Let Us Pray For Cardinal Quest 2

That said, I still haven't beaten the first one. Because I'm RUBBISH

Pocketsized, appropriately brutal pseudo-retro roguelike Cardinal Quest merrily destroyed big fat gobbets of my time recently, though I’ll confess this was on my phone rather than my PC, via a recent Android bundle. It was a fine excuse to not leave the sofa for up to three hours at a time, several times a day. I hold Cardinal Quest developer Ido Yehieli solely responsible for any spots that might have appeared on my bottom as a result of this.

Hold that image.

Keep holding it.

Alright, you can stop now. Let’s talk about Cardinal Quest 2.

The expanded sequel, which has more fine-control over inventories/characters and a far more sprawling, procedurally generated world to wander around smacking monsters in the face and stealing their stuff, is crowdsourcing itself via IndieGoGo (“because I’m broke”), and in order to establish whether it’s Your Sort Of Thing or not, you can avail yourself of its free demo. A svelte 30 meg, it’s available for PC, supercilious PC and the other type of supercilious PC.

There’s been a change of dev, a little confusingly. Ruari O’Sullivan, aka Randomnine, who formerly worked at Frontier Developments before going indie to make Fear Is Vigilance and Beacon, and most pertinently helped out on CQ1 with bugfixes, updates and design improvements, now takes the reigns for the sequel. He’s after an impressively moderate $19.5k to make it happen.

I know we like to stand a little bit aloof from crowdsourcing endorsements on RPS – otherwise the floodgates open AND CAN NEVER BE SHUT – but I dug the hell out of CQ1 so am entirely happy to salute proudly in the direction of this sequel. And if you don’t fancy funding it, here’s some good news: if you purchased CQ1 before last December, you’ll get CQ2 for no-pennies once it’s finished.

Details on that and all sorts of other things here, here’s CQ2’s other community-pleading effort, its Greenlight page, and here’s a trailer for you.

I will play the blue blazin’ crikey out of the preview code Randomnine’s kindly sent me, I can assure you. But first, it’s time to give myself to FTL. I may be some time.


  1. aliksy says:

    I … can’t remember if I own cardinal quest or not. Too many bundles :(

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I just remembered I have the exact same problem. Although it went “Oh, never heard of that game” then came back today “oh wait I’ve got it?”

      Not quite a FWP as the game was like $3 with 5 others on the Humble Bundle, and I was not buying the bundle for this one. $3 is rather cheap IMO. There may of even been a free demo/release at some point.

  2. Warduke says:

    It flashed by pretty quickly but it looked like one of the added classes was Polygamist ..

  3. sinister agent says:

    I finished this within an hour or two, on my third or fourth go, I think. Contrary to what the game says, the Thief/Rogue or whatever it was is the easiest class to play, I found. Invisibility plus backstab makes you basically impossible to fight, and if you get one or two good spells, you really can’t lose.

    Still quite fun though. I normally hate dungeon crawler type games, but I enjoyed Cardinal Quest. Still, I doubt I’ll ever play it again.

  4. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m not really sure can be done about it (or if any is needed in the first place), but seeing a sentence mentioning a related Greenlight entry on 75% of all indie game articles feels like a repeat of the problem that made Kickstarter Katchup a regular thing… but obviously slightly different given that most of these article actually deal with the game-content, rather than just being about it appearing on Kickstarter/Greenlight.

  5. NathanH says:

    I thought Cardinal Quest was a pointless game with no substance whatsoever. I’m glad I spent no more than zero pennies upon it.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      There’s nothing wrong with it (I can think of plenty of objectionable games worthy of hate), but there’s also nothing particularly right with it either. It’s a stripped-down roguelike…and that’s about it. Dull, but unobjectionable.

      Though from a technical/design point of view, it’s a good demonstration of how to make a fairly smooth-looking 2D game with no “real” animations (just simple movements of a static sprite).

  6. BurningPet says:

    Wait, i dont get it, does ido still work on it in the background, or did he leave it completely?

    • magikmw says:

      As far as I know Ido doesn’t work on CQ2. He does help with testing and ideas, and obviously owns the IP.

    • tametick says:

      I’m there as an advisory role only, my partner Ruari that also worked with me on CQ1 is leading the development on CQ2 (as said in the video).

  7. Randomer says:

    CQ1 has an amazing soundtrack. It was definitely the best soundtrack on the Game Music Bundle 3.

    To the CQ devs: More Whitaker Blackall, please!

    • randomnine says:

      Yep! Whitaker Blackall’s already tentatively agreed to work on the CQ2 soundtrack, so here’s hoping the campaign succeeds :)