Warsaw Occasionally Changes: Uprising44

Uprising44: The Silent Shadows bills itself as the first game based around “the greatest civilian [uprising] against Nazi occupying forces – the Warsaw Uprising.” Whether that will make it anything more than a game about historical people trapped in horrible circumstances shooting each other and crouching behind sandbags isn’t entirely clear from the first thirty seconds of the most recent trailer but there are more flatcaps (one) than I usually spot in WWII shooters. And then the view stops being over the shoulder and assumes a more strategic position. Is it Company of Duty or Call of Heroes? Maybe it’s Company of Gears or Wars of Duty. I don’t know, but I do know that it’s available for £9.99 from Gamersgate, Origin, Green Man and Get Games. Trailer below.

Creators DMD Enterprise are based in Warsaw, which doesn’t guarantee any sort of authenticity, but does make me hope that there’s an effort to capture the feel of the city. Every developer should make at least one game set in their hometown, although I’d happily except dreamstate interpretations of the same.

If the story actually explores the uprising, and the third-person action and RTS sections are both solid, Uprising44 could be a decent detour into a less-travelled portion of gaming’s favourite years. The website doesn’t seem keen on aspects of the game though, with a description that will have John nodding in agreement: “A unique combination of game play and real-time strategy.” Strategy is ‘game play’ too, damn it, it’s the most playful game of all.


  1. Cinek says:

    Well, I’ve been tracking this game ever since first news, and I got one thing to say about it, with all due respect to people taking part with Uprising:

    – What a ****** idiot allowed this game to be made by those people, and then release it in current form!?

    This game is an insult to anyone taking part in an uprising, any Polish gamer and any game development company in Poland. Titles of this quality should be forbidden. It’s like someone would make a movie about uprising with… a muppets! RIDICULOUS.

  2. Enzo says:

    Don’t play this game, it’s fucking terrible. They’re pretty much spitting in the face of all the people that died during the uprising. It is truly, incredibly bad.

  3. MistyMike says:

    Polish companies have been known to try to capitalize on the patriotic sentiment of the public to promote low-budget shooters supposedly based on the activities of the underground during WWII. A little sad really.

    • Cinek says:

      What do you mean by this extremely vague generalization? Any other examples of similar crap? Cause you know – the fact that one or two companies try to bring something they ain’t capable to produce doesn’t mean that “Polish companies have been known to try to capitalize on the patriotic sentiment”.

      This game originally got really good intentions and really nice ideas hiding behind it – it could be Company of Heroes between FPS games. But lack of budget, idiots directing production and inexperienced developers made it what it is now.

      • Neurotic says:

        He don’t forget, CD Projekt was responsible for some serious shit piles long ago. But they got better obviously. Hell, even Techland is better these days. :D

        • Cinek says:

          I think I erased these from memory.

        • Tolkfan says:

          I’m not sure what you mean… CD Projekt was a publisher/distributor for most of its life. They never created a game until opening CDPR studio and making the Witcher.

          I still think their translations of Baldur’s Gate and PS:T are on par with the originals.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Two words: City Interactive *shivers*

    • Dana says:

      Mortyr !

  4. ZIGS says:

    I played this and can confirm it’s a pile of rubbish

  5. AlwaysRight says:

    Anyone who says ‘WARSAWFACE’ or ‘FACESAW’ or anything like that is a smelly nob.

  6. jkz says:

    We should have a vote in a Poland decide if we like it or not.

  7. SkittleDiddler says:

    The Saboteur has a flatcap. Just sayin’…

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Speaking of which, is the Saboteur worth it? I swear it’s been making eyes at me from across the room for a while now but I still can’t decide if I’m interested. It’s on sale through Gamestop. And I am broke. Though I’m also engaged in a blood feud with Gamestop.

      • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

        Do you like Mercenaries 2? I bloody loved it, played about 100 hours of it…so when I heard about The Saboteur, I pre-ordered it. The story and all is quite good (maybe too much on the titillation side, but that’s the older me now I did not mind back then) and the gameplay, too…. The recreation of WW2 Paris is good (so good that when I was in Paris for the first time I was kinda surprised not to see any Krauts there). The graphics were “tad” dented even back then and moreso now, but artistically it is pretty solid (the idea of black-n-white surroundings of occupied territories is nice and the re-colouring upon liberation is satisfying).
        To explain the gameplay – it is good within the borders of the story (not too frustrating on normal), the pacing is optimal, weapons and vehicles feel good and even sneaking and disguising handle well, but it is not as good for freeform sandbox playing (which was much better in Mercs 2) for obvious reasons – the environment is limiting (the engine simply is not advanced enough to let you blow half of Paris), the vehicles and weapons are limited by the era and settings, so variability is a bit low. I had SOME fun blowing up the towers, sneaking inside the camps, assassinating the officers, completing achievements that give you rewards (basicially of the kind – prove it that you can do it without help and we will give you an advantage for the future for it), but I clocked only about 30hrs total.

        I think it is a decent game – a bit dated now, but for the right price…I think you will get about 20hrs of good fun out of it.

        • Dances to Podcasts says:

          I’m not sure being able to blow half of Paris would be that much of a plus…

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        It’s in my top ten, and I’ve gotten a good solid 80+ hours out of it so far. It’s a sandbox-lite game where you’re simply expected to further the agenda of the French Resistance by assassinating SS officers, blowing up supply lines, sabotaging trains, sniping collaborators, and maybe taking part in the main quest if you feel like it. IMO, The Saboteur does sandbox much better and more streamlined than GTA.

        Very underrated game, and if you can only manage to get twenty hours out of it you’re not playing it right. You should buy it right now.

    • Shaun239 says:

      I had to log in just to post this;

      DO NOT buy the Saboteur for PC if you have an ATI card, it doesn’t work. Expect below 30 fps and horrific graphical glitches and artifacts everywhere. I expect this post will be ignored as some of your typical gamer hyperbole but I am generally extremely forgiving of games (hell, I like the Kane & Lynch games) but I just can’t get the Saboteur to work at all and a quick google search will show I’m not alone.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        Oh, hell. Thanks for the heads-up. Starting to regret going with ATI.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Holy shit, they never fixed that? I thought that had been cleared up with AMD’s more recent drivers.

  8. binjajer2 says:

    Goddammit, the only time a dev has an actual, acceptable excuse for a sewer level (or a dozen…), and they screw it up. What a shame.

  9. Synesthesia says:

    wh-what the hell is wrong with those animations?! Somebody make it stop!!