Humble Rumbles Anew: PWYW Torchlight, Vessel, SPAZ

mmm, 2009 vintage spiders

Somehow bearing the numeral ‘6’ after it, despite there having been at least 40,000 Humble Bundles by this point, the latest in the wildly successful series of pay-what-you-want indie grab-bags is go right now. Torchlight is the headliner, which is some funny timin’ what with the sequel being pretty darn close now, and it has sterling support from Rochard, Space Pirates And Zombies (aka SPAZ), Vessel and Shatter. Pay more than the average – which currently sits at around $5 – and you’ll get Dustforce too.

Usual deal – pay whatevs, divide money between devs, charities and the organisers, and except all manner of bonuses to be unveiled as the countdown ticks closer to its closure in 14 days’ time.

Oh, and some of the games come bearing their soundtracks too. I have so many game soundtracks scattered across my PC by this point – I should probably listen to some of them at some point, shouldn’t I?


  1. MattM says:

    That is some quality games, I got SPAZ at release and have played through it 4 times.

    • Calneon says:

      I really loved SPAZ, and there’s so much potential for improvement if they make a sequel. Here’s hoping :D

    • Baines says:

      I had fun with SPAZ, but I didn’t find enough replay value to go through a second time. It started to wear out its welcome in the last couple of chapters of the first playthrough, and there just isn’t much of anything different on a second play (other than the locations where you find the same stuff).

      Fun, and worth the price, but I’m not sure how people can keep playing through it unless they really love the combat.

      • Mattressi says:

        I thought it was worth a second playthrough. The combat varies greatly depending on what weapons you specialise in. I started off with cannons and shields, then played through again with bombs and cloaks (plus some beams) and it was totally different. Plus, the difficulty levels drastically change the game.

        Also, while I’m here, Rochard is a great game too. Now I must go and buy the bundle for the other awesome games in it :D

  2. iucounu says:

    I bought that so hard. Torchlight I’ve had for years, but have always wanted to give SPAZ a try.

  3. AlexClockwork says:

    Really nice bundle, but, as usual, I already own most of the games… >.<

    • Carra says:

      The same, I own all games except one.

      Sadly, only played half of them yet. I need a year off to play through my steam catalogue…

  4. Lewie Procter says:

    I love Shatter.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Weirdly, I have the Shatter soundtrack from two previous music bundles but have no idea what the game even is. I guess I am about to find out – my bundle is downloading. And I guess I own the soundtrack a third time now.

      • Randomer says:

        You say you have the soundtrack from two different bundle sources? I seem to recall it was on one of the Game Music Bundles, or maybe an Indie Royale. Possibly both. Did I miss a bundle somewhere?

        Please tell me there is a different video game OST bundle running around out there somewhere!

    • Bhazor says:

      For me it’s worth $5 for Shatter alone.

      It takes the Breakout mold and does so much clever stuff with it. One of the best chill out games since Space Chem.

      • Tiax says:

        SpaceChem is a chill game ? Are you mental ?

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply in love with this game (I’ve even receveid a signed periodic table from Zach himself yesterday), but the only time I manage to boot it up is when I know for a fact that I have enough energy to spare on a given level.

    • Hammers says:

      Yes! Shatter is brilliant! It’s breakout, but done so so well and is just such a fun game to play. Plus the soundtrack is fantastic. I rock out to that at work on a regular basis.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Do elucidate. It’s not linked above, and this is the only post tagged with it on RPS.

  5. vivlo says:

    Dustforce seems so incredible ! I’m a fucker because i didn’t buy it when it was released, and am getting it now for $6.

    • hypercrisis says:

      dustforce is probably the weakest of the bundle. Rather bland attempt to capture the attention of twitch-platformers.

      • Baines says:

        From the videos I’ve seen, Dustforce looks really pretty, but may be a potentially fun game ruined by the standard “I’m gonna make an extremely difficult game” idea that has existed ever since rom hacking got beyond graphics edits.

        • vivlo says:

          Hm… the tutorial is indeed throwing tons of keys at you…maybe it benefits from an usb controller though.

        • Odrum says:

          I never understood this sentiment- it seems to say “This game was made to be intentionally too difficult,” which doesn’t really seem to be the case. It certainly has a learning curve, but I doubt very much it’s difficult for the sake of being difficult.

      • Hatsworth says:

        Counterpoint: It does it a hell of a lot better than SMB which gets a lot of praise. The soundtrack also induces eargasms.

    • Premium User Badge

      Earl-Grey says:

      In my experience Dustforce also runs like shit on something like, say, a Macbook Air with a Geforce 320M, 4gb ram and a 2,13ghz cpu. -even in Bootcamp.
      But on a Beefy Rig that 2d platformer runs like cream on honey, or feet on bananapeels, whatever.

      But the soundtrack is quite nice. If you’re into that sort of thing.

      • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

        SPAZ also runs like shit on my few year-old Windows PC, but then there’s gems like Rochard and Torchlight, which are 3D and run much better…

        It’s a nail-biter this time, I own exactly half of these games, the other half are the ones where I thought: Eh, I’ll buy these in a bundle.

        • joyohob says:

          well the only thing on SPAZ that causes lag for me is some of the ships’ final explosions or if too many ships explode simultaneously and ships warping in and out. i think the particle effect gets a bit backed up on some processors which freezes it for my computer for like half a second but i dont get any constant lag

      • Premium User Badge

        Earl-Grey says:

        Urgent public service announcement:

        I retract my previous statement that the game runs like shit on modest hardware.
        Hitbox Team appear to have resolved whatever problem it was that caused the low framerate on some hardware.
        Right, carry on.

  6. Rubyace says:

    Great bundle, bought it immediately. Already had Torchlight but now I got it for steam also in addition to drm free version.

  7. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    I bought it because of the soundtracks mostly, again… :)

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Ooh, Rochard. I remember really liking the demo of that, and especially the soundtrack.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I found Rochard to be pretty mediocre. It’s pretty and playing around with gravity works fairly well, but its writing is so terrible it gets distracting and the levels never really get challenging.

      • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

        I had quite a lot of fun with Rochard. It is a pretty straight forward platformer with some physics shenanigans which I was recently most reminded of playing Unmechanical.

        I guess Rochard is a candidate for RPS’ so-called “Mechanical Spoilers”. These are pretty blatant.

  9. eks says:

    Wow! This is probably the best humble bundle yet. I own half of them already but it’s worth it just to get the soundtracks.

    • Ragnar says:

      I feel the opposite. To me this is the weakest bundle yet. I already have Torchlight, and have little interest in the rest. If I buy it, it’ll be for the cross-platform aspect.

    • nasKo says:

      I think the best one was The Humble Bundle V with Bastion, Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor (awesome), Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers: Swords & Sorcery and Braid.

      SPAZ is a great gane but this bundle can’t really be considered the best, yet, imo.

      • Odrum says:

        That was actually one of the few I’d skipped. Of the lot, I already own Psychonaut and Amnesia, and am simply not interested in the rest of the titles.

        This bundle has been, so far, very much my style. Having a blast with Dustforce, especially.

      • Premium User Badge

        zapatapon says:

        I agree, Humble V was the best, with the downside that I already owned everything.

  10. aliksy says:

    Bought it. Already have torchlight and shatter, but I really want to support these bundles anyway.

  11. natosha.bard says:

    Also worth noting (from the Humble Indie Bundle Website):

    “Rochard is also the premiere title to debut the Unity game engine on Linux! Unity powers a number of amazing titles and their presence on Linux can only broaden the horizons for cross-platform gaming everywhere.”

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wonder if any of that is from the efforts of the Wasteland 2 devs, since ISTR something about them maybe helping finish it off.

      • natosha.bard says:

        No — we (the developers at Unity Technologies responsible for this port) haven’t been working on any Linux development with the Wasteland 2 developers, but we look forward to starting to work with them in the future if they need any help :-)

  12. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    It is the most minor of complaints and I really like Humble bundles and have bought several but I wish I got the email notification before I found out about it on RPS. Based on past experience the notification should arrive some time tomorrow.

    You’re just too damn good at the this journalism lark RPS!

    • vivlo says:

      you might wanna follow their tweeter then ? i guess e mailing services do take some time to deliver masses of e mails

  13. lordcooper says:

    This is certainly an intriguing business model, but I can’t see it catching on.

    • LionsPhil says:

      …given all the me-too bundles, hasn’t it already caught on?

      It might not endure, but you can say that of anything.

    • aliksy says:

      Not sure if serious.
      Didn’t they raise several million dollars with one of the last bundles?

    • otaku4225 says:

      They already made millions of dollars in a very short time.

    • MondSemmel says:

      You win one Internet for getting _three_ people to not only not get it, but to broadcast that fact, too.

  14. InternetBatman says:

    This bundle doesn’t really have enough to draw me. Vessel looks really cool, but I’m not interested in Dustforce or Shatter, and I already have SPAZ and Torchlight. SPAZ is a pretty good game if anyone is on the fence.

  15. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Aw man. I already own all of these.

  16. pakoito says:

    For me SPAZ is the selling point. The rest is just *meh*

  17. KDR_11k says:

    I already have most of those, the current Indie Royale bundle is pretty nice and more obscure stuff (outside of Swords & Soldiers but the DLC hasn’t been part of any bundle before) so you’ll likely get some games you don’t already have.

  18. airtekh says:

    Some pretty decent games here.

    Vessel is one of my personal games of the year. A fantastic little puzzle platformer.

  19. SkittleDiddler says:

    These bundles are becoming a bit redundant. Come on developers, start pumping out some fresh indie games!

    • Dominic White says:

      There are tons of fresh indie games. They tend to appear in other bundles, like Indie Royale, and nobody buys them, because PC gamers seem to have this paradoxical issue where they want niche indie games that they’ve heard of and which have good reviews on Metacritic.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        That sounds like either a lack of reviewers or a failure of Metacritic.

      • Hatsworth says:

        Speaking of which, Indie Royale currently has Sequence, definitely one of the most overlooked\underappreaciated games of last year. It’s great in most respects, and far more original than most games, though it does have a fairly heavy TWEWY vibe. It seems weirdly absent on RPS given the constant barrage of puns it showers you with.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Well, that none of that changes my complaint. Although I do have to point out that I’ve purchased plenty of bundles that have included some truly shitty indie games. We can’t exactly blame the bundles for repeatedly featuring the better ones.

      • Gabe McGrath says:

        “PC gamers seem to have this paradoxical issue where they want niche indie games
        that they’ve heard of…”

        Thanks for my new Tshirt design… :-)

        “Gimme more
        niche indie games
        I’ve heard of!”

      • Urthman says:

        I just want good games. I don’t care if they’re made by a high-school kid in study hall or Ubisoft.

  20. Drafman says:

    The Humble Bundle, always right in time when I have no money. Can somebody please gift me this game?

    • KDR_11k says:

      You realize you can just pay one dollar?

    • Suits says:

      If you really mean broke as in ‘less than a dollar to spare’ quite frankly you shouldnt be looking at games, but getting a cash flow.

      • Milky1985 says:

        Yes because spending all of your time not sleeping looking for additional cashflow isn’t soul destroying and a cause of mental issues at all is it. I mean damn people taking time to relax.

        Sorry about all the sarcasm meters I just broke

  21. Baines says:

    Torchlight being the headliner makes sense, considering they’ve been giving it away free as a pre-order bonus for Torchlight II for months. It’s run its course on that, as anyone who didn’t have Torchlight who was fencesitting on the sequel has already taken that deal. So now they toss it out effectively for free, in the hopes that bundle buyers will like it enough to buy Torchlight II.

    • Bhazor says:

      Honestly I thought Torchlight had already been in a bundle. So seeing it as the headliner was a surprise to me.

    • Ragnar says:

      I’d argue that having Torchlight as the headliner doesn’t make sense.

      I bought Torchlight for $5 three years ago. By now, I expect them to be handing out free copies on the streets. The only excuse for not owning it by now is if you’ve spent the last three years on Mars, in a cave, with your eyes shut, and fingers in your ears.

      • pepperfez says:

        I am a spindly green man, it seems.

      • FakeAssName says:

        Linux release; would be nice if it (the linux port) had gotten more fanfare prior to this but it’s hard to get more publicity than being tucked inside a HIB.

        not that TL or TL2 (release date in 2 days, this bundle launching now was no accident) needs any extra hype or publicity after half the known universe bought D3 and then promptly registered on Runic’s forum to bitch about how bad it was and beg for TL2 to launch sooner rather than later.

      • Baines says:

        “Headliner” is a bit weird for bundles that use a “beat this price to get more stuff” formula, like Humble Bundle, anyway.

        I’d say the headliner in these cases is more just to get the bundle attention. If it is a prominent name, then it can get the bundle taken a bit more seriously. (Humble Bundle, I think, is probably seen as the most “serious” bundle business. Compare it to Bundle-In-a-Box or Indie Gala, which can offer a bunch of titles, but often has nothing approaching “headliner” status.)

        But I think it is the bonuses that really push people to spend on bundle deals (other than people who are spending just to donate). Dustforce isn’t a headliner, but it, not Torchlight, is what the bundle is relying on to get cheap donators to go above $5.

        • FakeAssName says:

          well they probably also don’t want to come off as manipulative; offering TL as the bonus title would clearly feel like they were baiting to get people to pay more.

          the way it is makes it feel like TL and SPAZ are the main reasons to get the bundle, Dust is defiantly lower ranking than those two titles but still intriguing enough to perk people into topping the average.

          I went to go look at Bundle in a Box just a sec ago and they are very clearly keeping the good stuff on the other side of the average line, something that irritated me enough to not try scraping around the couch cushions to pick it up.

          IMO what sets the HIB apart from other Indie Bundles is the part that others forgot about, or simply chose to ignore ignore; the “Humble” part.

    • FakeAssName says:

      it’s been out on windows + Mac + XBLA for years now, however one of the major requirements for these things is that developers must have Linux ports … read between the lines and take another guess why Torchlight is mainlining.

      honestly, I’m pretty sure that 90% of the purpose behind starting up the Humbe Bundle was that Wolfire wanted to support Linux development … cross platform additions of Windows and Mac are just extras. the fact that they have had humble Android bundles but not humble iPhone bundles or Windows phone bundles reenforces that (to me at least).

      … seems to be working, Linux development has been on the rise since then with several notable developers going out of the way to drum up Linux versions specifically to get their games into the HIB program.

      • DeathCarrot says:

        I presume there haven’t been any iOS or Windows Phone bundles because they don’t allow sideloading.

  22. Bhazor says:

    I don’t know when they changed it but having all the bundles I bought on one page is definitely an improvement. Before I had to rummage through the emails for the code and search each bundle for that one game I wanted.

    Still needs work though, in paticular having to go to an individual bundles page to get a Steam key seems like weird busy work and theres no mention of which bundle each game is tied to so again I have to search each one.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      That’s been added as part of the Android app functionality. Makes it a billion times easier to download the files to your Android device using their app & they extended the account functionality to all purchases made through their site (which for me also includes FTL as it uses Humble Bundle to process payments even though it’s not been in a bundle as yet which is cool).

  23. Barts says:

    Not sure if this is a good time or place to say that there is also another Bundle In A Box available… and these guys started before, it’s just bad moment that they happened to choose. If you already have these games, throw a penny to Bundle In A Box, there are some nice games there as well and it’s also pay-what-you-want.

    Just sayin’

    • Ragnar says:

      That bundle has Dark Scavenger, which interests me more than anything in this Humble Bundle.

      • Baines says:

        Dark Scavenger is also in GamersGate’s IndieFort “build your own bundle” deal. I’ve been holding off on GamersGate to see what titles might show up in other bundles, but it looks like all the bundles that are going to be revealed in that time period have likely already been revealed.

  24. Metalhead9806 says:

    I own half the bundle. Was planning on buying Rochard, Vessel and Shatter. Games total for $35 bucks so i paid for the three to help out the childs play charity.

  25. njursten says:

    Bought it only to get SPAZ on steam, as I only had it on Impulse. Vessel is also a great game, but I already had it. I’ve tried the Rochard demo, and found it rather uninteresting.

    • Insidious Rex says:

      I bought SPAZ on impulse way back when and got given a steam key when it was released on steam.

  26. Suits says:

    Not as good as ‘HIB V’, but I do like to buy me some SPAZ.

  27. chargen says:

    Worth it just for the Dustforce soundtrack.

  28. trjp says:

    Bit of a disappointing line-up but it will still sell buckets…

    Rochard is lovely – SPAZ is OK – Shatter is awesome – Torchlight is – erm – Torchlight…

    I thought Vessel was actually a bit crap tho – the demo seemed to actively want me to stop playing it – so I did.

  29. Jupiah says:

    I already owned every game except for Dustforce… oh well, getting Dustforce for about 55% off is still a good deal and I can give the code for all the other games to my buddy.

    I still really wish they’d give you separate codes for all the games like Indie Gala does so it’d be easier to gift them. I know I’m just being greedy though, it’s already an amazing deal on some fantastic games.

  30. Frank says:

    First humbundle I’m skipping, as I have torchlight and have never been crazy about physics-based games (which all of the others are, right?). If they add a couple more good ones, I may give it as a gift, though

    • DeathCarrot says:

      SPAZ is top-down space exploration and combat (IMO best game in the bundle), Shatter is a modern Breakout/Arkanoid type of thing.

  31. Caiman says:

    Most annoying trailer voice-over EVER. Almost put me off clicking the purchase button.

  32. zebramatt says:

    I rarely buy Humble Indie Bundles because I so often buy indie games – I own every single one of these, for example.

    But this bundle right here would definitely be my absolute top bargain bundle… if it were not for the fact that the previous one was even more Oh-Em-Jee-Hamazing.

    That is all.

  33. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Got it. As usual, I didn’t own most of these. Got it for Torchlight, SPAZ and Dustforce.