Wretched “Date A Gamer” Site Sinks Even Lower

Despite having been exposed as a complete farce, the idiocy of Date A Gamer/Shag A Gamer continues. These so-called dating sites, which rely on bought-in profiles and enormous quantities of spam, are once again trolling to suggest they’re there to help gamers get laid. One third of gamers, they claim, are virgins. As if that’s a bad thing. As if it’s a disease they need to cure. They are arseholes. And as such they’ve created a series of videos explaining to gamers how to get dates/laid.

I’m not linking to their sites, mostly because I can’t be bothered with the “you’re just giving them the attention they want” complaints, when what I actually want to do is highlight that these people are shits, and that being a gamer who has not had sex is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing. Antithesis to their kindergarten-drop-out thesis.

There are five tawdry videos released to promote the site, in which two women in revealing t-shirts awkwardly read out an astonishingly sexist script.

“Even though we’re not the brains behind the computer games,” says one hired model, referring to all of womankind, “if it wasn’t for our kind of nature, you boys would be nowhere.” Proof of this remarkable claim is demonstrated because a footballer mentioned his mum once. No, really. She continues,

“Some men think us women are high maintenance. They obviously haven’t played Diablo 3.”

Er, what?

Their “please don’t kill my family” delivery goes on to give some of the most banal advice imaginable (“Leave the Hawaiian shirt at home.”), intercut with shots of the women’s breasts, and smacking their own bottoms. The third video promises to instruct “How to impress a Girl into Bed after the first date” (sic). “Don’t be afraid to connect with them hot girls, and don’t have no preconceptions,” we’re advised. The assurance of all irony being left outside comes when one model says, “Don’t let them eyes go wandering,” as the camera instantly cuts to a long-holding close-up of her breasts. And then, well, it doesn’t give a single piece of information about how to get a girl to sleep with you on the first date. Likely because everyone involved in its production wouldn’t have the faintest clue.

All the way through it sounds a bit like a dad trying to use the hip, groovy terms of the young people, with misplaced attempts to script “fragged” and “beat-em-ups” appearing throughout. “Overload my buffer,” we’re told. The result is an overwhelmingly sad affair, disinterested women saying badly written nonsense, while the camera leers over their legs and tits.

It bears repeating that both their sites are farcical, as brilliantly exposed by PCGN’s Steve Hogarty. The site really has nothing to do with gaming nor gamers, but instead bought-in profiles from White Label Dating, and a great deal of spam. You discover this after you’ve signed up for a £20/m account, which Hogarty discovered can only be cancelled by calling a phone number, at which point they might even force you into an extended stay followed by another humiliating phone call to make later.

Which is all to say, while a dating site for gamers would absolutely be no bad thing, this isn’t one, and looks to me like a pretty bad thing. And the ridiculous notion that being a virgin is automatically an issue is a ghastly attitude that causes nothing but shame and harm. It’s obviously perfectly normal, and nothing to be ashamed of.

I’ve embedded by far the most verbally offensive, and the least visually naughty video below. It’s not really safe for work. It beggars belief.

In short, stay far away from both Date A Gamer and Shag A Gamer. They aren’t dating sites for gamers at all.


  1. MythArcana says:

    Real geeks don’t get laid, but they always get the highest scores.

    EDIT: Instead of wasting your time with this garbage, go download the Torchlight 2 soundtrack for free!

    link to torchlight2game.com

  2. Yosharian says:

    E-dating is pretty much a joke anyway.

    • QualityJeverage says:

      Met my girlfriend through a dating site, though it wasn’t one of those absurdly expensive paid ones.

      Still, my opinion of online dating has certainly shot up as a result.

      EDIT: Yay for an avalanche of people like us disagreeing with him!

      • Bhazor says:

        To be fair a friend of mine met up with someone from a reputable site who tried to slip her a roofie. Even the best dating sites have their share of c*nts. Its just that date a gamer is run by them.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          You’ve got to be as careful as you would be with any person you meet any other way and always remember that the person you think they are due to how they come across in emails is a persona, nothing else.

          Get to know them at your own pace, meet in a public place and have friends nearby.

          Reputable sites have plenty of advise and safety tips.

          • Bhazor says:

            Oh she did. Thats why I said “tried”.

            Basically she met him at a gastro pub and me and a couple friends sat a few tables behind. I saw him put something into her wine and we walked over and forced him to drink it. At which point the bouncer walked him off and 15 minutes later a very serious looking man marched him out and into a unmarked police car.

            The same thing can happen meeting someone anywhere. But I would argue its much easier to mislead people online than face to face.

          • Yosharian says:

            I’ve never met any real weirdos, but then I’m a guy, so I guess it’s not as bad. It’s a bit of a minefield for women. Still, this particular case seems a little extreme.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @Bhazor – Oh, that was horrible! Thank god you didn’t have an idiot policeman, many I know would have arrested you for forcing him to drink it!

          • susanna1415 says:

            I always wonder what goes through the minds of the models who appear in stuff like this. Do they just bank the cheque and pretend it never happened?


        • QualityJeverage says:

          Of course no site is completely safe from horrible people, but it’s not like that hasn’t been a problem in real-life dating too. As with everything you’ve got to be safe and smart, but this guy’s knee-jerk derision for all online dating is just outdated at this point.

          EDIT: Incidentally, +1 for being smart and saving your friend :) Nice to have a happy ending to the story.

    • kafiend says:

      My wife and I disagree.

    • rawrty says:

      Two of my good friends are now happily married as a result of dating websites. I think the reputable dating sites are really a great way to meet people with similar interests.

    • s0nicfreak says:

      I met my husband on a dating site (pletnyoffish) and we are both gamers.

    • DickSocrates says:

      You need to update your material. Most people take it seriously these days and the only people who ever derided it were ****s.

    • Ajh says:

      My mother (anime fan) and my stepfather (star trek fan) found each other on yahoo personals.

      Sites like date a gamer are incredibly silly though.

      • Ultra Superior says:

        I imagine you love to play STALKER games as a result.

    • theoriginaled says:

      Only if you treat it as such. Otherwise its as good a place to meet people with similar interests as anywhere else.

      • The Random One says:

        I’d prefer to stay in sites with a higher standard of comments and commenters.


    • Sheng-ji says:

      Unblocked you, purely to join in the chorus of people disagreeing with you, met my husband through a reputable dating site.

    • Yosharian says:

      Anecdotal evidence is awesome! Everyone ‘knows’ someone who met their wife on a dating site. I myself have met a few amazing people on them. It doesn’t make an ounce of difference.

      • Ultra Superior says:

        Pretty much a joke that brings people together, yes ?

      • mondomau says:

        So, you could have reacted to that by admitting you might be wrong, maybe even apologised to those you indirectly insulted. Or you could just dismiss everyone else’s experience because it doesn’t agree with your opinion and act like an arsehole.


      • Yosharian says:

        First of all, the amount of butthurt comments here says more than I ever could. Secondly, I’m not denying that they work for some people.

        Also, the idea that I insulted anyone is really stupid.

        • Vagrant Zero says:

          I bet your butt does indeed hurt every time you shove your head into it.

        • QualityJeverage says:

          I don’t see any butthurt, just overwhelming disagreement and one person acting like a shit.

          It certainly is anecdotal evidence. Do you have any evidence for your position, anecdotal or otherwise?

          • Yosharian says:

            Not that I really wanted to get into this in detail, which kind of begs the question why I posted in the first place, but oh well; it’s a joke mainly because it makes dating even harder. It makes it harder for guys to make an impact on potential partners because the competition is increased hundredfold, and it’s a nightmare for girls who have to sieve through hundreds of messages every day, most of which are complete rubbish.

            Some other reasons:

            Image is too powerful in E-dating. If you have a good pic, you’re pretty much set, regardless of your gender. If you don’t, you can forget it, because the majority look at the pic first and dismiss profiles with bad ones. Dating has always been dominated by looks, obviously, but E-dating makes it a whole lot worse.

            The nature of E-dating encourages dishonesty. Guys have to send out lots of messages to stand a chance of getting any responses, which leads to copy & paste jobs. You can, and pretty much have to, lie about any number of things in order to increase your chances. Unless you’re Brad Pitt or whatever. Furthermore, and I know you girls aren’t going to like this, but tough; there are lot of girls out there who use E-dating sites just for ego-boosting and nothing else.

            E-dating bypasses the most important aspect of dating, which is the physical act of getting to know a person. (not talking about sex) People, especially guys, who are bad at dating, are not going to get better by taking the E-dating route. You have to get out there and actually try to meet girls/guys for real, to get better at it. Oh and it also helps to do some research into why you’re not good at it.

            Most E-dating sites are really awful at matching people, and the things which people themselves think are important in matching, generally aren’t. And of course, the most important aspect of dating, which is chemistry, doesn’t even get a look-in until you actually meet the person.

            Of course there are positive aspects, but for me the negatives outweigh the positives.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Could I just clarify something… The reason, when I was using those sites, that I would go for someone with a decent photograph was because it demonstrated, clearly that they had put some effort into their profile. Holding your phone up in a toilet mirror/trying to frame a shot at arms length and taking a stupidly high ISO low pixel count shot does not count as a reasonable effort.

            A nice, well composed, clear bright shot got my attention every time.

            THIS WAS NOT RELATED TO HOW PHYSICALLY GOOD LOOKING THE GUY WAS. Not everyone is that shallow.

            Also, a cut and paste job with a message is so easy to spot, it’s laughable. Anyone who had clearly messaged me because they had chosen me individually got my attention. Generic spam got ignored.

            Finally, I got lied to a lot by men. Guess what, when I met them and their lie was obvious (you should have seen the twig arms on the “arbourist” I met. When I asked him whether he prefered Husvana or Stihl chainsaws and he had never heard of either I politely asked him why he lied. He came up with some claptrap about having to lie to be successful on these sites and I pointed out that I liked him, wanted to meet him but because he had lied about his career, I was no longer interested. Oh and please spare me the accusation that I only met him because I thought he was some swarthy lumberjack type, I wanted to meet him despite thinking he was, I worked at the time with arbourists and it was a big turn off to be honest)

          • aleander says:

            Actually, everyone and their dog have a good photo on a dating site. At least for a dude, and in my anecdotal experience, good writing and being active attracts way more attention. In fact, photos that are *really* great mostly attract the comment of the “ooh, now in the photographer I would be interested” kind. I mean, sure, there are people out there who care about the photo to the extent bigger than a chance of weeding out the bare-chests and gun-wielders, but at least I couldn’t give less of a about them.

          • Leosaurus says:

            Yosharian, it just sounds like to me your profile didn’t get a lot of attention so you want to blame the system for it when it’s not the fault of “e-dating”. I had to rework my profile four different times before I started getting a lot of traffic.

          • Yosharian says:

            Not that it’s really relevant to the points I raised, but I know that, and my profiles on various sites went through a hell of a lot more more than 4 iterations.

        • FataMorganaPseudonym says:

          Maybe I’m missing something here, but the only butthurt I’m seeing in this thread is coming from you.

      • Love Albatross says:

        Indeed, all this anecdotal evidence does look rather silly in the face of your well-reasoned argument.

      • Anabasis says:

        I’m eagerly awaiting your statistical analysis of why online dating is a joke, Professor Internet.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      I don my robe and wizard hat.

      • dontnormally says:

        …and immediately win this thread.

      • Wang Tang says:

        I just logged in to say “I concur with dontnormally”.
        I concur with dontnormally.

    • sinister agent says:

      As with anything, most sites are shite. But if you find an alright one, you can meet some really fun and lovely people, as long as you consider them just another way to get to know people outside your established circles, rather than being a way to get a boy/girlfriend. I’ve made a couple of really good friends that way, and had an occasional fling, too. Others have met people and got on so well they ended up a couple.

      They’re not so different from the rest of the internet, really. Find a good place, keep your relaxed head on, and you’ll be fine.

      • mispelledyouth says:

        Reasoned, articulate and level headed opinions aren’t going to make you many friends on the internet.

        • sinister agent says:

          Quite the contrary. They’ll quickly sift out the many people who you wouldn’t like very much anyway.

          People forget, I think, that we only really talk meaningfully to a small minority of the strangers we meet. Of those, a tiny minority still are people with whom you’ll stay in contact with for long. Of those, yet another minority of people will become close friends or lovers. On the internet though (and particularly on dating sites), some people seem to think that if fewer than 100% of people online take an interest in them, there must be some terrible flaw in the very concept, rather than that just being a natural result of the fact that people are different.

          Hence, take it at all seriously and you’ll end up frustrated and possibly bitter (there are legions of bitter, bitter men in particular on most sites. It’s bizarre. Worse still, they’re seldom funny with it). Relax though, and you’ll meet people you like in time.

    • Josh Wanamaker says:

      Yeah I’m going to need to throw in experience here.

      I would say that the vast majority of e-dating sites are scams and just complete garbage. E-harmony, Match.com, they’re all useless, and will charge you to be useless.

      The only site I ever recommend to anyone is OkCupid, as it doesn’t charge anything for their most useful services and they pay an incredible amount of attention to their user metrics. Look at their blogs, they’re fascinating stuff. I’ve met four wonderful women on OKcupid in the last 3 years and had a lot of fun with them, and remain friends with them to this day.

      I met my current girlfriend on 4chan of all places. We’ve been together for a year and a half and she’s kind of amazing. There’s a ton of great people on the intertubes if you just be open and honest and know how to approach them without being creepy.

    • Leosaurus says:

      Met my wife on OkCupid after a couple bad blind dates. We’ve been happily married for over two years and have a son together. Tell me again how e-dating is bullshit?

      • melons says:

        A friend of mine met a girl through a dating site. It turned out to be a fairly elaborate scam to rob that guy.
        I got involved by pure luck, and I ended up getting stabbed in the back in an alleyway by a disturbingly hirsute dude…. in Azerbaijan of all places. Cheeky bastard even told me to keep the knife, twisted it, and just left it hanging on my back. Local police had a good laugh when I told them the story. To be honest so did I.

        I still can’t decide whether e-dating is a joke or not. At the very least, it’s the most reliable way to reach organ mafia. That’s one way to meet people I suppose.

    • Aaeron says:

      The problem with having a dating website for gamers is that 90% of gamers are male.
      Oh. I had an idea: link to gaygamers.com

    • cassus says:

      I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from dating sites (I’m a guy, though). I have, however, had nothing but horrible experiences from what you’d call the normal way of “picking up ladies.” Pubs and clubs are great if you’re ridiculously good looking/have some way of faking confidence/just too dumb to understand you’re ugly and boring.
      Certain girls gravitate towards douchebags, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re faking it or not. These girls are, for the most part, morons, and that’s what you’re scoring most of the time on the town.

      I’ll never understand how getting hammered, banging someone you’ll probably never see again and then brag about it to your buddies is somehow better than getting to know someone on the interwebs. Most nerds and gamers out there have a hard time finding girls in clubs who share any interest you might have in gaming. Gamer girls are usually not that into the night life. I know that’s a stereotype.. But it’s a stereotype for a reason. Girls (and boys) who are hella deep into gaming are usually deep into gaming because that’s what they choose to spend their time doing. I’m 34, haven’t been to a club for something like 12 years, and I don’t miss it AT ALL. I know girls who are in the same boat, and they are the kind of girls gamers would kill to hang around with. None of those go clubbing, ever.

      Guess what I’m saying is.. If you’re looking for a partner that would even bother listening to you drone on about whatever game you’re playing, or even more crazy, enter the conversation with his/her own views on the subject, you’re gonna have to find that person on the interwebs.

  3. Yargh says:

    it’s been too long, is that female on the picture up top supposed to be attractive? Is orange skin and massive amounts of makeup what’s in these days?

    • ScubaMonster says:

      You know you’d hit it anyway.

      • caddyB says:

        Well yeah, but “would hit it” isn’t ever a good measurement of a beautiful woman, camel, or a cat.

        or a goat.

      • DeaviL says:

        With a car perhaps

        • Tatourmi says:

          Meh, probably not, I mean, I’d still hit a garbage truck so…

      • Gap Gen says:

        She, not it, and don’t hit people, it hurts and it’s not nice.

    • sassy says:

      She is kinda cute but yeah, with all that crap on she looks terrible and she really needs to spend less time on a tanning bed.

    • DogKiller says:

      I always wonder what goes through the minds of the models who appear in stuff like this. Do they just bank the cheque and pretend it never happened?

      • caddyB says:

        Sometimes you need the cash. And it’s a job like any other, you rent your body and assets ( heh ) for a while to pay for whatever you need money for.

        • DogKiller says:

          I guess university bills add up. Edit: I wish I was smart enough to make clever puns and play with all the cool kids below.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          There are many, many more respectable ways to get cash than appearing in advertisements that are degrading to your entire gender and, indeed, society as a whole. Like cooking meth. Or prostitution. Either of these would be a decent alternative.

    • wodin says:

      Thats the look girls strive for in the UK sad to say..not a big fan of make up..95% of women I’ve met look better without it…

      Also not keen on tans or fake tan..these girls are so worried about what they look like yet go on sun beds which will leave them looking ten years older when they hit 30..

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        I knew she was British just from glancing at the header pic. That look is something American women just don’t aspire to these days.

      • Sic says:

        What you call “no make-up” is probably some make-up.

        Not many women look better completely without make-up.

        It’s not exclusive to women either. Proper make-up doesn’t look like make-up, and it looks ridiculously good.

        • Ragnar says:

          That’s right. Makeup done right looks natural, like the woman isn’t wearing makeup at all. It turns the way she always looks into into the best version of her, rather than trying to change the way she looks.

          The only time makeup should be obvious is when it’s part of a costume.

  4. Metalfish says:

    ‘Publicity’ and ‘oxygen’ come to mind.

    • John Walker says:

      “Read” and “the post” pop into my head.

      • Duffin says:

        FINISH HIM

      • Durkonkell says:

        Kill him, Terrell! Quickly!

        • MrThingy says:

          Khan, you bloodsucker. You’re going to have to do your own dirty work now! Do you hear me? DO YOU??!?!?!

      • Metalfish says:

        I did (I also wondered if my comment was too moany internet person, which I guess it was). Slightly more eloquently put: these sort of things crop up regularly and the only places the vast majority of their supposed target audience see them is the specialist gaming press. Indefensible and cynical though they are, I’d worry that the intended good of writing about them (protecting people from them) is probably outweighed by the negative of exposing them to a vastly larger audience. This is likely more true of the other sites I’ve seen this on, since they tend to be a little more interested in clicks over analysis.

        Anyway, I think I should say: sorry for my rubbish initial contribution (not an excuse but planetside finished downloading and for some reason my brain decided a short pointless post was somehow better than not posting at all in response).

        • Durkonkell says:

          Permit me to retract my “Kill him, Terrell!”.

          I’d comment on the article, but my only response is a somewhat depressed lack of surprise. Perhaps also some mild teeth-grinding at the level of hyper-foolery on display.

        • Bhazor says:

          I had no idea this website existed. Now I do.

          • onsamyj says:

            And?.. You gonna give them money?!

          • The Random One says:

            And because you know it now, if they ever advertise it in a way that makes it look like a good thing, you will remember this and not be suckered into spending twenty britbucks.

            Knowing is half the battle!

          • DellyWelly says:

            Elementary G.I Watkins!

        • Sheng-ji says:

          I think calling conmen out publicly is much preferable to ignoring them and hoping they will go away – or hoping they don’t con someone we know.

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Yeah, while I agree this article is going to get them publicity, I think it’d be different if it was just a sleezy site. But since it’s actually a scam it is important to inform.

  5. Xardas Kane says:

    It’s moments like these that make me feel ashamed for calling myself a gamer. I honestly do feel ashamed to be associated with this… thing.

    • fiddlesticks says:

      The video did make me feel ashamed. Not as a gamer, but as a human being.

    • felisc says:

      no no no no. fuck them, they don’t deserve any association with the word “gamer”.

      • Xardas Kane says:

        It isn’t whether they deserve that or not. It’s the thought that someone might be mislead to think that this IS a gaming site and this IS how gamers are. Which is ludicrous.

        • TechnicalBen says:

          I doubt such people who jump to those conclusions and believe everything they see on “TeeVee” should be considered humans either… or intelligent.

        • D3xter says:

          What is such a “gamer” and how does one join?
          I assume columbian drug barons and brazilian prostitution ringleaders need not apply even though they might like games, since you don’t want to identify yourself with them for liking the same things?

  6. CaLe says:

    I’m more interested in methods pertaining to the endeavour of maintaining one’s chastity in the narcissistic society I have found myself in. Quite!

  7. CalleX says:

    Get rid of John Walker, he really brings the mood down on this page.

    • faillord_adam says:

      Get rid of CalleX, he brings down the mood on this article.

    • mondomau says:

      Not as much as your mum does.

    • alundra says:

      Nah, Mr. Walker is cool, he really shines when he writes about stuff like this:

      link to cinemablend.com

      but then every attempt he makes at cover stuff like in this RPS article, stuff he obviously has issues with, well, it’s a flop.

      Which makes you think anyway, when cinemablend is covering actual gaming news, RPS covers bullshit like this, well….. maybe you are right after all, but I don’t agree that Mr. Walker needs to go, if anything he needs cuddling.

    • sinister agent says:

      Bought some shares in a certain online venture recently?

  8. mispelledyouth says:

    Amazing chest ahead

  9. roz says:

    Look at the way she holds that xbox controller, it sickens me.

  10. The Least Fun Human Being On Earth says:

    If any site is deserving of a DDoS attack, DaG is the one.

    How utterly fucking repugnant.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Internet lynch mobs! Where do I sign up? I have kerosine!

    • Tatourmi says:

      Meh, there is worse. Like the websites that create these excruciating sound-playing ads that you cannot turn off?

  11. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    ” One third of gamers, they claim, are virgins. As if that’s a bad thing. As if it’s a disease they need to cure. ”

    Are you a virgin, mr Walker
    Or a troper

  12. fiddlesticks says:

    I wanted to write a long and pointless rant about sites like these and why they are harmful to society as a whole, but then I realized “these people are shits” describes the whole thing more perfectly than I ever could.

  13. UnspokenDegree says:

    Ahh a new low

  14. D3xter says:


    Do you run some sort of sermon or self-helf group every week and is there self-flagellation involved?

  15. MiniMatt says:

    Wondering what proportion of the “gamers” in their “research” (yes, air quotes, went there) are actually under the age of consent in their targeted markets anyway.

    Would appear to me that marketing this crass and banal only really works on hormone riddled 14 year olds. Of which one would presume at least a third are virgins; trying to get this age demographic laid is a little creepy.

    • John Walker says:

      There’s no attempt to link to the data, nor name the poll, in the press release. Which leads me to assume it’s a made up number.

    • Dr I am a Doctor says:

      Hell yeah it’s false, I mean one third? That’s way too low.

  16. Deano2099 says:

    Sad thing is, it’d be possible to actually do some videos/articles on how to approach and chat up women using gaming terminology (hell, that’s how a lot of those so-called ‘seduction’ classes and courses work). It’d still basically be horrid examples of how to take advantage of girls with low self-esteem, but it’d make some sense. Instead they just do bad puns?

    • Lambchops says:

      Wait there’s bad puns?

      I might actually watch this now!

    • djbriandamage says:

      “Good morrow, human female. Might I salve your ailments with this heal-over-time poultice presently secreting from my codpiece?”

    • MiniMatt says:

      PUNS! If anything good is to come from this internet twattery it’ll surely come in the form of that most noble and refined of art forms, the pun thread.

      Been trying to figure how to crowbar in something about “column inches” (fnar fnar) but thus far the perfect jape eludes me.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      how to approach and chat up women using gaming terminology

      It’s been done, and it’s called the Mystery Method.

      It’s not to be encouraged, though. Treat people like people, not like games or systems to be manipulated.

  17. onsamyj says:

    You don’t give a link, but a video with a link in description… Mkay.

    • Keymonk says:

      As far as I see, embedded videos does not in fact show the description until you go on the page proper or actively look for the description. So. You know.

      • onsamyj says:

        It’s has logo with url in it. So. I know.

        Actually I don’t get what’s wrong with link (they gonna get so much new customers from this post, really), but at least hide it properly.

        • John Walker says:

          If I link, it’s easy to click straight through just to take a look, etc. If you have to type it in for yourself, then you’re welcome to it.

          • onsamyj says:

            I just opened video on YouTube page (because it’s, you know, bigger) – link is there.

            All this spy-stuff (or, more likely, anti-SEO) is silly, that’s all.

  18. DarkFarmer says:

    Testing trollbait resistance vs. troll threat level 3… Need a 13 or better on a d20. Roll: 9. Troll test failed. Posting response, anger level, 2. Revealing too much shit about yourself level 5. Spelling mistake level: 3 MISTAKES? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

  19. Arathian says:

    I have to say though, for all the bad things, I can’t stop laughing at that video.

  20. djbriandamage says:

    “The third video promises to instruct ‘How to impress a Girl into Bed after the first date'”

    *Girl and Bed are registered trademarks of the Monsanto corporation.

  21. Hoaxfish says:

    In similar news, if you meet Prince William’s wife at a formal event, don’t tell her you’ve seen her boobs on the internet.

  22. His Dudeness says:

    Gosh, she must be frigging desperate if all she can hope for is dating a gamer…

  23. sassy says:

    What the hell is the point of shag-a-gamer? I couldn’t care less about the interests of a girl I’m only sleeping with, it’s a site based on one night stands, not conversations. Wouldn’t encourage one night stands anyway, I have way too many and they just leave me depressed, leading me to having another and now all my friends think I’m a massive slut. Forgot where I was taking this comment so I’ll leave it there

  24. MrLebanon says:

    this type of gaming journalism is a breast of fresh air

    • rsanchez1 says:

      It’s not journalism, it’s opinion. Just because you’re on a blog, doesn’t make everything you post journalism, damnit.

    • Prokroustis says:

      I watched the video. It’s really bad. No wonder mr. Walker is a bit anal about it.

  25. serioussgtstu says:

    I can’t wait to tell my Gran that she (unlike games) will never get old! Oh wait, no she died years ago from being tremendously elderly.

  26. rsanchez1 says:

    But you are just giving them the attention they want…

    • Prokroustis says:

      And this means more people will sign up?

      • alundra says:

        Don’t underestimate a person’s need to be touched…even if it means touching him/her self while looking at an internet erotic picture.

        • solymer89 says:

          If you’ve seen Bucky Larson, it’s about the mind sparkles.

          p.s. don’t see Bucky Larson.

  27. zebramatt says:

    Although I couldn’t care a less about whether someone’s a virgin or not, sex – with someone whom you can really relate – is really rather rollicking good fun. I personally recommend everyone try it at least once in their life!

    Don’t go anywhere near these fuckers though. I’ve been mugged and it’s not anything like sex. Well, not like the sort of sex I’d recommend, anyway.

  28. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    That was damn fine work of Steve Hogarty. Good to see the old PCZ people are still doing good stuff.

    Of course your article was also great John, thankyou for keeping bringing stuff like this to our attention.

  29. caddyB says:

    Humanity never stops showing me new lows so that I can feel slightly better about being a useless piece of shit myself.

    Thanks everybody, I guess.

  30. Bob says:

    The cast of “How to fleece the unsuspecting” has grown by one. Add that to the “Dial 1800-whatever, tell us your star sign and we’ll tell you the name of your soul-mate” et al as places to waste your cash.
    They’re just opportunistic cults….with one letter out. *Oh crap, I’ve just plagiarized Richard Cobbett*

    If people are that willing to part with their cash there’s a paypal account I could direct you to. ;)

  31. codename_bloodfist says:

    >Leave the Hawaiian shirt at home.

    Why? o_O No, honestly. I know the Americans have some weird issue with wearing jeans, but I didn’t know that it now extends to my holiday shirt collection as well.

    EDIT: WAIT, they’re not Americans? Britain, WTF?

    • derbefrier says:

      ” I know the Americans have some weird issue with wearing jeans…”

      This confuses me, should I as an American be worried that i regularly wear jeans? seriously though that just made me laugh, never heard that before.

      • codename_bloodfist says:

        Yeah, you kinda do in corporate environments. Now I know that, just like everywhere, some people would be wearing suits and they wouldn’t ever be wearing anything else. However, if you go into a office in France, Germany, Spain, whatever, you’ll find quite a few people in jeans and shirts/polos/etc. Not in the US. At least not in larger companies.

        I’ve never heard anything about Hawaiian shirts.

        • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

          This suit-o-mania is really something that need to be overcome..It’s not the 50s anymore!

        • BluElement says:

          I’m sitting at my desk in a major insurance company right now in a pair of jeans. I have never before heard of this problem with jeans that us Americans apparently have… :\

          Also, Hawaiian shirts in regards to dating have always seemed to be a bit of a joke that you usually see in American sitcoms… I guess they just seem gaudy or something? I don’t know. I’ve never worn a hawaiian shirt.

        • Ragnar says:

          Wearing jeans at work just feels weird. I like being able to change out of my work pants into jeans when I come home, helps me get out of the work mindset.

          Polos, on the other hand, I’m fine with. I’ll wear them through the summer.

  32. Ritashi says:

    That was PHYSICALLY PAINFUL. I mean, I have trouble even registering that it’s sexist and such, because it’s just SO BAD. I mean, really. Don’t watch it; it’s not so bad it’s funny, it’s so bad that it’s just terrible. The idea that a) human beings designed that video, with that script, and actually thought it was a good idea, and b) someone had to actually then perform it, is frightening.

  33. pilouuuu says:

    I can’t help but feel sad if anyone is fooled by this scam.

    Instead of paying for it they should put that money in Project Eternity. And then when it gets released in 2014 you could invite a girl to check your amazing new RPG and get laid with her!

  34. Valvarexart says:

    Girls that never get old? Where do I purchase me one of those?

    • Prokroustis says:

      It’s a DLC for a game called afterlife. Although it’s religion-restricted.

    • Lawful Evil says:

      And it’s also a DLC you’ll get only by preordering Afterlife now!

  35. pepperfez says:

    I’m personally most impressed by their bullet-riddled logo.

  36. NarcoSleepy says:

    You can tell us the truth… she gave you herpes, didn’t she?

  37. Wololo says:

    I got insulted by the PS3 controller at 1:05.

  38. freduardo says:

    That site sounds like a disgusting scam. But once again it points to a basic rule of the internet: never pay for anything if there is a legal, free version. Odds are the free version works better anyway.

  39. CalleX says:

    Its pathetic that John Walker deletes any comment regarding his pessimistic view of everything. Only his views are allowed.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Actually, the PC Gamer forum used to be run by Kieron Gillen like this, and it was awesome.

      • ruaidhri.k says:

        those were good times …

        • Groove says:

          I’d be quite happy for the banhammer to be swung a little more carefree, if I’m honest.

          Freedom of speech? This is the internet, freedom to be free from assholes is much rarer and more valuable.

        • Gap Gen says:

          It’s important to note that deleting a post isn’t necessarily contravening freedom of speech. I’d say it’s more like a pub landlord taking down a poster someone put up in his pub. But anyway.

          • Kablooie says:

            Freedom of speech ? Really? An internet forum isn’t a democracy, it’s usually an oligarchy, at best a benevolent dictatorship. Where they are free to delete, edit (if they’re really sinister), add to, whatever . . . . . now I have to look up RPS’s policies, heh.

    • Hanban says:

      You know, you’re allowed to comment on the pessimistic views of any of the authors on RPS. However, as is standard, personal insults are deleted. If you can’t criticize a person without flinging personal insults then I suggest you step away from your keyboard and instead go out. Maybe have a stroll in the park and feed some birds. Perhaps you’ll meet that special someone there instead!

  40. Jenks says:

    RPS, defending virginity since 1873.

  41. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    The video is absurd, really…I find the cleavage being the opposite of sexiness, the accent is “kind of” cute, but ultimately pretty impractical for a wider audience (darn it, there is open A in nothing…it sounds more like muffin from her mouth! Use proper accent when making videos for a wider audience, for goodness’ sake), the lines are like from some random topical quote generator and the information value? ZERO…
    Oh God, I really hope it won’t go viral or it will further discredit our little hobby…

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      and besides, this dating re-branding is nothing new. There are tons of dating sites focused on Christians, vegans, vegetarians, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists, musicians, and whatevah…and they probably use only a couple of databases. All they do is some questionable marketing, filtering of the profiles and taking your bloody money…

  42. slantrhymes says:

    I hate to hear it suggested that my biological sex makes me in some way unable to provide “the brains” in any industry, especially by another member of the same sex. This model is clearly not speaking her own words here, but holy s***. Someone believes that that idea has enough mass appeal to /overtly/ center an advertising campaign around it, and that is awful. The best I can do is be happy that the attempt is disgusting its target audience.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      I would not be so sure, the target audience is probably not reading RPS… They are more likely reading some mainstream site like Gamespot (some of them even supply quasi-erotic materials like GameSpy and their Girls of Gaming or something like that+frequent booth girls photo galleries from conventions), playing endless sequels from Activision and the likes, owning a console, and, as the stereotype goes, being white males in their 20s either working or attending some college… Just my estimation of a game consumer that MIGHT fall for this

  43. Poppis says:

    “This video has been removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

    • slantrhymes says:

      Hah. WELL, then.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Enough RPS readers have reported it, I gather? Good riddance…

    • Tatourmi says:

      Good riddance? I don’t know. Well it probably helps that I didn’t see the video but they should be able to get their video out there in my opinion, whoever they are. I don’t like censorship.

      • GSGregory says:

        It has been proved as a scam.. It is not censorship when they are knowingly scamming people and completely bsing everything.

    • tags 4 lyf says:

      There’s one downside to that video being flagged- now I can’t check whether John’s statements were hyperbolic or linear. At least not without giving their website hits, at any rate.

  44. Zarunil says:

    The entire YouTube account “has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement”.

    That’ll teach ’em.

  45. solymer89 says:

    “Your just jealous because you want a relationship and don’t have one.”
    “Uh, Yea, right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do whatever I want, all the time.”

  46. Muzman says:

    Heck, at least Evony actually made gamers an actual game to play.
    Although ‘how to score’ type advice is probably some sort of ARG I guess.

    On a related note: Is putting dating advice books in the Self Help section sending a mixed message?

  47. Gap Gen says:

    You can find women on Amazon, but they tend to be a bit serious about their archery.

  48. Beebop says:

    It’s hard enough to be a virgin today with all of their “nightclubs” and “bawdy houses”, now the internet is trying to take my virginity away too?

    It’s mine! Hands off!

  49. Grape says:

    being a gamer who has not had sex is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing.

    Dumbest fucking thing I’ve read, today.

    Someone didn’t get laid until way too late in life.

    • The13thRonin says:

      As a gamer who gets laid on a fairly regular basis I should point out that it’s not a big deal. How often you have sex does not equate to how how much of a man you are. Life is much more than just the pursuit of sex. Don’t let people like this bring you down. They obviously never matured past the junior high-school mentality (and are probably not getting any themselves).

    • The Godzilla Hunter says:

      I, too, am incredibly shallow, and thus attach great importance on whether someone has ever screwed someone else.

      Oh, wait. I actually did mature past the age of 13. Actually, even my 13-year-old self would think you were being incredibly immature. Funny.

  50. shaydeeadi says:

    Aaaaand the video has been blocked. :(