CCP Talk Bounty Hunting In Retribution Video

The next big Eve update, Retribution, looms like an obsidian space monolith, and it’s going to be bringing a new world of bounties and bounty-hunting to the game. Players will be able to put bounties on individuals and corporations, and hire in trouble-makers to deal death to their rivals. It’s going to be a fascinating thing to see implemented, and I expect a frenzy of player-generated stories in the weeks following its implementation. There are other changes in the patch too, including overhauled drones regions, new ships, and rennovations of old ships. Should be quite the player-pleaser, this one. Watch, below decks.


  1. Bobzer says:

    That was fairly decent as far as semi-humorous dev blogs go.

    Still haven’t seen anyone come close to Pandemics old dev videos coming up to the Mercenaries 2 release.

    RIP :(

  2. ukpanik says:

    If this had been in at the start, I may have stayed.

    • dukes82 says:

      what stopped anyone from setting or collecting bounties before this? I thought eve was all about the palyer-directed gameplay that would have encouraged assassinations.

      • DeVadder says:

        You had to kill the escape pod to collect the bounty. That is extremely hard unless in 0.0 space. And also, once anybody has a reasonable bounty on their head, their head, they would jump into an empty clone and have some friend/alt pod them to collect the bounty.
        I do not know what they are changing, but i hope it will be bounty on ships, making sure that the paid out bounty allways is less than the loss of the ship was worth.

        However if you meant outside the official system, then yes, there has allways been some sort of bounty hunting where one pilot would just say on the forums, present me a killmail of pilot X and ill pay you amount Y.
        But that often got scammed as well and only works when you have a really massive grudge.

        • buzzmong says:

          In short:
          Bounty on ships and pods. Bounty is now a pool. Bounty paid out of pool as a percentage of ISK lost (basically, if the person who has the bounty on their head loses a frigate, the hunter gets little, if the victim is in a BS, the hunter gets a lot more. In the case of pods, it’s based off implant values).
          The idea is to move away from the current one shot system (and the “collect my own bounty” problem with it).

          Bonus is bounties also being able to be put on anyone, not just Criminals with -1 sec status.

          Also kill rights are now transferrable/sellable, and there’s an entire new Crimewatch system which sounds much better and should help with pew-pew. Especially in conjuction with the new kill right system.

          • slight says:

            Bounties are still going to be on pods only initially, they’re planning to add payouts for ships later.

  3. Aedrill says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Also, now I really want to start playing Eve. Being bounty hunter/hitman is exactly what I’d love to do. And in the game.

  4. dontnormally says:

    Looks like this mechanic is being put in as a run-up to the FPS tie-in.

  5. Alexrd says:

    I would love to play EVE, but I promised myself to never waste money on MMOGs.

    • snv says:

      If you enjoy it, the money’s not wasted.

      Should be obvious

      • Mattressi says:

        But if you could enjoy another game for much less than the subscription price for EVE (and also be able to enjoy it indefinitely, without needing to continue to pay that subscription), it is wasted. I’ve never paid a subscription to play a game and I never will. I like to be able to access my games whenever I want, without worrying about whether I paid the monthly subscription.

        • Apolloin says:

          Wow! You’re right, I’ll just nip out and pick up an enormous scale space sim game that has constant new releases and allows me to experience it’s sandbox in such a way that I haven’t done more than scratch the surface in two year’s of playing it.

          Oh wait. No such game exists.

          Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, since I don’t have to pay to play it.

        • slight says:

          If you enjoy the game enough to make lots of isk (the in game currency) then you can buy game time with it and play for free. You need to rise quite a lot of isk though, but lots of people do it.

        • EugenS says:

          You can always pay for your subscription with plex, which you can buy in-game. So if you are successful and make money, you don’t have to pay anything. Eve is awesome, and is worth every penny, though.

    • pitak89 says:

      It’s entirely possible to pay for the monthly subscription using in-game currency. It takes some time and skill in the game, however.

      I could send you a 21 day trial if you are interested.

    • DyvimTvar says:

      If you’re halfway decent with making pretend-money you won’t have to pay for your subscription with real-money after two or three months.
      Personally I made enough ISK to keep my acc subbed for two months by trading an hour a day for a week a month ago. Which is good since I don’t actively play atm, but the skill queue goes on.

      • Apolloin says:

        I’ve been taking time off the mission grind to explore things like scanning and fast frigate work. I’m still subbed up until the end of November from my last mission grinding session, so everything is fine.

    • Simplisto says:

      I’m with you there. I used to play MMOs but now I have a family, the subscription fees simply aren’t worth the amount of hours of gaming time available to me. A real shame considering I tried Eve last year and loved it.

      Want more subscribers? Pay-as-you-Play payment option, please!

  6. SuperNashwanPower says:


  7. S Jay says:

    Her accent is so CCCP.

    • DXN says:

      I never realised how close Icelandic sounds to Welsh. o_o (Although it makes sense, they both have similar Celtic, Indo-European roots).

      • Josh W says:

        I had to watch the video again because I realised I didn’t actually listen to any of the details; I was too busy listening to the way they pronounce things.

  8. Blackcompany says:

    All of this would matter if a new player could actually sign up and become a bounty hunter.

    Alas, they cannot.

    To be a bounty hunter you need (at a minimum):

    -tier (t)2 guns
    -t2 shields/armor
    -t2 Frigate
    -t2 propulsion systems including MWD

    You can skimp on some of this sure. But the t2 frig for pirating/bounty hunting is a MUST. All of which means you will need 60 days spent doing a whole ton of nothing before you can even really BEGIN to compete in any pvp centric content AT ALL.

    Until and unless CCP finds a way to deal with this problem, the game isn’t going to grow.

    • Apolloin says:

      That’s crap. Now that the rules on assigning bounties are being relaxed you don’t need to be a notorious null-sec pirate to get one. That means that you and a few friends could quite easily catch a bountied up target flying a hauler or something specced for missioning.

      Take tip from the Goons and realise that enough T1 ships can kill ANYTHING. (Except maybe a Titan, but probably even one of those).

  9. vimuston says:

    I enjoy MMOs the same reason I enjoy coffee shops: I like the ambience and the feeling of people around me, but I don’t really want to talk or interact with anyone there. EVE offers very little for the lone wolf -type player. Before you say missions/mining/trading, let’s face it, none of those things are remotely fun. The fun in EVE is killing other players, and you can’t really do that by yourself. It also requires massive time investment to hunt down and find targets, but then again, EVE is not really a drop-in/drop-out type game.