Skipping The Greenlight: Deadlight Coming To Steam

When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk in every computer game on earth. If those words are true, and since I just wrote them on the internet they certainly are, then hell must be on the verge of overflowing. It’s a good thing that not all zombie games are alike, then, with Dead State, DayZ and Project Zomboid all evidence of interesting tales still to be told. Deadlight is a zombie game set in the eighties that looks and plays a bit like Another World. Our chums at Eurogamer had a grand time with the XBLA release and on October 25th it’ll be on Steam, with extra graphics and difficulty. PC people love graphics and difficulty. Peep at the trailer below.

I think Canabalt was also a trailer for this.


  1. abigbat says:

    I own the game on XBox, but I have to say it didn’t grab me as much as I had hoped. The main character is completely un-likable, and atmosphere is sorely lacking. The art direction is certainly nice, and there are some nice touches around control (whistling to attract zombies into traps, for example), but the experience ultimately devolves into jump puzzles and frustrating fights.

    • Henke says:

      I played the 360 demo and thought it was alright, but I’ve heard that the full game gets samey fast. I’ll defenitely get the PC version when it shows up in a bundle though. Still looks very intriguing.

  2. SonicTitan says:

    I don’t care if this game is about zombies, aliens or right-wing pigeons from outer space – it LOOKS incredible. I’d buy it just to support someone who can make 2d side scrolling look this fresh.

    • KauhuK says:

      What about Trine?

    • pupsikaso says:

      Except that the game is not 2d…

      • Barnaby says:

        While the graphics aren’t 2D the movement is 2D. While his statement is slightly redundant saying 2D side-scroller, technically his statement could be interpreted in a correct way. Hope your comment made you feel better though.

        In regards to the game, I am actually looking forward to picking this up. I can’t say I have played a side scroller zombie game. I love zombie games. I love platformers. Hoping this one is as fun as it seems like it could be. Some of the remarks about ‘meh’ controls are the only thing that might spoil the experience for me.

        • JBantha says:

          Both games are 2.5D, so it’s the same: 2D scrolling on a 3D environment. But I have to agree this game looks “Fresh”. In a different way Trine does. Trine is about how the graphics looks, the sum of the polygons creating a beautiful magical forest (compare Trine to Trine 2). Here’s is about the textures, creating ambience despite the polygon count.

  3. brau says:

    i played this on XBLA… hoping that for PC they improved the controls. They just don’t have the response you expect for a game like this. No fluid movements, like Limbo, which was a shame because this game sounded great. It looks awesome, but the gameplay is just meh.

    Anyone else has an opinion about it?

  4. cptgone says:

    “If those words are true, and since I just wrote them on the internet they certainly are”
    i see what you did there, even though your writing hand is invisible.

  5. Shooop says:

    I like the art direction, but is there anything more to it than jumping puzzles like the trailer showed? Oh, and it would also have to compete with Mark of the Ninja.

  6. Skabooga says:

    I was all set to ignore another zombie game, and then I saw that you name-dropped Another World. That alone makes something worth a look.

  7. Totally heterosexual says:

    Yeah this was actually pretty bad imo. Would not bother.

    • Barnaby says:

      Some elaboration here would be useful…

      • Totally heterosexual says:

        Do I really have to? D:

        In short:
        Controls are wonky
        Combat is pretty bland
        Badly written
        Might just be me, but kind of an eyestrain

  8. Baresark says:

    I wanted to check this out. Glad it’s coming to Steam. I thought for sure we weren’t going to get it because of Micro$hits name on it as the publisher.

  9. jonfitt says:

    I hope that’s his coat blowing in the wind in the screenshot; or that’s a very inappropriate place to pop a boner.

  10. maximiZe says:

    I would’ve loved to like it, but sadly it just didn’t work for me. The controls are inaccurate for no apparent reason, the writing was rather lackluster and the level design was unimpressive – until you meet a hobo whose underground labyrinth you have to pass. That’s the point where it becomes downright infuriating.

  11. anark10n says:

    Those opening lines would make for an interesting premise for any story. Would you mind terribly if I ripped that, Mr Smith (Always wanted to use that in an appropriate setting)?

  12. kalirion says:

    Is the main character The Shadow? He seems to absorb light even in lighted areas.

  13. Caiman says:

    Can’t we get Shadow Complex instead?

  14. ZIGS says:

    More importantly, this being published by Microsoft, will it come with GFWL? Or is the PC version published by the devs themselves?

  15. Secundus says:

    so its a game where the zombies are just there to slow you down pretty much. as in a game that could have a more interesting premise if it wanted to.

  16. BrendanJB says:

    The game’s opening level is misleadingly fun. It makes you think “this is going to be a great game once it picks up and uses all of these things in more interesting ways”, then it throws platforming at you that requires, quite literally, millimeter precision, with anything other than perfection resulting in your death – and this is coming from a seasoned Megaman player. It unashamedly uses continuous trial and error instant-death “puzzles” to pad out very poorly designed levels, to the point where a lot of the time you’re never quite sure if you’re doing what the game wants you to.

    If it’s $5 or less, I’d say pick it up for the opening level, and to see just how far a great idea for a game can be executed so damn poorly. But if you intend to buy the game for more than that, expect something along the lines of a very cheap and poorly designed Megaman game. You’re going to die a lot, and you’re going to get frustrated as you yell at the screen, begging the game to tell you what you should be doing.

  17. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    If MS Game Studios are publishing then it will use GFWL I asked the devs via email but they never replied which is either ignorance or they do not want to confirm it for some reason………

    I suspect it will just appear with GFWL attached if MS are involved. Its a decent enough game on 360 but after you put in 10 hours or so & got all achvs/collectibles your unlikely to ever play again which is why it sold so low on XBLA (not even 100K copies from 60m+ 360 owners!).

    Pretty looking game but virtually no depth to it tragically.

  18. SuperNashwanPower says:

    I just find myself wanting to explore all the stuff in the background with games like this

  19. John Connor says:

    Oh yay another indie side scroller.

    We’ve had 3D tech for like 30 years and people still waste it on stupid side scrollers.

    • Branthog says:

      I’ll assume that was sarcasm, because it’s difficult to imagine anyone would say something that dumb and mean it.

      • John Connor says:

        What’s dumb about it? Side scrollers should have died with the NES. We have a whole extra dimension of movement we can use.

        • LTK says:

          I thought it went without saying that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

    • Consumatopia says:

      No, we haven’t had 3D tech. We’ve had technology that projects 3D geometry onto a 2D surface. 2D gameplay is the most natural kind on a 2D display.

  20. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    It looks surprisingly creative, in my own little smelly opinion! I might get this if it costs 10-15 euro monies.

  21. frightlever says:

    A grand time?

    “As fleeting entertainment, Deadlight works, its flattening of a tired apocalyptic premise doing enough to make sure that it feels fresh. It’s a worthy successor to other 2D XBLA adventures, but in the end you can’t help feeling that this one could have done with a little more depth.”

    Damned with faint praise, I’d have said.

  22. Kefren says:

    I’ve had my eye on this, hope it appears on GOG.

  23. tvcars says:

    Pity it wasn’t a beat’em up. Those old sideways scrolling beat’em up were heaps of fun. I hated games like Rolling Thunder and Shinobi. Pity game developers these days are so clueless about what fun is and so clueless about which games were successful and why. For a shoot’em up on a sideway’s scroller like this it need to be a lot more zoomed out or really really widescreen. Probably not going to make the graphics look to good though so its best not done and just make another shitty game.

  24. echoMateria says:

    This reminds me of ‘Blade Warrior’ on Amiga, check it on YouTube to see what I mean, rather than Another World. Loved the visual direction of that game.

    User comments about the X360 gameplay being lackluster is concerning though, I hope they improve whatever that was bothering people. With solid gameplay this title might be a lot of fun.