Steal Incredible Prizes: Win Monaco Closed Beta Keys!

UPDATE: Andy has chose the winners. Check your email later tonight to see if you won. Winners list is here.

IGF winning heist game Monaco – which I can report is fairly brilliant – is having a closed beta. Yes, very closed, only a select few people are invited. And some of those people are you. Well, if you can be clever, anyway. Developer Andy Schatz is reading, and he’s going to pick ten commenters from this thread to receive access to the beta. The keys will be sent to your RPS-registered email address by me, so if you can’t check that for whatever reason, you might want to provide another. For your comment, please reason why you should get a key in verse. Haiku and limericks would be preferred.

Oldish Monaco footage below, too.


  1. tamccullough says:

    A thief in the night
    I will never be
    If I’m given a beta key

  2. jaqenn says:

    Monaco beta
    Made me a better person
    Flat out changed my life


    Remember the time
    I followed you on twitter?
    Now, favor for me!


    Pffft*, a beta?
    Already heisted the game
    from PAX demo**

    * – Pffft is two syllables
    ** – I didn’t, actually.

  3. Howling Techie says:

    Monaco looks crazy and mind blowing,
    With my enthusiasm only growing.
    And as a poor student
    I need to be prudent,
    I am terrible at these and it’s showing.

  4. linorabolini says:

    the zombie mode is included in this beta ? =P just kidding. It would be nice to test the game though.

    my best wishes to the project.

    here you have an image of a smiling Chinese:

    link to

  5. liquid says:

    Monaco… IS MINE!

  6. Dorga says:

    Don’t mind if you don’t give me a key, I’m going to steal one anyway .

  7. krisswampthing says:

    I’ve been waiting forever,
    every video and sneak peak,
    will trade sex for key!

  8. StevoIRL says:

    Hey I just watched you,
    and this is crazy,
    so here’s my email,
    Monaco me baby

  9. _m4tth3w_ says:

    My time moves slowly.
    Gaming brings me so much joy.
    Beta invite, please?

  10. earltedly says:

    There was a young gentleman from Monaco
    Who stumbled upon-a-comb
    His rock was broke
    On his paper he did choke
    And his shotgun went off in a blast

    (erm, I’m the gentleman in the limerick, although I’m not technically from Monaco per se, but as you just read all my stuff is now broken, I’ve got no shotgun shells left and this leaves me with rather a lot of spare time on my hands with which I could definitely play this rather nice sounding new game).

  11. Chris D says:

    Can it be the splendid new game called Monaco,
    That was first announced quite long ago,
    Is now nearly finished?
    My excitement’s undiminshed!
    So please send me a key cause I wanna go.

    No rhyme is too tenuous. That’s how I roll.

  12. fdgonthier says:

    Be excited for this game
    As much as one can be
    And I say I am the same
    For the beta I am ready

    My world of choice if Linux
    For freedom it provide
    Getting at the issues crux
    Will get to be my pride

    And if a key I don’t get
    Rage in my blood will flow
    And this won’t make me fret
    As on you I will go Monaco

  13. AndySchatz says:

    There once was a game called Monaco
    That won the prestigious IGF, so
    I went beta on a dare
    to prove its not vaporware
    I shoulda done this months ago.

  14. AshEnke says:

    I don’t know Haiku
    But oh maybe I do
    I don’t know for sure

  15. Doomclown says:

    Does anyone who needs to be given a key really deserve to go on heists?

  16. MrMstislav says:

    Had to register
    Newsletter disregarded
    Beta key, I beg.

  17. mrwonko says:

    I was about to write a limerick, but I have far too many games to play as it is. Someone else probably deserves that key more than I do. hf&gl

  18. taniquetil says:

    Men Of Nefarious Association Collecting Objects

  19. mtthwcmpbll says:

    My pic cleverly
    encodes a secret level.
    I’d like to play it.

  20. Demon Beaver says:

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    I want to play Monaco
    Can I have a key?

  21. rowantheheralder says:

    Andy Schatz, behold!
    You posses the beta key
    What is yours is mine

  22. MrMage says:

    A heist was thought up by me,
    To retrieve a Monaco key!
    I’ve waited for years,
    It’d leave me in tears!
    So what do you say, Andy?

  23. Zyzzybalubah says:

    I played it at PAX
    Even the Safe House
    What’s yours should be mine

  24. Tom De Roeck says:


  25. Alteffor says:

    Watching for long time
    Would provide feedback/reports
    And have lots of fun

  26. Orija says:

    way below the early birds
    chances for thievery testing are low
    still, he holds on to hope

  27. MrLebanon says:

    perhaps if I had a Monaco key, I would not have to pirate ubisoft games

  28. tedlil says:

    I thought that more people wanna help game to develop well not play earlier and comments here makes me realize that i was wrong. Yes, I agree. This game is looking really fun, but closed beta means: “You can play this game, but you also must try find bugs and tell us about them”. I don’t care if i will be in closed beta or not, because i can wait for it’s release, but it would be nice to play Monaco earlier and also help in developing it!
    PS. I know that my English isn’t too good but i hope you will understand it as i wanted to.

  29. 4026 says:

    As Autumn approaches, it’s rainier.
    And indie games keep getting brainier.
    Post-Torchlight I wanna go
    on to play Monaco
    to indulge in some light kleptomania.

  30. johnnyr says:

    I opened my eyes, stumbling clumsily to my humble pc
    what should I find, but an invitation, nay, a call, for all to see

    Monaco is going beta they say!
    you must write they say!

    but first I must pee.

    Standing at the porcelain throne
    a seed of thought begins to grow
    conjuring up this very poem

    christmas in september? could it be?
    Please oh please Andy, may I have a key?

  31. tehsid says:

    I wish to play your game
    Even if this comment’s rather lame
    But if you pick my name
    I’ll continue to write limericks that don’t rhyme.

  32. msarge says:

    There once was a man from Pennsylvania
    Who wanted to play Monaco foreva
    His name was Micky
    And he’d sure like to be
    One of the people to play the beta

  33. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    OK, OK – I’m in. My entry is a tribute to WH Auden’s “Funeral Blues”, and is an adaption of the first verse to make it relevant to ‘Monaco’.

    Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
    Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone.
    Silence the pianos and muffle the drum,
    Because I’m trying to steal some shit here and if you all keep making so much goddamn noise we’ll get caught.


  34. batman116 says:

    I will make the game more popular.
    Write an article \m/.

  35. Anso says:

    I want to be in!, i followed the development since 2010 , and i love indie games, please choose me!!! also i will be the first spanish guy testing/playing Monaco if i get selected! , and if you need translators for the game, contact me ;)

  36. richardeflanagan says:

    In a previous life
    I lived in great strife
    But filled my days
    In thievish ways
    Pilfering from the rife

    To this very day
    I can look around and say
    Who’s got quick hands
    And who’s the marked man
    In crowds, almost right away

    And due to this fact
    The logic seems stacked
    That I play Monaco
    As I lived long ago
    And not work on my game, FRACT

  37. redstripedcat says:

    I’m from Italy, dude
    Grant me an access to beta
    Or I will be very rude

    I know I sound like a mobster, please don’t get me wrong :D

    Cheers from Italy.

  38. remover says:

    Monoco is the game I’d die for,
    I’ve looked at videos and screen shots and wanted more,
    I’ve IM’d all my friends, “It’ll be incredible! You won’t be bored!”…
    I received a notification that I talked it about it too much and was now being ignored,
    I’ve lost all my friends but if you beta me, it’ll be worth the score.

  39. tehstealth says:

    Stealth is my name,
    Monaco is my game,
    to sleuth around,
    and not be found,
    I seek a key with no shame!

  40. TalKeaton says:

    There once was a game dev named Andy
    Who said, “You know what would be dandy?”
    To give a Beta Key
    To TalKeaton, he
    likes Monaco more than rock candy!

    Yes, Monaco is looking great
    Multiplayer stealth game? Can’t wait!
    Give some Closed Beta Keys
    To me, if you’d please
    Your best Beta tester – my fate!

  41. Wrob says:

    An Haiku:

    When thieves are gumdrops
    They really can’t be blamed for
    Their sticky fingers

  42. alice says:

    run run run run run
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
    why did that guard see me?

  43. renolc says:

    I want to steal things
    Will you help me do this thing?
    Get to the choppa

  44. jfleschler says:

    I’ve been following this game for years and can’t wait for it to finally come out!!

  45. djvlive says:

    I heard of a game.
    Stealth, sneak, action, and good friends.
    Wait for Monaco.

  46. toad02 says:

    I’m looking out for this game so much that makes me want to dig a hole in my wall, like a Mole. But instead of pickpocket or hack Andy, I will just be a gentleman and use my sexy redheaded charm to win it.
    I think it will be cleaner this way (:

    PS: I was just kidding. I’m lock picking Andy’s home right now. Bye!

  47. sinister agent says:

    Your game looks fun, you ought to finish her
    But with all these keys to administer
    You’ll never be done
    So why not take one
    And give it to your old pal Sinister?

  48. RapscallionJones says:

    No way I’ll be picked
    I have pretty lousy luck
    Desperately want

    • AndySchatz says:

      You’re not from the states! You called it a flat! LIAR
      -edit- sorry that was meant for the comment below :)

      • AndySchatz says:

        The comment above was erroneous, my apologies. And if my third grade teacher comments below on yet another of my posts, I’ll flick her in her saggy boobs.

        • sinister agent says:

          Replied to, so that I can imply you said something terrible before deleting it. You terrible person.

          Edit: An edit war is it, eh? Well, then, it’s an ed… oh wait, kettle’s done.

        • golem09 says:

          My god, girlfriend mode?
          This will be on EG any minute

      • paranoydandroyd says:

        I am, in fact, from the states. South Carolina. Limericks, however, hail from the Isles. It was an easy rhyme, and I watch a lot of British televison.

  49. paranoydandroyd says:

    There once was a man from the States
    Who for Monaco just could not wait.
    So he stalked Andy Schatz
    And broke into his flat
    For he grew tired of no release date.

  50. Epsz says:

    There once was a man of twenty-three
    Epsz you’d call him if you were to meet
    He once got so depressed
    that on the streets he yelled (undressed)
    Because he hadn’t got a Monaco Key