A Little Needy: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Speaking of racing games, Need For Speed Most Wanted is looking, well, like it might well be wanted. Our latest glimpse of the game (below) shows off the multiplayer, and basically I laughed pretty hard at the jump at 1:15. I’m not sure it’s “the most socially connected game of its generation”, but it does look like it’s going to be a slick experience. And hell, maybe “open-world” is a buzz word that just automatically switches my critical mode from cranky to favourable, but there it is.

The game is out of on October 30th in North America, and November 2nd in Europe.


  1. yurusei says:

    I hope the box comes with a manual, not an automatic.

  2. ran93r says:

    Really looking forward to this, Hot Pursuit felt so much like it was on rails it was hardly any thrill at all, the tracks were all painfully linear. Coming from Criterion I was hoping that some of the Burnout Paradise freedom would come with it, sadly not the case but this is looking like it’s going to address that.

  3. The First Door says:

    Damn, this looks really good. Seems like more of a return to the crazy short cuts of Burnout 3 and 4 which I really enjoyed! I just hope the police are a good threat, as it was always so intense outrunning them in the original Most Wanted.

  4. c-Row says:

    Misses an #nooceans tag.

  5. bfandreas says:

    The NFS car park gave me a fizzing sensation in the groin region. Is this even legal under current pornography laws?

    If they found it in their heart to include one of the beefier Abarth 595(preferably an open one) I might need a change of underwear.

  6. StAUG says:

    So… NFS:MMO? Not that it doesn’t look great… will certainly be buying this.

  7. jrodman says:

    I for one will lord my North American priveledge over those others who must receive this 3 days later. That’s how you know who is the better class of person!!!!

  8. Milky1985 says:

    “The game is out of on October 30th in North America, and November 2nd in Europe.”

    Its even more stupid with this game cause it was made in the UK…..

  9. Kapouille says:

    * angy man teasing mode *
    Oh, look, mild cosmetic damage after totalling crashes.

  10. Film11 says:

    That’s nice, but where is:
    a) The “2” on the title? This is a sequel, what are the idiots in EA thinking?
    b) The police? This is not Burnout, this is Most Wanted, you know, that game with the unparalleled police chases and takedowns? I do not want Burnout: Token Cops Edition, I want a bloody worth Most Wanted sequel!
    Or is it the sequel? Who knows because they’ve given it the same fucking title as the original.


    • PiratePuncher says:

      I don’t think this supposed to be sequel necessarily. It seems after the newest Hot Pursuit they are just rebooting the franchise.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      b) The police? This is not Burnout, this is Most Wanted, you know, that game with the unparalleled police chases and takedowns? I do not want Burnout: Token Cops Edition, I want a bloody worth Most Wanted sequel!

      Speak for yourself. I’d quite happily play “Burnout: Token Cops Edition” if it’s as good as Burnout Paradise is.

      • Film11 says:

        I was speaking for myself, hence all those “I”s in there. And please, if you want to play Burnout that’s absolutely fine, I like Burnout too! But if you actually want to play Burnout, then play Burnout! NFS and Burnout should be two completely different beasts, they shouldn’t be homogenized in this fashion otherwise there’ll be no good cop-focused games left.

  11. Njordsk says:

    So it’s the most MOST wanted, or most wanted again right? Unless I’ve somehow slipped into the past and… oh noes.

  12. Derezzedjack says:

    This does look like fun, but I don’t really see a point to give EA more money…

    • The First Door says:

      If I were to hazard a few guesses they would be something along the lines of:

      1. To encourage other fun looking racing games to be made
      2. The developers at Criterion will get money and I’m sure some of them are quite lovely
      3. You might get enjoyment out of the entertainment you paid for

    • Cyampagn says:

      Can you realize how stupid you sound? Why do people care so much about the brand, when the product seems like it would appeal to them? Herp derp, this rollercoater looks like a blast but I’ll probably skip it as the junkie face ticket guy is not the kind of I would give my money to.

      • x1501 says:

        He doesn’t sound stupid at all. This notion is similar to why I don’t buy nice-looking crap made by suicide-prone sweatshop workers or why I still haven’t bought DRM-ridden Anno 2070 from Ubisoft. Sometimes you have to get over your impulsive personal wants and look at the bigger picture. Which in this case is that Electronic Arts’ business practices are almost universally reviled—and not without reason.

  13. Alias says:

    Seems like the cars spend more time in the air than on that ground!

  14. obie191970 says:

    So excited for this. I’m not much of a racer guy, but I absolutely loved Burnout. Call this whatever you want, but it’s another Burnout game.

  15. SpinX_911 says:

    I am quite certain customized license plates do give you a huge advantage over your opponents.

  16. Bobtree says:

    “Deep reward structure” – blech. Give me deep rewarding gameplay!

    I can’t stand marketing drivel like that voiceover, and the faux enthusiasm is painful to listen to.

    Criterion makes some good games though.

    • The Random One says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to believe that narrator is an actual person and not a genetically engineered marketing robot or something. I’d be throwing up two sales pitches into it.

  17. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    Why oh why did it have to be DJ Atomika? :[

  18. The Random One says:

    The most connected game of this generation is probably either Zineth or Swords & Sworcery.

  19. MikoSquiz says:

    Mm. I saw an aqueduct race, a jumping BMW, and an AC Cobra, so yes, but on the other hand I’m afraid this is going to be open-world Burnout again, which is the worst thing. I like Burnout as long as it’s tight, small, and arcadey as possible, and I like Need For Speed as long as it’s sprawling and mostly-arcadey wearing a realistic-style dress and wig. I prefer the two unalloyed with each other as much as possible.

  20. Cor Cordis says:

    I want throttle on the directional arrows. Old-school