Twine Waits For No Man: The dotBrighton Gamejam

So my failure of imagination has  come to this: taking screenshots of Google street view

There are now more gamejams than there are teeth in my head, but due to a tragic brain defect I am unable to count above the number 32, thus cannot tell you how many gamejams there are. What I can tell you is that it’s basically impossible for us to cover them all, much as we might like to, and as such the dark truth of nepotism has led to this one being given prominence. Said nepotism is because our own fearless interactive interview-creator and lanepusher correspondent, Cara ‘the HoN community’s favourite games journalist’ Ellison, will be hosting a Twine (i.e. interactive fiction creation) tutorial at the dotBrighton Game Jam this very weekend. Seeing as I myself hail from the British seaside town of Brighton, I shall endeavour to turn up too, just so long as I am not dead/tired/dead tired come the day.

Assorted devs will be in attendance, of course, feverishly beavering away on high-speed games of their own devising, and if you’re anything from rank amateur to steely pro, you should join in. You don’t need to have made any sort of game before: “All you need is enthusiasm”, apparently. Well, that rules me out. RULES ME OUT OF LIFE.

As well as Cara’s Twine tutorial, there’ll be sessions including “A beginner’s guide to making 3D games with Unity” and “Small is beautiful – designing, developing and actually finishing short projects.” Those are on the Saturday, but the entire event runs from Fri to Sun.

If you pitch up and want to get involved, you’ll have 48 hours to make your game starting Friday, before everyone sits down to play each other’s efforts come the Sunday. Bring a laptop, paper and pens and some sort of means of independent thought. Details on timing and venue here. And I just bet there’ll be an opportunity to imbibe alcohol at some point too.


  1. zebramatt says:

    Hoy, fellow Brightonian!

  2. The_B says:

    Wait, Alec – how do you know you’ll have 48 hours to make a game if you can’t count past 32? Or do you finish your game at 31 hours and then go into a wild existential crisis? …like most game developers, one imagines.

  3. Porpentine says:

    I highly recommend Twine. Auntie Pixelante just came out with a tutorial for it too at link to, for people who don’t live near Brighton.

  4. Stense says:

    I’d highly recommend Twine too. I had an absolute blast playing around and writing a branching story to promote my book with it. Makes a fun change from writing a linear story.

  5. thebluemonkey81 says:

    Another Brightonian here, if only I could get over my hideous anti-social nature and actually go along to something like this ¬¬