Free Horror Game Erie Is Certainly Eerie

The vigilant eyes of PCG noticed this one free over at Desura. It’s a student project from the University Of Utah’s EAE Master Games Studio Program, and it’s been dropped on to Desura for no pennies. Its not exactly polished, and a lot more could have been squeezed out of its UDK shell, but the idea is solid. I’ve had a bit of a run around in it, and I can report this: erk. It’s got some horrible sound effects, and is definitely a good exercise in spooky. (It also has a note from “Jim” at the start, and I don’t know why I would have left myself a note in a free horror game. Spooks!) It’s basically a maze/exploration sort of thing, with one novel ideal: you have a spray can you can mark your passage with. There’s also something in the corridors with you…

I’ve also posted a trailer below, if you want to look at that. You might, you know. I’ll put the kettle on in the meantime.


  1. Fwiffo says:

    I (don’t) look forward to the multifarous scream-a-long playthroughs on Youtube.

  2. Velko says:

    Needs “Jim” tag?

  3. The_invalid says:

    So much Jim happening today.

  4. LTK says:

    That guy can run pretty fast, can’t he?

  5. SiHy_ says:

    I’ll have a coffee please. Milk, one sugar.

  6. Roz says:

    Shame you need Desura.


    • alfie275 says:

      Actually you don’t even need Desura, just press the “Install game” button and click “standalone downloads” link.

  7. Agricola says:

    Jim, do you have any Nice biscuits, If not Ill take a custard cream. Thanks.

  8. Kong says:

    did the runner sidestep, evading a barrel? That would be an innovative collision model. No more sudden stops at small obstacles…

  9. maninahat says:

    I can’t say I find feral monsters all that scary. All they do is roar and chase you. They are idiots that are all noise, lacking any real subtlety or menace. Show me a monster that sits still and watches you quietly. Now that’s scary.

    • hypercrisis says:

      Did you ever try ‘Metro 2033’? There was an enemy type in that with a mindset similar. Your weapon in that instance was eye contact and approach.

  10. maninahat says:

    Also: “83% of people rated Erie 10 out of 10”

    What is this, newgrounds? Either this is the greatest gaming experience ever, or people on Desura haven’t a clue how to use a rating scale.

  11. Shadowcat says:

    The game knows who you are. Everyone who plays it sees a note from themselves. Oooo OOOO oooooo…

  12. Crossing says:

    I just want to say, this is why I love RPS. PC gamer embedded a PewDiePie video instead of a legit trailer.

  13. Dreforian says:

    Without watching the video my mind has generated 3 possibilities for what could be going on in the first screenshot:
    1)(this is seriously where I went first) the camera is pointed out through the main character’s helmet a la Journeyman Project, with the helmet having cracks in it and some smeared blood (hopefully on the outside).
    2)The glass in a window is cracked or in the process of breaking and the blood spilled across the console and the window. Scientists should really invest more in shatter-proof windows and stain resistant instruments.
    3)Lightning erupts in the next room surprising the main character who was just biting down into a hotdog with waaaaaay too much ketchup on it

  14. HalNeinThousand says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a standalone installer for this? I don’t really want to install yet another digital content distribution system.

    • jackuars says:

      You don’t have to download Desure. Just click on Install link and select standalone installer