Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Goes Too Far

Son, I'm sorry. Your father... your father is in Linkin Park.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter began in stirring controversy, and seems to wade around in it. Boasting depictions of real-world conflicts, including those that are ongoing, it seems as much an attempt to test the limits of what will be tolerated in a modern war shooter as it is an attempt to follow up on last year’s dismal revival of the franchise. But perhaps this time they’ve gone too far. It’s hard to see how this will be countenanced. They’ve put Linkin Park in one of their trailers.


Beginning with a mother and son mourning their having the same haircut, the video is once again the rebellious anti-establishment punk rock band selling one of their songs as advertising to a major corporation. \m/ For the band it represents their demise from shouty-nu-punk, via being Bon Jovi with sore throats and a DJ, into something bland and generic enough that their aging fans know won’t wake the baby. The shouty man doesn’t even shout once.

Oh good grief, it’s so self-important I want to pull my own skin off. The plot appears to be that war is very noble and then you tell a kid that their dad is dead, the end. WINSTON CHURCHILL QUOTE. Now buy our album and our game.

There’s something about taking that horrendous moment – a moment that’s happening too often to people – and using it to sell your song and game, that sits so wrongly with me. Clearly it’s their attempt at demonstrating sincerity, but I can only detect sanctimoniousness. Good grief, it makes Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends video look like it were directed by Lewis Milestone.


  1. Inigo says:


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  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    What’s wrong with Linkin Park? Some people *like* rock stars pointing at the ground and moaning about their lot with scrunched-up faces.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      Used to be a huge fan when I was in school, but haven’t listen to them in years. Can’t say I found this song terrible either.

      • Kdansky says:

        It’s Pachelbel Pop. Easy on the ears, but totally forgettable.

        • hello_mr.Trout says:

          nails on chalkboards would be preferable to this. or some kind of klaxon siren on repeat. or high tech skull piercing frequencies. anything but rockmusic which is offensively bland and generic.

          • atticus says:

            I don’t think you’re pushing this far enough.

            I’d rather have my testicles impaled by rusty nails, saw off my right leg with a butterknife and blind myself with a stapler, rather than listen to a band who don’t meet my standards for artistic integrity.

          • coldvvvave says:

            > hello_mr.Trout

            So what singers/bands/composers you do like?

          • hello_mr.Trout says:

            hi coldvvalve – well, (ish) in the same genre; battles (2nd album was ace also!) ; tool; kyuss; tomahawk/fantomas (also if you like patton’s heavier stuff, he does vocals on a ‘dillenger escape plan’ album also), but lately i’ve been into more ambient stuff, constellations label, stones throw instrumentals, taskerlands (can be found on bandcamp, great soothing sounds), i don’t know, lots more, i don’t want to be (more) self-indulgent and post an even longer list of things i like. (oh ps, when i do feel like listening to nails on chalkboards, a bit of merzbow never goes astray either ;) )

          • Premium User Badge

            gritz says:

            hahaahaha did you just say Tool, Fantomas and Kyuss are in the same genre?

            I mean I guess they all use guitars and drums

          • JBantha says:

            I have to say i enjoy nails on chalkboards. Yet this song is easy forgettable.

          • deependdriver says:

            woah, Merzbow love is going to set you apart from the standard listener by quite a bit there bud, even someone named after an obscure sub genre

          • Universal Quitter says:

            “I’d rather have my testicles impaled by rusty nails, saw off my right leg with a butter-knife, and blind myself with a stapler, rather than listen to a band that doesn’t meet my standards for artistic integrity.”

            I’d like that on a T-shirt so I can wear it to every concert, ever.

        • BreadBitten says:

          “…the rebellious anti-establishment punk rock band…”

          I’m sorry, was that an attempt at sarcasm there Mr. Walker?

      • Acorino says:

        I rather liked the intro, before the song properly began. The rest? Nah.

    • mouton says:

      Negative emotions can be cool, but they are hard to pull off. Also, it pays to have interesting voice/music with it too. All a matter of taste, of course.

    • InnerPartisan says:

      Linkin Park are a poor man’s Nine Inch Nails, only without the actual musical talent.

      • Groove says:

        Or possibly a rich man’s Nickleback.

      • SiHy_ says:

        Comparing Linkin Park to Nine Inch Nails is like comparing screaming at your parents for “Not understanding!” to screaming at a torturer for putting your testicles in a meat grinder.
        At least it would have been back in the day. I haven’t heard any new NIN stuff in years (or Linkin Park for that matter).

        • DrGonzo says:

          I’m sure you have heard new NIN stuff in trailers, films and tv shows. He’s gone a bit soundtracky.

        • InnerPartisan says:

          In my defense: That was, kinda-sorta, my point :D
          EDIT: As for “new” material: “With Teeth” and “The Slip” were… well, kinda meh, to be honest. Ghosts was great, however. And as DrGonzo mentioned, after that Trent has ventured on to new, more soundtrackish shores. Won himself an Oscar for The Social Network, no less.

      • Zogtee says:

        Trent would stab you in the eye for saying that.

    • Gothnak says:

      Here are people doing the same thing, but at the same time singing an awesome song about war*.

      (* In my opinion)

      • Ragnar says:

        I think the Rise Against song is much, much better, and really drives home the “horror of war” message. The video was meh.

        I like to imagine in the above Linkin Park video that the boy who lost his father to war, grows up, goes off to war, dies himself, and at the end we see his daughter receiving the bad news, thus completing the tragic cycle (or perhaps passing it onto the next generation, if she herself grows up to be a soldier).

      • Screamer says:

        @Gothnak or link to \m/ \m/

        • imperialus says:

          One of the best music videos I’ve seen with a really strong message…

          Of course it probably hits a little too close to home to use it to try and sell a FPS… Even in an ‘ironic’ fashion.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I grew up with Linkin Park being the big thing at the time, so I’ve always liked them a lot. But they just keep getting worse and worse with every new album.

      At least their old stuff still exists for me though.

    • Ragnar says:

      I actually think this could be a great paradigm shift. For years, game publicists have been looking for music to use for their trailers. Perhaps now others will follow Linkin Park’s lead, and more bands will look for games to use for their music videos. It would lead to a rise in mechanima, increased promotion of games, and increased acceptance of games as standard entertainment.

    • Branthog says:

      Two problems with Linkin Park:

      1) They are too whiny and screamo-ish.
      2) I’m old (30s) and, therefore, dislike them.
      3) I just want to play good games. Not be pandered to by Linkin Park and Creed and shit. I mean, if you’re going to do this shit, at least use Clutch or Red Fang or . . . fuck, I don’t care. Anything else.

  3. Tony Heugh says:

    Does this scene play after each man I shoot?

    • gladius2metal says:

      only when it was “friendly fire”

      • Makariel says:

        Of course, because the enemies have no souls.

      • Podesta says:

        Do I have to go tell their families that their dad is dead?

        • Nick says:

          only if you want maximum gamer score.

        • Pengun says:

          Press ‘X’ to console grieving widow.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            And this, gentle player, is where the story of Brent Hardjaw – ACTION HERO – splits in three. Two icons appear on the screen, one for Renegade action, one for Paragon action. Choose your path wisely, dear player! If you choose the Renegade action, continue reading this comment. If you choose the Paragon action, move to my second comment. If you spend too long deciding, or are just not paying enough attention, go to my third comment.

            Renegade action! QTE successful! Hardjaw goes to put his arm around her – but no, it’s a feint! He punches her full in the face! She falls to the floor, and he frowns at the camera woodenly:
            “This widow… is a BOMB.”
            The widow lies on the ground rubbing her jaw, eyes flashing with rage, and a little smoldering lust.
            “How did you know I have been a terrorist bomb all along, infidel?” she spits her words like deadly, deadly knives.
            “I didn’t,” smirks Hardjaw. “You just confirmed it.”

            Gasps all around. THIS is edgy story-telling.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            If you choose the Paragon action, continue here.

            Paragon action! QTE successful! The grieving widow slumps forwards into the manly arms of Brent Hardjaw, sobbing deeply! She clutches him for the strength only his wooden arms can provide:
            “But… You see… I am a BOMB!”
            Hardjaw nods quietly, and deadpans: “I know.”
            “I’ve been a terrorist bomb all my life.”
            Hardjaw smiles at her and takes her hand gently in his own.
            “I’ve always known. But it’s okay, you don’t have to explode.”
            “…Okay,” sniffs the widow.

          • The Godzilla Hunter says:

            That is an amazing set of comments, Lord Custard Smingleigh.

          • Groove says:

            Yes! More choose-your-own-adventure comments please.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            You were too slow, you missed the QTE.

            “Your husband saved a kitten sanctuary by smothering flames with his own flesh… To death.”
            “Brent, you’re the godfather to our children and have been a close friend for many years, and you’re also my brother-in-law, but… I am a BOMB!”
            “How could I have missed the signs that are so obvious in hindsight?” cries Hardjaw.
            “FOR TERRORISM!” she shrieks, detonating.
            Hardjaw is blown through a closed window, landing in a shower of glass shards.
            “Nooooo! Mrs. Doomed-Sidekick! I shall avenge you!” swears Hardjaw.

          • Brise Bonbons says:

            Slow clap. Also to the original post by Penguin, which was lovely in its simplicity.

          • cheeley says:

            Custard & Penguin, winner of everything (and possible crime fighting duo)

          • Kirjava says:

            Lord Custard Smingleigh, this is too beautiful for words.

    • Laxan says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s a Peter Molydeux game.

  4. The_QC says:

    No, all the men you shoot are evil, of course! And their children are glad they died!

  5. El Stevo says:

    I like Linkin Park.

    • Ragnar says:

      I do too, but they’ve been travelling on a steady path away from the music that caused me to like them. Which is fine, I guess. They want to try something new, and I can always just listen to their first two albums again.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Please seal yourself inside a metal crate and have it fired into space.

  6. Kaira- says:

    For some reason the opening scene reminded me of this one scene in Pulp Fiction.

    • Lobotomist says:

      That was a classic. This is shit :P

    • Aedrill says:

      My first reaction during this video was mentally yelling at the screen: “Give him the watch! Give him the watch!”

  7. Stevostin says:

    I am passe military shooter because of most of them going to far fod a while now. First MoH, then CoD, with all their private Ryan nuances – I could do with that. But when it started to become intense offensive propaganda for Huntington’s clash of civilisation I had to left the boat.

  8. Ta'Lon says:

    The last time either of those two were good was 10 years ago. Just let it go already.. pretty please.

  9. HisMastersVoice says:

    I wouldn’t really call the MoH reboot dismal as such. It was a mediocre game with an above average (for a modern FPS) story execution. I’ve seen worse.

    • phelix says:

      Whenever I think or speak of terrible shooters, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty comes to mind.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      MoH was one of the few generic shooters that was so generic I couldn’t even finish it. I only got about 3 levels in and had to stop, the story hadn’t even made a slight impact on me at that point.

      And I’m a person who…
      A) Wants more stories
      B) Somewhat enjoyed Homefront, and
      C) Loved Singularity

  10. DiamondDog says:

  11. Hoaxfish says:

    Inspired by many true stories… so:

    One day… Winston Churchill was… fighting… Genghis Khan… for the right to be… Ultimate Fighting Champion… of… World War… 9/11

    • MarigoldFleur says:

      I think something went wrong because this sounds like it might actually be amazing and not terrible and overwrought.

      • Groove says:

        Winston Churchill wrestling Genghis Khan on top of the twin towers (dual arena stage) while each world war is on their own plane, fighting EACH OTHER as they both fly towards the towers. The winner of Churchill-Khan will piledriver the winning world war-plane through the tower. The meaningful multiple-choice ending is that pressing A will choose tower one and D will choose tower 2.

    • maninahat says:

      Isn’t that the next season of Deadliest Warrior?

    • lijenstina says:

      Perry Bible Fellowship had a comic (Now Showing) about how movies in the future would depict the WWII.

  12. JackShandy says:

    Does RPS feel an obligation to post these things? There’s a lot of posts that run like

    “Oh god. Don’t watch this trailer. Honestly, fuck, this trailer is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Jesus christ, why do they keep making this crap? Watch it after the break.”


    “Do you care about this? Yeah, me neither. Detailed information about it after the break.”

    or perhaps

    “I know you guys all care about Farmville 2, right? Ahaha, yeah, me neither. Go here to download it.”

    • SanguineAngel says:

      This is a blog. They can post about whatever they fancy or whatever is on their mind, much like other blogs all over the interweb. Only this is a blog run by several people about games. And sometimes biscuits.

      • John Brindle says:

        He’s no questioning their right to post about what they want – he’s questioning whether they really want to post this. I, personally, think this was an important post to make because this kind of crass union of military propaganda with commercial exploitation of personal and national tragedy is really something we should all be aware of.

      • JackShandy says:

        Yes, and this is a comments section. I can make a comment about anything I fancy, or whatever is in the post above, much like etc. My problem is that RPS posts about a lot of things that they don’t fancy, or that aren’t on their minds, just out of a sense of professional obligation.

        John Brindle: Ok, I can see that. Still, I think the point stands in general. Look at posts like this:

        link to

        John thought the trailer was so bad he couldn’t even bring himself to post it, but he still made a post about it. That’s pretty weird.

        Edit: I should probably say that RPS can post whatever they like, obviously, and that their posts are fantastic. I love that they write about whatever they’re interested in, and I feel like posting the latest trailer for ManshootX all the time lets that down.

    • Shadowcat says:

      JackShandy makes a good point, I have to admit. I guess the hive mind is sometimes an Angry Internet Hive-Mind, and can’t help itself.

    • mouton says:

      This is a blog. Be glad they are not posting news from Japanese pop/console culture.

    • John Walker says:

      Sometimes you have to stare into the pit of horror and call it names. In public.

    • mondomau says:

      At least re-host it so the PR team don’t think the extra clicks are people actually buying into this bullshit.

  13. Bootsy81 says:


    THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL heal if I take cover behind this wall…..

  14. gschmidl says:

    For those wanting modern songs that actually have things to say about war, look no further than Machine Head’s “A Farewell to Arms” or Serj Tankian’s “Empty Walls”.

    • StranaMente says:

      I say war, what is it good for?

    • atticus says:

      Not very subtle, but still good (and catchy): “Let Them Eat War” by Bad Religion.

      • derbefrier says:

        Greg Graffin for President!

        sorry I am a huge Bad Religion fanboy. Best punk band ever.

        Also RPS please never ever refer to Linken Park as a punk band ever again. You couldn’t find a better poster boy for soulless Corporate rock well maybe Nickel Back….

    • Outright Villainy says:

      I always loved Robb Flynn as a lyricist, he really seems to nail that balance between being direct without stating the obvious. It helps that you can nearly always hear a real passion in his voice. Even when he dabbles with more purple descriptions it sounds heartfelt. (e.g. Descend the shades of night.)

      Can’t say I’m a big fan of Serj though.

  15. 1Life0Continues says:

    [Cackling over alt-text]

    I liked Hybrid Theory, and REALLY liked Re-Animation, but the slide from being somewhat good to emo mediocrity came halfway through Meteora and continued downward from then.

    Next up: CODBLOPS2 advertised with Simple Plan’s “Untitled”…

    • atticus says:

      I really think the alt-text should’ve been WARSADFACE.

    • Hunam says:

      Actually BLOPS2 is probably gonna be advertised by Nine Inch Nails as Trent is doing the theme for their game.

      • 1Life0Continues says:

        Hopefully they use ‘Closer’…
        Because…f**k you like an animal…comparative…to EA…

        I’ll shut up now.

  16. halodanger says:

    “But Daddy will respawn soon in a safe zone, right?”

    Also, this appears to say ‘Fear not young one, this war will still be raging in 30 years so plenty of time for you to go and exact your revenge on some people who had nothing to do with killing your pops.’ Oh, and ‘Buy our game’ as you say.

  17. soldant says:

    According to video games, there are two armies in the world: 101st Airborne, and the Marines. Everybody else is either an insurgent, or doesn’t actually exist.

  18. RogB says:

    could be worse. could have been Nickleback..

  19. WoundedBum says:

    Shame, despite the problems with MoH, it actually executed some bits rather well. The story in some places, especially.

  20. povu says:

    It’s just a trailer. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

  21. MikoSquiz says:

    I don’t mind their new “sounds a lot like Pet Shop Boys or Erasure, really” direction, I’m just amused that the visual presentation of the band is still “FUCKIN’ RAWWWWWWK” regardless. How self-unaware can you get?

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Just ask EA. Or ActiBlizzard. Or Ubi. Or…

    • Jason Moyer says:

      It’s weird you mention PSB and Erasure, because all of their early stuff, everytime it came on the radio, I’d spend 15 seconds going “oh shit, this is very Depeche Mode” and then the song would actually kick in and I’d cry.

  22. John Brindle says:

    Counterpose and ponder: link to

  23. Premium User Badge

    Gassalasca says:

    People who don’t find Linkin Park utterly objectionable should be put to death.

  24. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    Obligatory 2deep4u

  25. Winged Nazgul says:

    RPS reviewing Linkin Park videos. What’s next – football commentary?

  26. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Soldier in picture wishes he was Bruce Willis?

  27. JoeGuy says:

    Is there actually much of a message in this video? I couldn’t find it.
    It felt like they were saying “its okay your dad is dead because its all worthwhile in the end”
    Is that supposed to make anyone feel better or support a game that depicts War like that?

    • Remnant says:

      There was a point to the video at the end: MOH Project Honor is a charity for the families of veterans. So I suspect the point of the video was not to manipulate emotions to promote a videogame but to encourage people to go to Project Honor and support the families of deceased soldiers because, as the video would suggest, losing a loved one bloody sucks.

      The trick to figuring this out? Ignore what Walker wrote. Watch the video. Note that the word “Warfighter” at the end is suspiciously spelled “Project Honor.” Then use Google to fill in the gaps.

      • JoeGuy says:

        I didn’t need to read the article, just click the video. The Charity thing EA was promoting was also promoting the purchase of real guns. So no, they do have a skewed message that War is a necessary thing, trying to help families with money from weapons that in turn killed their partners/parents is ironic at best and grotesque at worse.

  28. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I wonder what the system requirements are on that Autotune plugin?

  29. Grey Ganado says:

    From the few videos I’ve seen the multiplayer seems nice enough.

  30. DXN says:

    Good lord, Chester Bennington got old. And when I say old, I mean… 36. </iwillalsobeoldsoon>

  31. drewski says:

    Damn, not even the first commenter to want to make a Nickelback joke.

  32. SquareWheel says:

    I had a comment but then I was annoyed by this stupid cookie message and promptly forgot it.

  33. Unaco says:

    That was like masturbation with a cheese grater… Mildly amusing, yet mostly painful.

  34. Remnant says:

    This would be a truly shocking advertisement for Medal of Honor and an utter disgrace for Linkin Park… IF this was an advertisement for Medal of Honor.

    It’s not.

    See the bottom part of that emblem, that says Project Honor? Yeah, that’s not a subtitle for Warfighter. That’s a real life charity being pushed by EA called, shockingly, Project Honor. I’m terrible with HTML coding, so I won’t even try – link to

    So yes, all this criticism would be entirely accurate for a game advertisement. This is a charity push to raise money for the families of fallen veterans. I can’t tell if this article was written sarcastically and everyone else is in on the joke, or Walker made a pretty substantial journalism error. The fact that the only external links are for the game and for a Green Day music video, without acknowledging the charity that the video is about, well… I’m inclined to think you guys missed the point of this video.

    • DXN says:

      Hmm, doesn’t seem that way actually. This same video is introduced on the Medal of Honor site as “WORLD PREMIERE Castle of Glass by Linkin Park the new video for Medal of Honor Warfighter.” It also seems to feature footage from the game (albeit very brief).

      The “Project Honor” badge at the end is just a random plug, not the focus of the video.

      • Remnant says:

        I suspect what you’re noticing is a disconnect between two groups of people in a corporation. The video is clearly made for the charity: it features far more footage of real soldiers than in-game footage (the impression I get is that real-life explosives work is too costly and dangerous for a charity video, so in-game footage serves that purpose), and it names the charity in the final shot, rather than the game’s title. The reason why I say it’s not intended as an ad for the game is because the name Warfighter only appears at the very beginning, briefly, but mainly identifies the song as “from Medal of Honor Warfighter”, as though the music for this particular ad comes from another game and album.

        Either you’re right and whoever made the video is a complete moron and failed to include obvious gameplay footage and did not prominently display the game’s title…

        Or, far more likely, this was designed as an advertisement for the charity and whichever drone was responsible for uploading it to YouTube ommitted the inclusion of the important details of the charity. Here would be my final argument that I’m right, however: the uploaded video that is linked in the article belongs to a user name Node. That is NOT an official EA channel. Obviously, this guy got the video somewhere and has put misleading claims in the description.

        • Avish says:

          O.K. Here’s a link to the official Linkin park youtube channel:
          link to

          Not a word about project honor, but a few about the warfighter, including a link for pre-order.

          • Remnant says:

            I’m going to be repeating myself, but it just looks like a disconnect between the video and whatever else is associated with the video. Whoever made it likely wasn’t the same to upload it to LP’s channel, or Node’s channel.

            It’s probably some poor fellow responsible for uploading videos to the channel and throwing together a description. I mean, look, the video barely mentions the band or the game and prominently shows the charity emblem at the end, so from that, I’m inclined to think that this is pushing a charity. The descriptions of both channels and Walker’s article deviate, suggesting that this is an ad for Warfighter.

            So who fucked up? Is this a terribly done (from a marketing perspective) ad for Warfighter that barely mentions the game or the franchise OR the developer, EA? Is this an ad for charity that everyone is misreading as being an ad for Warfighter, despite the aforementioned lack of advertising in the video itself? It could be the former. It could be the latter. There seems to be as much evidence for either. Hell, if whoever uploaded the video made the mistake of thinking it’s just an ad for Warfighter, I can hardly blame Walker or anyone else for the same error. I’m pretty firmly convinced that this is a music video that is promoting a charity, though. We might have to agree to disagree on it.

            Would have been nice at the very least for this article to link the charity; it’s not irrelevent to the topic at hand and it gives a great outlet for the people who are commenting on how sickening they thought this video was.

          • DXN says:

            The introduction I mentioned, which specifically mentions the game and not the charity, is on the official Medal of Honor site. The video is included with all the other Warfighter trailers on that site’s Media page, with no other mention of Project Honor. The “Project Honor” section does not feature the video. I guess you could say it’s a cross-promotion, but overall it (and Project Honor itself) is clearly a part of Warfighter’s marketing campaign. The charity doesn’t seem to have a web-presence outside of Warfighter-related coverage.

            It’s true that the version of the video linked to the article is to Node, not the official Medal of Honor Site. But the latter is the actual source.

            And as to the composition of the video: this is just an example of the trend towards live action video and very little game footage in trailers, especially early ones. The video is about “dead soldiers’ families” because mawkish jingoism and a supposed spiritual connection between the game makers and the actual armed forces is the marketing schtick of this particular franchise. Project Honor itself is just an extension of that.

          • Avish says:

            The only connection to the charity are a couple of seconds at the end of the video, which can easily be missed even if you watched it to the end. If they wanted people to be aware of the charity they should have made a better presentation of it (a word from the band, a link maybe?).

            On the other hand, there is a link for pre-ordering the game in their the official LP channel, which was put there by their PR people, who are probably also not aware that the video is about charity and not a computer game.

            There is also a very big link from the official WF site, but nothing on the charity’s site.

            So it’s either someone did a lousy PR job or that the video has more to do with the game than with the charity.

          • Remnant says:

            The fact that we’re all still talking about it probably means you’ve hit the right answer, Avich. It’s a lousy PR job. Regardless of whether it advertises the game or advertises the charity – or, hell, advertises the band! – the video lacks a clear goal. Warfighter is too close to release for an advertisement to be so sparse with footage. An ad would heavily use in-game footage from both gameplay and cutscenes. This only shows a spattering of footage, and it’s ambiguous whether that’s gameplay or cutscene stuff.

            I think they tried to push the charity, but cocked it up. You still think they’re trying to push the game, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that even if they are pushing Warfighter, they’re doing a pretty crappy job of it. A strong video would have Warfighter featured far more prominently, rather than relying on the video’s description below. For instance, using an unrelated song with unrelated footage can STILL heavily plug a game, even without gameplay footage. EA could take a lesson from this one:

          • drewski says:

            I think you’re being exceptionally generous toward EA here.

            I think it vastly more likely that EA went to Linkin Park (or, more accurately, their label) and said hey, our audience really likes your music (or they probably do, they like shouty things, we wouldn’t know, we’re suits), let’s do a video for some song of yours about war and with some war and put our new MoH war crap in it. Also we’ll give you lots of money.

            Linkin Park(‘s label) said whatevs, we like videogames and killing things, and we REALLY like money.

            At some point in the project some VP decided to stick a link to the charity on there – whether for PR, because the band wanted it, because they wanted to offset all the WARness of the video, or, least likely, because they actually wanted to promote it and bang – synergies all round, everybody winnar.

    • Avish says:

      This music video is presented as The official Music Video for Medal of Honor: Warfighter (on the youtube page and on Warfighter official web page: link to ).

      So it got little or nothing to do with “project honor” (it’s mentioned on the project’s web page you linked to).

      Regardless of that. This video made me physically sick as it’s the worst kind of war glorification: crying kids, young and pretty moms, clean soldiers… But it’s not a politics blog, so I won’t get too much into that.


      • Remnant says:

        The link you give has “The Official Castle of Glass Music Video”, but it does not say it’s for Warfighter.

        Keep in mind, this is the same band that started the Music for Relief charity that has bands donate songs and all proceeds from that song go to charitable causes, such as earthquakes and tsunami, and staging concerts to raise funds. They also gave quite a bit of money to a charity similar to the one that EA is spearheading with Project Honor, way back in 2004.

        I’m cynical sometimes too. For all the shit people are piling on Linkin Park, they’re a charitable group and this is clearly them doing more of the same, in partnership with EA.

        Really, the only evidence you should need is that EA is not at all mentioned anywhere in that video. It’s not an ad for the game.

        • drewski says:

          On Linkin Park’s own website the video is categorised as “CASTLE OF GLASS” Music Video (featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter).

          Number of charity mentions? Zero.

    • Unaco says:

      The song definitely is being used in the game… It comes up “Linkin Park, Castles of Glass, MoH Warfighter & whatever the album is called” in the bottom right shortly after the start. And there are clips of the game used in the video. But I think you’re right… the video, itself, is not (much of) a promotion of the game (the version RPS have taken here seems to be uploaded by something called NODE, and it’s only in annotations and the description that links between the song and the game are made). There’s only the Project Honor emblem at the end… no game advertisement or logo, no EA logo, not much game footage even.

      So yeah… I think RPS have just linked to (and critiqued) a Linkin Park video for a song that’ll be in a video game (will the Hivemind do all the music from the first Tony Hawks game next? I remember there being some good songs in that). And tried to make it seem more controversial than it is. And even struggled to find criticism… if this was so ‘self-important’ it made John want to mutilate himself, I can only imagine the mess there’ll be with the next Jonathon Blow interview, or Indie Game the Movie 2.

    • LordEvilAlien says:

      for a moment I thought I was the only one who could see that this video was more about the charity than the game.

      • Remnant says:

        Yeah, I got the point of the video straight away. Sometimes cynicism overrides common sense, though. It would be very easy to accept that big bad EA was exploiting the tears of children to advertise a video game… Remembering so many gaming ads, though, they tend to, ya know, advertise the game.

        I think ads are legally required to name the song they use as part of leasing the song. You can hardly fault them for that little brief detail.

        • JustAPigeon says:

          Sooo.. why did Linkin Park only release the video after 3 million downloads of the Warfighter beta?

          And Mike Shinoda says they “did the video with EA”.

          • Remnant says:

            I don’t have an answer for you, I’m afraid.

            The video features footage, in some parts, of an EA game that is yet to be released. So of course it was made with EA’s help. I didn’t know the video was held hostage to beta downloads. It wouldn’t be the first time Linkin Park has done that sort of thing before either, though.

            e: I need to add too that Project Honor is being run by EA, that is splitting funds between existing charities. So the fact that the video was done with EA’s help doesn’t conclusively prove that it is promoting Warfighter, nor does it prove the intention of supporting Project Honor.

      • SiHy_ says:

        Call me a cold, cynical bastard but I simply see the charity as another advertisment for the game.

        • Remnant says:

          You’re a cold, cynical bastard.

          For all the glorifying of war that this hobby of ours does, it’s nice for someone to at least once make a move in the right direction, even if cynics and bastards alike can still despise them for it.

          I can appreciate some of the disdain. It has about the subtlety of Just Cause 3 launching with a campaign raising funds for victims of 9/11.

          • SiHy_ says:

            I appreciate that they are making some money for victims of conflict, though they could probably just skim a bit off the Board of Directors’ next Christmas bonus and make a heck of a lot more.
            To me it feels like the marketing team noticed that setting up a charity would be a great publicity stunt to promote a flagging video game franchise. After all, under the cover of a charity you can create music videos about tragedies that people face every day, to pull on people’s heart strings, without actually saying anything at all. Put them to to mediocre songs that have nothing to do with the subject, then throw on a charity logo. Only the meanest of meanies would say anything bad about it.
            However with two products that are so inextricably linked, as this game and charity are, advertising one might as well be advertising the other. Imagine if, instead of the charity logo at the end, there was a big sign saying “Medal of Honour: Warfighter. Preorder Now!”
            I just feel that there shouldn’t be any crossover between real-life war and war portrayed in a very superficial light on a TV screen. A first person shooter is nothing at all like war; it’s just a game. Blurring the lines between the two will always do more harm than good.
            That’s how I see it anyway. That said, I probably just see it that way because I am an extremely bitter misanthrope.

          • derbefrier says:


            I think you have a good point but understand most people wont think about it that much and I think a lot of people are making more out of this than there really is. I think a typical donor would think like this.

            “Man that new MoH game looks fun I think I’ll buy it!” “Oh look they have a charity to help support our veterans i’ll donate a few bucks to that while I am at it because they deserve all the help they can get because our government are a bunch of assholes that don’t take proper care of them.”

            It seems to me a lot of people here are reading to much into this. I get the feeling the intentions are pretty innocent. Using a product to promote and get people interested in a charity is a very common practice. In my opinion what EA is doing is no different than a local store asking to donate an extra dollar or 2 to whatever charity at the cash register. Its a good way to get peoples attention. I think peoples rush to jump on EA’s nuts about anything has clouded many peoples vision around here.

          • Groove says:

            I bet a million billion pounds that this charity is just an advertisement for the game.

            For example, the top google search for “Project Honour Charity” is “Project Honor | Medal of Honor Warfighter Available October 23”.

      • drewski says:

        I think it’s about 98.3% about Linkin Park’s new song. Which happens to be in MoH: Warfighter.

        (Also there’s a charity.)

  35. squirrel says:

    If you want to sell a game, polish the gameplay, please. This is the business you should dedicate in. Don’t get attention by stirring up troubles, please.

    It’s just a medicore shooter by 2010s standard.

  36. zachforrest says:

    Teenagers don’t like Linkin Park any more. Emotions are out. It’s all about Gangnam style and One D.

  37. Lagwolf says:

    Rap metal… and trying to sound current… ugh. There is a whole freaking genre of “war metal” to chose from an they chose freaking Linkin Park. Does not bode well for the game really.

  38. xcession says:

    Fun fact: Linkin Park subtly include the word “skin” in the lyrics of every song they write. They were going to call their debut album SKINSKINSKSINSKINS but their management company changed it at the last minute.

  39. JustAPigeon says:

    Ugh. There’s nothing about this that isn’t horrific.

    • Branthog says:

      All you fer’ners just don’t get it. This is what it’s like in America. Every time someone’s daddy or mommy dies protecting poppy-fields of a KDR/Haliburton asset overseas, a military man comes to their home and tells them mommy and daddy died protecting *freedom*, because the Taliban were dun gonna come over here and set fire to the constitution and rape our women and cats. And then Linkin Park personally visits and serenades you as you grieve.

      I guess the reason all you fer’ners are being so judgemental is that your news agencies don’t report the truth and you don’t know these things about America. For instance, before Linkin Park leaves, they give the grieving family a coupon for a life-time supply of Coors Beer and a boxed copy of Bosom Buddies.

  40. Solanaceae says:

    I thought the music was alright to be honest, I like the electronica thing they have going towards the end… certainly preferable to basically all the other Top 40s type stuff though when I happen to hear it (which is rarely since I never listen to the radio). I was big into Linkin Park in my early years in high school and I still listen to their debut unashamedly sometimes for a big nostalgia rush ;). Meteora and Reanimation are nice too. It gets old fast, but as far as commercial rock goes, it’s solid stuff IMO.

    The war glorification though is… not cool.

  41. Phantoon says:


  42. Shakermaker says:

    This goes against everything the Geneva Convention stands for.

  43. SonicTitan says:

    I admit to having a certain guilty-pleasure-fondness for jingoistic alt rock videos, in the same way that I enjoy watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. The feigned emoting and pained expressions in these videos often communicate nothing but an unfulfillable desire to take a massive dump. Also Bennington thinks he’s Michael Stipe, holy shit.

    That was terrible; thanks for the laugh RPS.

  44. Misnomer says:

    I wonder what RPS would have made of a music video to “Fortunate Son” or “Eve of Destruction.” Didn’t RPS like being able to play those in their vehicles in BF Vietnam and call it a good thing in the BC2 expansion? I guess the point here is that they tied a song to a game advertisement? I don’t know, but I really don’t think this is a case of bad PR like the gun selling debacle.

    Music is very much a part of wars, how cultures react to wars, how cultures sell wars. I mean would you be duly offended if a Crimea War game was advertised with someone reading Charge of the Light Brigade while gameplay footage was shown? (not that I am equating any Linkin Park song to Charge of the Light Brigade).

    And then there is stuff like this:

    link to

    • SonicTitan says:

      Sigh. Someone had to go ruin all the fun, didn’t they?

      Look, I listen to a lot of heavy metal; a TON. I probably know more about heavy metal than I do about any other musical genre, or even about video games for that matter. Not all (or even most) heavy metal is Slayer or Metallica just because those are the only names that most people can drop, and there is no difference between the Guardian insinuating that heavy metal turns people into killing machines and The Daily Mail insinuating that video games turn people into killing machines.

      You know what turns people into killing machines? Total institutions that are designed to dehumanize its own occupants and desensitize them to violence or free will as quickly as possible. Not heavy metal.

    • Brun says:

      I mean would you be duly offended if a Crimea War game was advertised with someone reading Charge of the Light Brigade while gameplay footage was shown?

      No, I’d tell you that you’re showing me a fake ad, because both the use of the Crimean War as a game setting and the use of Tennyson in advertising by a major publisher would demonstrate a level of cultural awareness that I KNOW that publisher lacks.

  45. Armitage says:

    I never liked Linkin Park, but now I think I hate them.

  46. x3m157 says:

    If it wasn’t for the obvious autotune, I wouldn’t even be able to tell that this is Linkin Park ….

  47. Paul says:

    Yep, this was some pathetic shit.

  48. DeFrank says:

    Who gives a shit, I wonder.

  49. Poliphilo says:

    Thursday October 11th

    Added EA, DICE, Linkin Park to my shitlist. I had to remove EA and DICE from the shitlist first, so that I could add them in again. What a waste of paper and ink, sigh.

  50. shockwave says:

    You have to be insane to come out of watching that video thinking that it was somehow a “trailer” for a game. Seriously, one short line in a youtube description, loosely connecting the game to the music… MUST BE A TRAILER, RIGHT?

    And I can’t be the only person who didn’t see this video as glorifying war. It’s a video of children crying and having a hard time over the loss of their fathers. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to realize that this video condemns war, not glorifies it. Unless you think making children suffer is good.

    I understand, it’s Linkin Park, everyone puts on their sarcasm hats and talks about how cool they are for hating the music the very second LP is mentioned… but could we return to reason for a minute and realize that this video looked and sounded NOTHING like an advertisement?

    And to be frank, the music wasn’t bad.

    • Remnant says:

      I’m surprised everyone around here can still stand, with their knees jerking like that.