Air Buccaneers On Greenlight, Linux And Mac Versions

Our favourite Finnish fantasy dirigible combat game, Air Buccaneers HD, has appeared on Greenlight. Developers Ludocraft hope that the community – which can already play the alpha version for free – will support their game and buy into supporting the finished version. It’s a fantastic, unique thing, and I demand that you try it.

Also, I formally request that you view the new gameplay trailer and Mac-footage videos, below.



  1. AshEnke says:

    That’s nice !
    But it’s been on Greenlight for almost a month, since day one :)

    • MrLebanon says:

      indeed it has! I’d really like to see this game succeed

  2. MythArcana says:

    Man, R.P.S. pushes this game harder than Valve pushes crappy $2 games on the public. Do they get free cases of canned herring for each writeup or something? I might give this a try sometime, but Steam support isn’t going to be my dangling carrot, I’m afraid.

    • Terragot says:

      RPS suggested stuff, that’s what they do best.

      Also, Sub Rosa was one hell of a damn good find!

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      GUYS, GUYS, HE KNOWS ABOUT THE PICKLED HERRING! Abort and report back to Poland, Abort!

      • MrLebanon says:


        *grabs rifle and peanut butter and runs out the door*

    • Xzi says:

      There’s nothing wrong with promoting little-known games, especially when they’re either unique or very fun. And this looks to be both.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      No MythArcana post is complete without a side swipe at Steam.

  3. smeaa mario says:

    I’d surely love this game a lot more if the devs didn’t find it necessary to resort to the ‘HD’ tag on the title.

    • baby snot says:

      Isn’t that just to differentiate it from the mod though? ALSO THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR $3.99, along with two other games of your choice in the latest IndieFort bundle.

      • smeaa mario says:

        Didn’t actually know that. But still, HD just makes it feel like one of those cheapster games which will come with all kinds of new versions, like HD, Gold, Premium and so on… I mean ‘Air Buccaneers’ alone sounds handsome enough as it is.

    • The Random One says:

      It obviously stands for Heights Defense (because you’re defending yourself while up high).

  4. zizekian says:

    I recently got this in a bundle and it has a lot of potential. it’s biggest downfall right now is lack of players, but after reading this just now I managed to find one guy on, and we had fun 1v1 trying to fly and shoot cannons at the same time. I DO wish the ships had a railing, though… apparently I’m not a good swimmer.

    • MrLebanon says:

      mash the space bar button if you fall you’ll grab onto a rope ;)

  5. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Does the Mac version not run full-screen, or were they just paranoid that no-one would believe them?

    • joeroyo says:

      The Mac version will run in full screen fine.. I guess they did it just to prove it was running on mac