The Green Party: Of Orcs And Men

Of Orcs And Men, which is out a week from now, has a sneaky, backstabby goblin and a hulking great brute of an orc. If you can get past such crude stereotyping you might find there’s more to the duo than expected. They bicker, you see, in the style of a mild-mannered middle-aged accountant and a young, maverick number-cruncher forced to share a room during a corporate retreat. It’s a fantasy adventure and a mismatched buddy movie. I hope Arkaïl, the orc, reveals in an emotional late scene that he’s only a tough brawler because he had to grow up on the streets and never knew his parents. Styx the goblin is like a father to him.. Oh, and Styx? I reckon this is his last quest before retirement.

It certainly seems to contain hacking, sneaking and slashing, although the two characters don’t seem to offer much more than one character often does. There are heroes who can sneak and fight as the situation demands; some of them can even choose to take one approach or the other when faced with any situation. At least here there’s a bit of verbal back and forth to enjoy though, although the trailer has a little bit of bad sitcom syndrome. Just because the characters laugh at their own jokes and each other, that doesn’t mean they said anything funny.


  1. InternetBatman says:

    The voices in the trailer are just terrible, which is a shame given how neat the concept is.

    • Knight117 says:

      Terrible? I mean, it didn’t match with the trailer too well, yeah, but I thought they were quite cool. The Orc sounds way too deep to be a human, but still carries that ‘I’m gonna enjoy this’ intonation, while Styx feels very much like a wise-cracking little git! Definitely a bit of Garrett in the accent, too, I love it.
      But it’s SUBJECTIVE, so I guess it’s just me.

      Still, ‘better to be a rat than a lion’ is a good line, I think.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Sorry, but the voice work really is awful. Terribly written and badly delivered, though the latter would probably be more forgivable if the former alone didn’t make my ears bleed and scream for mercy.

      • Sarkhan Lol says:

        If quality has any meaning whatsoever then these voices were terrible, and putting SUBJECTIVE in capital letters isn’t going to diminish that.

        Fortunately the dialog is also pretty terrible so it doesn’t really stand out.

      • DrGonzo says:

        Didn’t think it was too bad either. The acting wasn’t good, but it was acceptable. It looks quite interesting, the idea is nifty. The voice acting reminded me a lot of the Dragon Age games. If they had just made them English or european I may have been able to bear it, but American accents in fantasy is pretty horrific, especially the whiny actors they chose.

    • Incredibly_Shallow says:

      Yeah totally terrible acting.

  2. sakmidrai says:

    I like it. I liked Game of Thrones RPG so I guess I’ll like this one too. Looks fun.

    • Jenks says:


      GoT felt more like Dragon Age 2 than Dragon Age 2 did. Plus, Mors was awesome.

  3. SandmanXC says:

    The Butcher of Bay Harbour? Really?

  4. shadowy_light says:

    I love the idea, and the stills look excellent… But it looks poor. The voice work, the combat, the animations, all of it off-putting.

    Cyanide seem to be full of great ideas but completely incapable of producing a quality game based on the promise of those ideas. It’s a real shame.

  5. stiffkittin says:

    Yeah the writing is pretty awful. The narration in the announcement trailer made me wince too. It’s a pity because the VO would actually be fine if they weren’t delivering such corny lines.

    I love the traditional monsters as heroes concept and visually the game looks very nice but I’ll wait and see if the gameplay can make up for the crappy writing.

  6. kikito says:

    Too well dressed.
    Too well spoken.
    Too badly written.

  7. bladedsmoke says:

    The… The Butcher of Bay Harbour??

    link to

  8. LTK says:

    The Orc sounds familiar. Anyone know who the voice actor is?

  9. Hug_dealer says:

    i think this will be a good game, but its to bad it comes out at the same time as Xcom.

    I saw nothing wrong with the writing, or the voice acting. There are certainly more games that have a bigger budget and larger studio that has worse in both cases.

    • Baresark says:

      I agree. People are being very dramatic about this voice over thing. What people fail to understand is that the voices have to go with the situation, and a bunch of scenes of them standing around bantering would never result in epic works of poetry or emotional back and forth about something that would drive a character to be who he/she is.

      • aurens says:

        no one is failing to understand anything. it’s disjointed, unnatural writing, delivered like they are being fed what to say from an earpiece. for some reason you interpreted the criticism as being toward the gravitas or the subject matter, but it very clearly isn’t. it’s about the workmanship.

  10. ScubaMonster says:

    “If you can get past such crude stereotyping you might find there’s more to the duo than expected.”

    Well, that’s pretty much what orcs and goblins are unless you want to redefine it. Goblins are runty creatures while orcs are bigger and bulkier. Not much point in changing it just be different. You could make burly barbarian elves too I suppose to buck the trend, but that seems rather silly.

    • dE says:

      You’ve never seen Online Roleplayers and their characters, have you?

      They set up an entire lineage of weird fantasy races, simply to justify the stupid “look ma, I’m 10 years old” celestial wings on their character. While still somehow ending up with at least a half of demon blood and another half of elemental… well blood? And yet another half (Fractions, how do they work?) of elven nymphomaniac breast monstrosity with an IQ high enough off the charts to pale gods (according to character sheet), 10.000 years of immortality – and still only manage to giggle and blush like a teenager.

  11. ZIGS says:

    This game looks mildly interesting, why isn’t it getting any promotion at all?

  12. karthink says:

    Cannot get on board with dalmatian murdering. :(

  13. Shooop says:

    The concept was nice, but the gameplay they showed looked generic and clumsy.

    And that was some really terrible voice acting.

    • Baresark says:

      While I may agree with you when everything is said and done, I don’t believe they showed enough of the action for that conclusion to be drawn. And the voice acting is much better than a great many games out there. I don’t know what people expect from a small developer working with an equally small publisher. There is extremely limited money in that situation.

  14. Turkey says:

    I say. T’is a bullshit contract to be sure, my good goblin. Mayhaps my big stong hands couldst protect thee, seeing as the main entrance is sure to maketh thou shit thyne yon loin clothe.

    • shizamon says:

      Lol. Tried to laugh quietly since I’m at work. Didn’t really help though..

  15. Droopy The Dog says:

    The facial expression in 1:12 is straight out of a million Garry’s mod machinimas.

  16. Blackcompany says:

    I can forgive the lack of professional voice acting. I’ve heard worse in games.

    But that combat…ugh. Looks like more weightless weapons, hitting air and a complete lack of physics. Hopefully it won’t be a centerpiece of the game.

    Why devs make RPG games that are 90% combat and use a combat system that seems to have taken about 10% of the development time I will never understand.

  17. MadMatty says:

    Voice acting…. not that bad really, but they shouldve made them more beastly- like in ZenoClash, that has the best alien/humanoid voiceovers, effects wise…. but never mind that… the graphics, character design and animation look totally awesome! i dunno about the game, but the huge orc and goblin are spot on, grim as hell aswell.

    no idea about gameplay or if ill ever try this, but yeah…. check out the orc!

  18. NordicNinja says:

    The combat made me sadder than the voice acting.

  19. karazjo says:

    I want to like this game. The graphic style and color palette looks like The Witcher 2.

  20. agitated_android says:

    I already had this on my wishlist the moment I spotted it on Steam. Didn’t even have to watch the trailer to decide that it looked cool and could be, you know, fun.

    All the trailer has told me is that RPS commenters can’t agree on anything.

    • JB says:

      “All the trailer has told me is that RPS commenters can’t agree on anything.”

      Oh yes, we can.