The Fight To Save City Of Heroes

The official meticulously articulated RPS stance on City of Heroes’ upcoming closure is this face :( Legions of superpowered super-fans, of course, share that sentiment – whether we’re talking eight-year crime-biffing veterans or recent arrivals from the stagnant shores of normalcy. Out of the blue, NCsoft announced that it was pulling the plug, and many folks started feeling understandably Hulk smashy. But while videogame fandoms have become somewhat notorious for taking what they want by embittered force, the Save City of Heroes movement has managed to stow pitchforks and mob mentalities in favor of fundraisers and 5,000-person in-game rallies. Will that be enough, though? I spoke to campaign coordinator Tony Vazquez about the rather astonishing effort and touched bases with Paragon Studios and NCsoft to see if it’s made an impact.

“We’ve been saving Paragon City for eight-and-a-half years. It’s time to do it one more time.” That’s the mission statement of Titan Network, a colossal City of Heroes community that’s mobilized to swing in and save its favorite virtual world from certain doom. There’s a certain somber finality to the statement, but it’d do the movement a tremendous disservice to confuse grim determination with giving up.

“For the first day, I was hurt and… stunned, more than anything else,” Tony “TonyV” Vazquez told RPS. “I won’t say ‘angry’. I was stunned, because it was so unexpected and so bizarre at the time. When I first heard that they were shutting down Paragon Studios and closing the game, my first thoughts were just… I thought the game was doing really well. And it really is. The player base is strong. We have a lot of avid fans. The game was doing well financially according to all the financial reports and the reports we’ve gotten from Paragon Studios and NCsoft in the past. Everything has gone really well.”

“But by Saturday night, when I’d made up my mind that we had to try to do something about it, the effort has been focused on, ‘Well, we can’t [get sad and angry]. We’ve gotta roll up our sleeves and get to work. We can’t stay in that place for long.’”

So they did. It began with typical tactics – Internet petitions and the like – but quickly metamorphosed into a beast of a far craftier nature. What followed were campaigns to mail capes and masks to NCsoft employees, send heartfelt messages to NCsoft’s CEO, and go for a little walk at an in-game location called Atlas Park. A little tiny teensy-weensy 5,000-person walk.

“I was extraordinarily happy with how it turned out,” Vazquez enthused. “I had no idea that so many people would show up. I was honestly expecting, probably, 1,000 to 1,500 people, and I thought that was an optimistic guess. At one point I had mentioned that I’d like to see 10 instances of Atlas Park, which is 100 people per instance. A total of 1,000 people. We ended up having 5,000 people. Things got so crowded that people started spilling over onto other servers. There was a pretty significant queue of people waiting to get into the game. It was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better show of support for the game and its developers.”

Since then, Vazquez and company have also organized a $1,000 fundraiser (which collected everything it needed in a mere three hours) to buy a dinner for the entire, potentially soon-to-be-unemployed City of Heroes dev team at one of their favorite restaurants. The message? The community actually cares, and curse-spitting knee-jerk reactions don’t solve anything. Organization and unbridled passion – not entitled kicking and screaming – will save this day.

“I won’t lie,” admitted Vazquez, “we have had a few people who have been angry and hurt – and understandably so. But I have to say, I am very, very impressed with how well people have been reacting. How positive they’ve been. It really has been more about supporting the game and the studios, and not so much about negativity about the game ending and NCsoft killing off our community. The community has been very positive. I think the rally was just a good example of that, where people were very positive and supportive.”

But while there’s a storybook-style romantic appeal to the idea of insanely passionate fans turning the tide with determination alone, every MMO in the history of, well, ever would still be up and running if that actually worked. This, however, isn’t a desperate shot in the dark. OK, so it might be a bit desperate, but the community’s put a pretty incredible amount of thought into the ideas it’s trying to convey. Observe:

“I did sit down and seriously consider, ‘Is this do-able?’” said Vazquez. “I’ve asked myself that question every day since. And I really think it is. I think we have several things going for us that maybe typically aren’t going for things like this. One, unlike a lot of games that get shut down, we have the fact that the game was doing so well. This was not a game that was slowly dying. The players cared a lot about it. We still had a strong population. We had an incredibly devoted development team working on the game. So this is not a case of, ‘Well, over the course of time, resources have sort of slipped away and the game’s not doing as well, so it’s just slowly coming to an end.’”

And so, that’s the crux of Save City of Heroes’ plan: NCsoft’s restructuring. Unless City of Heroes suddenly sprouts ten million new players, it’s simply not on the publisher’s priority list. But that doesn’t mean the spandex-clad crime-fighter couldn’t carry on elsewhere.

“We’ve really been focused on trying to convey to NCsoft that this is not just us wanting our game to stay around,” explained Vazquez. “It’s actually a good business decision. Since it is a profitable game, there is an opportunity to allow the intellectual property and the code base and the distribution rights to the game to go to some other company. It is a marketable property that somebody else would be willing to pay for. If City of Heroes were dying, nobody would touch it with a ten-foot pole. If you’re NCsoft, this is actually an opportunity you have to gain some financial resources and put them towards other projects that are in your long-term goals.”

“In the past two years, they’ve abandoned several games – Exteel and Auto Assault. Tabula Rasa was probably the most famous one. So it’s a good public relations move from NCsoft to convey to players that you can feel safe and secure in investing time and money and effort and creative energy into their games. Because if they help us save City of Heroes, I believe it would help turn that image around, that they will just turn servers off and abandon a community. It would convey, in a very tangible way, that they’re willing to work with the community to ensure that the product of their creative expression is continued, even if the game is not in the long-term plans of NCsoft.”

Those things in mind, I contacted both Paragon Studios and NCsoft to find out whether or not the community’s Justice Fist had punched a hole in the fully charged Death Laser aimed at its favorite game. At first, things seemed hopeful. I heard from multiple sources that discussions between Paragon and NCsoft were ongoing, and both sides quickly agreed to answer some questions for me via email. But then a week passed, and I didn’t hear anything back. Finally, I received very carefully worded “no comments” from both NCsoft and Paragon.

“We appreciate the opportunity to present our take on things, however it seems as though this is one story that will have to wait until a later time,” read Paragon’s statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, a post concerning refund plans and elaborate End of Days events recently went up on the City of Heroes website, tossing around words like “final” with worrisome abandon. In spite of all that, however, Vazquez and co aren’t throwing in the towel yet. Win or lose – those are the only options. Quitting is out of the question. For these people, City of Heroes is more than “just a game.” It’s a creative outlet. It’s a means to keep in touch with friends who are many, many cities away on a daily basis. It’s the starting point for an incredibly close player-developer relationship, with a team that frequently joins in on forum discussion and even convenes summits to get player input on new features. It’s many things to many people, but one thing binds them all together: they’re willing to fight tooth-and-nail to keep it up and running.

“It’s a game that you can really make your own, when you’ve poured your heart and soul and your creative energies into it,” Vazquez concluded. “And the players have done such a wonderful job of designing all their characters and the stories. Some of these players have been around [for ages]. I’ve been playing this game for over eight-and-a-half years. Once you’ve put that amount of creative energy into the game, you can’t just let it go.”

“All along I’ve known, ‘Well, someday they’re going to shut the servers down. Nothing lasts forever.’ But I always thought that it would be when the player base faded away, there weren’t a lot of activities going on, and the developers, they had moved on from the game and were doing something else. But I feel like we’re really at the height of the game’s… I won’t say ‘popularity.’ We have had higher subscriber numbers. But I feel like we’re at the height of the game’s technical and artistic capability. Things were going so full steam that it totally hit us by surprise.”

“I think we have a good chance of pulling this off. I really hope so.”


  1. Neurotic says:

    Jesus, just – please – find a solution, anything, it’s still far too good a game to be axed. Fuck.

    • Harlander says:

      The solution is to release the server software to the public domain. Failing that, server emulators will certainly be developed.

      • Whallaah says:

        That would be the best solution. Games like the classic Dooms and Quake are still playable thanks to John Carmack making the source public. In fact, the games are being updated to modern techniques and systems on a regular basis.

        It would also be the most unlikely thing to ever happen. Id Software is the exception to the rule that most developers and/or publishers rather don’t publish the code. The fans could have their wicked ways with it and who knows if it suddenly becomes more popular! They rather just smother it to death in the faint hope that you’re easy of mind and buy their next game.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          The problem is, a lot of MMO server programs aren’t designed to work on ordinary PCs, and probably have proprietary libraries. Some are designed to run on mainframes because yes, mainframes are still commonly used by big corporations.

          In a few cases the publisher or developer has come out and said “Sorry, but trust us, the source really isn’t worth your time to try to fix because of X, Y, and Z. It costs us this many millions to keep it going and there just isn’t a cheaper option.” and that’s just the tragedy of it.

          • warsarge says:

            What MMO’s run on mainframes?

          • kaneina544 says:

            I think next article should have a mention of Race The Sun( That game is so amazing.

          • LionsPhil says:

            I will be suprised if anyone hosts a game server on anything but commodity x86 hardware, even if it’s rackmounted. Not least because there’s probably plenty of scope for code-sharing between the server and client components (both have to model the game world, after all—especially if doing lag-compensating prediction), the developer base can focus their skills on that one environment, and it’s just cheaper.

    • cptgone says:

      He’s working on it.

    • pikabko1000 says:

      I agree with you so much! I also going out of my mind trying to fing the right persion to ask that same question. I hadbeen on since eather late 2004 or early 2005 Icannot recall how far back. however I do know I spend like say a thousand dollar on COH. I got to buy more time cards. I had to buy more upgrade discs. I had to spend more money upgrading my computer. I now how much a pain on some South Korea rule book kills a American icon. that is a hit below the belt. I got nothing against the customers at South Korea. its only a few hand full of people that started this Bull shit. All it dose is only one persion. ONE PERSION! ONLY ONE. THE CEO of NC soft South Korea. and all of us had to pay the lost.. that is not right. what realy burns me up. cohtitan forums usspeneding my freedom of rights and freedom of rights of free speech. i paid taxes for that. I do not hold any one back on there freedom of rights of City of heroes. I done phone calls. I sent emails. I even trying to get a atterney draft letter to be sent to South Korea on this.
      you know you wanted some one to agee with you to find a solution that will fit our needs.
      I am doing my best work possible to put my anger out on the people that stated this crap and find a solution. not make like a brainless stupid robot at the cohtitan forums agreeing with every lie they do.
      at least I am thinking! at least I am trying to do something. at least I do care about peoples feelings about this. i do not know what the end resalt is after I done all my arguments. I am working on it.
      I am not going to give up untill the end. i even told Cryptic Studios what had happned. to try to get the the servers moved back to the people who made it. it look like a good idea at the time. I found out fast it was not. they was so busy doing there china knock off called Champions Online.. cryptic Studios did not care about there own creation of City of Heroes. you do not know much that pissed me off when they told me that. Irent back on there formus and realy give my piece of my mind. I know I pissed off a lot of people when I do this. it was something that had to be done. When I set my mind of doing something. I go over board. i take it too far. there is good and bad. the good part is I care.
      the bad news is I get suspened from cohtitan formus. I do not want to be a member of a group that lies to people, cheat people. giving false hope to people. I will be sendinga draft letter if need be.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    City of Heroes was so far ahead of it’s time, it wasn’t till almost a decade later when Arkham City came out that we could once again ignore citizens being mugged because there was no XP reward.

    I miss Atlas Park. I flew for the first time in front of that statue, it was very liberating.

    • Ancient Algae says:

      There was Spider-man 2 (in which you can ignore citizens being mugged because it’s not worth your time or w/e), but I get your point.

    • pikabko1000 says:

      I think you need a helping hand. I know how you feel. City of Hereos is the best of all MMORPG.
      to be shut down like this is going too far. I hope at least you feel a bit better that some one is trying to do something about NC soft South Korea. that stated this crap. I hope to let you know that your not the only one in pain. I am in the same fix along with every one else. if you manged to get COH working off line. at least its a start and its better then nothing. I hope to ish you the best of luck to solve your City of heroes crises.

  3. Arathian says:

    Never played this game, never will but can’t say I don’t full-heartidly wish them best of luck.

    • Quarex says:

      I played the beta and lost interest immediately (learning in the process that I cannot stand MMORPGs without inventories), but I am still with you. There is no reason to cancel a profitable and popular MMORPG.

      Except, of course, that NCSoft probably is more interested in shutting it down quietly than giving some other upstart company a boost by letting them make money off it. If only more companies cared about supply and demand.

  4. jezcentral says:

    If it was profitable, I don’t see why they wouldn’t already be selling it. Still offer decisions have been made.

    Server software and mission editors would be all this lot needed to keep this game going indefinitely.

    • Trithne says:

      They already have a mission editor, so really it’s just NCSoft cutting a negligible cost on server infrastructure.

      • pikabko1000 says:

        I 5think I know what your getting at. this is a game against USA. the shut down of City of Heroes is to protect the South Korea law books. The USA dose not have a say in the mater? who sas USA dose not have any rights to protest against the shut down? beleave me I am mad as hell and I am doing something. as I note this down. there is a draft letter by law is being worked on. a prototype was sent to me wating for my aproval. I am going after the head that choped off the head off City of Heroes.
        I wil lbe more then happy to give you the Nc soft South Korea mailing address.
        if you want to fight NC soft South kore in law
        what this is treating USA is its trash. and I hate this. I done too much hard work on my small pay check. too much pride in to it. then working on City of Heros about 2004 or 2005. lets say I am one of the old time player from a long while back and now today protesting about it

  5. trjp says:

    I smell licensing arguments and contract arguments going on here…

    Games this like tend to be developed by someone and then licensed out to many different people – who then re-license it into different territories etc. Often there are even multiple ‘developer’s involved it terms of expansions and conversions and translations and stuff.

    All the agreements which make-up this thing will have lifespans and there will be costs involved (possibly going back through multiple companies) in re-licensing and somewhere along the line, someone has said “no chance” and so the doors are closing (as it is now).

    It’s not like there is a group of people who “made and ran” this game to reason with – you’ll be dealing with layer-upon-layer of companies who will have varying degrees of interest (and ideas of value) for it – many of whom won’t give a flying fuck what their customers (whoever the hell they may be – directly speaking) think.

    It’s even possible that the fallback option of ‘release the code to the public’ won’t be possible thanks to the way the deals were done and the way the thing has been developed over time – but we can hope.

    One day they’ll do this to World of Warcraft and it will be like finding out the country you were born in was nuked whilst you were on holiday!

    • Ateius says:

      I have heard (from a friend of a friend, so weight accordingly) that the issue is NCsoft needs to renew the license on the game engine, which was developed by Cryptic, and Cryptic wants so many millions that it would take over a year for the game to be back in the black again.

      • Geotic says:

        @Ateius – The engine licencing thing has been pretty much been discounted – Cryptic/PWE deny that this is the case, and if it were really the case, do you not think that NCsoft would have passed blame to the 3rd party, instead of blathering on about corporate direction and the like?

      • pikabko1000 says:

        if you can give me more information on this. how rto do it let me know. for now all I can do is send angry draft letters fromy my atterney to fight against this shut down.
        however. Ncsoft Closed off the servers . Closed down the upgrades after the disc instaltion is completed. nothing is working any more. its realy dead dead dead,. this is far worse then dead.
        I do not know what is far wose then being dead. however this drama is far worse then being dead.
        along wth the rest of your people regurding City of Heroes. I do now the pain and the anger.
        got to live on figering this shit out every single day,. I am doing my very best trying to scratch my head.
        trying to figer out what needs to be done.
        I do want to save COH. City of Heores not compnay of heroes. the billiing got started by the wrong hands. Coh was being runned by the wrong hands.( No not the customers or the fans of COH)
        it got murdered by the wrong hands. lets say for a tiny 1% chance of saving Coh I will take that 1%
        I just do not want one set of bad hands being passed on to another set of bad hands. and go though all of this again.

  6. goettel says:

    Played it a couple of years back, found it interesting but couldn’t really get passed the…garishness of it all – no disrespect intended. But a game which has such a loyal following surely has something to add to our escapism. If it has to die, I for one at least hope they will find a road onwards.

    GW2 is such a great stride in MMO’s, that I’ve wondered if it wouldn’t make sense of ANet to license the engine to other takers. I’m imagining Star Wars done in that engine – with actual quality of animation and a tactile combat system which has lightsabre-duelling written all over it. Surely, flying can be added to it, since (underwater) 3D combat doesn’t seem to be any problem. So have the CoH crew get a license for it and turn CoH into an MMO with GW2’s quality. Evolve it, don’t just let it languish in the dusty MMO retirement home. There’s too many of them allready there, including some of the most popular ones.

    Rant off, gonna lay off the coffee now. -.-

  7. Jerakal says:

    I really do wish these guys the best of luck. Even though I hung my cape up years ago, I can still remember having a lot of fun with this game from launch all the way til shortly after the addition of City of Villains.

    It would be a shame if this game couldn’t continue to live on in some way. But knowing NCsoft, I’m afraid of how this tale is going to end.

  8. Slinkyboy says:

    I had the best memories playing this game. Bring CoH back!!

  9. Temple says:

    I actually don’t know what my limit would be in cash terms to keep this game going, easily the same as I’ve spent on all my video gaming for the last 5 years, console purchases and all. 4 figures no problem. My pause would be in giving the money to NCsoft…
    I want my game back :(

    In the same way as what I hear about how Secret World would be great as a single player, I would/do play this quite happily as a solo effort.

    I cannot go VIP again, I let it lapse for a month due to not being able to play for two months, missed the cut-off day by about 6 days to when they would have made it permanent.

    I really wish this could be saved. Of course that involves keeping all my characters. As devs always said they couldn’t server merge must be some problem there. I just don’t see how the save can happen.

    Letting the devs go the way they did effectively killed it, ie they will have new jobs by the time any ‘save’ could be mobilise

    I forget all the big words, but basically NCsoft don’t own the engine and have to pay to lease it and the next term of contract was coming up. Profit was only a couple of million so was not enough to warrant them bothering.

    GW2 killed the Heroes :(

  10. Tei says:

    Wow.. I cant get all my friends in the same place at the same time to watch a movie. And I have like 3. I can’t imagine the logistical to put 3700 persons in the same place. Is a titanical logistical of epic proportions. This people really CARE about this. Understandable, because theres nothing like City of Heroes, both the game and the friendly people playing.
    I feel I have now to find every of these persons in the video and give a hug.

    But, oh well.. one day what we see in this video will do *POOF* and cease from existence. And then, It will only live in the memories of the people that was there.

  11. DickSocrates says:

    They should register for protection under human rights laws. This is a community of people who are being callously destroyed by big business because they aren’t making as much money from them as they once were.

  12. djbriandamage says:

    I’d kill to play Auto Assault again. I’ve been looking for unofficial shards for years. Coolest MMO premise so far.

    Also, that screenshot above of the wedding of Dingo Boy is super romantic.

  13. malkav11 says:

    The whole closure is just so baffling and sad. I really hope that this effort succeeds, either in getting someone else to take up the torch, or have the game released to the public to steward.

    In general I really wish the latter would be what they’d do with MMOs they’re shutting down. The moment you shut down an MMO you destroy any chance of profiting from that game or its code again, so why the hell -not- make it open source? (I know, I know, there’s probably some horrible legal reason it would be problematic.) And if you do, you at least let whatever tiny playerbase still survived relive their memories and try to keep that community together.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      NCSoft’s general policy for closing MMOs used to be kill it dead and offer everyone a free month’s subscription to one of their grindy monoliths like Aion or Lineage and hope some of the player base sticks. Try and consolidate all their playerbase into one MMO and save costs or something. If they let people host their own servers they wouldn’t get anywhere near as many people to join whatever game they’re pushing everyone to try.

      Don’t know what they’re gonna do this time with the rise of F2P games. But I’d bet they try and guide everyone to another NCSoft product somehow.

      • malkav11 says:

        Which might make sense if they had another comparable product. But they don’t. There are a couple of other superhero MMOs, but even if they were good substitutes for CoH (which they aren’t), they’re not NCSoft games. And why on earth would they think that people who were sticking to games like Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, and CoH, games which stood out in significant part because they -weren’t- generic fantasy MMOs, would want to go over to Lineage or Aion, which are as generic as it gets? Sigh.

    • Bilateralrope says:

      The moment an MMO moves out of NCSoft’s control, it becomes a competitor to their other MMOs. Since any sale price is going to be for what the game is worth now, not what was paid to build it, it becomes a competitor that NCSoft subsidized.

      The better the sold product does, the worse things will be for whoever authorized the sale.

      That is why NCSoft are unlikely to sell it or release it as open source.

  14. MythArcana says:

    Another MMO bites the dust. While very sad with the affected community at a loss, this is all too common these days. Consumer beware I guess. The almighty dollar rules this blessed industry like Soviet Russia over toilet paper and there is no cure.

  15. Arathain says:

    It’s an extraordinary game. not just for the content, and the deeply clever design. As mentioned above the community has always been of an unusually high quality for an MMO. The developers deserve enormous credit for the open, honest and generous way they have interacted with that community. They have an unusual knack for giving the players what they want, and from using community ideas as well as coming up with great new features of their own.

    I’ve hung up my fancy costumes, but I sincerely hope this struggle succeeds.

  16. MysterD says:

    This is what happens to MMO’s – they’re basically game-rentals. Their servers won’t be up forever and the game won’t be supported forever by the dev’s and/or publisher. Once a company and publisher are done with it, it’s over. Only way to really keep it going is to do one of many of the following — make the game work offline somehow (and make it a SP experience); hand over the source code (like Id Software often does) to let the modders do what they want with it; and/or let the gamers actually buy and run the servers.

  17. Jenks says:

    EQ Mac’s community not only convinced SOE to abandon its plans of shutting it down, but wound up scrapping the sub fee and is now free to play (not “f2p”).

    I hope CoH fans achieve even a fraction of that success.

  18. Boarnoah says:

    Hope something good happens, its a bit awful for a game that you spent playing for long and often met some interesting people on to shut down abruptly.

  19. Shralla says:

    Oh god, he said Auto Assault. I miss that game so much. I guess there’s no hope for my pipe dream of NCSoft resurrecting it as a free-to-play game, huh?

  20. Vinraith says:

    If you’re not comfortable with the notion of playing a game for hundreds or thousands of hours and then having it all disappear in a puff of smoke, you’re probably better off not playing MMO’s to begin with. Game-as-service really means game-as-rental, it’s all temporary by nature.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Or any F2P game. Or any game that uses Steamworks or other account-based DRM. Or machine-activation-based DRM, since that Windows install isn’t going to last forever (the hardware will give out one day if nothing else), and the activation servers may not be up next time.

      Basically, I hope you like GOG’s catalogue and Humble bundles, because the only game you control is the one where you haven’t ceded that control to Somebody Else’s Server.

      • Vinraith says:

        Most DRM can be cracked, so while your point is taken it’s not quite the same thing. If I have control over the data I can probably wrest control of the game. If the data is stored on someone else’s servers and those servers get turned off then it’s gone forever.

  21. jealouspirate says:

    Ultimately I don’t think they’ll succeed, but I really hope they do. A really fantastic and mature show of support. At the very least it’s better to go down fighting.

  22. Shaz says:

    If NCSoft can suddenly shut down a healthy game and close its studio completely out of the blue, then I have absolutely zero confidence in NCSoft and will never again devote time or money to them. Simple as that. Not even for something as unlikely to be shut down as GW2- I just won’t do it.

    I never expected this would happen to CoH anytime soon, despite NCSoft’s record on shutting other games. I will never allow NCSoft to do this to me ever again, so I will be avoiding their games like the plague, despite my interest in them. They got me with Auto Assault. They’re getting me with CoH. They will never have the chance again.

  23. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    Any chance we can ditch the word ‘normalcy’ for ‘normality’? Normalcy is so ugly, and never used in Britain. Similarly, ‘addicting’ and ‘addictive’. Sorry to be a language dick.

  24. Moraven says:

    Reminds me of Earth and Beyond going away. =/

  25. Megazell says:

    Man I miss base raids. If they had base raids….I would be all in there.

  26. Rustyarrows says:

    If the game does come to an end, these players should take to the streets of DC Universe Online

  27. Lemming says:

    I’m struggling to work out why NCsoft don’t see the benefit in just running a single server. If people are willing to pay the subs, what exactly is the problem here?

    • pikabko1000 says:

      Oh man I too also getting pissed off on the subject that you posted. please do not feel that you are not alone. NC soft any my self is no longer in any busienss what so ever. I made such a big noise against the shut down. they bumped me off and wating for my atterney to to do leagle action.
      yes Nc soft is demanding Civil law suits from there customers. starting with me first.
      this is getting way too persional. man did I Signed on with the wrong contractors to run COH.
      I found out the heard way that COHTITAN FORUMS is also doing the same thing against US.
      \I got uspeed from this. We all got our freedom of rights what makes them think they can push us around like this? please beleave me I know the anger. I how the madness. I am pushing back.
      I am going after the head at South Korea first. the move it over to USA. I got people on my side trying to fix it. doing a draft cost about 5 to 10 grand. i am getting this draft about the cost of nothing up front.
      please to not feel so bad and so much alone. i know the pain and I do know the anger..
      I am doing what the only thing I can do is push on. move foward.
      I hate it when some one tells me get a grip on my self. get a life,. its only a game. go some place else for crying out loud! there are manythings I hate doing that I have to do in order to have a life. its doing a job or a pay role. I made a deal for the COH fans. I will not give that kind of respond to any one.
      I support the pain..with out pain the challange to take the victory will be useless.

  28. MuffinHunter says:

    “In the past two years, [NCSoft has] abandoned several games – Exteel and Auto Assault. Tabula Rasa was probably the most famous one”

    Has to be the most false statement ever made. Auto Assault and Tabula Rasa ended many years ago, now. And Exteel died 9/1/2010, just over the two year mark.

    Point taken, that NCSoft crushes everything. But 4 MMOs in 2 years is terribly wrong.

    • pikabko1000 says:

      I agree with you. its all a game against USA civil rights.all for the name of South Korea law and market. USA is nothing to these people. then being butt fuck with at Cohtitan forums. is going beyard me. what kind of a ediot that will chop off the freedom of rights and the freedom of rights of free speach. then get hate email regarding this subect. beleave me I will be sending a draft on this.
      wehn some one fucked with a City of Hero fan. if that persion demands to put that persional against me. So when I do send that draft letter. they know they have to fix it. and if if I am not happy with the resalts,. they darn well know there will be a far more worse.
      also due note the stocks of Nc soft had been dropping over the years. Nc soft is realy in bad shape.
      ncsoft is willing to kill well over 6,000,000.00 on time cards on City of Heroes. and not to mention the paragon points sales. this is a clue that the compnay will soon close down. this kind of money lost cannot be over looked and put under the rug to hide it. ok.
      well good luck to you on your solution to save City of Heroes.
      I sending a draft letter to NC soft South Korea to put the stop to this crap.

  29. pikabko1000 says:

    Bloody hell I mad as hell over the mater! well I hope I am doing my best on what can be done. right now. I send a 2nd draft letter to South Korea NC soft and two repeats t oNC soft USA and Cryptic Studios on this mater. lets see what my law office can do for us. I had no respond from Korea
    NCsoft for the frist draft letter. ithnki they was in a Civil law suit over a 3D graphic compnay and a
    Tera MMO civil law suit. or OR. simply not responding to law papers. I can file on that.
    if I do OOOO WHOOOOOO Ido not want to be in there foot steps. OH hell No
    The otehr thing is Iknow the stock holders are angry as bloody hell can be. after all millions of dollars was lost in Lvewl A stocks. i na mter of just few months. then more months. now its droped more. NC soft is sales had been dropping to the low side. with out City of Heroes fans to boost NC soft Stocks up. NC soft is going to have a harder time to take money from
    like how dose this grab you. letss say at least $1,000,000.00 over the 8 years on time card,. not the Paragon points store. tehy did not spend all that money or did they? This is a Flash Blood destuction report. the money was moved from COH over to Guildwars 2 Sales was so bad. NCsoft too the money from US. what is this? Guildwars 2 fans are playing with COH fans money. Thats it.
    I cannot stand it the cost is too much for NCsoft to create Guildwars 2 so we had to pay for it.
    I am not a ammber of Guildwars 2. This is a good excuse not to buy Guildwars 2. Ncsoft Korea is ripping us off. we are not protecting our selfs. there is no shame in fighting for our freedom of rights to log on to COH? This is a Civil mater. This is court case. its not going to be cheap.
    Dose tho got deep pockets with lots of cash on hand. Now is the time to strike. NC soft guard is down. they went though 3 Civil law suits. well 2 of them was against NC soft. the lack of sales.
    the level A stocks dropped. they cnanot afford to move on. force Nc soft’s bank account bleed.
    its time for NCSOFT to cry over the crime they have done. I am doing my part.
    pithc in lets help OK
    next time there is a NC soft law suit. I want to hear about a City of Heros fan fighting in court for us!
    one of them alone will do heck of a lot of damage against NCSOFT.
    please help the support get some atterneys lets file against Ncsoft. lets see what happends
    I cannot do all the work all by my self. will 6 million civil law suits Vs my Civil law suit paper.
    whos going to win the 6 million that dose it or my own?
    I sick and tired of people crying over how much they missed it. wel all know that.
    lets move on and attack the foold that done this to us. enforfe NCsoft to waste money on them selfs.
    NCsoft cannot last much longer. you do know something big will happen with in the next 3 to 6 months from now. when the stocks droped about 75% the the level A stock holders will be pissed off.
    when the news comes lets have some fun laugh at NC soft OK. Prove them how wrong they are.
    leving NC soft alone allowing NCsoft to get away with crime is not allowed in my book.
    they are killin the American Civil rights you want your City of Heroes as much as I do.
    I am not going to grade my self higher then any one else. I saying the same level as any big fan is.
    stick iwth it at least 7 years eve 6 years will do as well. every single day or night spending hours.
    all those years. these are the people I like to see leagle action being done. these are the one spending money,. I know its not cheap. i ahd to upgrade my computer many times along the way to able to keep up when graphic changes. buyign a nw motherboard, CPU, system memory, graphic card and power supply. alongwit hthe time cards, the paragon point shop. it keep going on and on and on. oh yes I forgot new hard drives, blu-ray drives.
    i ahd to do that many times for the 7 years for COH every year twice a year I do a upgrade.
    the 2nd time is graphic card. the motherbaords I do not have to change not unless it broken.
    ahdn many had been broken by bad China design flaws. this is whay I got EVGA motherbaord.
    its far grater valule then ASUS. 4 years old and still working o nthat EVGA and what ASUS 3 months.
    DA!!!! wwell haaa DAAA