Procedural Hero: A New Zero

For as long as there is an internet, fresh footage of A New Zero will sporadically arise and cause people with an interest in procedural animation, physics and good old-fashioned vehicle combat to coo excitedly and then wonder if it’ll ever be finished. Cryptic Sea are doing all kinds of things with their tiny game parcels, all much smaller than a Peggle, and Sub Rosa was the most recent to cause an outburst of gleeful multiplayer shenanigans. Work in A New Zero seems to be concentrating on man-shooting rather than vehicular violence, and the latest work in progress video shows how men go to war when they have no canned animations at all.

Apparently, the infantry side of things is “getting close to a playable state”. Version 0.78 is available now should you wish to immerse yourself in something akin to a lo-fi, experimental Battlefield game.

It would appear that this is Cryptic Sea’s master game, into which all others eventually find their way, or so Sub Rosa’s recent appearance and then this update lead me to believe. A New Zero is also almost exactly how I dreamed multiplayer shooters would eventually be, with all the abstract weirdness of the graphics and destructibility of the world.


  1. wodin says:

    Talking of vehicle combat I remember there was a game being made by someone that looked abit like Rage but had more complex vehicle combat..can’t remember the name but it looked good. Haven’t heard about it for a year now I think.

    • diebroken says:

      Was it Ravaged?

      (Browsing the Steam store seems a bit broken for me…)

      • Tei says:

        Re: ravage
        On the screenshot thread on the forum theres some guy that always post some screenshot every week. The game seems to have some really cool graphics. Now I read that the game is not released yet, and I am confused.

        • Henke says:

          Yeah it isn’t out yet but SephKing (the guy who keeps posting the awesome shots) is in the closed beta.

      • caddyB says:

        I can’t even use the steam store at all, and it’s been like that for a few weeks now.

  2. AlManiak says:

    It’s kinda sad one person can make this kinda genius all by himself, and a team backed up by millions make the same stuff game creators have been making since 1992.

    If we could only reverse and give this guy millions and a team, instead of the AAA studio’s.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      If you want to support the genius-guy-has-a-vision developement, you could aquire Intrusion 2. Also a shooter very rich in procedural animations and revolutionary when it comes to having physics EVERYWHERE, and developed by a single russian (except music) for the course of 3 years. Only it’s in 2d (think Metal Slug but with decent controls) and coded in flash (hence why the physics are mind-blowing). Free demo has a lot of content.
      The dev himself said it: if you just want the game, go torrent it. Buying it means you encourage this kinda thing to happen more often in the videogame industry.

  3. speps says:

    I hate that when developers (myself included quite often) completely forget video games history and use the terms “first ever”. Jurassic Park: Trespasser did it years ago, played it last year, still awesome :)

  4. Tei says:

    Every time I watch the video of “A New Zero” I feel a idea of beauty that I think is mathematical, perfect.
    I think I am going to post it again on my facebook wall, just because.

  5. Zankmam says:

    I like this game, really I do, but I just somehow want Sub Rosa to be bigger.

    Maybe, I dunno, once I actually get to really try A New Zero…

    But people should really check out Sub Rosa as much as they do A New Zero – hell, this video about A New Zero got to the frontpage of /r/gaming.

    Sub Rosa gets not such love, even though it is “out”, playable, and just got a kick-ass new version. :/

    • The Random One says:

      Oh yeah Sub Rosa! My computer was on the fritz when RPS posted about it, are people still playing it?

  6. Vurp says:

    Probably what Cortex Command would look like in 3D.

  7. Wedge says:

    I think showing physics after death is a bit of a poor example, as we’ve kind of been doing that for years. I didn’t understand what this was all about til the last few seconds with the man running abouts.

    • frightlever says:

      The bit where it turned into a comedy hurdles simulator? Yeah, I’m not rushing to download it based on that. “No canned animations” has not yet moved to the top of my essential things in games list. It’s a neat little quirk, but I don’t see that it improves the game any. The deformable terrain in a shooter isn’t new.

      • foop says:

        I’m not sure the world is ready for a QWOPs-based shooter yet. I hope to be proved wrong.