Steal Incredible Prizes: Win Monaco Closed Beta Keys!

UPDATE: Andy has chose the winners. Check your email later tonight to see if you won. Winners list is here.

IGF winning heist game Monaco – which I can report is fairly brilliant – is having a closed beta. Yes, very closed, only a select few people are invited. And some of those people are you. Well, if you can be clever, anyway. Developer Andy Schatz is reading, and he’s going to pick ten commenters from this thread to receive access to the beta. The keys will be sent to your RPS-registered email address by me, so if you can’t check that for whatever reason, you might want to provide another. For your comment, please reason why you should get a key in verse. Haiku and limericks would be preferred.

Oldish Monaco footage below, too.


  1. Hotseflots says:

    I would love a beta key, but I’m not exactly John Keats. So good luck to all you linguistically gifted RPS’ers. I’ll just wait like all other mortals.

  2. cheeseNcrak says:

    Is there a way to
    Make a limerick-haiku
    There once was a man….

    And I failed.

  3. Jesse L says:

    Don’t fall for flattery
    Or blank verse in poetry.
    It’s a stylish stealth op
    (Best played in co-op)
    That trades rhymes for a beta key.

  4. antoniodamala says:

    Well you could gave me a beta key, but if you don’t want to it’s even better. Never forget that what is yours, is also mine, friend…

  5. Dharoum says:


    Monaco and in particularly the Monte Carlo Casino is being plagued by a number of strange individuals, running around in search for the next golden coin which have suddenly started to show up all over town.
    When asked how they got here one, unnamed, individual replied that she entered an, at first glimpse majestic cultural event, where she submitted a haiku about the pleasures of thievery.

    “Thievery abound in these lands
    Coins lay around all over the place
    Kissing a woman with red-hair”

    However once, she was chosen a winner, she says a primal urge to steal things overtook her, and she could not help herself, bu to go to the most fabulous of places and steal whatever she could!

    This seems to be the story of more people and it begs the question.. Just who was behind this facade of a Haiku-event and what does this criminal mastermind have in store for the future?

  6. gregf says:

    So excited for this game been following it from the start. Looks great, hope to see you taking pre-orders in the near future.

  7. abudac says:

    abrupt, coy syntax
    uttering “What’s yours is mine.”
    into strangers’ ears

  8. hemmingjay says:

    Why do I need to play this? So I can troubleshoot how it is I got nicked on my last job. Everything seemed to fall apart in a perfectly orchestrated manner despite my rock solid plan. The likelihood that one of my partners sold me out or, worse yet, was law enforcement is not lost on me. I need these tools to figure out how it all went wrong and also to plan how I will settle the score when I get out. I’ve got some time on my hands and I can think of no better way to use it.

  9. damien0013 says:

    Once upon PAX East
    Was a beautiful sight seen
    She was Monaco

  10. cziiki says:

    There once was a man from Australia
    Who’s limericks were a bit of a failure
    He’d be doing just fine
    Until the fifth line
    ….Crap…uhh give me a beta key?

  11. LoneGazebo says:

    I would love a chance to beta-test Monaco. No worries if you don’t pick me, however. Congrats on making it to the beta stage!

  12. Lib3rtine says:

    There once was a man named Lib3rtine,
    To whom, all his friends would call a fiend,
    So with turtle neck on, and gloves at the ready,

    He robbed those fuckers blind…

  13. idiotapocs says:

    gimme gimme gimme a key after midnight
    won’t somebody help me chase the others away
    gimme gimme gimme a key after midnight
    take me through the darkness to the beta test of the game

  14. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    A bomb.

  15. rxninja says:

    Hidden in plain sight
    A true diamond at PAX East
    What is yours is mine

  16. gegepgep says:

    There ain’t no job like robbing a casino
    I’m hiding like the Gentleman dressed in a tuxedo
    The cops are everywhere
    I don’t think they see me though
    I got eyes like the Lookout, so lets all tip-toe
    The guards won’t notice, but if they are alerted
    The Mole will dig a hole and leave the area deserted
    The Redhead will come out and play
    and leave the area flirted
    While the Hacker hacks away
    and now the crisis is averted
    I knew this game would be great when I played it at PAX
    My excitement was too much, I just had to relax
    If you provide the BETA key I wont let you all down
    I will be the greatest thief and won’t ever be found.

    Love you guys!
    – Justin Pattek

  17. EnricoLook says:

    I’m waiting for this fantastic game :D

  18. MEdwards777 says:

    Wow, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game. Would love to get in on the beta!

  19. DeanLearner says:

    99 goblets of gold in my safe.
    99 goblets of gold.
    I turn around and pi..
    where are my goblets?

  20. KilgoreTrout_XL says:

    why even bother
    i can never win these things
    i should go get pissed

  21. calebkester says:

    A game I’ve followed
    That teaches me to steal things
    Momma would be proud

  22. golem09 says:

    The art of poets
    from another age
    can’t be transferred
    to an online stage

    A rhyme doesnt make the verse
    the chime makes it all transfer
    from wordsonly used
    to words unabused.

    But all this ain’t wrong
    when someone like me
    can use an alien tongue
    for the win of a beta key.

  23. xeon06 says:

    I would really like a key
    So that I can be sneaky
    And rob the casino
    I won’t get caught though
    So can I please get a key?

  24. djfil007 says:

    support indie games
    i wear my monaco shirt
    let me help the heist

  25. zapdsl says:

    Moving to a new city,
    alone and afraid,
    with time on my hands.

    an exciting new game would be relieving
    and productive.

  26. Oneknown says:

    Remember that time,
    I whispered what’s yours is mine,
    To a stranger in line?

  27. zbond says:

    There once was a man with two thumbs
    Who couldn’t rhyme if you paid him great sums
    The thing he wanted most
    From his hast’ly writ post
    Was to be in the Monaco beta: link to !

  28. playvue says:


    There once was a man who made Monaco,
    A game of thieves all coco.
    Hard, he made it, for them to see,
    Then, to one, the option to pee.
    Abhoring some peace, he pushed the release
    Because he ran out of 4Loco.

  29. SpinozaDreams says:

    You guys just got a new user! Here’s my haiku:

    The waiting took years
    But is coming to a close
    I couldn’t be more *steals your wallet*

    Gotcha, Andy!

  30. mazzoli says:

    There once was a man, dontcha know,
    Who wanted to play Monaco.
    He said, “It’s the cops, eh.
    I’ll keep these hosers at bay
    While you take all the money and go.”

  31. Strand says:

    I wanted to play the game Monaco,
    And there were few lengths to which I’d not go.
    Sadly, I blew it.
    Whilst typing, I knew it;
    My poetry skills were merely so-so.

  32. Splynter says:

    Steganography is a beautiful thing.
    Levels hidden in pictures?
    Your team’s a wonderful mixture,
    All made by Andy, you king.

  33. Nighttripper says:

    Well Andy, I’m about to lose it
    Because I think you will surely refuse it
    But I beseech thee
    If you send me that key
    I swear I’ll give it back once i used it

  34. blaxmith says:

    Ten keys to give to them all
    Ten keys to delight them
    Ten keys to to a game I hope is worth all the excitement
    (seriously, I’ve been hearing about this game for years, just come out already, damn)

  35. franckq says:

    Please let me try this game which I wait since a long long time … Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase !

  36. ElVaquero says:

    better give that key
    don’t want to heist it from ya
    i’ll crack andy’s safe

    last line of above
    sounds like innuendo right?
    that’s how bad i want!

  37. wodin says:


    I’m rubbish at racing games
    Not great at Grand Prix
    But this is a thieving game
    So can I have a beta Key?

  38. otzenGulasch says:

    I want to get in,
    on this beta thing.
    If instead I get out,
    for days I will pout.
    I want to get rich,
    so put a key in my fridge.

  39. chains101 says:

    A hot taco on a chilly summer morning
    The smell of something British
    Working for the hot swag of yesterday
    Boiled Bologna……Monaco

  40. Lobotomist says:

    Limerick contest , no fair for non english speaker
    But Monaco me waited for several long years
    Hope you have key for me

  41. Lamb Chop says:

    A beta would make me elated
    but I’m afraid of a death pixellated
    if they smash me to bits
    I’ll throw quite a fit
    and might have to defenestrate it.

  42. Nyksund says:

    Bacon is good
    Monaco is better
    I like it so much
    I want to be in the beta

  43. hyphz says:

    Tricky, too tricky, I’m
    bucking the preference, but
    could double dactyls get
    through all the checks?

    Give us a key, as I
    know how to test stuff (and
    I’ve wanted Monaco
    since P. A. X.).

  44. daphne says:

    “Monaco? Heh,” said
    the man, rather unimpressed.
    “it sure takes its time.”

  45. coalsand says:

    There once was a hacker from Monaco,
    Whose skillz for teh h4x was unstoppable.
    Once his feet hit the ground
    All the cameras went down,
    And so did the great heist in Monaco.

  46. PhocsM says:

    Thief in the dark,
    Cloaked in gray,
    Though steal is thou art,
    please fart farther away.

  47. bin says:

    I’d like to pocket one for me and my friends. Hope it comes in time with my new computer.

  48. UsF says:

    I would like a beta key, if you have one to spare. Been following on your main site PocketWatch from the start, but stopped once the information flow stopped. Glad to hear that you are back. If you are hesitant pick someone else, my time right now is rather limited though.

    A preorder with beta-access would be fine too.

  49. deckard says:

    Beta keys are given out
    Monaco this time around
    Andy holds the judge’s hammer
    Ready to unleash the slammer!

    He wants rhymes to bring him smiles
    We want keys to steal the beans!

    He is Andy, he makes Monaco.

  50. avoiderdragon says:

    Too long I’ve waited,
    How can you forsake me now?
    I must play this game.