Veni Vidi Vendi: Vitrum Is Out

How many people reading this are waiting for Dishonored? How many for XCOM? Both? Maybe it’d be easier to ask how many people aren’t waiting for either. Let us not forget that other games have not ceased to exist and that one way to make the waiting period less agonising might well be to sample some of those games, especially if they can be sampled for free. Nathan had quite a bit to say about the demo for first-person puzzler Vitrum but we failed to point out that the full game has been released. Currently selling at a ‘pay what you want’ and support the Child’s Play charity price point (minimum $4.99), if you don’t have time for the demo the trailer might help you to decide if you want to pay anything at all.

When I played QUBE, about half way through I worried that maybe my brain isn’t tuned properly for these first-person puzzlers. The initial stages tend to be fine and I enjoy looking at a level and working out how everything fits together, but I usually find there’s a point at which I just don’t want to solve each room. Well, I want to solve it without actually doing the legwork. I think it’s the problem of understanding the puzzle, which is often satisfying, but then being obliged to move around in a 3D space when both the place and the sensation of movement are less than compelling.


  1. golem09 says:

    Not waiting for Dishonered or XCOM.
    Still waiting for Path of Exile, playing Torchlight 2 in the meantime.

  2. Ian says:

    I know you’re a professional gameswordist and should know but I’m not convinced about this “games other than Dishonored and XCOM” exist stuff.

  3. chabuhi says:

    Waiting for Farming-Simulator 2013, baby! Oh, and XCOM … Aaaaaaaaand Dishonored ….. andassassinscreediii

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Man, that pre order DLC tractor in Farming Simulator really has my mouse hovering over the buy button.

  4. emertonom says:

    Is the end of this story missing? It seemed like the discussion of Qube was leading up to

  5. The First Door says:

    I’m quite interested in this as I love first person puzzle games, but I was massive disappointed in Q.U.B.E. which makes me cautious. Anyone played through it and able to offer opinions on it?

    • fman says:

      I enjoyed it! Kept me playing for maybe 15 hours to find all the crystal shards spread across the stages.
      It’s very challenging. Totally worth the price.

  6. fman says:

    I enjoyed it! Kept me playing for maybe 15 hours to find all the crystal shards spread across the stages.
    It’s very challenging. Totally worth the price.

  7. DickSocrates says:

    I’m not waiting for either. I’m waiting for Hotline Miami.

  8. AlexClockwork says:

    Hum… Seems like a nice game, but I’d like to pay through PayPal, as I don’t like giving my card details in too many places.

    • aymar.fisherman says:

      We’re selling at Desura too, they accept PayPal…

      • Wok says:

        It would be more convenient to provide Paypal or Google Wallet on your website.

  9. waaaaaaaals says:

    Aesthetically, it looks like they decided on “Lets make Q.U.B.E but with crystals!”.

    Doesn’t quite work for me with the same few copy-pasted crystal models everywhere.

  10. Glowing Potato says:

    Pretty awesome!!

    Amazing Musics and fluid GamePlay. Very challenging though…

  11. ZIGS says:

    This reminds me of Twin Sector (which is a pretty good game and really underrated)

  12. ShrikeMalakim says:

    Not a fan from the demo, myself. I also detest first-person games, particularly ones that require precision aiming or precision movement, that have no “invert mouse” option.