Mods And Monsters: Killing Floor Joins Steam Workshop

Killing Floor knows all about mods, having been one itself. They never tidy their rooms, leaving files scattered all over internets and hard drives alike, and trying to organise them is like trying to herd cats. The multiplayer horrorshow is gathering all its mods in one place, the increasingly active Steam Workshop, which should make keeping track of maps and modes much easier. Tripwire will also be adding Steam Workshop support to Red Orchestra 2, which is receiving a paid for expandomod by the name of Rising Storm. I’ve got a load of notes about that which I shall compile later this week. There are booby traps, flamethrowers and kamikaze bayonet stabbings, all of which I approve of in games though I frown at them in life.


  1. bonglord420 says:

    I can’t wait to wear a hotdog hat on my poorly-modelled steampunk berserker

  2. phelix says:

    Awrite govnuh!

    I’m also really looking forward to the Workshop integration for Red Orchestra, though I wonder what kind of content would be offered on it?

    • Ranger33 says:

      Custom maps I would hope. Right now it’s kind of a pain to track down the latest version (for me anyway), and when I try to download them directly from the server I always get disconnected.

  3. westyfield says:

  4. InternetBatman says:

    I wish Bethesda would integrate workshop into their older games. I would like an official way to put the two-bears high fiving mod in New Vegas.

  5. Bungle says:

    Are they really gonna try to charge for the new RO2 mod? The main RO2 game itself never had enough players to sustain a community – this mod won’t stand a chance if they actually charge money for it.

    • zeroskill says:

      Isn’t Rising Storm being made by Tripwire?

      • Terrell says:

        Rising Storm is made by a mod group. But they are working together with Tripwire.

    • Ranger33 says:

      Not enough? There are like ten 64 player servers constantly up and full. RO1 and Darkest Hour (a mod) survived for years and years with maybe 200 people playing regularly, and had an excellent community. Darkest Hour in particular. I’m pretty sure I read that Rising Storm will be integrated into RO2, so no worries about splitting the community, which killed off a lot of other RO1 mods.

      • idiotapocs says:

        There are not nearly enough players on Classic servers – which is by the way, the best way to play the game :)

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Good luck getting a decent ping in those servers if you live in the U.S.

  6. stinkytaco says:

    Yeah, Trying to get whitelisted content is like pulling teeth.

    Ask a question on their forums and get the usual “RTFM noob” from their admin Ducky.

    I asked a couple of other questions about server name synatx, and valid ports, and I got insta-banned for bumping my thread.

    Trying to say that they are cool to mod for is a total lie.
    Saying it is an easy thing to do is a bad joke.

    • El_Emmental says:

      well, while I agree getting whitelisted always been a problem,

      the way you’re getting so mad for getting banned for bumping a thread tells me you weren’t ready to wait a few days for an accurate answer, nor took the time to read the forum rules (yeah, that wall of text).

      They are cool to mod for because they provide the tools for it, and will, after a while, notice and help you out. It’s a small company that doesn’t have a 24/7 forum managers team, and have to deal with hundreds of obnoxious kids spamming them with inappropriate posts and already-answered-thousand-times questions (really, there’s quite a few topics with more than 15 threads with complete answer in them), for several years now.

      Try to stay calm and be patient, and it should result in getting the information you need: there is other modders coming from time to time on the forum, and will help you out (if you wrote a nice and short post).

      You shouldn’t give up on it so easily, the Internet is a harsh place now and everyone need to make an extra effort to keep things going, and yes, you’ll be -more often than not- the one making that effort. Anyway, I hope you’ll find a way (and a place) to keep on modding :)

  7. roz says:

    Aren’t mods single player unless you add them to a server? Who plays Killing Floor SP?

    • Magnusm1 says:

      Alot of them are cosmetic, and therefore don’t need server-side content.
      Also, maybe it will work if the host has the mods installed?

    • Terrell says:

      Yeah the server/host have to activate/use the mod.
      Everyone that want to play on that server will need the mod. But they’ll automatically start downloading it from the server(But usually most servers does not provide with a fast download so its better to just download the mod manually).

      There is plenty of mods in Killing Floor but they aren’t exactly that popular due to the whitelistning system.
      If the mod isn’t whitelisted then you won’t get any perk progression which turns away quite alot of people.

      Its the same for custom made maps. non-whitelisted maps does not give any perk progression. But there is alot of whitelisted custom maps.

      There is also minor mods called Mutators like for example the “Faked Players” mutator which obviously fakes the amount of players. i.e you can play alone in a game but the game will believe there is actually 6 players. Thus the difficulty and amount of monsters you’ll face is based around 6 players, when in reality you are alone(This works aslong as you are less than 6 players).

      The Faked players mutator is whitelisted, and thus you can use it to progress your perks.