Skyrim’s Hearthfire Gets Cosy On PC

Bethesda send word that the latest Skyrim DLC, Hearthfire, arrives on PC today, after its pointless period of exclusivity on whichever console it was. It costs $5. The DLC will enable Skyrimfolk to build their own home – rather than simply buying an existing one – and then furnish it with “an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden” and, as I understand it, adopted children. There’s some more craft stuff in there, too, with workbenches for the fashioning of things from wood and clay. Despite this healthy-sounding shopping list I understand that’s not particularly in-depth, so don’t expect The Sims with cat people.

The trailer lurks below.


  1. Grey Ganado says:

    If I wanted The Sims with cat people I’d just play The Sims with cat people.

  2. DSR says:

    Sounds interesting(Keeping in mind this could be achieved with a free fan made addon), but I’m not sure I like how the game is promoting family values to me “adopt a child to get a bonus”. Bonus? What kind of? Like being always shouted at by my lusty argonian maid wife?

    • Snargelfargen says:

      You’re offended by …something vague to do with family values and then proceed to make a joke about shrewish women?

  3. tags 4 lyf says:

    I’m not sure why they decided to make this, especially since modders have already tackled homebuilding.

    • Snakejuice says:

      It’s for the playboxes as they don’t have access to mods.

      • tags 4 lyf says:

        Silly me, I always forget that those exist.

        • MurderFish says:

          Someone has to look out for the console peasantry.

          • DarkFenix says:

            They do?

          • socrate says:

            in a funny twisted way they would never make a paid mod just for Pc user because they already know people will throw money at them anyway.

            But then again why even make mod for both when you know Pc user have better modding skill then most of their own team,skyrim was built out of the dead mod of oblivion anyway,sadly these awesome modder wont ever get paid as much as the copy/paster that beth as hired

    • Sheng-ji says:

      You got to hand it to Bethesda though, most other publishers would have ordered a cease and desist on mods which provide a free alternative to their paid for DLC. 2K ordered a takedown of my Spain mod for Civ V about a month before releasing their own, and I think that’s fair enough!

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Haven’t they just been ripping off ideas from modders without giving credit though? That’s far worse in my book.

        • Snargelfargen says:

          Bethesda stated pretty clearly that a lot of Skyrim’s features were inspired by mods made for Oblivion. The modding community was pretty receptive, as they aren’t competing with the developer so much as fixing parts of the game they thought were lacking.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            At least it sounds like they’re giving credit, if a bit offhandedly. Naming names would be a cool move in my book.

          • Davee says:

            Indeed. Or do it the Valve way and just hire the best of the bunch and make their work official (Bethesda and Valve appear to be becoming close buddies through Steam anyway, might as well learn from them too).

    • jealouspirate says:

      Not everyone with the PC version uses mods. Not to mention some people might prefer content from the developers themselves.

      • Vivi says:

        While they are entitled to their preference, I can only imagine their reasoning.

        How people can still believe that official game content always surpasses that of the community is beyond me.

        Just look at New Vegas. It was a better game because it copied/”was greatly influenced by” community content.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          But if you’re vigilant about only adding official content how would you ever know the truth?

        • Silvermarch says:

          No, New Vegas was a better game because of its better writing. The improved gameplay was just icing on a cake.

        • derbefrier says:

          People who love skyrim probably just want all the content they can get their hands on. Thats not so hard to believe is it? I mean hell it was number 1 on the steam top seller list yesterday. I’ll never get it because I didn’t buy skyrim to play house but obviously there’s a lot of people who found it appealing enough to spend a measly 5 bucks on it. It just goes to show how relative value can really be.

    • Ishy says:

      Another good reason to get DLC: It adds new features for mods to play with, and things that are extremely difficult to make via modding. Scroll through the number of mods that now say require Dawnguard a few months after it’s out. That’s the only reason I got Dawnguard after reading some reviews/wot I thunks. Hearthfire has somewhat less to offer in that regard, but I’d like to see the improvements to the build your own home mod it takes from this DLC. And it’s only a fiver for a game I rather enjoy, anyway.

    • Apolloin says:

      Well, this one is fully featured, modders will work to ensure their mods are compatible with it and most of the few bugs that slipped in will be addressed by the developers.

      As opposed to a Mod where it’s definitely downloader beware.

  4. Walrus_Knight says:

    That large muscled man pulling out baked goods from the oven was giggle worthy.

  5. Metalfish says:

    They wouldn’t have made it if they didn’t think there was some demand for it.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      They made a Spell Books DLC for Oblivion, and I’m pretty sure the demand for that was close to nonexistent.

  6. MajorManiac says:

    This mod… sorry dlc is tempting. Will we be able to build castles with patrolling archers on the battlements?

    Given how terminal most of Skyrim’s wilderness is, the idea of living in a house is a bit unsettling.

    • 0011110000110011 says:

      Nope. You just build 3 (identical) houses in remote locations around Skyrim.

  7. Zelius says:

    I must say, I’ve been a bit uninterested in Skyrim lately. I mean, I was still interested when Dawnguard came out on XBox, but by the time it came out on PC I had already moved on to other games. I might pick them up in a sale.

    Surely they must know that this exclusivity might have this effect on people?

    • LintMan says:

      The cash that MS pays them for exclusivity must be more than enough to ofset the expected lost sales on the other platforms.

      I’m really not sure what MS gets out of this DLC exclusivity though. I don’t realy see enyone going out to buy an Xbox plus Skyrim for the Xbox just because they can’t wait for the DLC to be available for their PS3 or PC version. It seems almost more like spite on MS’s part than anything else.

      • wu wei says:

        In order to get people to continue paying annual subscriptions, they need to maintain the appearance of it being a premium service.

    • db1331 says:

      I hadn’t played Skyrim for a couple months. Every time I tried to make a new character I would just lose interest in him/her. I just picked up Dawnguard on sale, and it’s motivated me to get back in the game now. I think I’m going to use the alternate start mod, and make a shipwrecked Argonian, as I haven’t played that race yet. I’ll probably make him a mix of mage/thief.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      I’m just going to wait until all the DLC is out and on reduced-to-clear prices, and get the lot at once.

      • Snargelfargen says:

        The way dlc is priced, it’ll probably be cheaper to buy a second copy of Skyrim whenevr the gold/goty/whatever edition is released.

        It’s strange but dlc is now operating as a deterrent to buying games at their release.

        • Nim says:

          DLC have been an effective deterrent to buying games since the time some years ago when they were introduced. Strictly only GOTYs and games that guarantee the whole package gets money from me anymore. I remember I wrote a similar post on kotaku which got totally obliterated by flames.

  8. ulix says:

    Anyone know a good “money sink” mod for Skyrim? It could be something like this, don’t really care… I just need something to spend all my money on :)

    • db1331 says:

      Have you bought and upgraded every home in the game? That can get expensive.

  9. Cinek says:

    What the heck is that?! OMG….

  10. aliksy says:

    Did they do anything to make the NPC interaction more worthwhile? If not, don’t really see the value in this.

    • katinkabot says:

      Eh. Lydia is less of a whiny turd when you ask her to take your stuff. Seriously. They made her almost excited to help you out. So 5 bucks for an attitude adjustment. Take that as you will.

  11. Askeladd says:

    It’s for 360 guys?
    Pretty meh for the superior PC user that has Skyrim Nexus at his disposal.

    Well, aside from that I realised that the closest we can get to ‘everything is possible’ is in our own imagination.
    Reality is something that limits us in what we can possible do – world-building and storytelling are ways to expand reality until we hit the boundaries of our imagination.

    • 0011110000110011 says:

      Out for PC today. As with Dawnguard, there was a 1 month exclusivity deal with xbox.

  12. 0011110000110011 says:

    It’s very, very meh.

    Downloaded it today, a few hrs later I was completely finished. It was basically just following a checklist of items (a billion iron bars, mostly), and making a few choices about which rooms you added (kitchen or armoury, hmmm). The house looks nice, I guess, but nothing particularly ground breaking.

    Also, good luck figuring out where to get glass/straw/a house without looking at a guide.

    It’s pretty cheap, but I’d definitely say you’d get more entertainment from any Steam game the same price. I’d avoid it, if I could choose again.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      If what you’re saying is true, it’s a shame that they didn’t allow for more active planning by the player. I assume you can’t make a log wall or farmstead with a small enclosed pasture?

  13. Shooop says:

    link to

    link to

    Everything else in Skryim is now irrelevant.

  14. ResonanceCascade says:

    Hard to believe it’s taken them almost a year just to release two lackluster DLC packs. I guess that’s a good thing?

    The only thing that will get me playing Skyrim again at this point would be a shiny new place to explore ala Solstheim or the Shivering Isles. The DLC I like is the kind that used to be called “expansion pack.”

    • Dr I am a Doctor says:

      Man, I wanted to get back to Skyrim lately but the combat compared to Dark Souls was just terrible. :(

      • Unaco says:

        Really? I was trying to get back into playing Dark Souls recently, but the open-ended sandbox nature of it compared to Skyrim was just terrible. :(

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        The combat in Skyrim doesn’t bother me, oddly, but there’s no doubt Dark Soul’s combat is best in class. Maybe just best period. So, so good.

  15. Roz says:

    And still no Dawnguard for ps3.

    Oh wait who cares.

    • RandomEsa says:

      Does Bethesda ever get called out from their bullshit on ps3 issues? I don’t personally play anything else than exclusives on my ps3, but when Dark Souls was released it got a lot of flack from every journalist because it had a poor optimization.

      • Dr I am a Doctor says:

        Why is it always PS3? But yeah, it’s bullshit that four Gamebryo games passed and they still have the overflow bug.

        • RedViv says:

          Bethesda work by switching out parts in their games and then piling more stuff on top of the rest. Within their Frankensteinian work though, it’s a bit of a problem that they tend to pick Abby Someone’s parts. And then try to hide it instead of fixing up stuff.
          Hole in the world space? Just shove a rock over it.

  16. Chaz says:

    Does this mean that things like implementing the trophy room, fish hatchery and baking oven will be easily available to do in the Creation Kit now?

  17. zerosociety says:

    I’m only in if you can Adopt the Vampire child from the Dark Brotherhood.

    • ShatteredAwe says:

      Or adopt a Elven Child and raise him to hate Nords.
      Or better yet, allow ACTUAL CHILD MAKING. Gosh.

  18. uNapalm says:

    “Fill out your back yard” made the 5 year old me chuckle

  19. Nix Nada says:

    If this had come out earlier, I would have picked it up as a nice little diversion during the main game, but by this time I’ve already spent 114 hours in Skyrim and can’t see me going back any time soon, and certainly not just to build a house.

  20. Acorino says:

    Just started playing Skyrim this week. Now I feel embarrassed that I’m so late to the party!

    I never sticked with Morrowind, it felt too lifeless to me. Gothic II was more to my taste, because it felt truly alive. The NPCs had their daily routines, were busy and had jobs.
    I skipped Oblivion because everyone said that it was terribly bland, and it looked like that to me, too.
    And now, Skyrim…I don’t think I was ever so impressed with a game before in my life! I played for three days straight now, and it felt like I visited another world. It helped that I didn’t turn on the heating, so I shivered a bit in front of the monitor while my avatar walked through the icy steppes.

    I used some mods of course, mostly those recommended by RPS: SkyUI, Fixed Followers Lite, Follower Trap Safety and Detect Skills Spell. I also installed the Hi-Res pack.
    When I realized that Lydia wasn’t able to ride a horse I looked for a mod that made it possible. The only time I was annoyed with the game. How demeaning for her to be constantly treading along behind me while I sprint ahead with my horse. She must be out of breath non-stop! The Convenient Horses mod took care of that.

    This game is chock full of memorable moments, many of them entirely unscripted!
    I remember conquering some fort, then leaving its dwelling only to be faced with three thugs impossible for me to beat. So I snuck past them and got away. Later I came across a grotto which I cleared. As I left the thugs stood right in front of me again! While they tried to bash my head in I sprinted down slopes, jumped over hillsides until they finally lost track of me, for the moment. Of course, they were still roaming about, which is entirely the reason why I met them again.
    Then I came across a dog. He whimpered. I told him to go home. He attempted to, but the thugs came along, and he ran right into them! His fate was sealed: I couldn’t help him, I didn’t have the means. I could only run away, in shame, of not being able to even save the life of an innocent dog! I didn’t see him die, I couldn’t bear to, but his death was inevitable.

    Another wonderful moment: Lydia and me, traveling from Whiterun to Winterhold, with two horses in tow, through the snowy landscape and frosty winds. Not much more to it, but just thinking about it makes me shiver.

    Oh, and then the Dwemer ruins I came across. I didn’t think they would be such a big deal and that they would need so much time! Apparently they were meant to be explored as a part of an important quest I hadn’t accepted yet. As I reached the very end of the ruins I realized that I lacked a certain item to get beyond the probable final gate. And I could tell that I wasn’t ready for those ruins yet! Those damn Framer(?) were damn near impossible to kill! Thank god for Lydia!! With some tactic maneuvering I managed to beat the worst of them. And I’m especially proud of how I beat the final dungeon boss, a huge steampunk robot: I lured him out of his corner, ran through the lowered gate, up the steps and pulled the lever to close the gate again. Trapped behind the gate the steampunk robot could barely harm me, no matter how much steam he blew in my direction! A tons of arrows took him down in the end. :D

    I could go on and on…my last station was the Winterhold college! Wonderful place. Liked the guided tour. :D

    Anyway, Skyrim is truly a world to get lost in. It impressed me more than any other game ever did. For me the greatest achievement in video game history.

    Yeah, big words, I know.

    The DLC though…doesn’t sound all that great. :P

  21. Ironclad says:

    Can I at least kill and eat the kids?

  22. Numerical says:

    Houses and baking don’t seem too appealing. The ES games are all about exploration. Make something to explore for jeebus’ sake!

  23. Barberetti says:

    Hmm .. I’ll pass. I built my house the day the Creation Kit dropped.

  24. Greater Ace says:

    To all you people who are still feeding off the tits of the modding community as your one stop for all things skyrim remeber the good people at Bethesda will have actualy decided before the mod makers what they wanted to do as they had one week where they all made there own “mods” and half of them are way better than the ones made by people in the modding community. Some mods yes are better and I have been lucky enough to play Skyrim, Fallout 3, and many more games on all 3 consoles and I am one of the best gamers in my City.
    The game can be improved by mods quite easily but they do not give you the same quality. If you look at something like “Project Legacy” by filthyeskimo and his team, you will see it is all but forgotten as there have been no updates or important news on it for months (loved the mod hope to see it finished), but if Bethesda were the ones working on it from point ‘go’ as a dlc then it would have been finished and there would have been support for it as well.
    Also don’t forget that half the mods out there wouldn’t have existed if Bethesda had decided not to relese the creation kit. Mods would only have been crafted by those who were either very skilled or hacked the hell out their systems to make one.
    Finnaly to all those thinking it is so funny that console gamers can’t get mods well guess what my friends got a playstaion 3 hacked and a Xbox 360 hacked and they could play mods so guess what this rich African has to say and no it is not “don’t do drugs” it is if you think you can do a better job than Bethesda go ahead and create a full length expansion pack that adds in new armor, new weapons, new locations, fully voiced dialogue, new and preffarably opposing factions, that is all lore friendly. Go Ahead no one is stopping you and if you can then congrats you can back up everything you say here and anywhere else.
    So I tell you grow the hell up!!

    • Blackcompany says:

      Are you at all serious. Cause:

      -Heart of the Dead
      -Lost Spires
      -Deadly Creatures
      -Deadly Reflex
      -Midas Magic
      -Less Annoying Magic Experience
      -Race Balancing
      -Stranded Light
      -Verona House: Bloodlines
      -Darker Dungeons
      -Sounds of Skyrim
      -Immersive Patrols
      -Realistic Wildlife

      All of these and countless – and I mean countless quite literally – are far better efforts in Oblivion and Skyrim than Bethesda ever bothered to put forth. To say nothing of Wrye and COBL.

      Please, enjoy your console. And leave us to our PC games.

      • Lawful Evil says:

        Ah, Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge… What a beautiful and memorable experience. The main quest for me was literally breathtaking. And the interesting and imaginative locations and dungeons… Ah… memories.

    • dE says:

      My, you sure showed them.
      Whoever they might be.

    • Lawful Evil says:

      Allow me to add in a few more mods (for Oblivion):

      Unique Landscapes
      Better Cities
      Elsweyr Desert Of Anequina
      Dibella’s Watch
      Waalx Animals And Creatures
      Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul
      Darnified UI
      Enhanced Hotkeys

    • Chaz says:

      and I am one of the best gamers in my City

      Well that settles it then, you must be right.

  25. Crosmando says:

    Ahhhh, good ol Bethesda modding community. There’s nothing like a good old horse cock high-resolution texture mod to get rid of bugs, or maybe maybe a anime/nudity mod is more your style, it sure will make you forget about the awful voice acting, stupid NPC’s and horrible level scaling. Don’t worry though for all you Bioware deviants out there playing Skyrim, the modding community will be sure to add a pedophilia mod to Hearthfire too. You’ll be able to romance your children in no time at all!