XCOM: Diary Of A Wimpy Squad #4: The Grilling

The story of my Classic difficulty, Iron Man mode XCOM campaign so far is here. As a result, we’ve got a pretty solid team forming now, which means only one thing: let’s go get someone killed.

Our Interceptor successfully shoots down a UFO, so we’re off to comb the wreckage for things to kill and, hopefully, an Outsider to capture and reveal more of the aliens’ masterplan.

Battle Report #5

Hello? Where is everybody? This is one of those faintly creepy sneaking-forwards missions, the crash site forever agonisingly just out of sight but the sure knowledge that it everyone dashed forwards to it some horror would pop up and mow us all down on the spot.

What feels like days later, we make it to the perimeter of the crash site, and set eyes on two sheltering Sectoids. Sectoids? I eat Sectoids for breakfast (they tase of old tuna).

For for four consecutive turns everyone misses every shot. Including the Sectoids, mercifully.

Eventually, Meer headshots one. That’s a Promotion for him and an opportunity for everyone else to creep a little closer.

Going in first is Gril, who takes a immediate hit from the Overwatching Sectoid. He makes us for this carelessness by scoring getting a fatal shot on a 25% chance. Take him with you if you ever go to Vegas.

Ellison heads in next to patch him up with her medkit. She calls him a wimp in the process, which doesn’t sound like team solidarity to me.

We spot movement – The Outsider who captains this ship. Gril’s the man on point again, trying to get in close for a stun. Unwittingly, he wakes another pack of Sectoids in the process, and fails to hit either.

One Sectoid hits, not fatally, then the other two miss. Phew! But the Outsider’s having none of it.

Farewell, RPS’ only Grecian contributer. Farwell, Oxford-educated lover of philosophy and The Tiger Lilies. The important thing is that you managed to kill just one of the game’s puniest enemies.

Rossignol silently ambles up, silently lobs a grenade and not terribly silently kills two of the three Sectoids. Ellison picks off the third, while stood on Gril’s corpse. Classy, Cara, real classy.

There then follows another bout of everyone missing. For God’s sake, everyone. With Rossignol the only one yet to fire this turn, and the sure knowledge that the Outsider’s Light Plasma Rifle will insta-kill anyone it hits, our longest-serving Heavy lets loose his rocket.

Not only is it absurd overkill (and costing us valuable UFO loot), but it bloody misses. And hits Procter.

Procter remains alive, but panics and runs away. I swear The Outsider sniggers.

Meanwhile, more bloody Sectoids arrive, one of whom scores a non-fatal hit on Ellison. For once, the team acts like professionals and mows down all three in short order, plus The Outsider, who by this point we’ve abandoned all hope of stunning.

Mission over, then.

The mission doesn’t end. On no. Someone else is out there. One of us dead and three of us are wounded and now there’s a new enemy on the scene: Floaters.

The most unfortunately-named member of XCOM’s rogues gallery immediately takes out Cara, just after she’s killed one of the three. She’s down but alive – though in three turns she’ll have bled out, and the only other team member with a medkit (Procter) just used his on self-healing. We need to kill 3 Floaters in three turns or we’ll have lost our most capable Rookie.

Rossignol and Meer both panic, as though Adam and John both took sick days at once. They’re out for the turn. Nooo.

Procter misses.

Rossignol, still freaking out, takes a hit, but is still with us.

Next turn, Rossignol grenades one Floater, but it’s still just alive.

Meer’s too far away to fire. Meer! I hate you.

Procter hits on a 45% chance. We’ve made it.

But we left Gril behind. I’m running out of freelancers here, dammit.

We return home with a bag full of corpses alien and human, and mixed feelings indeed. It’s promotion for Meer and Rossignol, while Ellison becomes support. Everyone is wounded except Meer. Heroic Meer.

Okay, enough fannying about with popguns. It’s time to research beam weapons.

Battle Report #6

We’re off to a graveyard in France to stop some Abductions. Fortunately, hiding behind the last resting place of people’s loved ones proves an effective way to deal with the threat. Sorry that your husband’s headstone got blown into pieces by our rockets, Madame.

With both of our Support guys wounded in the last mission, Stone (finally recovered) and Smith, Q are on Medkit duty. It’s also the first mission for Smith, A (aka DJ), who I stupidly forgot to add to the team last time.

It’s a textbook mission this around. Rossignol excels himself with reaction shots and speculative rocketfire, while everyone gets kills except Stone.

As a result, Rossignol makes Sergeant, earning him the acne-evoking nickname ‘Crater’, while Smith, Q becomes Sergeant Quntin ‘Moose’ Smith. I don’t think anyone wants to be called ‘Moose’, surely?

While we’re busy celebrating, we complete research on Beam Weapons. In short order, everyone except the Heavies and Sniper is equipped with frickin’ lasers. Sure, we’ve lost a few, but I reckon we might over the early-game hump. We’ve got more officers than rookies, which means less insta-death. Maybe?

Battle Report #7

It’s UFO landing site in Canada. We didn’t shoot it down, so it’ll be fielding a full force.

Stone finally gets his first kill, and the attendant promotion. About damn time, tankboy. Meanwhile, Meer misses three consecutive 75% chance shots.

Due to this incompetence, the following happens:

Ellison gets shot
Rossignol gets shot
A. Smith gets shot
Stone gets shot. And killed. Oh, man. You’ll never know the pleasure of being assigned a Class, rookie Stone.

As the whole team tries to pen in The Outsider to finally stun one of the buggers, a wounding shot from Rossignol accidentally crits – and kills it. Oh, not again. Home again, team – and with one less chum, once again.

Back at base, we mourn the dead, build some more laser weapons (thanks to selling Sectoid corpses to some unseen wierdo who likes playing with dead aliens), and throw up satellites over Japan, Oz and the US, which are on the verge of panic. That calms them down a bit. But before we have time to enjoy their new-found confidence in us, we’re summoned to a Terror Mission in Manaus. A Terror Mission means Chyrsalids. And we’re still wearing armour that can barely stand up to a water pistol.


  1. x3m157 says:

    Actually, my nickname is ‘Moose’. It refers to my habit of blowing my nose extremely loudly and sounding like a moose call.

  2. westyfield says:

    The nicknames this game hands out are a weird mixture of awesome and awful. I (the sniper) got ‘Solo’, my shotgun-wielding, suicide-rushing assault friend got ‘Banzai’, and my medic friend got… ‘Pox’.

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      Yeah, one of my assault people got nicknamed “socks” for reasons totally unclear to me. I changed it to “Lancer” because it was a bit more dignified.

      Are nicknames random?

      • bard says:

        Well, two of my Assaults got named Boomer – in different games mind you – and i have no clue why.

        But my current sniper got Longbow so all’s good.

        • Jeremy says:

          I had a Heavy named “Boom Boom” which felt a little weird to me. Boomer would have been much better.

          • ArthurBarnhouse says:

            I have to say, I really like the nickname “Boom Boom” but mostly because I imagine him setting up a rocket fire and yelling “Here comes the Boom Boom!”

          • Mr. Mister says:

            I swear there was an army colonel nicknamed Boom Boom in Just Cause 2 appearing in a reaper mission where you drive on of his bitches in a pink limo. He preapres a roadblock and a rocket launcher when he finds out.

          • Carbonated Dan says:

            army colonel? I thought he was a pimp!

          • The Random One says:

            He’s multiclassing.

          • SketchyGalore says:

            “Here’s the plan, vault hunter: Boom Bewm’s gonna kill ya, Jack’s gonna pay us, and I’m gonna play hopscotch in your chest cavity!”

        • DrSlek says:

          I got a sniper named “Longbow” too. he recently hit colonel and became the most dangerous member of my squad with his “Squad Sight” and “In the Zone” perks.

          My lead assaults are nicknamed “Coney” and “Zilch” for some reason…

          • jingies says:

            My ‘Longbow’ managed to get 5 kills in a single turn, thanks to a run of good luck, a plasma sniper rifle, ‘in the zone’ and a load of drones and crysalids running across open ground towards my team.

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          I got a support nick-named Freud.

        • Caleb367 says:

          I have an Assault named “Bull”. Did I mention I make my assault troopers wear red armor and helmet?

          • orionsmasta says:

            You guys got lucky… My assault got nick named “septic”

          • ADinVA says:

            Is your guy “Septic” an American? Septic Tank = Yank in rhyming slang. That would be impressive attention to detail and I’m already impressed by Firaxis’ efforts.

          • drygear says:

            I had a Septic too that was from South Africa, but he was named and modeled after Abe Lincoln, so maybe the game recognized that?

      • westyfield says:

        Oh goodness, that’s brilliant! Socks is the sort of name you’d give a kitten, the idea of a future-soldier sprinting around with people yelling “SOCKS, COVER ME!” is just too funny.

      • melnificent says:

        There is a nickname list for each class.
        And they are divided by class, about 10 names per class. From there it appears to be random (excluding ones in use)

      • Lowbrow says:

        I had a sniper from Ghana nicknamed Zulu, which I though was vaguely racist, but my best nickname was a sniper named Lady Grey. She was so awesome that I abandoned the game after she took an unlucky crit to the face.

        EDIT: “Socks” because he/she knocks your socks off, obviously.

      • S Jay says:

        Got an assault nicknamed “Psycho” (appropriate with all this run & gun), a “Longshot” sniper and twice a simple “Doc” to my supporters.

    • lasikbear says:

      My best assault received the nickname ‘Double Down’, I like to think its because, like the eponymous sandwich anything that tries to take him on ends up with their heart stopped.

      On the other hand Major Neil ‘Nova’ Neilson (deceased) and Sq. Laryn Hill (deceased) were both excellent creations of the RNG.

    • Flint says:

      One of my snipers got nicknamed Emo for some reason. Maybe because he panicked in the mission prior to the nicknaming (although I’m sure we’d all got a bit emo if a horde of aliens were shooting plasma at us), but still fairly amusing for a character I named after a fairly cheery guy.

    • Limes says:

      My favourite nickname was an Israeli support nicknamed “Santa”. Delicious. Unfortunately he didn’t last long in the field. =(

    • caddyB says:

      My favorite French assault lady got “Tombstone”

    • noom says:

      My favourite from my first Iron man Classic game was a Japanese support medic called “Mr Clean”. I felt that suited him rather well, especially as I’d already had him kitted out in mysteriously spotless all-white attire. He was my highest ranking officer when a muton decided to score a critical hit on him at just about maximum range when he was in full cover on the other side of a train. He survived that, mind, and healed himself back up to 7 or 8 hp.

      Apparantly the muton decided I hadn’t got the message though and made the exact same shot on the next round…

      • vakthoth says:

        Ha, one of my first two supports was Mr. Clean, too. I made him bald a while afterwards to make it make sense, but he had also been wearing white gear. Makes me wonder if that was it.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      My “volunteer” ended up with the nickname “doomsday” long before we even found out he was the only soldier qualified to volunteer, deeply prophetic.

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        What’s a voulunteer in the context of XCOM?

        • Droopy The Dog says:

          It’s a bit of a spoiler so I made it deliberately cryptic, sorry. Makes sense once you know what’s what.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      Got women Sniper called Demon(very fitting coz she kills like crazy) Russian Assalut called Viking and a Isreali support called Bishop.
      Isreali Bishop. Best nickname ever.

    • DRoseDARs says:

      On the game I just finished up, I had a Rebecca “All Day” Walsh from Canada and she was a little badass the entire game because she was killing aliens all damn day (seriously, that’s the nick the game autogend for her; prophetic!). She was assault-class, displayed psi abilities, and ended up being *spoiler* so it was fitting that THAT was the moment I lost her. She was the XCOM version of my FemShep.

      • HothMonster says:

        I had a pair of assaults named All Day and All In, I kept them a pair mainly because of the names. Until all day managed to miss the kill shot.

    • L3TUC3 says:

      My main sniper got “Cyclops” and a support I got as a reward had the nickname “Bonus”. Another support got “Romeo” after stabilizing a female soldier. I also have two assault troopers from Canada who got gender-appropriate “Mustang” and “Cowboy”. Another assault got “Rhino”.

      My favorite is my support with “Pops”. He’s been around since mission 1 too.

    • Vexing Vision says:

      I got an angry Irish woman nicknamed “Scotch”, which explained why she was angry all the time. As my main Support, she also had as many kills as my sniper and my heavy together.

      Holly Johnson, my volunteer American assault girl had the most amazing nickname “Wildchild”. Brilliant stuff.

    • mike2R says:

      My first sniper was Godfather, and my first assault Wolverine.

      Frickin’ epic!

    • Crazy Hippo says:

      my two best performing team members are my heavy nicknamed “Hulk” and my support “Mr Clean”

      everytime i use Hulk i have to speak in the same manner as hulk does “HULK SHOOT!”

    • voorsk says:

      My first and currently only Assault is nicknamed ‘Caper’. I’m not sure if he’s got a funny walk, or if he thinks everything is a bit of a laugh. Probably both!

      • Max Ursa says:

        i have a Mexican assault called Caper, turns out he is also psi capable. thing is when he uses his psi he mostly laughs maniacally with a sprinkling of voices in your head. i painted his armour bright yellow, he’s like some psycho psyker clown running round melting alien brains and faces.

    • Foxfoxfox says:

      A friend of mine named my first Sniper ‘Happy Feet’ – that’s her given name in fact. She ended up with the nickname ‘Vampire’…

    • SketchyGalore says:

      Sgt. Jack Payne’s actual name was far better than his assigned nickname. Unfortunately, he met his end just after the even more unfortunately named “Operation Hot Priest”.

      • Geen says:

        I don’t even want to know what that ‘operation’ was.

    • drygear says:

      I had a support (John Lennon) get nicknamed Rogue after a mission where he was mind controlled. Another support who I used as a medic (Stringer Bell) got nicknamed Scotch, which would work if you think of scotch tape. I had a soldier named Samus Aran who wore a helmet and she got nicknamed Axle.

      The best one was when one that I named after a female friend who is a bit on the wild side got nicknamed Vixen.

  3. DmitryN7 says:

    These articles are so well written and well portrayed, it makes me feel like I am watching the action beside you. Brilliant job.

    P.S. I definitely agree with the nickname generator statements above. However although they cna be awesome and awful, they are always funny. Although I usually change and customize my soldiers, which means changing their nickname.

    • McDan says:

      I love the random nicknames, in this first playthrough anyway. I’m playing with naming my squad members after housemates and everyone is finding the nicknames amusing.

  4. Carbonated Dan says:

    link to forums.2kgames.com

    abduction and terror missions spawn UFOs which can be intercepted, preventing the aliens’ ground assault) if there is a satellite in the nation (these UFOs are always fairly high level and, if an interception attempt fails, incur a +1 panic penalty in addition to the +2 should you fail to prevent the abductions on the ground)

    second wave options available (this is a wide array of changes to the game’s rules that may be enabled in the ‘new game’ screen)

    enemies on classic no longer get bonuses to hit and crit chance [they still have all the other improvements that make classic not normal (more health, more of them, better tactics, can call in allies, etc)

    all content already extant in the code, merely disabled – if you were looking for something more like x-com then the ufo interception and second wave options should help you find it

    EDIT – described the changes in more detail

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      If you mod it so that it’s not harder, in what way are you not just playing on Normal?

      Edit: never mind, I didn’t read the link carefully enough. I see what the mod does now and in some ways it is more difficult.

      • Filden says:

        However you rationalize it, it’s the lethality of the enemy fire in Classic mode that really makes it more difficult, and forces you to learn new tactics. Take that away and you have enemies that might take slightly longer to kill, but aren’t really much more dangerous than what you find on Normal mode, where you can just run forward and trade fire from behind a potted fern all day long.

        Still, it might be a good compromise for people looking for something between Classic and Normal difficulty.

    • Yosharian says:

      Woah this sounds like a great little mod! I was put off by classic tbh, because I wanted some of the stuff (like smarter AI) but definitely not other stuff like the crazy +crit modifiers.

    • noom says:

      I’d read that the aliens had a + to their crit and aim percentages in Classic, but I’d assumed it would be in the region of 10%, not 30%. I appreciate the extra challenge of Classic in every way except that. Throw more enemies at me, give them better AI, but don’t just make them cheat. That’s just annoying.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Hear hear! Sounds like a mod I’ll be downloading shortly.

    • Unrein says:

      Um… The bonus is definitely not 30%, it’s 10%.

      • Carbonated Dan says:

        I was informed that the bonus to hit is 10%, bonus to crit is 30% although is see I completely failed to make that distinction in the post :s

  5. RegisteredUser says:

    “(they tase of old tuna) ” and
    “He makes us for this carelessness by scoring getting a fatal shot on a 25% chance.” …que?

    Am I the only one who skipped beam weapons completely?
    First I was chasing stuff that seemed more promising(scopes and some other stuff), then I already had an arc thrower + thin men = light plasma.
    Basically took out the first waves of Mutons, Laser..errr Cyberdiscs, Sectoid Commanders and Floaters with shotguns and bullet sniper rifles. My only advantage was carapace armour+scopes or meshed vests.

    Then had some money and breathing room for plasma and stunned me some mutons + researched away.

    Btw, I can only echo what everyone said, don’t do the tutorial, they don’t tell you the important stuff(i.e. don’t warn of ways to ruin yourself / dead-end yourself nor tell you how to properly make money) and don’t forget you can some sell stuff on the market without worry.

    As for the game: I, too, think that the “uncovering” mechanism is a bit lame and the whole game arc feels a bit “funneled”, i.e. you don’t really feel in control of yourself and what you do, but rather are whipped “this way, hoooo” and kind of more streamlined..

    Though to be fair the original was kind-of similiarish..but it just didn’t FEEL as badly streamlined and funneled down, somehow.

    And another major issue I see / feel is that there is no logic other than “so, like, time has passed” for the enemy monster progression / leveling. There is no AI War like “agitation vs reaction” thing or something like that. Or if there is, its not made apparent or connected in a way that I can see.
    And the jumps in difficulty from moving through the game stages as people have said are weird, too.

    You basically go from underfunded underdog managing to barely scrape through to one-shotting enemies with plasma snipers and face-punching berserkers and commanders with run-and-gun-then-rapid-fire. Well, the latter you already did with shotguns, but plasma snipers + squadsight seriously turn the tide if used properly.

    And of course there’s the midgame “I just want the research and digging finished goshdarnit” tediousness / grind of “fine, I’ll do the mission, but only because I can’t really NOT do the mission” until you actually get to the next stepping stone of progress. And boy, can a month have a lot of missions sometimes.

    Dunno. Its kinda good, but also kindasorta not-quite-right. Bit weird. Can’t pinpoint it yet, lots of little things I feel. Might be me.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I don’t think you’re the only one who feels the game is a bit “funneled,” on both the missions and the strategy layer. I’m still having fun, but I’m worried about whether the game has the kind of legs the original had for replay value.

      On the mission side, the small squad size tends to narrow the available tactics and you end up with a basic creeping overwatch with a scout for reveal and fallback, and a sniper or two at the rear (which is always safe because aliens trigger in front of the group on these small maps) It stifles creative approaches that would be possible with more troops available, like breaking the squad into two scouting/overwatch units. But the maps aren’t large enough for that, with encounter triggers spaced close together so you need to keep that small squad intact. It just feels cramped and tight on every mission.

      On the strategy side, there is also funneling towards an optimum build queue, once you figure out how that works. I assumed there would be several different ways you could progress through the economy and tech trees, but so far it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like there’s *one* good way to do it, and you’re screwed at the higher levels if you don’t do it just that way.

      I still think it’s a very polished and fun game, but I think some potential for replay has been lost in the streamlining and down-sizing of the maps and the squad size, and the economy/tech tree. I was playing each of the major Total War games for years after release, and I remember the original X-Com lasting a long time too. I’m not sure (yet) if this has that kind of longevity due to the design decisions they made, but we’ll see. Maybe modding might shake this up a bit.

      P.S. I’m still enjoying Alec’s diary, which points out the more fun aspects of the game if you approach it with an open mind, and just roll with what’s offered.

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        I think hat the issue of each battle feeling the same changes a lot when you get skeleton armor, ghost armor, and the Tribes armor (can’t remember the real name). The game suddenly changes and a lot more options for squad advancement opens up on the battlefield than just the single move then overwatch.

      • Joshua Northey says:

        Meh these sound to me like complaints of someone who didn’t like the first game (or wouldn’t if it was some alternate universe where it was released today).

        The first game had the same “funneled” game-play, it just wasn’t always clear to the player what to do. Most games don’t have logic for monster progression, this game does present some logic in the story if you actually pay attention, rather flimsy, but it is there. As for waiting for research/facilities, and getting sick of the normal missions, that is in the original game too.

        It just drives me nuts to see a bunch of people who slurp all over X-COM just whining about this game over issues that were there int he original. Shows they just want to have a negative attitude.

        • jrodman says:

          Or, more likely, it shows the playerbase has changed.

          • Wisq says:

            Unlikely, since I’ve recently played X-COM and still enjoyed it. And while I enjoyed this, it definitely lacks a lot of the flexibility and emergent gameplay that the 1994 game was capable of.

        • RegisteredUser says:

          Dunno, I played through both XCOM and TFTD the originals for MS-DOS.

          I think it was around the time I upgraded from 8MB to an epic 24MB of RAM and mucked about with XMS vs EMS memory addressing and tried to figure out what packer other than pkzip to use to get it to finally fit under 3MB so I could put it on 2 floppies instead of 3 with the third one mostly empty.
          VGACOPY, HDCOPY and all kind of tricks were employed.

          I also may have hexedited my soldiers a teensy weensy bit so that they didn’t suck as badly at hitting things. I am a bad person.

          Whether its actually true or just nostalgia or some memory effects that it felt a lot more like I could do what I wanted to do when I wanted to, then? I don’t know. Also in the game.

  6. Cocapelli says:

    i love that i have been playing the same games as you over the last few weeks. My FTL crew did only a little better, destroying the first part of the boss before frantically watching my ship burn.

    Playing on normal is the only reason you have enough coworkers to make it to 8 posts. i started on classic and burned through rookies in the first few months. Good luck to you and your soon to be vets.

  7. Andy_Panthro says:

    I found myself getting quite a good squad together, plenty of officers, before suffering a complete collapse.

    Due to a lack of Alien Alloys (Everything seems to need them, and you don’t recover much), my research and manufacturing slowed to a crawl, and each mission got harder. Once you start seeing Mutons, Cyberdisks and the like, it can be really hard to keep your squad together.

    Also, on a much more minor point, I’m slightly annoyed by the “free” movement alien units get when you discover a group of them. Perhaps “discover” isn’t the right word, since sometimes they will stray of their own accord into my field of view, before getting their “reveal” animation and scurrying for cover.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      That free move annoys me too, its like the game wanted to let you get the drop on them but snatches away the advantage you gained. I am looking into modding it to take that move away from them, but to balance the difficulty a bit, all AI on the map to be activated when you first fire your weapons or get seen by them.

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        That’s a neat idea! I’d really like to see how well that works.

      • S Jay says:

        Let us know when it is done. This is really interesting.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          Keep your eye on xcom nexus, that’s where I upload mods to, though I think in this case I’m going to need to learn UDK to get it done, so it may be a week or so.

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      If you spot them using the sniper spotting ability or have the stealth armor they don’t get the opportunity. I think they are given the free move because otherwise they’d be too easy to kill. The only time it’s bothered me is when the big zombie spawning spiders use their free move to get so close it means I need to kill all three in one round or it’s curtains for my forward squad members.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        It might make them a bit easier to kill, but usually they’re far enough away that even without cover you’d not necessarily hit them. Also, after the first couple of months you’re often massively outnumbered (and out-gunned).

        • ArthurBarnhouse says:

          I totally get that, but usually when I discover them I either have a lot of actions left with my squad or have them set to overwatch. Either way, usually at least one of them dies on the initial discovery. But I’m playing on normal, maybe it makes things that much worse on classic.

    • Wisq says:

      The “discovery” and free movement thing is basically the game’s way of letting you face several enemies at once rather than one at a time, and of making it look like they were actually doing something useful rather than just clumping together to be rocket bait. And so they can show the annoying dramatic semi-cutscene thing.

      The parallel in the original X-COM would’ve been, you move and take reaction fire from some alien you never knew was there until he shot at you. Which, while making all movement tense and potentially deadly, was also probably something that would piss off modern gaming audiences and not review particularly well. (Think of all the FPS games where your first warning of an enemy is always either a shout-out or a deliberately missed “warning” shot, not actually being shot.)

  8. Biggun says:

    if anyone is actually looking to buy this game you can get it 10% off here for a digital download link to greenmangaming.com

    • Kasper says:

      I just bought mine for $39.99 at cdkeyhouse.com. They email you a picture of the cd-key, but it registers fine on Steam, and it works in Europe.

      Also, I figured out how to enable the pre-order feature of being able to change the armour colour by editing XComDLC.ini and deleting the lines that say something about disabled DLC.

  9. grable says:

    Im loving the game, but i swear its randomness is against me.
    I hit my targets as often as my enemies miss theirs :(

  10. Hahaha says:

    Can you remove the stupid annoying slow unskippable reveal cut scenes? I know what the aliens look like and I know where they are. Also the camera centering on new unit selection is mind numbing, just leave the camera where I put it.

  11. Arglebarf says:

    My Scottsman rookie was just made Assault class. I named him Francis Begby, naturally.

  12. fencenswitschen says:

    I’ve got an New Zealand Sniper guy named “Thomas Thomas.” Nickname not needed.

  13. gbcrush says:

    Man. I -never- get tired of seeing my team deploy out of the skyranger. And if I have to exit the game in the middle of a mission, I usually have the “hopeful triumphant” squad prep and launch music stuck in my head calling me back. :D

    Also, how do those laser assault rifles taste? My team’s never built or fired one.

  14. gbcrush says:

    Speaking of nicknames, my first assault to make it to Sgt, is German woman named D.O.A. Again, its very appropriate as when she’s on missions she’s kicking open doors and shredding enemies whether its with rifle, shotgun or plasma pistol. An absolute fave.

    Just last night, while on approach to a downed UFO we set loose a berserker. My squad does the retreat and shoot thing, kiting it along, and I was making her wait in case I needed a clutch shot. Nope, she was having none of that. The berserker chased one of my squaddies right by her cover, close combat specialist kicked in and D.O.A. blasted the zerker in the face with a plasma rifle, bringing it down. And she still had the full set of moves to advance on the next enemy! Blam. Blanm!

  15. weistber says:

    Thank you RPS team !

    I played the Terror From The Deep demo as a child. I found it interesting but beyond my feeble intellect.
    Your coverage of this excellent game reignited my interest in strategy games. Playing classic ironman tutorial right now and enjoying myself immensely.

    Had a particularly nail-biting standoff with a single badly wounded heavy against two thin-men and a single sectoid during that first abductee rescue mission. I killed the rest of my team off when plasma detonated a car I was using for cover. What a champ ! Take a well deserved rest Corporal !

    Again, thanks for helping me fall in love with a genre I gave up on.