Hue & Cry: Crytek Talk Crysis 3 Multiplayer

They look like nice chaps, eh?
Crysis 3 producer Mike Read has been talking about the new modes for the upcoming game, and you can see them in action below. I’ve no real idea how popular the Crysis multiplayer modes have been over the years. I’ve played all of them, but, well, I can’t ever remember anyone talking about them after release. Mods yes, but vanilla multiplayer? No. Anyone out there actually play it? What are we missing?

And, ah, this makes me laugh, it shouldn’t really, but “it’s an adrenaline rush you’ll want to experience again and again,” he says with an unconvincing smile, and “lampposts can also be used as weapons.” Yeah.

Anyway. Crysis 3 is out in February.


  1. Midroc says:

    Up to the incredible amount of 16(!) players on PC? Holy moses, this is the future indeed.

    • phelix says:

      Sixteen!? What more glorious heights will console limitations lift us to?

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      That’s not fair. Is splinter cell’s 4 player mp an embarrassing sign of console sickness? No, it’s a design decision. There’s nothing wrong with a smaller scale approach to mp. Not every game can – nor should – be battlefield, and a high playercap is not neccessarily an argument for anything in and of itself.

      • MrLebanon says:

        this, have people forgot of the joys of smaller more tactical battles? I personally can’t imagine 64 men in super suits battling it out.

        Although I do remember crysis wars having large maps and vehicles and it somewhat working… i dunno

      • emorium says:

        CS:GO was mainly designed with 5v5 in mind yet i only play it on community servers that have a 30 player cap. With a 32 or 64 player cap you can find a server with 16 maximum players if you’re into that tactical experience but for other people the opposite is not possible.

  2. Novotny says:

    I just couldn’t sustain the interest to watch the whole video. Appreciate the report, of course, but it’s all so yawnsome.

  3. ArtyFishal says:

    I played a lot of Crysis 2 mp and had a lot of fun. The maps were good and the nano suit abilities helped it stand out. Unfortunately, this sort of multiplayer is now routine and over saturated. I still occasionally play Crysis 2 mp, but it is far from a vital or enduring experience. I predict a pleasant diversion, but little more from Crysis 3’s multiplayer modes.

  4. hosndosn says:

    The “pinger” reminds me of some of the most boring moments in UT3.

    Also every single game has to use the exact same feel and pacing for gunplay as CoD now, huh? I dunno. Some of the modes sound alright, but I’d rather see a really well made singleplayer.

  5. HisMastersVoice says:

    And the funny, or maybe sad thing is – they had it right the first time around. Crysis Wars was an awesome MP mode without trying to be another CoD or FPS version of Gears of War.

  6. suibhne says:

    Crysis 2’s MP was nicely designed overall. Some maps had great flow. I honestly enjoyed it quite a bit more than recent CoD-fests…until about two days after Crysis 2’s release, when all the servers were overrun by blatant aimbotters/wallhackers.

    Bottom line, Crysis 3 MP will be totally worthless unless Crytek pays attention to anti-cheat measures. For the first few weeks after release, Crysis 2 had NOTHING in that department, and it ruined the MP side of the game.

  7. Sc0r says:

    LOL @Hunter-Mode.
    Played that exact same mode in garrysmod, like, forever.
    First it was called “The Hidden”, later it was “The Stalker”. The Stalker/hidden wasn’t just invisible, he could also climb on walls, shriek to distort the view of nearby soldiers or move objects telepathically to knock out enemies with them.
    So their super-innovative Hunter-Mode is a “The Stalker”-Lite. Like it though, that they want to move away from stupid (team-)deathmatch, controlpoint and ctf.

    • phylum sinter says:

      I don’t have Garry’s Mod, but Hunter Mode sounds fun to me.

      Perhaps my MP tastes are a little off message compared to the average player, but i like co-op MP much more than all out war. Team Deathmatch can be fun too, but i think i have the most fun when me and some strangers are all united against an escalating herd of baddies. What i hope to see is an endless horde mode for some game… I don’t think i’ve seen that yet.

    • MrLebanon says:

      the hidden source is a free source mod with this idea, does a bloody good job of it too

      I would link it but I am unable to do such technically advanced things

    • Amun says:

      Aliens vs Predator (1999) did the same thing with predators and marines. It was fun, too.

  8. VileThings says:

    So, another Crysis, another multiplayer. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up as royally as the one in Crysis 2. Cheater here, hacker there and let’s not forget those with illegal copies that played together with those who paid for the game. It was marvellous, really.

  9. njursten says:

    I had some fun times with Crysis 2. I especially liked the mode that was a bit similar to the new Hunted one. Regular drop site control wasn’t bad either.

    I wonder how the pinger will affect the game. Seems a bit overpowered, but of course that’s hard to judge before trying the game. Uh, yeah, they call me Captain Obvious.

  10. SuperNashwanPower says:

    So I am the only person in the world looking forward to this then. Fine.
    *HUFF MODE**

  11. MrLebanon says:

    This article made me remember that I own crysis 2 and never installed… hmmm

  12. Nougat says:

    Is it me, or do those helmets look suspiciously like storm trooper helmets?

  13. tomeoftom says:

    Crysis Wars and Crysis Vanilla’s multiplayer mode were actually really, really fun. The Conquest mode had teams capturing either spawn points or research locations. The “team score” was how far you’d gone in research, and at 50% that team got access to the infinite-ammo ice miniguns and freezerays (which worked beautifully – people would stop mid-sprint, topple over sideways, and slide down a hill before thawing).

    At 100% it then unlocks handheld and tank-mounted nukes, and to win the round you have to get a teammate to hit the enemy base with one (which can be hard if there’s no vantage point, or their destroyable base defences are still up). Really, the most spectacular way to end a multiplayer game. The whole invisible supermen-in-the-jungle combat was also incredibly satisfying and tense. Pity they’ve descended into slavering idiocy.

  14. Totally heterosexual says:

    “pinger” is the worst name for a giant robot ever.

    Also those helmets look really uncomfortable. That’s the kind of thing I see at the BDSM club, not on people going to combat.

  15. Xzi says:

    I actually really enjoyed Crysis 2’s multiplayer for a good while after release. Yeah, some elements of it were too close to CoD for comfort, but it boiled down to being one of the few competitive FPS games in which the multiplayer “superhuman” concept was well-realized. And it was beautiful, but that’s a given.

    I’m fairly surprised that the multiplayer died as quickly as it did, actually. I suppose most people didn’t see it in the same light that I did.

    Overall I feel that Crysis was the better game, but I wasn’t at all disappointed by Crysis 2’s multiplayer.

    • suibhne says:

      It died because it was overrun by cheaters, which happened because Crytek invested no time/resources into anti-cheat.

      • Xzi says:

        Ah. Yeah, that makes sense. I stopped playing it for a few months and then it was just gone. Shame.

  16. voorsk says:

    ooh – so after Killzone 3, the Helghast somehow got transported to the Crysis universe? Interesting twist!

  17. chromeshelter says:

    nice to see that crysis finally got that call of duty texture pack too :D
    looks so effin washed out… consoles are killing video gaming. crysis was all about graphical innovation now it is capped to some 10 yr old hardware.