Steal Incredible Prizes: Win Monaco Closed Beta Keys!

UPDATE: Andy has chose the winners. Check your email later tonight to see if you won. Winners list is here.

IGF winning heist game Monaco – which I can report is fairly brilliant – is having a closed beta. Yes, very closed, only a select few people are invited. And some of those people are you. Well, if you can be clever, anyway. Developer Andy Schatz is reading, and he’s going to pick ten commenters from this thread to receive access to the beta. The keys will be sent to your RPS-registered email address by me, so if you can’t check that for whatever reason, you might want to provide another. For your comment, please reason why you should get a key in verse. Haiku and limericks would be preferred.

Oldish Monaco footage below, too.


  1. bkir says:

    quit video games
    monaco might bring me back
    coop crack nuff said

  2. Eric says:

    Simulated theft
    Is a joy for all involved.
    …Except for the mark.

  3. Tormodino says:

    Be in the hotel bar at 1900 hours.
    Greet the elderly bartender with the impeccable Imperial moustache.
    Order a stirred dry martini, and tip generously. The bartender will ask about your line of work, and you will reply: “Procurement. It’s more exciting than you think.”
    The beta key will be delivered by electronic transfer to your device.

  4. Dick Page says:

    I have taken
    the jewels
    that were in
    the lockbox

    and which
    you were probably
    your bookie

    Forgive me
    they were beautiful
    what is
    yours is mine

  5. virifaux says:

    Pronounce out the individual letters in the commands and parameters

    >ls -la /yours
    >mv /yours/monaco /mine
    >vi /yours/lovenote

    Browsing for some pretty nice poems, I happened across zapdsl, a fellow veteran SpyPartier with at least 5 more wins than I.

  6. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    Vault sealed, shut tight
    Dark, chaos, panic, subterfuge
    This line now missing

  7. Cloudie says:

    Can’t wait until this game is released.

  8. 23YearOldBedWetr says:

    please let me play ur RAD game!

    ||| ///||| ||||||||||| ||| ||| /// ///|||||| |||||||||||
    ||| /// ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| ///__ ||| ||| |||
    ||| ||| ||||||||||| ||| ||| /// ||||||| |||||||||||

    ||||| ||
    “ |||||||||||||||||
    ||| |||,
    // |||
    ‘- –^
    $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$$ $$$$$$$
    $$__$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$
    $$—$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$$$$$
    $$ $$ $$$ $$ $$$$ $$$ $$

    $$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$$$$$,
    $$ $$ $$ $ $ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$ $$
    $$___$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ ”$$
    $$ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$ $$$$ $$$$$$

    | |
    $$$$$$$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$$$ $$$$
    $$ $$__$$ $$ $$___$ $$ $$ $$___$ $$| |
    $$ $$—$$ $$ $$””””” $$ $$ $$””””” | |$$
    $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$
    | |

    This used to be ascii art, but
    Someone stole all my spaces!

    • virifaux says:

      ‘ ‘
      ‘ ‘
      ‘ ‘
      Here are your spaces
      Except someone stole them too
      It was a haiku :(

  9. Vermilious says:

    You may talk o’guns and beer
    While you’re seated safe out here
    and you’re sent to BF3 or Modern Warfare
    But when it comes to stealing
    You’ll work on fear and feeling
    And all that free time you just can’t spare
    Now in Chicago’s windy clime
    where I used to spend my time
    A-reading o’the regal RPS-show
    Of all the games I saw
    The slickest one of all
    Was that indie-beta-darling Monaco

    It was Co!Co!Co!
    You colorful pop of pacing Monaco
    Quickly grab it, stop that camera
    Hi! Faster, dig that ditch!
    The guard’s coming, not a sitch!
    That newly beta-d charmer, Monaco.

    With apologies to both Kipling and You, for reading this.

  10. theLumberJack says:

    I will not receive a key
    It was not meant to be
    For too late
    Did I relate
    This reply

  11. SurprisedMan says:

    When given the chance to play Monaco
    I said “I gave up on it long ago.”
    To which Andy sighed,
    And promptly replied,
    “It’s almost as if you don’t WANna go.”

    “I do, but I doubt I can win,”
    I said, after glancing herein,
    At all of the verse,
    Some better; some worse,
    “I’m taking this one on the chin.”

    “What nonsense!” cried Schatz, the designer,
    “This verse, why there is nothing finer,
    You shall have a key,
    And all here shall see,
    You can win by just being a whiner.”

  12. Ryark says:

    Poetry cannot convey
    How deeply I wish to convey
    a strong desire for Monaco
    Therefore I’ll end just like so.

  13. imaginarythomas says:

    Here’s something I’d not tell my wife:
    ‘This beta would consume my life’.
    If I got into the beta,
    I’d say ‘See you latah’
    That might just cause marital strife…

  14. limimi says:

    I know the preference was for limericks and haikus, but I had fun writing this so :)

    Edit: Oh, I now see I was too late. Oh well, I still had fun :)

    Marvelous burglars, skills so deft,
    Opening vaults with ease.
    Never before has there been such a theft,
    As every newspaper agrees.
    Catching the bandits would be a trial,
    Of evidence there was not a trace.
    Inquiries were met with naught but denial,
    Such was the way of this case.
    Maybe they’d be caught next time,
    Invading another large vault.
    Not likely though for these masters of crime
    Every move they make without fault.

  15. Shockeh says:

    Late to the party,
    Eight pages? Unlikely odds. :(
    Pray what’s yours is mine?

  16. zilchski says:

    Nightwatch assemble!
    Bloodstained chase is underfoot
    To a ragtime beat.

  17. savvy1 says:

    FFS please gimme a key i wanna go robbing n thieving and not get nicked

  18. anna.nolla says:

    Eight comment pages so far, I’m confident I’ll get to try the game :)

  19. MrLebanon says: