Puzzling Pythons: Snayke

It’s snake season, which either means the scaly cylindrical rotters are in the ascendancy, or it’s an acceptable time for the Elmer Fudds of the world to kill as many of the hapless squamates as possible. Or perhaps it means that I’ve recently spotted two games that evolve the eventual auto-cannibalism of Snake. First was Qrth-Phyl, which uses the elongating self as a means to explore memory and music. It’s a beautiful thing, a times making me feel like a DJ, scratching the universe. Yesterday Alexander Szpakowski told me about his take on Snake, Snayke, an arcade puzzler in which teleportation confuses matters, and different consumables alter the movement of the snake or the qualities of the level. Trailer below.

The lovely Satie-like music was composed by Anton Riehl, who has also worked on music for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overgrowth, and Receiver. Alexander had a minor role in the development of MariO.

Snayke will be on Desura for $4.99 from September 28th, available on Windows, Mac and Linux. There will be a demo before release and there’s a Greenlight page as well.


  1. x1501 says:

    I’m guessing the lack of comments means that everyone is still asleep after watching the trailer.

  2. Buzko says:

    I’m just popping in to thank Adam for introducing me to the word “squamates”.


  3. Clavus says:

    I’ve been following its development in the programming thread on the Garry’s Mod (Facepunch) forums. It’s nice to see it getting some attention. Hope the Greenlight will be successful so it can get on Steam.

  4. G_Man_007 says:

    Snayke? SNAYKE!! *ahem*

  5. JBantha says:

    Snake multiplayer with teleportation, more maps, incredible aesthetics and good soundtrack? Amen.

  6. vivlo says:

    So while the youtube video was loading, i was playing the snake game of the youtube loading icon. So meta !

  7. Jasoco says:

    I’ve been following this game on the Löve2d forums since it was introduced. It’s nice to see more Löve games getting exposure since Mari0.

  8. spectone says:

    Snake games are an abandoned genre that really needs to be re-explored.

  9. sinnesbieger says:

    Snaykes …. why did it have to be snaykes?