The RPS Bargain: Cheap ‘N’ Nasty

Lewie has swapped his game journalist hat for a game developer hat this weekend. He will be making a game from scratch and/or having a nervous breakdown over a 48 hour period while being interviewed by equally cross-hatted developers. If you wish to support him or sabotage his attempt you can pop along to the London Game Festival.

He couldn’t let the bucket go empty so he nominated me (Tony) to point you to the best deals this weekend. You can of course find cheap games all week round from Lewie and his minions at

THQ Collection – £34.99/€49.99/$49.99
The ever growing THQ pack is a welcome Steam sale sight, this price gets you (big breath):
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Metro 2033
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Saints Row: The Third
Titan Quest
Titan Quest – Immortal Throne
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II & Expansions

By my calculation, that’s a million hours of gameplay in there; from the strategical thinking of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War II to the atmospheric survival of STALKER and Metro 2033 to the explody silliness of Saint’s Row: The Third.

Awesomenauts – £4.33/€5.36/$6.99
Awesomenauts is defined as a ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’ or ‘game’ to pick an equally helpful definition. It’s like DOTA, only 2D and with a lovely saturday morning cartoon art style and theme song that is unafraid to be rad in the most 90s of ways.

DOTAMOBA things and their communities can be quite intimidating but I found this easy to pick up and no-one has called me or my mother horrible names in an online match yet. This is direct from the developers Ronimo Games, they give you a key to plug into Steam and possibly a rad thumbs up.

GOG Activision Greats sale
There are far too many good games to list here from the half forgotten time where Activision wasn’t a COD/Blizzard/plastic toys tripod that swallowed developers whole to work in DLC mines and licensed game oil fields.

Some highlights include Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, an RPG so deep and rich that even it’s name takes time to learn and The King’s/Police/Space Quest games – the best and worst of which I leave for debate in the comments – as well as fifty thousand Zorks.

Deal of the week
Darksiders II – £12.49/€24.99/$24.99

If feels like only yesterday when the surprisingly agile Death wall-ran his way onto Steam and already it’s half price. It’s a huge thumping, leaping thing that so proudly wears its influences on its sleeve and solidly integrates each of them that it feels more like a loving remix, mash-up or laboratory mouse with wings than it does a rip-off. Here’s what John made of it:

It is also derivative of just about everything imaginable. There’s barely a single original idea in here – and yet that never proves a bad thing. Instead this is a lucky dip of great game ideas from everywhere else, compiled together in one enormous project, dwarfing its inspirations in terms of size, if not always in design. Within the game you’ll find one huge chunk of Prince Of Persia, a generous slice of Zelda, no inconsiderable lump of Metroid Prime, and a car park full of Ratchet & Clank. Then there’s the bucketfuls of Shadows Of The Colossus, all served with a massive side order of Diablo. And these aren’t reaches – these are bold, clear influences, and what a bloody good thing that is. What a fantastic list of games to be reminded of, all at once.

The DLC, both released and hypothetical, is also on sale.

Also of note:
Spec Ops: The Line – £4.99/$7.49 notable for being nearly interesting
Saint’s Row: The Third – £7.49/€9.27/$12.08 barring a daily deal, presently cheaper than Steam
X-COM: UFO Defense – 75p/£1.25 with a hyphen
King’s Bounty: The Legend, NEO Scavenger, X-Blades, Mercy Corps, Tropico 3, Strangers Wrath HD and some comics – £3.09/€3.84/$5.00 minimum

For more deals, including THQ daily deals on Steam, drop in on


  1. SquareWheel says:

    In the US, maybe all of North America, Skyrim and Diablo III are $10 at Toys R Us. Apparently Best Buy is price matching.

    Skyrim: link to
    DRM Fest: link to

    • d32 says:

      Well that’s the price I would finally pay for always online drm’ed action game.
      Too bad, it’s only for those living in the indian lands over there.

    • ArtyFishal says:

      I know that it’s pretty hip to hate Diablo III, but this is a once in a lifetime deal (Blizzard games never get discounted.) Starcraft II is also $9.98( link to I’m going to pick it up along with a copy of Diablo III for a friend. I’ve spent 60+ hours in D3 and it’s so far the only game this year that I can see myself playing again and again in the future.

      Diablo III is thus far my game of the year.

      • mwoody says:

        Oh wow, yeah, that’s a crazy deal. Blizzard games hold their value like mad; $10 is a steal.

        I’m more than a little confused that ToysRUs is selling M-rated games, though. I thought they stuck to kiddie stuff.

        EDIT: Wait, why is it in the Nintendo DS games section?

      • BubuIIC says:

        Ah, dammit, would be really interested in Starcraft II, but I’m not in the US… well maybe in a few years I can buy the game for a reasonable price…

      • PopeJamal says:

        You don’t have to be “hip” to hate on Diablo 3, you could actually just, oh, I don’t know be an adult who can make decisions about things by looking at the facts at hand.

        And the facts at hand tell us that the Online DRM burdened success of D3 has probably done more harm to the future of DRM Free gaming than any other 52 titles combined. Blizzard is a juggernaut in the industry and what they do affects everyone.

        Having said all that, I recently broke down and loaded up the demo/trial for D3 and it seems like a damn good game. Too bad I won’t be able to allow myself to buy and play it, but sometimes being an adult who stands by their principles isn’t an easy choice.

        If you make choices different than me, that’s fine. But don’t be an ass by tossing out blanket accusations of “hipsterism” on people who have principles and choose to stand by them.

        • Baines says:

          I hate that Blizzard used Diablo III to push people into accepting always on DRM, but that isn’t why I hate Diablo III.

          Honestly, I wouldn’t even say that I hate it. I’d just say that it isn’t a particularly compelling game, and is honestly a bit forgettable. And it isn’t like there is a shortage of competition, with Torchlight 2 and the beta of Path of Exile. (If you happen to like Diablo 3’s freedom in respec, remember that Runic Games supports mods. There were respec mods for Torchlight, and I’m sure there are respec mods for Torchlight 2 by now.)

    • Sigh says:

      For those interested take a look around on the horrible Toys R Us website several other games are discounted below the $10 level:

      Batman: AC
      Modern Warfare 3
      Battlefield 3
      AssCreed: Revelations
      Star Wars: The old Republic
      WoW Expansions prior to Pandaria
      and several others (but not Max Payne 3)

      Go to Toys R Us website Category->Video Games->PC&Mac Games->All PC&Mac Games->Sort by Price Low to High (you still have to weed through some junk but many of the sub-$10 AAA games will be on the first few pages after the sort.)

      I am going to head over to Best Buy to see if they will price match the Blizzard games.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      Anyone had any success getting a Best Buy price match? I didn’t see a link to a weekly ad or anything on the TRU site and they usually want the weekly ad to do a match.

      • Sigh says:

        I can personally confirm that a Best Buy will price match. I purchased boxed copies of Starcraft II and Diablo III for $9.98 each at my local Best Buy in New England.

        The sales rep. had to discuss the Price Match with a manager, but they agreed to the match. There is a chance that some managers may decline the match…I don’t know how subjective the policy is. I brought a printout from the Toys R Us website for each game I wanted to buy and told them that was the “In-store” price. Good luck.

        This is one of the best sales I have seen in the past couple of years and also one of the only times I have purchased boxed copies of PC games in the past few years. I really cannot believe that they dropped the Diablo III price below $10…I am glad I waited to play it.

      • obagelista says:

        I just did it this morning. I talked to a Geek Squad member at my local (Cleveland, OH) Best Buy and showed him the print out. He said they would price-match and looked it over to see the terms of the deal (one per customer, etc) and didn’t find any. At first he was only going to let me buy one copy but he changed his mind and let me get two instead. Which is just as well… I would’ve just gone to a different Best Buy to get one for my wife.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        Hmm, well maybe I’ll try later since I’m going past the nearest one. The managers at that one are always really sticklers about matches but worth a try.

    • obagelista says:

      Thanks for this! With Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 recently seeing release, I doubt I’ll get into Diablo 3 any time soon, but that price is unbeatable.

    • Blob-World-Eye-Weary says:

      Thank square wheel, not in stock at my toyrus but manage to get D3 and skyrim at bestbuy. Good thing no one ever answers the phone at my local toyrus <.< geek squad guy says he has to call them to see if they were in stock.

    • sincarne says:

      Nope, here in Soviet Canuckistan, it’s still $60 for either.

  2. Gurrah says:

    How does gamefly work exactly? Do they send out Steam-keys?

    • iLag says:

      you’ll get a Steam key. but be aware that you cannot pay via paypal any more and they save your credit card data without any way for you to delete it.

      • Gurrah says:

        Thanks a lot, without Paypal the deal’s fallen flat anyway.

        • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

          If you have the service from your bank, use a temporary e-card, with an expiry date and max amount set by yourself. Always the safest way to pay for stuff online anyway.

      • alundra says:

        Huge thanks for the warning.

  3. caddyB says:

    I wonder if buying Arcanum here will help ex-Troika a bit ( probably not ). I still have my cds somewhere, but the GoG generally do a good job of making these games work in higher res ( and we all know Arcanum needs higher res ) on new systems.

    Can anyone in the know tell me a bit about that? 2 and a half dollars is almost as cheap as free in this economy ( paid more for bread earlier today ) so money’s not the issue, I’d rather not give money to Activision for other people’s work though.

    • Persus-9 says:

      My understanding is that no, unfortunately it will not. I think the money will be split between Activision and GOG. On the other hand it was Activision’s work as well if not in such a creative role. Personally I have no problem paying a few dollars for a game even if none of the money finds its way back to the original creators. It sends a message that I consider these games valuable and it will be worth their while preserving them and porting them to newer OSs.

    • stiffkittin says:

      Your money definitely won’t go to the devs unfortunately since everyone from Troika works elsewhere now. You’d only be supporting GOG and yeah, Activision. Still if you’re a fan of the game, for $2.50 it’s a pretty convenient and reliable way of re-installing it on a modern system. The GOG version doesn’t support widescreen or high resolution but there’s a very good mod that does. Game and character sprites scale well.

      If you want to support ex-Troika devs take a look at Dead State and Project Eternity instead.

      • caddyB says:

        Already backed Project Eternity for as much as I can afford, I always preferred Obsidian style of writing to Bioware but that’s another discussion.

        I don’t have any interest in zombies though, so I’ll see it when it comes out.

        • stiffkittin says:

          Dead State’s shaping up more as a tactical, survival sim with a heavy emphasis on dialogue and group dynamics. Brian Mitsoda wrote story and dialogue for VtM: Bloodlines. The undead look pretty peripheral to the overall disaster/apocalypse setting although I totally understand the sense of zombie over-saturation.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        It could be argued that with Boyarsky at Blizzard, supporting Activision is technically still supporting at least one ex-Troika dev. Though it’s a stretch.

        Mixed feelings about buying anything from Activision.

      • Martel says:

        So with that mod (link?) would you say it’s pretty easy to get going for somebody that wants to play it for the first time? I don’t mind playing old games with old graphics, but horrible resolutions usually drives me nuts after awhile.

        • snv says:

          Arcanum uses drawn sprites in an isometric view, these age way better than 3D graphics anyway.

        • stiffkittin says:

          The mod’s a cakewalk to install and I’d also grab the Unofficial Patch and HQ town maps from the main ‘Arcanum’ menu here. Be aware though that the original UI only had one resolution so it won’t scale with the rest of the engine. The mod includes a decent alternative but It still looks a bit odd in the main menu where the original HUD is no longer hidden by the title screen.

          On the same page you also have the ‘Arcanum Modules’ menu to download the official expansions. Just drop the .dat files in the game’s /modules folder and you’re done.

          • Martel says:

            Sweet, thanks, I might have to snag it then.

            *EDIT* And by may have to snag it, I did, and grabbed all the mods from that page you guys linked. Thanks a bunch, looking forward to this.

          • stiffkittin says:

            Good for you! Take it easy on the res patch though. I ended up removing it myself. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to pick up, hidden in the environment. Also, the way the sprites are drawn they still look quite nice at the normal size. Spell effects are also rather attractive and the original UI is so lovely..

  4. iLag says:

    Thomas Was Alone, 50% off, today only link to

  5. Tony Heugh says:

    If you’re in the US or in the UK/Europe and have a nice bank that doesn’t charge you extra fees for currency conversion, Darksiders II may be cheaper from link to using the one use code ‘OCTOFUN1’. Comes to $18.75 or £11.62 and €14.38 before bank charges. Just add a valid US billing address.

    Or you could get Battlefield 3 for $7.49 or £4.64/€5.74 before charges.

    • Aardvarkk says:

      Nice, just bought Sleeping Dogs for $22.50 with the code. Thanks!

  6. Persus-9 says:

    Gnomoria is pay-what-you-want (over $0.25) at IndieGameStand. I’ve no idea if it is any good but it seems to be an alpha of quite an ambitious little Dwarf-Fortress-like with a nice GUI and it is getting rave reviews on its Desura page. I think I’m going to take a punt on it later. You can also buy it in a $10 bundle with SpaceChem and whatever game IndieGameStand put on sale next which seems pretty brilliant to me if you don’t already own SpaceChem because SpaceChem is in my opinion one of the best puzzle games ever made.

    • Cryptoshrimp says:

      I’ve bought Gnomoria, and despite being in Alpha, I think it’s one of the better Dwarf Fortress clones avalible right now. It’s moderately complex, but it offers quite a big selection of features. However, it -is- still in Alpha, so it’s pretty unstable, pathing is terrible and not all visual assets are in. I think it’s better than Towns, but that’s just my personal preference.

      • KlaxXxon says:

        Could you recommend any other nice DF clones? I disliked Towns and Prison Architect seems a little to unfinished yet. I find DF too complex to play it without investing gazillion hours into it, but really like the premise.

        • Cryptoshrimp says:

          There’s a thing called DwarvesH, but I’m not sure if that’s a) good and b) playable now, as I’ve only heard of it, and never seen it myself. There’s this Paradox thing comming out, but I’m guessing it won’t nearly be as involved as DF. I know this is shit advice, but just try DF. I know the controls are shit, but if you don’t mind choppy action because you have to look up key combinations, it’s still the best game. Also, Stonesense!

    • mwoody says:

      Alright, maybe I’m going nuts but I don’t see the $10 bundle option on there; can anyone point me in the right direction?

      EDIT: Oops, I found it. Quote from the FAQ page:
      “I just missed a game that I really wanted, can I still get it?

      If you just missed the previous game deal, you can still get it by purchasing the current featured game deal and making it a bundle. When you create your own indie game bundle you get 3 games: the currently featured game, the previous game, and our next upcoming game.

      If the game you are looking for is older than that, it is no longer available. Keep watching – we often bring back our most popular games, so leave us your feedback on the types of games you want to see in the future. Remember, you can get always get the game directly from the developer in the meantime. ”

      I’ve tested and yes, it shows up on the “slider” when you click the Buy button.

      Of course, as I already own SpaceChem, this now puts me in a weird position: I have to wait 37 hours and get the bundle with the NEXT game they put up. Still, interesting idea.

    • RogB says:

      thanks for the heads-up, been playing the time limited demo a bit recently and quite enjoying it

  7. stiffkittin says:

    The Groupees bundle is worth it for X-Blades alone… I kid, I kid. Actually Neo Scavenger is a very nice surprise. Fantastic for quick 10-15 minute survivalist jaunts. I was last chased across 3 hexes by a mutated wolf-man while frantically trying to hide my tracks. Caught me in a clearing and opened my midriff in two places before chewing my face off. I’d only been out of the cryo chamber for 20 mins :)

    • caddyB says:

      Well it is a pretty good look at animated buttocks simulator.

      • stiffkittin says:

        At first I thought you were talking about Neo Scavenger. Tbh I haven’t given X-Blades a second thought since picking this up, but yeah the blow-up of the X-Blades cover in the email was a little awkward. Not a shining example of gender-inclusive character design to be sure.

        • The Random One says:

          You do start NEO scavenger is a medical gown… but your buttocks aren’t animated.

          Cheer up, buttocks!

    • Persus-9 says:

      I’m just glad I’ve got King’s Bounty already because I’d have to skip this bundle on the basis that I couldn’t live with myself if I did anything to reward the creation of X-Blades.

    • d32 says:

      How much longer is the current version of Neo Scavenger compared to demo? I have played the shit out of that :)

    • MythArcana says:

      NEO Scavenger was an instant purchase for me at that price. It looks to get much more fleshed out over time and should come out a big winner by next year.

    • Baines says:

      I already own X-Blades (never installed) and King’s Bounty (never finished). And the $5 rewards are mostly books. And the extra rewards are all music that I might never even download.

      If I didn’t already own it, I’d get it for X-Blades, just so that I could eventually install it and see what it was like for myself. Even though it apparently wasn’t that good, it did manage to get a sequel, Blades of Time.

    • alundra says:

      Waited for half an hour for a reply on the support channel, what payment options there are, then when I tried asked again it required me to register.

      And if I want to checkout, I have to register…whatever, the games are not that great anyway.

  8. bill says:

    the best and worst of which I leave for debate in the comment

    Well, the best game is clearly Interstate 76, and the worst is clearly Interstate 82. So that wasn’t too tricky.

    though last i heard (which was a long time ago and may have changed) GOG hadn’t done a very good job with updating i76 and it had a huge framerate bug that made it unplayable for many people. But I also heard recently that some glide wrapper (That i forget the name of) had been updated to support i76 – so if you can find that then it’s well worth it.

    • DrGonzo says:

      It comes with a glide wrapper that didn’t work for me. Tried it on many machines. No luck on Vista, Windows 8 or 7 with the game. It runs on XP but the cut scenes don’t work.

      The shocking state they released it in really put me off GoG for a while, and even now I’m a bit bitter and am loathe when someone praises them for releasing games without DRM, when they release games that straight up don’t function.

  9. Persus-9 says:

    I’ve just noticed Legend of Grimrock is also 50% of on GOG at the moment at $7.49. Awesome game, and I say that as someone who never played the sort of game it hearkens back to. link to

  10. Carra says:

    ” Darksiders II – £12.49/€24.99/$24.99″

    Sigh, when will they learn? I’ll wait until it’s the European equivalent of £12.50 (~€14.99).

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      I bought it in the UK and TBH I am glad it was cheap – its not quite what I imagined it to be (so far). It IS a pretty ropey port, and I switched to a 360 controller as, like Dark Souls, it suffers with difficult M&K controls. It also seems badly optimised in terms of graphics, and (again) like Dark Souls really seems to struggle with vapour type effects and slowdowns. Knocking back the AA and SSAO helps, but my usually-capable rig does chug a bit at points.

      Gameplay is OK, if a little workmanlike, though I am having trouble adjusting to the camera which has a habit of putting enemies off-screen where you cant see them, but they can get you. So yeah its not the greatest port, and though I think some of the worst release bugs and problems have been patched, I am not feeling compelled to play it at the moment. It may get better now I have reached the first hub and its opened up a little though.

      EDIT: Actually I take back the bit about the M&K. I just went back in and tried it with the DPI turned down a little on my mouse and it wasn’t too bad. Maybe just preference.

    • Persus-9 says:

      Seems a weird choice for deal of the week to me. It isn’t available in Europe and even in UK and US the price isn’t that low for a game. Really all it has going for it is freshness but something I’ve noticed is that unless you update your OS or get one with particularly bad DRM then single player games don’t really go off. If you play within couple of weeks of release I’ll admit there is some sort of zeitgeisty luster to them but after the best part of two months I think The Darkness II has lost that. Spec Ops: The Line seems like a better deal, I doubt it’ll get significantly cheaper than that any time soon. Heck with the price of bread these days it seems questionable whether something can be significantly cheaper than £5 without being free.

      • Xocrates says:

        Darkness II?

        Anyway on the subject of Darksiders II, it’s a bit of a weird one. I would deem the first one to be a better game for a fair margin, but this one is a bit more interesting on the fact that it’s not as standard.

        In terms of bang for buck, the game certainly has the amount of content to justify a punt at the current price, but if you’re only mildly curious – or on the EU – it might be better to wait for a bigger discount.

        And one last note, if you get the game get the Death Rides DLC, those are sidequests that have blatantly been cut off for pre-order bonus, so the base game will have quest related stuff clearly visible but you can’t do anything with it, which can be aggravating.

        • Persus-9 says:

          Opps that was a typo. I swear I had the right game in my head but my fingers didn’t obey. I’m not desperate to play it and I’m in Sweden so I’ll see what happens to the price come the Christmas sales. Cheers for the DLC warning, I’ll store that away at the back of my mind for when and if the time comes that I buy it.

  11. sinister agent says:

    I’ve never played the original police quest games, however I can strongly un-recommend the first and second SWAT games that followed. The third and fourth are excellent, but the first two are dire.

    They are interesting from a historical perspective – the first is an fmv game, the second an isometric strategy game, and from then on they were first person tactical try-not-to-shooters. But the first two are just very bad games.

    SWAT 3 is excellent, however. I played it after playing SWAT 4, which overall I prefer as it’s a more tense shooter with more tactical options (and a more extreme and challenging emphasis on taking prisoners), however the third game is well worth playing, as it has more interesting, varied levels, and an ongoing plot, as well as a system whereby you have to retain the respect of your fellow SWAT officers by making good decisions. It’s a bit fussy and showing its age, but still plays well.

    • Jimbo says:


      SWAT 1 is amazing. PQ 1, 2 and 4 are also amazing – never got far into 3.

      • sinister agent says:

        Really? I found SWAT 1 borderline unplayable. It’s packed full of interesting information – if you’re at all interested in the history or ‘theory’ of SWAT and similar police units, it’d probably be fascinating (if a little outdated) – but as a game it’s a nightmare. The interface was a disaster, and there’s so much trial and error going on even when you read every scrap of training information. And then there’s the long and tedious section where there are no call ups, so you’ve nothing to do but sit around doing the same training drills dozens of times… ugh.

        I don’t even want to know how you’d manage to play it without the internet there to explain that, for example, when you said “locked door side one level one” you were supposed to just say “locked door side one”, or the radio man would basically call you a cock and fire you.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Never managed to get into Swat 4, it felt pretty much like Rainbow Six to me, it was a shooter, whereas as you said Swat 3 was a try not-to-shooter. Swat 4 was enjoyable but didn’t feel as tense and scary as Swat 3 for me.

      • sinister agent says:

        That’s interesting, because I found that in SWAT 4 my bodycount was invariably much lower (once I’d practiced a fair bit, that is – it’s a hard game to get the hang of, and I was probably hopeless at first). In 4 you have far more neutralising abilities – beanbags, stingers, shouting, warning shots, tasers, etc. Some hostile perps will fight if they see one SWAT guy, but panic and give up if five of you kick the doors in and scream at them.

        But that said, I can see why people would enjoy the third more. It’s interesting how different they are, while still being much the same.

        • Cryptoshrimp says:

          I think Swat 4 is a game played best with friends or on lan parties. I’ve found that playing it alone isn’t half the fun.

  12. Andy_Panthro says:

    I’d definitely recommend everyone buy the Quest for Glory pack on, because they’re awesome.

    People’s opinions of the rest of Sierra’s adventure games vary quite a bit (I like most of them), but considering how cheap they are I’d say you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Just remember to save often (and in different save slots!).

  13. seamoss says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this yet:

    The Storming, Burning, Reflecting, Flaming, Sabotaging Pack

    $10 for the following:

    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
    Mercenaries 2: World In Flames
    Mirror’s Edge
    The Saboteur

    Most, if not all, can be activated on Origin. Might be US only unless you go with the fake address shenanigans.

    Same with this one:

    Mystery Adventure Bundle

    $10 for:

    Gray Matter
    Alter Ego
    Black Mirror 2
    Black Mirror 3

    You can actually take another 25% off with coupon octofun1 but you can only use this coupon once for each Amazon account.

    Or you can just get Battlefield 3 for $7.50…

    • Baines says:

      Yeah, the Amazon pack has been tempting me since last night, even though I mostly only want Mirror’s Edge.

    • mwoody says:

      Anyone who has a good co-op partner but hasn’t played Mercenaries 2 needs to quick messing around and pull that trigger.

      It’s basically a buggy Just Cause 2 with a mostly destructible world and the ability to call in tactical nukes. Ever wanted to play a “joke” on your friend by leveling the city block he’s currently in? Then this is your game.

      It earns bonus points for having a main character voiced by Peter Stormare best described as “insane viking with guns.”

    • mwoody says:

      Oh hey, that Octofun1 Amazon coupon could theoretically makes that $25 Darksiders 2 even cheaper.

  14. Jason Moyer says:

    “Some highlights include Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, an RPG so deep and rich that even it’s name takes time to learn and The King’s/Police/Space Quest games – the best and worst of which I leave for debate in the comments – as well as fifty thousand Zorks.”

    The best part of those being highlights of an Activision sale is that Activision didn’t publish any of them.

  15. trjp says:

    Worth noting that The Darkness II is also £4.99 at Gamefly (UK at least) – also well worth that IMO but YMMV

  16. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    Rather sad not to see the Mechwarrior games in the Activision catalog. The MW2 games were particularly good, and it’s ever so hard to get them running on XP/ W7.