Watch That Spectacular Squadron 42 Trailer


Earlier today we already revealed and talked about the new excursion into space, Star Citizen, but we wanted to make sure you had seen see spaceships flying and shooting in the single-player game, Squadron 42. It’s the same video from earlier, but it’s looking so good. It’s looking all in-engine game footage, below. Mmmhmm! SppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAACEE!


  1. cronach says:

    Mark my words, space sims will soon be the new WW2/zombie game. I actually can’t wait.

    Anyone notice the name of the ships/systems in the long-version trailer?? Amazing. The name of the Bengali Class Carrier (same class as the Tiger’s Claw!!!!!) is the USS Paul Steed – awesome. RIP Paul.

    Full trailer/GDC presentation here: link to

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Now that I wouldn’t mind. More space games, that is.

      • Droopy The Dog says:

        Yay, more spaceyness.

        Now I’m trying to imagine owning a joystick again, it all seems so foreign now after so long.

      • Useful Dave says:

        Why must all future-ships be USS >:

        I miss the GTVA.

        • RakeShark says:

          I believe is actually says UEES. Supposedly standing for United Earth Empire or something to that extent.

    • Dilapinated says:

      Ohman, that 5 minutes trailer endears me so much more to this. It looks amazing. I’m a little worried how my poor laptop will cope with fitting all those graphics into it, but I’ll find a way.

    • yurusei says:

      Space is the new black.

    • Davee says:

      If those moments of walking around inside the ship and seamlessly transitioning from being on foot and into the fighter craft cockpit is anywhere representative of the final game…


  2. Slinkyboy says:

    Fuck yeah!

    • Screamer says:


      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        SPAAAAAAACE! Space! More space. Gotta go to space. Gotta go to space to do stuff. Gotta do space stuff. In space.

        What was that? Was it space? Space is here! Space is there. Space is everywhere. Is space in space? SPAAAAAACE!

      • SouperSteve0 says:

        Space(mer)rica, fuck yeah

      • battles_atlas says:

        “there never seems to be enough space/SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE/SPACE”

        This should really have been linked to immediately

  3. InternetBatman says:

    This seems like a cautionary tale against trying to do your own crowdfunding. The trailer is dropping everywhere, but the site that hosts the crowdfunding is down. Hell, Obsidian’s normal website went down at the start of their Kickstarter.

  4. Makariel says:

    A proper XCom coming out, a new culture novel, a new wing commander/privateer on the horizon…


    The only thing that’s missing now would be George Lucas getting back to sanity and re-doing Episode 1 to 3 from scratch.

    • cronach says:

      False. The only thing missing is a X-Wing/Tie Fighter remake.

      • Makariel says:

        Of course, how could I forget! Tie Fighter is still my favourite space combat game of all time ever, even with all those wing commanders in freespace having their i-war and all that…

      • grundus says:

        The only thing after that would be for someone to port Full Throttle to something I can legally play it on. Without crashes.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      A “despecialized” edition of the Star Wars original trilogy?

      Yes, it would be nice if someone did that: link to

      • blind_boy_grunt says:

        those are episodes 4-6, op probably means a reboot. Would be kind of funny to get a reboot ala nolans batman series for the episodes 1-3, all grimdark and overly serious and stuff. Nolan should really get on it. Were there any space-opera movies in recent years?

    • The_cake_is_a_lemon says:

      Episode 3, you say?

  5. Pryde says:

    Disregarding pop-theme “PC gaming is dead” (Who told you guys that? When did it die? Guess I was too busy PC-gaming that day) – I totally, shamefully, guiltfully CAME… now my monitor is all dirty. No matter how many times I told myself that “I’m not that kind of easy-minded gamer who will be swayed by any of these pathos-filled pompous space-themed gimmicks”… OMG, I really can’t fight the urge, can I?.. Don’t look at me. I’m too embarassed in this condition.

  6. Kollega says:

    I have an important question. Where do i write to ask if cats can be good guys this time around? The “Contact Us” feature on their site just leads me back to the main page :-/

  7. talon03 says:


  8. D3xter says:

    And here’s the full 5 Minute Trailer in HD: http://player

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:


    • Gap Gen says:

      They’re not very good at hitting things, are they?

      But seriously, this looks amazing.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I get the feeling they haven’t really done the effects work for stuff getting hit yet, given how weak that explosion right at the end is compared to the rest of the shiny.

      • Nemon says:

        With all those beams going everywhere but on target, a lot of people will, one day… have a very not nice day whenever those things turns their back yard into something not so back yardy.

      • yurusei says:

        They need to work on their common sense too.

        Honestly, who attacks a fully armed carrier with just 3 interceptors.

    • LionsPhil says:


      …Vimeo really need to splash out on more bandwidth. Stopping to buffer murders the mood.

  9. frenz0rz says:



    ALL OF IT.

  10. the_r says:

    Oh yes. I would love a new, modern space sim with the story and the gameplay as strong as Freespace (which I consider to be the best, probably because it was the only one I played and wasn’t bored after 5 minutes)

  11. Arcanon says:

    “Get Kara Thrace out of the brig”

    • Gap Gen says:

      And then accuse her of being a Cylon and brig her again.

      BSG boardgame players are dicks.

  12. Iskariot says:

    I’s an MMO. So I will skip this. So sad…

    • Gap Gen says:

      Man, the definition of single-player game has shifted quite a bit since I were a lad.

    • Durkonkell says:

      It has a singleplayer component (with OPTIONAL co-op) and you can host private, moddable servers.

      I really despair at the number of people immediately writing this project off without even taking the time to confirm their fears. It seems like we’ve been disappointed so many times that we’re unwilling to give anyone or anything a chance.

      • LintMan says:

        We’ve been burned too much in the past. Just making MP-designed missions playable by a single player doesn’t make for a good SP game (see Brink). It’s also easy to make a few tutorial or intro levels/missions, call it an “exciting single player campaign” in the marketing, and move on. Yes, thats actually been done before (see Tribes 2).

        I’m just not sure a crowdfunded game is going to be able to deliver on being an MMO, co-op MP, and SP game all in one. Has this EVER been done successfully? By a developer without an epic-scale budget?

        I think there will need to be compromises, and if corners are going to get cut in that situation, they’re bound to come on the SP side. (See my 1st paragrach above and also the “distinctly snippable” comment by Richard Cobbett in the other article).

        Beyond those questions are ones about the game’s scope/balance. In a typical regular SP game, by the end you’re a badass using the best equipment, ships, abilities, etc. Playing an MP game with a SP component (like Diablo 2 or 3 or Borderlands 2) is balanced entirely different: by the time you’re finishing the game’s campaign, you’ve generally only gotten to see/use a fraction of the “good stuff” and now need to move on to multiplayer to get it. A single player only player will NEVER see any of the best weapons in Borderlands 2. (Or in Diablo 3 unless they grind the same content over and over and over). So which will it be here in this case?

        I hope Chris Roberts succeeds – I’d love to have a great SP space sim, but I’m stuck in the “wait and see” camp.

        • Durkonkell says:

          I’d normally be more inclined to agree with you, but I think this project has quite a lot going for it.

          Firstly, it seems like there are investors lined up to support the project in the event that it funds successfully. The 2-4 million that they want from the crowdfunding really isn’t anything for a project of this scale but it’s really just the beginning. Have a look at the FAQ on their website when it’s back up, it certainly seems like they’ve done their maths.

          Secondly, it seems like the plan is to have a ‘proper’ single-player story driven campaign rather than (or perhaps in addition to) the single player mode just being the open world multiplayer but on your own.

          After reading all the stuff on the front page of the website (when it was working), I have to believe that they can pull this off. It’s ambitious as hell, but it also looks like really significant amounts of planning and consideration have gone into the project. In any case, if they don’t manage to make it work no-one will dare to even suggest making an ambitious space sim for the next decade.

        • dee says:

          Has this EVER been done successfully? By a developer without an epic-scale budget?

          Have you played Evochron? It’s great.

          • dee says:

            In fact, I’d say Evochron is probably pretty close to this in gameplay. Graphics are really rusty, but it has an open world, cool mechanics (3D jumping with inertia, atmospheric entry, modular ships, lots of fun things), and an awesome soundtrack.

    • Ritashi says:

      Correction; there is an MMO contained within this game. You can play it offline, in single player, you can play it co-op (online or LAN), you can host your own servers, fully moddable (online or LAN), and, if you desire, you can play on their (online) servers. The single player mode exists in-universe for the MMO (your character transfers over, and completing your tour of duty in single player grants you citizenship in the MMO), but it does not have to be contained by that at all.

    • Caiman says:

      It’s not an MMO as we know it. It’s a persistent online universe that you play like a normal single-player game, except there are multiple players within it and hence the possibilities and scope are enormous. That’s more along the lines of how multiplayer games used to be played, before the MMO tag ruined the concept of having more than 4 people in a game because all they really do is use tedious fetch quests and ensure your interaction in the game is limited to the order in which you press the buttons 1 through 5.

      Man, World of Warcraft has a lot to answer for in destroying the scope of what a persistent online universe could be, at least in people’s minds. This is a chance to right that particular wrong, but if you’re going to dismiss it because of a moniker they’re not even using then you’ll never get anything innovative.

    • Iskariot says:

      The mere fact that they make this MMO playable offline is not the same as making it a good single player experience. MMO’s and single player games are very different beasts. A good immersive single player experience has a very different underlying structure and mechanic. So I am very skeptical about an MMO that can in theory also be played off line. I do not trust it. I hope Roberts will put my words to shame. I really do, because I loved the privateer games and long for a modern version of that. We need space games in which the player is not the ship. I want to walk around in a space station, see my ship stored in one of the docks, having to pay docking fees, being able to approach my ship, see traces of damage and repairs, see certain upgrades physically on the ship etc etc etc

  13. LionsPhil says:

    Game assets real-time in-engine

    And in the ’90s of Wing Commander’s home turf, something half as detailed in a third of the resolution pre-rendered was seriously impressive.

    Bloody hell, graphics hardware got stupidly powerful.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Also they could do game engine cinematics that will make 90’s Mark Hamill even uglier.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Space sims are one place where I really, really want to see maximum pretties. I want to feel like I can stroke that engine cowling. I want to feel the sting of an ion pulse engine giving me sunburn on my face. I want to almost feel the spittle as my co-pilot says FRAK, with every little dent and chink in his 2001 Space Odyssey helmet glinting with the quantum torpedo blasts.

      Basically I thought I would be a spaceman by the time I was 30 and this has not happened, so now my PC is the last hope of a disappointed (sort of, not mentally) grown up

  14. tomek says:

    Wing Commander was pushing it on the hardware side and that was a good thing imho, still remember that i needed some sort of autoexec.bat/config,sys lines adjusted to gather enough EMS memory to actually play it.

    And once it launched, i was gone. It was like a dream come true back than :D

  15. Arcanon says:

    Also, Live from GDC Austin 2012, Chris Roberts (58 minutes panel): link to

  16. AmateurScience says:

    So should I mail my laundry bill to Mr Roberts? Because I’ve made a serious mess of them.

  17. squareking says:

    First Skyjacker, and now this (which is looking to hit many more buttons correctly). So very excited.

    Who else got a golden ticket?

  18. famousright says:

    It’s hard to tell how I actually like the details of ships. All these moving panels and parts. I want to fly it right now!

  19. Pazguato says:

    24€ for the lowest option with the game is a little on the expensive side of crowdfunding.

    • Arcanon says:

      It’s a funding and you won’t be seeing the game for another 2 years, sure, but it’s also an ambitious AAA release…the price tag won’t be less than 50€, so that’s at least a 50% discount right there.

  20. c-Row says:

    Just when I was about to do my laundry, I see this on RPS. Now I am super excited and will have to go to work butt-naked tomorrow.

  21. Nihilist says:

    These are the best 90ies ever…

  22. Stellar Duck says:


    I really, really, really want this game!

  23. Nemon says:

    So this has walking around in bases as well as space pew pew? Count me in.

  24. derbefrier says:

    Its times like this I get super annoyed anything streaming is blocked on my work’s network. I could use my phone I guess but I wanna see it HD damnit!

  25. Jimbo says:

    Squadron 37 was the final straw for me.

  26. defunkt says:

    Website is well and truly busted now, just moments after I signed up. Good job I didn’t bother watching the whole pitch – it’s Chris Roberts on current PC tech, ’nuff said.

  27. n1Cola says:

    this game + octulus rift + Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X = space nerdgasm !

  28. Dilapinated says:

    Hm. First 25 seconds were “We’re really brave to make this genre! We’re really brave to develop on this platform!” last 25 seconds were flash-flash-flash-flash cheap-tension building annoyance. I don’t know how many people find that kind of thing uncomfortable to watch(?), but I suspect a fair few.

    It looks like a good game, and one I’ll keep a close eye on closer to release. I just felt a bit underwhelmed by the trailer.

    • Zibblsnrt says:

      Yeah, that thing was more or less an example of everything wrong with game trailers these days.

      • Caiman says:

        Then go and watch the full 5-minute unedited trailer at their site, which is paced far better and shows a hell of a lot more of the game and its atmosphere. The full trailer is for the true fans.

        • wodin says:

          The 5min trailer is superb. Everytime you watch it you see something else. Loads of detail going on.

          Anyone not visually impressed must have some damn awesome games and fantastic rigs.

  29. Armante says:

    considering the incredible rendering power we now have in our PC’s, I want dedicated PC games. The current crop of consoles really has held back the last couple of years in graphics dev..

    and I want this, single-player campaign-style. zipping through space, all that detail. hell yeah

  30. syllopsium says:

    I’m going to be more cautious here – yes, it’s very pretty. However, it is still just ships and rocks in space. Until I see more actual plot (other than ‘go shoot this’), flying over more than asteroids and some indications of trading it seems to me it’s just WC3/4 with bells on..

    Which isn’t to say it’ll actually be bad, but it’s hardly revolutionary.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      If you watch the livestream he actually specifically says he’s not trying to be revolutionary. He says he’s making the Uncharted 2 of space sims: Uncharted 2’s gameplay was basically just “more Tomb Raider” but it looked beautiful. So that’s his goal with this. Except in this case, he’s the guy who made “Tomb Raider,” aka Wing Commander, and helped to invent the genre.

      So, if you want innovation, sorry! This is for people who like flying around in spaceships and shooting stuff.

  31. wodin says:

    I hope the single player game gets lots of love and isn’t just an afterthought.

  32. wodin says:

    Finally a game where you can actually see in through the window of the bigger ships…love it..also notice the pilot with the debris of his fighter…lovely..

  33. Lambchops says:

    Like others above I’m in the wait and see camp. Purely because I want to make sure it works as a single player experience before I throw money at it. If reviews and word of mouth show that it does then I will happily commence with the throwing of money. Or there’s even a slim chance that if the game is as good as it could be, that it might be one of those rare beasts that actually encourages me to play with others.

    So definitely keeping my eye on this,

  34. wodin says:

    I want to fund the single player game, however I’m confused, is it two games on one disk? Or is squadron 42 going to have a separate launch or what? I don’t want to fund it if it’s just for the MMO and the single player game is something else entirely.

    • Tuco says:

      Just shut up and fund it, it’s for the sake of the whole space sim genre.

    • Caiman says:

      Or alternatively go to the website and actually read all the information presented there about how they see the game working. Having a separate single-player game is so 1990s. This is something different, the ability to incorporate the single player game into the wider universe, because this isn’t an MMO it’s a persistent online universe that just happens to also have other players in it. Although you can run private servers and do it that way if you really have to.

      It’s amazing that we all whinge and complain about how gaming isn’t innovative, yet when someone comes along and offers to push it in a new direction we all get cold feet because we don’ t believe it will work. Don’t be a cold footer, fight for something better.

      • wodin says:

        Was I whinging? NO. I just didn’t want to fund an MMO I’d never play and find out the single player game was a separate game altogether.

        As it appears to be all in the same package somehow (still alittle confused) I shall fund it.

        Infact I’ve cancelled Project Eternity to fund it. Old school RPG comeback games haven’t even come out yet and I’m all ready growing apathetic towards them. Wasteland 2 I’m keeping though.

        Oh and Caiman I couldn’t read the website because when I posted this the website was down.

  35. wodin says:

    What is worrying is the comment on FB that if it doesn’t achieve 2 million in 30 days the project gets scrapped.

    No compromise or anything. No we will drop the MMO side and just make an SP game if we don’t reach the target. Just it will be scrapped.

    link to

  36. Sisco says:

    I just logged in to say that your intro to this article gave me the first chuckle in the morning, Jim. Thank you very much.
    I now scroll past it to catch up on older posts, but the bar of expectation is set high!

  37. BubbaNZ says:

    Worth reading just for the phrase “Molyneux Gap”. I for one will be using that in conversations with my nerd friends as if I made it up myself.

  38. bill says:

    Ohh. I was so excited until i read the comment about ti being from the Wing Commander guys… they’ve never managed to make a great space sim… their flight model always feels so lightweight.