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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Price of Admission

I’ve been following my usual Saturday morning routine of hunting around for the best PC gaming download deals for your to consider purchasing, although with a little more urgency than usual today. I’m about to pop along to the Eurogamer Expo (E2), as soon as I’ve had a shower and shoved some bacon and tea down my gullet I’ll jump on the tube to Earl’s Court. If you aren’t at the Expo too, perhaps some of this selection of cheap games could give you something fun to do over the weekend. For more gaming deals hit up

Square Enix Promo at GOG
A bangin’ selection if ever there was one. You’ve got all the Theif games, several of the Legacy of Kain games, Deus Ex, Anachronox and more, all of them for not very much each. Here’s the 10th anniversary special RPS verdict on the original Deus Ex, if you’ve not yet heard, it’s a bit good. Mr Walker has also done a Thief retrospective for that there

The Adventures of Shuggy, Chime, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble!, Hector: Badge of Carnage & The Network – £3.39 at time of writing.
All except The Network register on Steam.
As usual with the Indie Royale bundles, the price will be fluctuating over time as outlined here. Some fella going by the name of Kieron seemed to have a bit of a crush on Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! and Chime, and John gushed praise all over The Adventures Of Shuggy too. One of the better Indie Royale bundles, I’d say.

Prototype – £3.75
Shame about the disappointing sequel and effective closure of the studio (condemned to an eternity providing support for “other existing Activision Publishing projects”), but I really liked the original Prototype. The city is a bit drab. Most of the missions are either the same wonky stealth missions over and over again, or “go to a checkpoint, watch a cutscene, and then kill the baddies”. But! It gives you a big city in which to wreck shit, it lets you run and jump from skyscraper to skyscraper, it lets you throw cars at a helicopter and then throw the helicopter wreckage at other cars, and it lets you jump in a tank and run over hundreds of not-zombies. Great fun, although I’d suggest skipping all the cutscenes and not bothering with the story. I did bother with the story and wish I hadn’t. Alec wrote down his opinion on this here.

Batman: Arkham City [Goatee Edition] & Binary Domain – £10/€12/$15
Binary Domain registers on Steam.
There’s actually six games to pick from in this two for a tenner deal, but by my reckoning those two are the best value. John didn’t get on too well with Binary Domain, but I’ve heard a lot of people swear by it. Not tried it myself yet. Arkham City is excellent though. In Adam’s words:

It’s not just more of the same. It’s more of everything else as well, which can be detrimental. But despite perhaps sounding overly critical of some aspects, I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year. There is an enormous amount to do and now that I’m finished, I feel free to do it, no longer constrained by the fate of Gotham I can solve all those side stories. And even though I have a redwood-like backlog, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Deal of the week
The Binding of Isaac – 99p
Also: Wrath of the Lamb expansion – 49p
I’ll be straight with you here, this came out a year ago, and nothing that’s been released since has really grabbed me in the same way. I’ve spent hundreds of hours diving into the depths of Edmund McMillen’s imagination, expanding my understanding of the hidden complexity in the network of overlaid systems like the economy, items, upgrades, trinkets and exploration. The only possible reason not to buy it is that you’re waiting for the new version, no longer running on flash and with lots of new content, tweaks and features. But it’s hard to imagine how anyone wouldn’t be able to get a good amount of enjoyment from the price of admission here, and perhaps there will be a loyalty discount available for the new version if you own the original already. Read Adam’s thoughts on this here, and the RPS verdict here.

For more games that cost less than you might expect them to, hit up

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