s worth putting down a summon sign and helping other players as it’s all extra points. Generally try and level equipment up rather than character levels, as people need to be of similar range to call upon you. Ploughing into levels needlessly can mean you find yourself outside the range of popular summoning spots if you’re not too careful.

          • Ragnar says:

            That’s a lot of annoances for a PvE player for playing online. What do you gain by being online? Annoying ghost images of other players, and the text that they leave behind?

          • MattM says:

            @ Ragnar
            You can join factions in the game that provide unique items as you rank up in them. Ranking up in some of these factions requires online play. If you care about achievements, many require some online play. For instance if you want a achievement for getting all the rings in the game you will need to play online since some rings are only available this way.

    • Axess Denyd says:

      Is the online feature really so important? When I initially read reviews it sounded like something I would just turn off, because screw the idea of people griefing me in my game.

      …yes, I am one of those people who is waiting for a sale. Money is far too tight for me to spend that much on a game. Especially when I am pretty sure I will be bad at it.

      • fish99 says:

        The online adds a lot to the atmosphere, seeing other peoples ghosts and the messages they’ve left. The PVP thing is largely optional, just stay hollowed and your world can’t be invaded.

        • Kadayi says:

          You can only be invaded in areas where you’ve not killed the boss also.

      • Ragnar says:

        I found the ghosts and messages distracting in Demon’s Souls. Being online would also screw with your world tendensies in that game. The only thing you really miss out on is being able to summon someone to help you out, but that’s not really necessary, and can even trivialize boss fights.

        And saying that you can only be invaded in zones where you haven’t killed the boss isn’t helpful at all. Once I killed the boss of a zone, I moved onto the next zone.

    • Eclipse says:

      You know what else is pointless? Trying to playing it online, as it’s basically broken.

      • Kadayi says:

        Maybe check your router NAT settings and firewall. If you go under GFWL menu you can check your network status and it will tell you whether NATs causing problems. Ideally you want it to show open. Also it’s worth noting that leveling up too fast can mean that you’re beyend the levels of most people in a particular area. My advice is to always try and level up equipment/buy useful stuff rather than burn points on stats. The lower you keep your overall level the more opportunities you’ll get to summon generally.

  4. Vagrant says:

    Last I heard, this was incompatible with the resolution fix?

    I have never been bothered with the game’s framerate. I haven’t made it to Blighttown yet thanks to a corrupt save, but that’s not really relevant to the FPS cap. I would be concerned over how the character animations work at 60fps, though. Some console games just look wonky at 60fps (Mass Effect 1).

  5. Squirly says:

    Mine goes 60 FPS consistently from main menu, straight to the desktop.

    • alundra says:

      Some nice sense of sarcastic humor you have in there…. :-D

  6. squareking says:

    Fantastic alt text. *clap*

  7. Buemba says:

    Do we have numbers on the PC version yet? Or at least an idea if it’s doing well enough for them to consider a PC version of their next “_____ Souls” games from the get go?

    • AmateurScience says:

      It’s consistently been in the steam top sellers list since it came out, and the press has mostly been: ‘ok the port is the bare minimum, but it’s good enough to ignore that’

      No actual numbers but I get the feeling it’s done pretty well, especially since the res fix came through (if there was any justice FROM would send Durante some cash at consultancy rates).

    • Kadayi says:

      I hope so. Really been having a blast with it and if it does sell well then I suspect From will make sure their next game is released simultaneously with the consoles. Come the next Steam sale a few friends are getting gifted copies for sure.

  8. Hoaxfish says:

    Isn’t youtube capped at 30 fps on new uploads or something?

  9. andytizer says:

    There is a guide up on how to apply this and other fixes to Dark Souls for PC: link to – if you discover a new fix please add it in, no account required.

  10. Beelzebud says:

    Aren’t the animations done at 30fps?

    • Darth_Pingu says:

      Uhm, who doesn’t use vector animations in this century??

  11. AmateurScience says:

    Hurrah: limit removed!

    Boo: It still only runs at 30fps because 60 fps + shiny resolution fix is beyond my computer!

    Hurrah: It’s still a great game!

    Boo: I’m too busy to play anything!

  12. Vivi says:

    I really don’t understand everyone’s desire to have Dark Souls running at 60 FPS. Everything from the animations to the flow of the combat was designed with 30 FPS in mind and it works just fine that way. It’s much different than only having 30 FPS while playing a game designed for 60 FPS.

    It really just seems like a case of PC gamers holding steadfast to a set of rules that may or may not be applicable in every situation. The rule in this case being, “If it’s not 60 FPS, it’s not PC gaming.”

    • Vander says:

      Some people cant stand 30fps, it make them sick, literally. And even for me who is not affected by that,thankfully, i can see the difference without problem.

    • UberMonkey says:

      Apparently that whole thing about the animations was a lie. The game does seem to slow down if it gets down to 15fps, but it doesn’t speed up at 60fps. Animations and gameplay all seem completely normal. As far as why you would want 60fps over 30…. really? That needs to be explained? It just looks and feels better.

  13. Cold Steel says:

    Now if some glorious Modder could address the M+KB input and camera issues I’d be happy.

  14. felisc says:

    urgh what the hell is that boss. 50 hours of play (only, apparently) and never saw that one. yummy.

    edit : oh while i’m here, anyone with a 7870 got a fix for the occasional fps drop ? nope, catalyst tweaking doesn’t do it for me.

    • Linfosoma says:

      Not a boss per-se, it takes you to the new DLC area (which I haven’t explored yet so it might actually end up being a boss).

  15. kraken says:

    Dommage is masculine thus the correct expression is “Quel dommage”.

  16. Cut says:

    “Perfunctory port” is about right. But the game itself… Christ.

    I haven’t found myself subjected such a beautifully balanced, brutally unforgiving, lights-out immersive (but intensely satisfying) gaming experience for years.

    No, make that *decades*.

    I highly recommend the camera/mouse fix by Lebbers for all those (like me) who feel that DS:PTDE is not the best game to learn to use a new input device on…

    link to

  17. Uthred says:

    The games animation is keyed to 30fps, running it at a variable framerate up to 60fps seems to be causing it to fuck up

  18. Bluemage says:

    I must have put in 200+ hours into Dark souls on PC by now. It’s a brilliant game, I still fail to see how it’s “the worst port of this generation” etc, they’ve give us the same game that Xbox and PS3 players had, except with more content.

    Apart from the keyboard and mouse controls, they feel so wrong…

  19. JackDandy says:

    I was really surprised by this. The modding community really impressed me.

    I’m enjoying the SHIT out of the game so far. I appreciate FROM for bringing it to the PC crowd since there was no way I could play it otherwise. But…
    I have to admit they really dropped to ball when it came to this port. If the next Souls title makes it to PC (and I hope it does), they better flex some of their technical muscles.

    • Bhazor says:

      This feels like they’re just testing the water to me. Testing the real demand (as in how many petitioners actually part with cash) with a low cost port while they gear up for their next product. Given the sales I’d say we made an impression.

      My guess is Dark Souls 2 will be made multi format from the start.

      • Ringwraith says:

        From what From Software said about the port back when it was announced, it sounded like they wanted to do a port with all the usual graphics options and stuff, but they were prevented from doing so.
        It’s possibly misinterpretation, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the port was hamstrung by Namco refusing such extra time and money to be spent on it.

  20. Bhazor says:

    I’ll just come out and say it.

    I think the original resolution still looks better. The “HD”/ Hi res version looks sterile and plasticy to me. It’s like when they made HD Silent Hill 3 and removed the fog.

    But a smooth frame rate is always a good thing. So I guess I’ll need to put up with the new resolution.

    • Vivi says:

      So do you run all of your games in a non-native resolution for your monitor? Just curious, because that is essentially what Dark Souls was doing.

      Not to mention how pissed off the artists for Dark Souls must have been. The textures are really well done, yet you would never know it by running it at the default resolution.

      • Bhazor says:

        Hmmm maybe I misunderstood the high res patch. I thought it was like the standard Skyrim/Crysis 2 mod where the textures are just ripped out in, sharpened in photoshop and jammed back in. The pictures I saw at the time made it look barren and overly clean like an Unreal engine game. But googling it now it does seem more subtle and more like its just intended to make it look like it should on higher resolution monitors.

        I haven’t actually played the PC version yet, I’m waiting to get a new rig over christmas.

        • AmateurScience says:

          It’s a bit different. The textures are all high res and pretty, but the image is ‘forced’ to output at a resolution of 1024×768, and so is stretched to fit your screen. This has the net result of making everything look fuzzy/blurry on a higher than 768 vertical res screen – kind of like watching a lower res video on youtube in fullscreen.

          The fix makes a big difference, textures can be output at your screen’s native res and look much clearer: you can now see the detail that’s always been there. If you’ve got some GPU grunt you can actually set the output res to be much higher than your screen’s native res. This basically is super-sample anti-aliasing and vastly improves the look of the game.

        • ResonanceCascade says:

          The resolution mod doesn’t touch the textures, it’s actually changing the resolution of the game, which was originally locked at around 720p.

        • JackShandy says:

          Yeah, the mod just shows the textures as the original artists made them.

    • D3xter says:

      Sure looks much better blurred and stretched dude:
      link to
      link to

    • fish99 says:

      Huh? It looks horrible.

  21. int says:

    THAT’S IT! I will now get the game.

    Thanks Magical Internet Mod Makers!

  22. JoeGuy says:

    You can download a video of some 1080p 60fps gameplay from:
    link to
    Originally from a neogaf post #5069
    link to

  23. Ruffian says:

    The Steam thread is closed on account of the mod messes with GFWL, I guess. Seems like a case of an angry moderator or something to me, considering according to the thread, the same has been done with many GFWL games in the past, (someone arguing with him about whether GFWL is DRM or not) but nonetheless, the links have all been removed from the Steam forums as well as a few comments detailing various tweaks.

  24. chackosan says:

    Wow, some moderator locked that Steam forum thread since it ‘advocated disabling GFWL’. I thought that kind of thing happened in any thread featuring GFWL.

    • D3xter says:

      Yeah, most Steam Mods are a disgrace generally just merging and deleting threads as they feel.
      The worst thing about it is that they aren’t even paid employees or anything that should hold any authority, but just abhorrent Valve/Steam fanboys that were granted the rights to delete posts and suspend accounts, and they make ample use of it.

      I’m not quite sure how the new Game Hub forums are working, but they luckily don’t seem to be moderated by the same horrible people.
      Unfortunately there don’t seem to be Stickies and the likes either.

      For instance they buried all the EULA threads and even banned/suspended people discussing it. They merged every single thread made about the issue into a single one that got to be 319 pages big (despite not doing the same with anything like Steam Greenlight etc., those can apparently exist in countless numbers) in the hope that they can shut them up and brush the issue away.
      Then at some point after being pissed that people are still discussing it, the same Mod that closed the above mentioned thread closed it too: link to
      “Thanks for keeping the discussion level headed for this long but it’s been agreed upon to close to this thread. Legal matters wasn’t what the forum was meant for.”

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Zefar is one of the worst mods there. He bans, locks, and deletes willy-nilly, and the sad part is complaining does absolutely no good because apparently volunteer mods are allowed first access to complaints reported by users. The whole system allows them to get away with abuse that would be quickly squashed at more responsible forums.

        He actually refused to investigate my case when I was banned. He straight-out told me that it didn’t matter to him or any of the other mods at the forums. What a prick.

    • Ruffian says:

      @ Chakosan – I’m sure it probably does, it just seemed to me like more of a reactionary thing, cause he never said much of anything until someone started debating it directly with him.

      • chackosan says:

        Oh, no – I was being snarky and implying that the only reason anyone would discuss GFWL is to try find a way around it. Petty moderators are the worst.

        • Ruffian says:

          Ah, my bad, lol, flew over my head, I suppose. Too true. Too true.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Steam’s forum mods seem to care an awful lot about Steam’s direct competitors. They also lock or delete threads that get into any detail about how to bypass Amazon’s digital regional requirements (which is not illegal the last time I checked).

    • chackosan says:

      Damn, I didn’t realise it was that bad over there. You’d think a developer with as much goodwill as Valve could do better on this front.

  25. Ruffian says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad port really either, I’ve been just using durante’s fix (an older version now, I’m sure) and it runs completely fine on my machine, save for maybe two firepits I’ve passed slowing the framerate up slightly. I’ve played to the bottom of blighttown and am loving every minute of it so far. I actually really enjoyed the location itself, just really different to anything else I’ve seen for a while, in terms of level design anyway. I like the whole “diseased crappy town on the underside of a castle” aesthetic. The mobs weren’t really anything special, though they definitely fit the environment.

  26. JackDandy says:

    GFWL is a piece of shit, and I really hope I see no more of it in future Souls games.

    • JoeGuy says:

      If your game needs DRM for matchmaking or maybe anti-cheat services etc. then I’d much rather Steamworks than anything else. As far as DRM goes, I’ve almost forgotten that Steam is effectively a DRM game platform. What kills GFWL is it is often painful to get running and it feels like an extra layer of DRM, just impeding your enjoyment of the game with online requirements for full features and profile support and poor matchmaking, breaking after updates.

      Capcom is cheaping-out and using GFWL for its XBOX 360 to PC ports for DMC and Res 6 so be forewarned. I’m really glad games like Darksiders 2, Sleeping Dogs, XCOM, Dishonored and Borderlands 2 have all noticed the trend its usually better to opt for Steamworks as apposed to GFWL. Even BioShock Infinte is ditching GFWL next year.

      • Ruffian says:

        Same, here, I don’t understand why more companies don’t just drop GFWL and let steam handle it.

        • Kadayi says:

          The game is a 360 port. The entire matchmaking system was built around GFWL functionality. Given it wasn’t remotely clear whether the game would sell well on PC it makes sense to use the existing system rather than rewrite a tonne of code for no good reason. Also I’m not exactly sure what the extra problem are you people seem to have with GFWL. I fire up the game through steam, it logs into GFWL and I’m golden.

          • Vander says:

            It corrupt saves? Or, like with my previous pc, just refuse to update?

            Its not because you dont have problems that others people have it function correctly.

          • Kadayi says:

            The DS mod allows you to backup saves I believe.

          • Ruffian says:

            This is a very valid point actually, kudos, I never really considered that. Still though, not a fan of GFWL, it’s just too clunky, for me anyway. It drops me all the time for whatever reason, even though I have high speed and steam is still connected.

  27. JackShandy says:

    I’m getting fluctuations above 30FPS from this mod, but not the steady 60FPS I was hoping for. Sad.

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  29. bumma says:

    perfecto 3D is in too :)
    link to

  30. Metonymy says:

    I pirated it just to see if it was worth buying, I literally laughed at how bad it was, uninstalled about 60 seconds later

    Its a 1990s style console game, and even basic stuff is wrong. The camera, the controls, the character responding several seconds after you press a button, the playstation 1 era resolution.

    Literally, any fps at all looks better than this. Even something as horrible as CoD is going to be better than this, because the realism is part of the overall design. With this, it just looks like the art team couldn’t decide whether to spend time being creative or not. Zero style, just generic texturing.

    I’m serious, I would give ANYTHING to know what is going on in the minds of people who can sit still for this. Are you under the age of 20? I feel like I’m missing a fragment of the entire world.

    • UncleLou says:

      What a weird spambot. It almost makes sense in a basic way, but it seems to have been posted in the wrong thread.

      • Neut says:

        I’m actually quite impressed with how hard it tries to sound like an intelligent human being. Doesn’t quite get there though. Maybe in a few years time.

        • Ragnar says:

          And it’s not even advertising a link to anything. Doesn’t that defeat the whole point of having a spambot?

    • D3xter says:

      It’s one of the best games made and released in the last decade…

    • Voice of Majority says:

      Yep, It’s great. Prepare to die a lot, though.

  31. Voice of Majority says:

    Come to think of it. This may all be working nicely for From and Namco. Everyone who has played the game agrees it is brilliant so there is no problem there even if the port is bare minimum. Every time some aspect of the port is fixed it gets headlines which seems like free publicity to me. On comment threads people iterate how great the game is and why it is totally worth it to play even without this or that fix.

    • PoulWrist says:

      The game IS great :) I just play with the resolution fix and my 360 gamepad. Any respective gamer should have a variety of input devices to make the best out of any game. So it used to be and so it still is. Whining about keyboard and mouse in this game is silly anyway, I can’t imagine that it would be any good playing with those… the controls are too funky.

      • Voice of Majority says:

        I agree. I bought a 360 controller just to play this after seeing a lot of comments that mouse control would not make sense anyway.

      • Kadayi says:

        There seems to be much silliness in these comments for sure. I really don’t get this reluctance to use a controller. If you were playing a flight sim you wouldn’t think twice about using a joystick. Still as with many of the comments these days, any excuse to not play a game it seems.

      • Ragnar says:

        I agree that this game is played best with a controller, but the fact that some owners of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controler for Windows are still having problems indicates that it is a shoddy port.

        • malkav11 says:

          Actually, what it indicates is that the wireless 360 controller is not well supported on Windows – this is not a unique problem to Dark Souls. Wired 360 controllers work flawlessly.

  32. SpiderLoot says:

    As insane as this is to say, I actually like the badness of Dark Souls’ port. It look and plays like an old PC game. Plays like one too. With a 360 controller preferred of course. Makes me nostalgic.

  33. airmikee says:

    Modders can do what lazy, ineffective, stupid game developers can’t do, film at 11.

    As interesting as this game looks, I’m not going to pay more than $2 for it. No way I’m going to reward piss poor work by a developer with cash.

    • Kadayi says:

      Sense of perspective much?

    • Voice of Majority says:

      Well, uh, they developed it. How is that for an effort? Reward yourself instead and play the game.

  34. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Balls! I’m just 2 battles away from finishing the DLC and right before the final boss in the main game, and this finally comes out?
    Then again, I’m on Gtx670 and the game sometimes drops to about 10fps, so I probably wouldn’t bother anyway. Now, if only they created a performance fix…

    But still, what a game. Holy fucking shit. What an achievement in game design. I’d go ahead and say that this right here is a goty for sure, but I’m afraid that the console people will laugh.