Wartaste: Combat Mission – Fortress Italy Demo

The Flare Path has the full debrief on Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, which contains three campaigns covering the battle for Sicily. A clever waypoint system and strong choice of maps and missions led to the game being deemed a “grand old time”. If the notion of Sicilian skirmishes appeals but you like to take your tanks for a test drive before exchanging currency and driving them off the lot, today’s demo release may well be cause for rejoicing. Go ahead, rejoice, I won’t stop you. The demo includes three scenarios, a functional scenario editor and multiplayer. It’s available for PC and Mac.


  1. Torgen says:

    So wait, this is just Sicily? No mainland Italy?

  2. wodin says:

    Just Sicily..modules will cover the rest I presume. Still an amazing wargame\sim. I’m waiting on the Ost Front title.

  3. Caput says:

    I believe it covers the southeast corner Sicily, including all American units involved who had at least one Sgt named “William”, in the time period between June 8th and June 27th, 1944 (excluding Sundays).

  4. X_kot says:


  5. 0positivo says:

    Still interested in how they will execute what was effectively one (if not THE) worst military of WW2

    • bob. says:

      I’d argue that the French are a strong contender for “worst military in WW2” (considering how huge they were compared to Italy) but yeah Italy was quite bad as well. The funny thing is that Germany propably LOST more being allied with Italy than it gained.
      Although I don’t think they have to make the Italian soldiers itself so much worse. I think the biggest reason they performed so badly was their crappy equipment. And that is quite easy to model in a game like this.
      Also, nations like this make for incredibly awesome SINGLE-player campaigns so I’ll buy it for sure :)

    • Ranger33 says:

      In the game, the Italians obviously have inferior equipment, with most squads carrying nothing but rifles, and just a few MGs per platoon, though they do get some cool mini-mortar things. Their tactics at the time were still very WW1-ish, which is translated very nicely into the game. The large squads can’t be split up into fireteams, and you will be lucky to have a single radioman on the map. It’s quite fun though, and, combined with the hilly, open terrain, makes a WW1 or Spanish Civil War game seem very feasible, if still unlikely to ever be made.

      It’s really a change of pace from the terrain and tactics of CMBN, plus the new features and performance improvements are great.

  6. jellydonut says:


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