Happy Burnsday: Little Inferno Release Date

If I were Tomorrow Corporation, I would have released Little Inferno on Robert Burns Day, but that’s in January and the World of Goo creators’ new game is a launch title for the Wii U so it must come out earlier. That’s a good thing though because the PC release will be at the same time: November 18th. As the teaser trailer showed, it’s a game about burning things. All the things. Maybe it’ll be a little like Trash Panic or maybe it’ll be nothing like Trash Panic. It’ll almost certainly involve burning things. Little things. Also expect some sort of playing around with physics, fire physics, and, hopefully, a delightful soundtrack.

Pre-orders are available and will provide “access to the full game a week or so before the official release” for Windows users, with the Mac and Linux coming later. Beta testers may also be selected from the list or preorderers as needed. Remind me never to write ‘preorderers’ ever again. I just tried saying it as well and for some reason it felt natural to assume some sort of feeble attempt at an Irish accent. This is my life.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Little Inferno ended up having a story that made me go ‘oooohhh’, ‘ahhhhhh’ and *sniff*, just like World of Goo did. This line suggests sorrow: “An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace – about looking up up up out of the chimney, and the cold world just on the other side of the wall.”

Via PC Gamer.


  1. MarigoldFleur says:

    I can’t really get behind the idea of pre-ordering something without at least a gameplay trailer, regardless of the developer’s resume.

    • Arvind says:

      I initially assumed the reason I didn’t see any footage was because I didn’t look hard enough, but apparently this is their marketing strategy. Well, atleast we’re talking about the game, right?

      (Will wait for demo before buying, though)

      • RagingLion says:

        Yeah, I did the same. Was trying to rack my mind for what the gameplay was – but no, we just don’t know yet. Interesting. Well, it will make a nice suprise – I don’t mind developers keeping things secret but I’ll wait to see what people say, myself.

    • Persus-9 says:

      You’re not a fan of most of kickstarter then? Personally I don’t think there is ever that much sense to preordering (I read reviews and Wot I thinks for a reason) but preordering from someone like Tomorrow Corporation makes more sense to me than say preordering a AAA game even when I’ve seen gameplay trailer that has been finessed to within an inch of lying by a large skillful marketing department. Plus I know from that trailer that at least I like the dark humour and the art style of the game and that counts for quite a lot in my book.

      At least here I know that this is a game made by three guys with a good track record who are trying to just make the best game they can while still being able to feed themselves. The average AAA on the other hand is made by hundreds of guys some of whom just want to make a great game, some want to make a game that appeals to a certain demographic regardless of the quality, some just want it to finish within budget etc etc. I can trust Tomorrow Corporation in a way I just can’t trust a larger less independent developer. I reckon that if you’re going to gamble on a preorder then this is a good bet and I might just put my money where my mouth is some time between now and the release date.

      • MarigoldFleur says:

        No, I’m not, actually! It’s exceptionally rare that I’ll commit money to a Kickstarter project that doesn’t at least have some alpha gameplay footage or the promise of a gameplay demo to backers! It’s why I didn’t pledge to Doublefine Kickstarter (though I regret that because I hear the documentary stuff alone is worth it) and why I’m really on the fence about my pledge for Project Eternity, which I may end up revoking before the project comes to an end. Even a bit of pre-alpha proof-of-concept gameplay can go a long way.

        • Persus-9 says:

          I don’t get the focus on gameplay footage. Whether a game is fun or not is such a subtle thing that depends so much on how the numbers are fine tuned that I don’t think you can judge too much from gameplay footage, particularly not pre-alpha gameplay footage that might be completely redone before release. Unless you doubt that they can actually make a game to the stage of pre-alpha footage (and admittedly that is a perfectly fair doubt with some Kickstarters) then I don’t see what it proves. Late development gameplay footage taken by a third party such as Total Biscuit is a different matter of course but nothing else carries that much weight with me. There are far too many games which look great in clips but play terribly and visa versa for me to form any judgment based on studio edited footage.

          I can’t say I’m a huge fan for kickstarter either. I backed Double Fine because I wanted the documentaries (although I haven’t found time to watch them yet) and I backed Guns of Icarus because I liked the look of the t-shirt but otherwise I’ve stayed away.

          • Urthman says:

            Actually, there are huge swaths of games that I can tell instantly I’d have no interest in by watching a couple minutes of gameplay footage.

            No trailer can tell you whether the game lives up to the promise of it’s ideas, but watching the actual gameplay can usually give you some idea whether in principle the game might by something you would enjoy.

      • Bhazor says:

        Preordering/buying something based purely on the makers reputation? When has that ever backfired?

        • Persus-9 says:

          Funnily enough it never has for me. Pre-ordering based on previews and gameplay footage, now that has come back to haunt me before now.

          • TechnicalBen says:

            If you have no expectations for the game, you cannot be disappointed. Most of us have expectations.

      • TechnicalBen says:

        Um, “most Kickstarters” do tell you of the gameplay. If they only show a video and “this is a game”, it gets little funding. If they add “this is an RPG” it might work. Have they even said what type of game Little Inferno is?

        • Persus-9 says:

          True but I was replying to MarigoldFleur’s demand for at least a gameplay video. Saying what sort of game it will be and showing off early models/art assets is hardly the same thing. I’m not saying Little Inferno wouldn’t be rather short on detail compared to most kickstarters since clearly it would be but the situation is entirely different. Giving people the option to pre-order a game which is already well established as going to happen and trying to get funding for a game so it can happen are two different kettles of fish. All I was saying was the MarigoldFleur’s comment cut against both.

          • TechnicalBen says:

            So you support pre-ordering a game on name alone? It would be pretty trolly, but they could release it as a Fifa clone. I’d reserve pre-ordering until I know what type of game it was at least. :/

  2. Flukie says:

    Cannot wait.

  3. Wonkyth says:

    I think it’s easier to say “Preorderer” with an Australian accent. :D

  4. Bhazor says:

    Sorry dudes. One decent game is not enough of a reputation to get away with this.

    Gameplay footage then I might part with money.

  5. jatan says:

    have to say i feel like a mug preordering- i read early access to beta and just clicked pay on amazon
    assuming i would get access to a beta etc… instead got a (lame) mp3 for my $15…i feel confident the game will still be good…but still its feels like a preorder con…first time a so called ‘indie’ has done this (to me)—shame as it breaks the old illusion of trust the little guya little…still i will get a game at end of it so should stop moaning now

    • Persus-9 says:

      It only says “possible beta access” or at least it only says that now. Perhaps it said something different when you preordered.

      • jatan says:

        yea- i am not sure – it may of had that caveat…it did not say access a week before as it does now- its all relative i guess-some people think the trailer and mp3 were fine…i wanted a level of game or video /tech demo… should of looked before i leaped

  6. gjrud says:

    Preordered: considering the fun the trailer gave me (watched it for the first time few days after it came out) I already feel like it’s worth the 15$ I paid. The actual game and soundtrack are the bonus content in my case =).

  7. SouperSteve0 says:

    I don’t think anything can be like trash panic

  8. Shooop says:

    No footage, no even making it to my “acknowledge its existence” list. If it’s a real product, I want to know what it is.

  9. Chubzdoomer says:

    What a useless trailer. Horrible.