Steelier: Beneath A Steel Sky Sequel Planned

Earlier, at Revolution Software:

Jimmy Wordsmith: If our Broken Sword Kickstarter raises $1 million dollars, I’d love to work on a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky!
Ian Programmer: I would love to do the programming. BASS is one of my favourite things ever.
Penelope Management: Haha. We only made $800,000 so forget it. We’ll all work on something we hate instead of returning to a world we love.
Jimmy Wordsmith: Or…we could just make it anyway.

And so they will, after Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse is finished. Actual quotes below.

Speaking to Develop, Revolution co-founder Tony Warriner said: “We’re delighted by the recent level of interest in a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky and are currently discussing design ideas for this project which we plan to go into development following the release of Broken Sword – The Serpent’s Curse.”

I’d rather they made the Steel Sky sequel first, although I’m sure most of the people who pledged money for the adventures of George and Nico would quite rightly kick up a fuss. That sword has been broken loads of times though and I’ve only had a vacuum cleaner as a friend once. We were oh so close.


  1. googoogjoob says:


  2. Red_Avatar says:

    Like I said on another forum, the main obstacle will be recreating the brilliant atmosphere of the original which is no small feat considering it’s widely considered to be one of the moodiest most atmospheric adventure games of all time. It’s the game that made me love PC gaming and, incidentally, it was the very first demo on the very first issue of PC Gamer. Broken Sword is light years apart in terms of what made it work and that worries me a bit – they’ll need to find very skilled artists to create a deep disturbing world to return to. Heck, the iOS version lost quite a bit of it by removing the original “cut scenes” and redrawing them.

  3. pedestrian2019 says:

    The Surgeon General approves of this message.

  4. LionsPhil says:

    I’m so EXCITED I can’t BREATHE…like an asthmatic DINOSAUR in the MATING season!

    • Humppakummitus says:

      Considering the technological advances since the first game came out, this time they’ll be able to capitalise ALL THE WORDS!

  5. Arehandoro says:

    I don’t like that custom of old aventures’ developers making, after so many years, again sequels of their most known games. We put too much hype on them and, I wish I were wrong, probably we’ll be dissapointed with most of the results.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      In general, I agree with you. (The only sequel kickstarter I’ve pledged support to has been Tex Murphy. I wouldn’t even have been a part of the Double Fine thing if they hadn’t emphasized the originality of it.) But this one (or at least my memory of it – it’s been a while) is different enough from most things we’ve had, that if they can do a sequel – and do it right! – then I’ll be excited. Doing it justice would be difficult though, and I fear you’re right. Regardless, I agree with Adam that this is more interesting than another Broken Sword (even though I enjoyed the first three of those).

      And there I end my incoherent ramblings.

      • Arehandoro says:

        Unfortunately, I only enjoyed the two first Boken Sword. The third one didn’t like at all, was plenty of boxes’ puzzles, empty scenarios, the dialogues didn’t put you into the story properly… Some things of those were a bit better in the forth but still the same shit though. I’m afraid of seing the same stuff in the new one.

        About kickstarter, you’re right, probably giving support to the new Tex Murphy game is the best “betting”.

    • zebramatt says:

      You know what I don’t like? The fact that Grim Fandango crashes every ten to fifteen minutes on my spangly modern computer. DAMN YOU CALAVERA!

      • says:

        There should be a patch/mod for that. I played it on W7, knew I did something to original vanilla game and didn’t have a problem. Not sure about 64bit ver. though..

        • Ragnar says:

          There’s a Grim Fandango Launcher you can download – Google should lead you to it – that makes the game playable on Win 7 64. I played it all the way through with an Xbox 360 wireless controller (much more comfortable than the keyboard controlls, though I had to use the keyboard controls for a couple parts).

          Sadly, it did not live up to the hype for me. I enjoyed the recent Broken Sword HD remake better.

  6. Hybrid says:

    Looks like it’s a long way off, but I’m looking forward to it!

  7. plumbob says:

    Sweet baby atheismo

  8. FlowRyan says:

    Hell yeah, I wish LucasArts was still making Adventures though. I miss the Classics, like Monkey Island, the Telltale Stuff isn’t just the same :(

    • Ragnar says:

      I was surprised to find myself enjoying the Broken Sword remake much more than the Monkey Island remake. I found the dialog to be wittier and more amusing in Broken Sword, and the encryption puzzles succeeded in making me feel much smarter than I am (though I play adventure games for the story and dialog, rather than the puzzles).

      Though I haven’t played Monkey Island 2 yet (or Broken Sword 2), which I’ve heard is better than the first.

  9. Lumberjack_Man says:

    I feel this news deserves more than 20 comments :(

    • says:

      Mkay.. I played it first time some years ago, along with other awesome classics as Full Throttle and first two Monkey Islands and even this late I can plainly see their genius.
      For anyone wanting something similar, but more “current”, I recommend Gemini Rue which is in my head at least, spiritual successor to BaSS..

      • Lumberjack_Man says:

        Gemini Rue was excellent – that I resisted using a walkthrough when stuck is a testament to it’s brilliance. It is so well realised as a game world that it just sucked me in; much like BASS did on release.