Pane In The Glass: Stained Demo

Now available, Stained is an indie platformer, with enough spells, physics problems and colours that a comparison to Trine seems justified. Many of the colours are more than decorative though, residing in enchanted stained glass windows, which form into enemies or platforms when shattered. The lacerating foes are generated from the specific shards of glass scattered about a room, so attempting to break windows in a specific sequence could theoretically lead to an easier fight, but even when they’ve been smashed to bits, enemies can recombine and become new shapes if their parts mingle together. Movement looks awkwardly slow and the trailer isn’t hugely convincing, but there’s a demo to try as well.

Stained is available now for £6.99.


  1. Firetaffer says:

    Doesn’t looks like anything terribly special, the main character looks like those Magicka peeps and the motion looks slow and awkward, as you’ve stated, with some bad animation not really helping.

    Also it doesn’t look at lavish as trine, as you’ve already stated too, I’ll wait to see what people have to say about the Demo.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      It isn’t as lavish as Trine but because it tries to be, it could do with a little more polish. The main character is annoyingly slow and clunky and the animation is awkward. Run actually seems to make you go slower!

      The demo has some polish issues – strange shuddering slowdown, having to edit config files to change keys, lack of any instruction (though this could be seen as a positive but it is quite annoying when an enemy kills you and you have no idea how to fight it) etc.

      All that being said, I think there is a fun game in here and I’m very interested in it!

      • ronghester says:

        Run actually seems to make you go slower! Really? I mean lots of people played the demo we never experienced this defect.

        lack of any instruction (though this could be seen as a positive but it is quite annoying when an enemy kills you and you have no idea how to fight it)
        This is true, the glow on the monster is the weak spot, this instruction should have been there somewhere. But you know in the previous demo people criticised us for easily giving up the secrets.

        If we get some suggestions we can surely improve the demo.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          It was because the entire game slows down when I press the run key. The only description I can give about the slowdown is shudder – rapidly intermittant framerate loss. I’m playing on an i7 2630, Win 7 64bit, 16Gb Ram, AMD Radeon 6970M (Crossfire disabled).

          As I said, I’m aware that some people will find it a positive that nothing is explained, but it might be nice to know how to swing the weapon before getting to the enemy or what the shatter button is before it is needed, bearing in mind, one cannot look up the buttons once in game, pressing esc gives you the option to resume save or quit to desktop.

          • ronghester says:

            I have added this in our defect list and will look into this asap; at least will try to provide a solution on how to avoid this. Just to let the other user know “if you are experiencing any slow down you can go to graphics option and switch to low or medium.”

            In the high mode game try to do much more which results in poor performance on low spec computer.

            Thanks a lot!

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Just to clarify, the demo does the same shuddering for me no matter the graphics settings – I highly doubt my machines specs are the problem here, given I can run skyrim with full high res textures, lush vegetation and trees, edited view distance and enb at a silky smooth stable 60fps.

  2. yooshan says:

    This looks incredibly innovative, i don’t remember any game that can do these things. Kudos to you indie I am heading to the demo right now.

  3. dextor says:

    the motion looks slow and awkward What????

    It looks fine to me. Nice trailer finally something new to chew on. I like those dragons wow!!

  4. ronghester says:

    Hi There,

    I am the developer of this game and would like to invite everyone to try out the demo. Also we are struggling on greenlight so a little push to the poor indie will help.

    link to

    Game can also be purchased from Impulse :
    link to


    • LTK says:

      I’ll be honest, I really hope that the glass-breaking sound isn’t identical across the entire game. Some variety wouldn’t hurt, even if it’s only a bit of pitch-bending.

      • ronghester says:

        It is not! There are couple of shattering sound and they are randomly played.

        • Bishop says:

          A couple as in two or a couple as in a few? The world really needs to get some kind of consensus on that.

  5. rineesh says:

    I have played this full game. I like the concept very much. In every level there is something special for us to reveal. Every enemies has to be killed in different ways, that makes the game more interesting. Solving puzzles is another unexpected part of the game.

    Animation also looks good. It’s a complete entertainer. good luck stained………

  6. kooolputts says:

    very interesting game,after playing the demo i felt like playing it more.
    i am really happy to see the monsters made in stylized manner unlike so many of the game where we can see big complex looking beasts or zombies etc

  7. mechabuddha says:

    I don’t know how appropriate this comment will be, so please delete it RPS if you feel it isn’t in line with your standards. But is anyone else getting a weird sock-puppet vibe from the comments in this post?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Yep. Definitely getting that vibe, too.

      • Mattressi says:

        I noticed it too, but wasn’t sure. I hope they haven’t got sock puppet commenters (I’d never buy something from someone who did that), but it’s quite possible that they have some fans who independently comment on articles about the game, which isn’t t he dev’s fault. I guess it’s also possible that these commenters who all sound very similar suddenly joined (at least, I don’t recall seeing them comment before) to comment on this article because they felt so strongly about it…

        • ronghester says:

          well i appreciate the support, it is really good for us.

    • Towercap says:

      Big time.

    • Highstorm says:

      I was getting that tingly “twilight zone” feeling.

      Or perhaps that was indigestion. Early morning hash browns really do me in :(

  8. sachidanand says:

    i am really happy to see the level design , when i seen the video trailer than exited to play this game , and played full game it’s relay nice

  9. Mattressi says:

    Also of note, all of the commenters who I thought were sock puppets have Indian names (google them and you’ll see). The dev team is Indian. Make of that what you will (could be local/Indian fans showing support, or dev team members, or anything really). Just thought it was an interesting observation.

    Edit: This was meant to be a reply elsewhere, but nevermind.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      I thought it was interesting that Dextor made a comment in italics, then the next post by ronghester was also in italics. Also, all these comments are appearing within 3-4 minutes of ronghesters comments. Very interesting indeed.

      • Wulf says:

        Couldn’t be that they have fans in India or anything, right?

        I wish I could say I’m disappointed by this kind of tinfoil hat paranoia, but I’d have to have expectations to feel that. Okay, maybe I’m a little disappointed.

        But to cite that some of the posters are Indian without realising that they could have an established fanbase within their own culture that might be posting here to promote the game? I don’t know, that feels… weirdly wrong. Not racist, perhaps, but… wrong.

        Oh look, their fans type strangely and they’re not using perfect English. They must therefore be sock puppets!


        • Mattressi says:

          Wow, way to not read my post. “Make of that what you will (could be local/Indian fans showing support…)”.

          The posters that are coming here I’ve never seen before, which isn’t too weird in itself. When they’re all from Bangladesh, India, it could just be local fans supporting them. When they’re claiming to have just watched the trailer, then tried the demo and loved it, it seems very odd (since they clearly are claiming that they were not fans of the game/devs until seeing this trailer and playing the demo just now). Again, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sock puppets, but it raises suspicions.

          I normally agree with your posts Wulf, but you knee-jerked really hard on this one.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          Is it an Indian thing to only post within 3-4 minutes of the dev when praising a game you like.

          Is it an Indian thing to post, suddenly oddly changing the style of your posts to match the last one posted.

          I wouldn’t know because I haven’t lived in India for 20 years. The fact that I spent the first 25 years of my life there is irrelevant in the face of your superior knowledge of my culture.

          The allegations are not in any way motivated by racism. If they all had names like “Yankee Doodle” and “No.1 American” and “Stars and Stripes” or away from nationalities “Cat lover” and “Pussy Galore” and “Feline associate” a similar pattern of user names would have been noted. The fact is that 3 people at least noticed independently that several posters on this thread appeared to be the same person. When they looked deeper into whether this could be true, they noticed patterns which in their minds corroborated their suspicions.

      • jrodman says:

        How does one even post in italics? Do you have to type <i>?

  10. rechalRock says:

    Poor Indie ..hehe

  11. ronghester says:

    I also want to point out that, it is possible to make your levels in opensource modelling software “Blender” and export it to the game. Here is a short video showing the export feature.

    link to

    So if you know a little bit of Blender then this would be interesting stuff for you.

  12. Highstorm says:

    Great headline!