Try A Gaea Mission: Carrier Command Demo

Did you read Jim’s thoughts on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission? If not, go and read them now. I’ll wait. If it takes longer than ten minutes, I’ll just assume you accidentally fell into the comments and read them as well. Ooookay. Everyone back? Good. Some of you might be thinking that Carrier Command sounds like a game you’d like to play but with a whole lot of issues you’re not sure you can tolerate. Well, lo and behold, a demo has been released. It features “two demo-exclusive assaults on the Thermopylae and Granite islands”. Maybe that will help.


  1. phelix says:


  2. Mud says:

    Nice for the ones who are in doubt …… like me.

    • sPOONz says:

      Yeah, Im getting really interested in this since I read the RPS article on it the other day. I checked out the official forums and there were alot of complaints on the a.i’s pathfinding. If news gets more positive then I’d likely buy it.

      • Mud says:

        I´ve read somewhere Duke Nukem syndrome, that pretty much sums it up.

        • rockman29 says:

          That sucks, because a mod for this in the Red Alert universe would be about the greatest thing ever made if it worked well.

  3. Alfius says:

    But I hear no multi-player.

    The Hostile Waters deja-vu is more than cosmetic apparently.

    • Humanji says:

      There doesn’t need to be multiplayer in order for it to be a good game. And besides, multiplayer wouldn’t really work in this type of game.

    • Werthead says:

      Hostile Waters was based on Carrier Command, so yeah, that would make sense :-)

  4. KDR_11k says:

    Thermopylae? I don’t think I’d want to attack that.

    • Apolloin says:

      Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work out any better if you’re on the defending team.

  5. Sc0r says:

    Looks like Echelon to me.

    • biggergun says:

      I was going to say “Ground Control”, but Echelon is closer. And more awesome. Now I’ll spend the rest of the evening trying to find the CD.

  6. biggergun says:

    The colours make it look like something from Ground Control 2. Which is a good thing, I guess.

  7. razgon says:

    Just beware of the waypoints!

  8. dE says:

    I was on the fence about this but ended up falling down the wrong side.
    The first part seems like a checklist was used: Brown Graphics – Check. Turret Section – Check. First Person Section – Check. I dismissed it as “yeah we have those too!”. But the real kicker is the second half, damn do I want to love this game. Launching from the carrier is such joy, seeing attack runs play out is great. But by was I cussing out the bloody idiotic AI by the 15 minute mark. You can’t leave them alone for a split second.
    Trying to guide 4 of the walrusses out of a supply depot has proven to be a pretty big effort. Maybe I was just too stupid for it, I don’t know.

    Walrus 1: Wrooom, on way to target. Wait let me check if I brought my sunglasses
    Walrus 2: Why is he stopping? Better find another path!
    Walrus 3: Why is 2 cruising back into the Depot again?
    Walrus 4: Idk, lol.
    Walrus 1: Ah found my sunglasses, back on track.
    Walrus 2: Guys, listen, you’re in the way and I already moved aside for that Idiot 1. So I ain’t taking the long haul this time.
    Walrus 3: Yeah no problem, I’ll backpedal.
    Walrus 4: Hey, don’t just bump into me, idiot.
    Walrus 3: Then get ouf of the way.
    Walrus 4: That does it, I’m outta here. Hey 2 get out of the way.
    Walrus 2: Well if its you that’s asking.
    Walrus 3: Hey 2 what are you bumping me for now?
    Walrus 2: You’re in the way
    Walrus 4: Lol, I’m outta here.
    Walrus 2: Move aside 3.
    Walrus 3: No, you move aside.
    Walrus 2: No you.
    Walrus 3: No you.
    Walrus 2: No you.
    Walrus 3: No you.
    Walrus 2: No you.
    Walrus 3: No you.
    Walrus 2: Alright I’ll drive back a bit and see if we can’t nudge past each other.
    Walrus 3: Deal, I’ll do the same.
    Walrus 2: Nope. Not working. Move aside 3.
    Walrus 3: No, you move aside.
    Walrus 1: Woopsie, do you guys know if there’s any insurance on these things? Cause mine just got blasted to bits.
    Walrus 2: Move aside.
    Walrus 3: No you.
    Walrus 4: Actually, did _I_ bring my sunglasses?
    Walrus 2: For crying out loud 4, why are you back here again?
    Walrus 4: Move aside, I forgot my sunglasses.
    Walrus 3: Screw this, I’m outta here.
    Walrus 4: Move aside 2.
    Walrus 2: Move aside 4.
    Walrus 3: Actually, now that you mention sunglasses…

    Think this is absurd? Try the demo.

    • Elusiv3Pastry says:

      I’m amazed that they released a demo with the pathfinding in its current condition; they’re blowing their foot off with a shotgun. I’m more inclined to believe that someone snuck out some demo code as a warning to the world to not buy this heap of brainless slag.

      • dE says:

        I really don’t get it. I had a giant WHY over my head during the demo. It shows every promise of being exactly what I could enjoy – minus proper AI. But gosh, is the AI a dealbreaker for me.
        It’s something they will probably fix further down the line and I’ll keep my eye on the game but until they either patch the hell out of the pathfinding AI or put it on a really deep sale, I’ll stay clear.

        • sPOONz says:

          “or put it on a really deep sale”

          To be fair, that wont improve the pathfinding.

          “something they will probably fix further down the line”

          They made the Arma games right? The a.i pathfinding is still really bad in those games. I think Ive decided to forget this one.

        • RangerFish says:

          I felt the same about the original : awesome concept, poor unit control.

    • Prime says:

      Think this is absurd? Try the demo.

      dE, that’s the best ending to a comment I’ve read in a long time. Made me laugh so much. :) And thanks to you I’m now fairly sure I’ll only be buying this when it’s at bargain bin price. Which, if they choose not to fix the AI, should be fairly soon.

    • DarkFenix says:

      “Think this is absurd? Try the demo.”

      I tried, my mouse bumped into a rock and couldn’t figure out a way round to reach the ‘Download’ button. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing anything though.

  9. mckertis says:

    “Some of you might be thinking that Carrier Command sounds like a game you’d like to play but with a whole lot of issues you’re not sure you can tolerate. Well, lo and behold”

    Are we witnessing a birth of a new trend with RPS writers ?

  10. AgamemnonV2 says:

    A developer automatically wins some respect from me when they actually release PC demos. This tends to be such a forgotten art in a market that is screaming about piracy every which way I turn. Although I do kind of wish they had a torrent mirror for the download.

    For anyone who has played the full game and the demo: does the demo do a good job of showing off what’s actually in the finished product?

    • ethd98 says:

      it has but ive got the game and although the ai does get lost or go the long way around your waypoints sometimes it actually isnt as bad as the reviewer makes it out to be. i find that directly controlling 8 then getting the other walruses to follow it works quite well, but sometimes some of the walruses will get stuck behind trees or go in constant circle and its maddening when you’re trying to escape 3 mantas and 2 walruses chasing you so you can refuel and repair the vehicles.

    • RangerFish says:

      @AgamemnonV2 try, as they routinely offer torrent downloads of demos.