GOG Are Up To Something, Teasing Things

I’m probably falling into a marketing trap. The GOG people are watching the Internet for a mention of GOG, and now I’ve just pinged RPS on their global map of suckers. I don’t care. Fill me in on your spreadsheet, if you must. You have my attention. On Thursday, 18:00 GMT they’ll be hosting a live press conference on their website to talk about “an exciting new direction that the digital distributor formerly known as ‘Good Old Games’ will be taking.” How many more directions can one company take?

The last time the direction was to drop the “Old” part of their name, so they could host new games on their digital distribution service. If they drop either “Good” or “Games” I’d expect uproar from the community, so I don’t imagine that will happen (I’m like Michael Pachter, me). The video below says “we took digital downloads and we made them analogue”, which only makes sense in a bizarro universe where digital distribution came first. It’s also clearly mocking the self-important tone of Apple’s ads.

If digital distribution isn’t thrilling enough for you, after GOG have left the stage CD Project will appear to thrill us with news about The Witcher 2, their mod-tools, and they promise some information on the Cyberpunk inspired RPG they’ve been making. We should find out what it’s called, a boon for the good people whoadd games into online shop databases. Keep up the good work, chaps.


  1. Arglebargle says:

    I expect they could go 360 different directions. As long as they don’t go fractional….

    • frymaster says:

      I reckon they could go in 2pi directions!

    • MrLebanon says:

      or onto a 3D plane

      • Qwallath says:

        If they go far enough, they’ll end up back at the same place, no matter the direction. All will be for naught.

      • SocraticIrony says:

        That’d be 4ΠX² directions, where X is the current radius of GoG theoretical previous direction coverage. And that’s before we get on to the dimensional plane construing of time and reality alignment.

        Anyway my guess is a subscription model of some kind.

    • noom says:

      The correct answer to this question is 6. There are 6 directions.

      • The Tupper says:

        You would think so, wouldn’t you? Try driving through the ‘new town’ of Glenrothes, then come back to me.

  2. Smashbox says:

    I submit for your consideration the following:

    Almost every media ‘service’ that specializes in a specific niche will be pulled inexorably out of said niche and into the wider, more generic, ‘broad’ world in order to generate more revenue.

    See: Nearly every ‘themed’ cable TV station in the US, from The History Channel to The Discovery Channel to the Sci Fi Channel (just one gigantic generic reality slog), ‘oldies’ radio stations (which now play new-ies, too), GoG becoming Steam Jr.

    I call it the Smashbox GeneroCrap™ principle. What others can you think of?

    • lordcooper says:


    • MichaelPalin says:

      Since they cannot use DRM without imploding at this point, GOG becoming Steam Jr., whatever it means, would be just wonderful.

      • zeroskill says:

        DRM isn’t about the service, as in Steam, but the developers or publishers that want to have DRM in their games. Steam’s DRM (Steamworks) solutions are absolutely optional. The only reason it’s there is because developers like, let’s say Bethesda, want to have DRM in their games as copy protection.

        The bottom line being it is not down to the service provider but the developer wether your games have DRM in them or not. GOG can’t do anything about that, neither can Steam.

        • mlaskus says:

          Except GOG requires the publisher to provide a DRM-free copy if they want to sell the game on their store.

          • zeroskill says:

            Which in effect means 80% of the industry just wont put their games on GOG. GOG can’t force them to not use DRM.

          • Prokroustis says:

            They can convince them though with proof of strong sales.

          • Shodex says:

            Exactly. Please take note to the fact that Ubisoft games are on GoG.com, even if they are somewhat old now.

            DRM- Free Ubisoft is a miracle no matter how old the game.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      That actually sounds disturbingly like Australia’s music festivals, which over the past few years have all but abandoned their genre bases and embarked upon a free for all.

      So much so that this year we’ve got Iggy Pop playing at a folk festival and Blondie headlining an all-Australian one.

      • Smashbox says:

        Newport Folk Festival? More like get a bunch of rock bands together for some reason festival.

  3. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I hope they start selling physical boxes with printed manuals and soundtrack CDs.

    Then I’ll stop hesitating about my GOG purchases.

    • Richie Shoemaker says:

      I suggested to a GOG employee when the service first started that they should sell digital versions of old gaming magazines. Would be nice if that was to happen.

      • Useful Dave says:

        GoG selling PC Zone would be interesting.

        • melnificent says:

          Only if they are going to publish Cybertwats from the backpage too

        • Orontes says:

          Yes. Oh my god, this. What a great magazine that was.

        • PostieDoc says:

          I miss PC Zone.
          PC Gamer is good but it lacks the level of vulgarity needed to tickle my fancy.
          I like having my fancy tickled.

    • MentatYP says:

      Why would that make you stop hesitating about your GOG purchases?

  4. Phenomen says:

    maybe some kind of client like steam \ desura..

    • Chmilz says:

      This was my first reaction.

    • Smashbox says:

      “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re going to start selling BAD games, too!”

      • B1A4 says:

        They already have Gothic 3 expansion, Crusaders of Might & Magic and MOO 3!

    • Net_Bastard says:

      I’d hate it if they did that. Why the fuck would I want a client wasting resources that I could be using to play the games I bought?

      • YohnTheViking says:

        I’m going to agree with this. I don’t want the client, because a client would inherently be DRM. What they REALLY need to do though is improve their downloader.

        • Dark Nexus says:

          It wouldn’t inherently be DRM. It could simply be an optional wrapper, similar to adding a non-Steam game to Steam’s library list so it launches with the Steam community overlay UI.

          • Saiko Kila says:

            More like Raptr or similar service client. When you launch a non-Steam game from Steam, you can’t launch other games, even non-Steam. Which means that it still is DRM, it protects the game against you losing your focus on it ;) /Additionally you cannot change user without exiting the running non-Steam game./ And more seriously, prevents from some farming activities in certain games.

    • belgand says:

      Well, they do have a sort of client. Nothing great and it’s optional, but there’s something.

  5. pupsikaso says:

    Is GoG going to start selling software, too? OLD software?

    • lordcooper says:

      Good Old Programs?

      • MrLebanon says:

        I’ve been longing to get a copy of Windows 95 Running on my new pc!

        to supplement this they should start selling Good Old Hardware as well! Need to get my hands on a 32 meg HDD!

        • neolith says:

          “they should start selling Good Old Hardware as well!”

          Fine by me. I’ll take two of each MS Sidewinder joystick and a shipload of Sidewinder X4 keyboards.

          • pepper says:

            I actually have 2 MS Sidewinder Precision Pro joysticks. lucky me!

          • LionsPhil says:

            I’ll take a boatload of the OLD Logitech TrackMen with three big real buttons, the marble under the thumb, and a wire.

            And a heaping pile of Microsoft Intellimice v3, since those go in and out of production apparently.

            And real IBM Model M keyboards, not the various pretenders since.

    • Khalan says:

      Windows 3.1!

    • Smashbox says:

      Photoshop 1.0!

      Netscape Navigator!

      Windows 3.1 Calculator!

    • bwion says:



      A version of BASIC without the word ‘Visual’ involved!

    • Henson says:

      Lotus 1-2-3!

    • Torn says:

      £10 says they’re going to ship software.

      All aboard the Steam train!

  6. Casimir Effect says:

    I have the strangest urge to buy a tiny USB drive , put my entire GOG collection on it and have it stashed somwhere about my person at all times. For emergencies and things.

  7. db1331 says:

    I’m actually becoming a big fan of GOG. I just bought their Quest For Glory pack on sale the other day, even though I still have my original anthology disc. The cool thing is, the games don’t trigger the oppressive “NO FUN ALLOWED!” AV software on my work computer, so I can keep DosBox up in a little window and play at work when I get a minute. I still remember the first game so well I could beat it in my sleep, but I’ve forgotten quite a bit about the sequels, despite having beaten each a dozen times. No complaints though, it’s fun trying to remember/solve the puzzles.

  8. Fr0stbeard says:

    The style of the teaser is very reminiscent of Apple commercials and presentations. Just saying…

    • lordcooper says:

      Craig just said that in the article. Just saying…

      • Fr0stbeard says:

        Clearly my caffeine situation is critical. :-\

        • mariusmora says:

          I found it pretty hilarious :) It is clearly making fun of it haha

      • parm says:

        It’s not just “similar”, though – there’s several phrases lifted from the iPhone 5 advert.

  9. bad guy says:

    vintage porn

  10. Discopanda says:

    Maybe they’ll pretend to shut down again. Cause that was a super hilarious marketing stunt, remember?

    • Bob says:

      Oh yeah that was a chortle educing business. It took me some time to not be angry on the internet after that “hilarity”.

      I’ll hazard a guess at a major publisher selling new games there.

  11. Didero says:

    A new direction? Turning digital into analog?

    It’s clear. They’re going to open brick-and-mortar stores.

  12. MadTinkerer says:

    Well obviously: it will be a CD project. They’ve been hinting at it since their incorporation.

  13. AbyssUK says:

    I am guessing they have a new phone app… wooo… perhaps also adding new social media functions…..oh man it’s sad when marketing departments take the lead over from techs…

  14. Ginger Yellow says:

    Awesome, but extremely unlikely direction: DRM-free old TV shows

    More likely, less awesome direction: DRM-free new games from 1c and other Eastern European publishers

  15. Sleepymatt says:

    Maybe it’ll turn out that actually it was GoG that bought the smoking remains of OnLive…. streaming good old games to you in case your rig can’t handle them! Awesomesauce!

  16. cabrapreta says:

    Maybe (hinting from the Apple-style video) they’re adding Mac compatibility for some games. DosBox runs on OSX, doesn’t it?

    • Dark Nexus says:

      That’s my best guess – multi-platform support.

    • Rise / Run says:

      I would hope they’d go [explicit] linux support before mac support. Seems like there’s a pretty vibrant linux community on the forums there. As mentioned above, there’s native dosbox for linux and osx, so anything they have bundled with dosbox doesn’t require too much energy to get working. And for everything else, in my limited experience, wine can run many programs with little to no tweaking.

  17. vonkrieger says:

    They’re going to start distribution of modern games via retro media.

    The cassette tape industry is saved!

    • LionsPhil says:

      Installing Unreal Tournament 2004 with its free bonus packs and a few extra maps would take literally over a year and a third, according to some quick Googling and arithmetic.

  18. kud13 says:

    So they are finally ready to unveil their super-secret technology of transferring game code directly into their customers’ brains.

    So much for DRM.

  19. Heliocentric says:

    GoG are copying steam, it’s going to be ‘Good Old Softwate’. Get Microsoft Office 3.1, Photoshop 1.0 or old MSPaint.

  20. MrBRAD! says:

    They’ll come back as http://www.g.og

  21. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    They are going to announce Mac/Linux support most likely.

    • Joe The Wizard says:

      I would love Mac/Linux support, even if it just meant an easy way to load DOS games into Boxer without having to fuck around in Windows.

      At the same time, a frontend for the store, like Steam, would be nice too since it would make installing and managing a bunch of games a whole lot easier.

      • Miltrivd says:

        I got into the predicament of updating The Witcher and The Witcher 2… Checking the instructions, not remembering what version I had (they are not installed)… Redownloading the whole thing was the only way.

      • Ninja Foodstuff says:

        You don’t have to fuck around in windows.

        But yes, it seems that given many of the games in their catalog have Mac equivalents, they are missing out on a fair chunk of money.

  22. TommeH says:

    I’ve the feeling that it will have something to do with crowdfunding.
    They asked a lot of questions in their last survey regarding that topic.

  23. reyn78 says:

    I think their CEO mentioned on Polish TV they will become equivalent of Steam in Poland. So new games distributed digitally in Poland

  24. jrodman says:

    I’m expecting Mac support, but I’m hoping for selling nonpc games (c64, amgia, please).

  25. johanesek says:

    Well they made the Dungeon Keeper 2 work on my Win7 PC. Give me System shock 2 and i can die happily.

  26. I want to stab you to death and play around with your blood. says:

    gagns.com…..Good-Ass Games ‘n’ Shit. That’s a freebie. You’re welcome.

  27. nasKo says:

    Without being an insider, I put my money on a merge or fusion with the cdp.pl project.
    it’s their polish game and home video (DVD and Blu-ray) publisbing site in poland.
    Also, they’re the ones publishing games from ActiBlizz, Codemasters, Sega and some more.
    Also, CD Project officially changed the name to cdp.pl in September as announced on the 10th of September. Maybe I’m mixing things up…

    • hemmingjay says:

      GoG is already a wholly owned subsidiary of cd projekt red. Based on previous press events from both organizations I am not getting overly excited about this one.

  28. Bhazor says:

    Is my computer going weird or is anyone else seeing endless videos of Larian studios?

  29. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I, for one, am hoping they’ll start selling mac versions of games too. Would be lovely, really.

  30. Zogtee says:

    They had a perfectly fine direction and I lost a chunk of interest when they started selling new games. Bollocks to this.

    • Dark Nexus says:

      Funny, I got more interested when they started doing that.

      To each their own, I suppose.

      • Miltrivd says:

        Same, I mean, if I got TWO good things now instead of just one…

  31. DarlingDildo says:

    So I’ll be able to copy my collection of games to a compact cassette and play those on ZX Spectrum. Neat.

  32. kud13 says:

    In all seriousness, if they can make Chip’s challenge and other vintage 32-bit games run on Windows 7, That’d be awesome.

  33. AmateurScience says:

    Perhaps they have finally located Magog, and the endtimes are upon us?

    • Miltrivd says:

      It does sound silly but I got about 5-10 games in my personal USB drive at all times (including some NEOGEO/SNES/PSX emulated games) and I’ve actually had to resort to them in a few occasions. Boredom CAN harm, do not let it get to you!

  34. monkwon says:

    I hope they are making Elite 4. I would totally pay £40 for that.

  35. Lemming says:

    It’s going to be something for mods, I reckon a la Steam Workshop. Maybe they’ve bought Nexus.

  36. DanielSF says:

    Judging from the Project Eternity Kickstarter email that just dropped into my inbox, it’ll be announcing GoG for Mac. Yay?

  37. fallingmagpie says:

    I was expecting a follow up post, given that they’ve made the announcement? Guess not.

    Wooo GOG on Mac, etc.

  38. rentonx says:

    They will introduce GOG-even-bigger-picture! Then laugh in Valves face for not thinking of making an even bigger picture.

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