Steal Incredible Prizes: Win Monaco Closed Beta Keys!

UPDATE: Andy has chose the winners. Check your email later tonight to see if you won. Winners list is here.

IGF winning heist game Monaco – which I can report is fairly brilliant – is having a closed beta. Yes, very closed, only a select few people are invited. And some of those people are you. Well, if you can be clever, anyway. Developer Andy Schatz is reading, and he’s going to pick ten commenters from this thread to receive access to the beta. The keys will be sent to your RPS-registered email address by me, so if you can’t check that for whatever reason, you might want to provide another. For your comment, please reason why you should get a key in verse. Haiku and limericks would be preferred.

Oldish Monaco footage below, too.


  1. KodeAndGame says:

    Eye on Monaco
    Long time in making surely
    Beta would end wait

  2. brkl says:

    I think I bought this game. But I can’t remember anymore.

  3. eKap says:

    I met you at PAXE
    Played the game with you and Jer
    Would love to play more

    I got a pic next to your booth, too:
    link to

  4. flyonward says:

    Very closed beta? What a steal!

  5. The Random One says:

    What is all the poetry? Where is the pun thread?

    The second there’s a prize on the line, you guys forget The RPS True Way! You complete sellouts!

    Well, I’ll fix that. I want Monaco, and then… uh… I’ll want even mo’ naco! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Bloody brilliant that one was.

  6. chromeshelter says:

    fck it, just gimme the key! ty

  7. juliangindi says:

    Been waiting so long…
    Today I turn twenty two
    Best present ever

  8. jennyinstereo says:

    Hi, my name is Jen
    My fiance loves this game;
    Wants a beta key

    We like to haiku
    We wrote them for each other
    Before we dated

    The love of my life,
    I’d do anything for him;
    Write haikus all day

    If I get a key,
    I’ll give it to him, for sure.
    Monaco 4 Lyfe!

  9. SurprisedMan says:

    Were Monaco, say, sunken booty,
    And I a sea captain, my duty
    Would be very clear,
    So give the key here,
    And I’ll set sail forthwith, me ol’ beauty.

  10. erikfredner says:

    To steal?
    To die?
    To steal perchance to die?

  11. dartt says:

    Please may I have a beta key?
    I should Monaco-co!
    My need has been increasing great-er-ly.
    I should Monaco-co!
    No keys have been forthcoming late-er-ly
    I should Monaco-co!
    Denying me might wound me fatally!
    You can Monaco-co!

  12. tporter64 says:

    A free copy of Monaco would be hot!
    Its a game that I would anyways have bought
    Oh, its just a closed beta
    To collect user data
    A. Schatz, I’ll give it a shot…s

  13. Vexing Vision says:

    The cherry trees bloom
    As theft and murder surrounds!
    A loyal guard dies.

  14. ThatCRUSTACEAN says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring
    I hope soon I’ll be heisting
    Til then I can dream
    This poem you will deem

    … Worthy.

  15. riddles says:

    Yay! I saw it at PAX, it looks AMAZING! I’d love to be in the beta, but either way, well done, guys!

  16. Calitar says:

    If I get a key
    I will steal all the things
    It sounds pretty sweet

  17. Jams O'Donnell says:


    I once did a job in Monaco,
    A great big heist in a grand chateaux.
    I plotted and planned
    and broke in with a band
    and three other friends from the barrio.

    At first we didn’t think we could do it
    But I held on to my lucky bullet
    and I sneaked and I stalked
    (not a single guard squawked)
    and we left with our lives and our pallet [of cash or gold bullion or whatever because screw you restrictive verse pattern]

  18. MajstorCadu says:

    Oh you nice person (who is makeing selection) with enormous manhood, please choose me so I can be awesome too, and rock and roll all night!

  19. captainsteve says:

    Worker bees can leave
    Even drones can fly away
    I’m reading Fight Club

  20. Ironclad says:

    *may be of horrible quality*

    two bumbling thieves walk into a casino
    looking for loot,
    they were from Greensboro,
    and had the intelligence of a newt.

    Entering the vault,
    they find ‘t was for naught
    it wasn’t their fault
    they didn’t get caught

    an empty room before them
    suddenly a *thud*
    the guards would soon find
    Garrett’s blackjack still finds its mark.

  21. ScsiOverdrive says:

    Moving shadows
    Dancing brightly
    Obscure my vision
    Balance rightly
    My chance to see
    The coming guards
    Shadows blind me
    To where they are

  22. tyler2790 says:

    There once was a small indie game
    with some critical acclaim
    I played it a bit
    and i have to admit
    it’s going to be in a hall of fame

  23. Telasro says:

    There once was a game called Monaco
    Which was really announced quite long ago
    With great loot galore
    The beta wouldn’t bore
    It’s a place I’d very much like to go

  24. mrdaley says:

    I Wait – Percolate.
    Eyes Bloodshot, Itching Triggers.
    Need Monaco Fix!

  25. heavyness says:

    Get In. Get Out. Get Beta Keys.


  26. Zeno says:

    A key for me please
    So that I might rightly say
    “Monaco Is Mine”

  27. Swanny says:

    Reply fail

  28. hemmingjay says:

    Reading this is extremely important. While I have your attention here you can rest assured that my friends and I are breaking in to the office safe and removing a beta key right now. All is not lost for you though, we shall leave you a tasty cake to console your loss.


  29. Swanny says:

    Three hundred replies
    Seems to me a crab bucket
    This post sighs gently

  30. Hairball says:

    I suck at Haikus,
    But Monaco looks damn cool!

  31. Wonkyth says:

    Now here’s a fine, eager proponent,
    I’ve awaited — with fervour — this moment!
    Now does that quip rhyme?
    well, I wont bet a dime,
    but perhaps I can be an exponent.

    Introductions! My name is Tobias,
    although much against it I’m biased,
    so I’d thank to be called
    simply Toby, that’s all,
    Call me that and my praise shall be highest.

    I come from a land called Down Under,
    from the rest of the world we’re asunder.
    As such, we are forced
    to use every resource;
    Can we find entertainment, you wonder?

    That rhetorical statement is fast lame.
    The answer is simple: we play fun games!
    From within and abroad
    fun creations are scored;
    it’s no wonder such things are of fame!

    I myself have been found with games dabbling,
    sometimes working alone, else collabbing.
    While my efforts aren’t fruitless,
    it would seem my astuteness
    fast implodes to inane, senseless babbling.

    So I work at applying my skills
    to assessing and testing all builds
    within reach of my hand,
    for so many are grand,
    although some are laden with frills.

    As for your game, please do comprehend,
    for Monaco my heart does extend.
    I may play a great many
    and I spend a good penny
    I’m drawn to Monaco in the end.

    “Do you have prior experience?” you query.
    I reply “I test all games most dearly!
    I play-test for many,
    from Dave Gilbert through Geti,
    and I give them results… or in theory.”

    There are times when I must study foremost,
    and my frequent, fond, gaming is almost
    put aside quite entirely
    when my grades doth require me;
    much needed, most painful riposte. :(

    Am I eager? By this point, self evident!
    Of your test-team please make me a resident.
    I would love to say more,
    but I fear I’m a bore.
    God, I hope that one day you’re the President! :D

    • AndySchatz says:

      OK, yeah, that’s a winner. :)

      • Wonkyth says:

        Good Sir, you’re most kind!
        I pledge you both time and mind,
        a break from the grind.
        May I serve you well,
        from the first chime, to end bell,
        else I burn in hell.

        …Might I simply ask:
        Have you a strong taste for verse,
        or is this just misc?

        • AndySchatz says:

          Aw shoot, I accidentally left you off the list of winners. Email support at pocketwatch games dot com and I’ll get you in!

  32. BTA says:

    Monaco Mona
    Co Monaco Monaco
    Monaco please, sir

  33. DeliriumWartner says:

    A dev crew were making a game,
    It wasn’t because of the fame.
    The concept was stealing
    And I had a feeling
    I buy it when the opportunity came.

    And now for a haiku:

    Coruscating view,
    The Heist wrote miniature,
    This game stole my heart.

  34. Ezekyel says:

    Hello Andy Schatz !
    I’m really looking forward your classy, shiny and awesome game, and hope to have have a beta key :D
    I’m not gonna say I’m amazing, I’m like everyone else,
    But be aware that if you don’t give me a key, I’ll have to steal one in your HQ ! >:))

  35. Chad says:

    Monaco says, what’s yours is mine,
    a beta key, that would be fine.
    So give me one for some test,
    this amazing game will do the rest.
    Picking me would be no crime,
    because for testing I have some time.
    A buggy game that is the horror,
    helping you would be a honor.

  36. lalanl says:

    Monaco Beta?
    Take this. Keep your eyes open.
    We’re cracking the vault.

    Footsteps approaching!
    Stethoscope don’t fail me now!
    I’m In! Shh! This way!

    To pull off this heist,
    You’ll need my sneaky fingers!
    Monaco is mine.

  37. sparkinson says:

    Five syllables here
    Seven more syllables there
    Can I haz beta?

  38. Dan Puzey says:

    There once was a game called Monaco
    Beta keys were ever so tight, so
    I made up this rhyme
    To win one in time
    That I don’t go insane from the wait – oh!

  39. Deman says:


  40. CaptainFelafel says:

    For your amusement
    A haiku for Monaco
    I ran out of lines.

  41. wlashack says:

    I can attract, I can harm,
    I am a hobo, but with a charm.
    A redhead hacker,
    but gentle and clean,
    a lookout mole
    that knows no spleen.
    I can get in, i can get out,
    and then get rich, without any doubt!

    So you got an offer?
    I got a deal!
    Gimme your code
    before I steal!
    Admit the truth,
    accept it, be clever.
    Because what yours was
    now mine is forever.

  42. iomegadrive says:

    Hone my skills I need
    Reverse the fortune of friends
    Whom pillaged from me.

  43. satoru says:

    I want Monaco
    Beta Keys I will steal them
    From your murdered corpse

  44. AleKahpwn says:

    So, it’s ten commenters from this thread?
    All knitters of words, and smart in the head.
    But if they don’t watch their back
    I sneak up! They yell, “ACK!”
    Snickity snak, I stand!… they bed.

  45. Vagrant says:

    Play game at pax prime
    with four friends did I enjoy
    beta keys now please

  46. lHloopla says:

    Austin Wintory’s beats I crave
    As we enter the vault guns ablazed
    The guards we leave dazed

  47. TAPETRVE says:

    A sonnet it shall be:

    O, Monaco, home to noble snots and wealthy bitches!
    It’s only right that someone comes to take
    Away from all the cornucopia, and make
    it eas’ier for them toffs to bear their filthy riches.

    A merry band of four, to plot a heist thus came together,
    Each one a gifted master of his trade.
    Their hate for silken suits and dresses of brocade
    And pearls and diamond rings, was fuelled by beer and blether.

    “We’re thieves, not murderers, so leave at home your knives,”
    One of them spoke, “The goal be gold, and not their sorry lives.”
    ‘Twas also found that they might actually need a fifth man,

    Who would survey the compound and drive the getaway van.
    Now that is, where my humble self comes into play:
    I’d gladly take part in the closed Beta, If I may.

  48. Kahboom says:

    Thief meets PacMan?

  49. lHloopla says:

    The roof or the cave
    That is the age old question today
    Extraction commesse Hooray

  50. lHloopla says:

    Youtube videos I make
    Looting banks is what I crave
    Exiting through the cave