Krate News: Krater Getting Co-Op As Free DLC

Krater, the mildly disappointing post-apocalyptic dungeon-crawler, is getting a great big free update, including the much-needed addition of co-op play. Fatshark had this to say: “The update is not only adding coop to the game – we have also used this time to polish and add new content such as new characters, items and bosses. Its safe to say that the experience you get from playing the game in coop today compared to the single player game released June 12 is both different and better.”

You can read my comments on the original, pre-polish release version of the game here.


  1. Useful Dave says:

    is there a date set for the update? I’ma curious if it’ll be going on sale with it.

    • The_Mess says:

      This monthâ„¢ (provided no critical issues pop-up) and yes, there’s a sale planned ;)

      (I’m the Krater support forum mod)

  2. rebelMonster says:

    multiplayer and coop was part of their selling point. so i wouldn’t call it a “free update” – even though its free and an update.

  3. AngoraFish says:

    The game was rushed to release, and bombed as a result. Now here comes a bit of the belated core content. Joy.

    For want of no shortage of examples of disasters that could have been avoided had the release been held off for another six months, here is another…

  4. Persus-9 says:

    It seems like perhaps Fatshark maybe bit off a bit more than they could chew developing this alongside War of the Roses. Still their financial position should now be assured thanks to the success of the later and this seems to indicate they’re committed to doing right by the former. Good news for me since I bought myself Krater but I’m waiting until they finish polishing it before I try it.

  5. dE says:

    Oh… that game. Oddly enough I’ve forgotten it entirely until the news. I played it a bit after release and was loving the setting, atmosphere and idea but ultimately bounced off thanks to how rushed out it felt. There’s still a gem in there and updates like this might actually help in finding it.

  6. Shakes999 says:

    Krater was the type of game that was functionally broken without multiplayer back when I played it the month it came out. it was playable and even somewhat enjoyable in single player but had so many bad design choices it turned in to a chore to play less than 3 hours in.

    On the same token, I do remember thinking despite its flaws “The game would be 100xs more fun if there was multiplayer” so ill give it another try once multiplayer gets released.

  7. Flavioli says:

    The game had too many design flaws that can’t really be fixed in just a single patch… the whole game’s direction and focus went in the wrong path in a fairly frustrating way, since the game did have quite a bit of potential.

  8. Connor Magee says:

    I remember when “Free DLCs” were so common they weren’t hugely noteworthy as being “free” and we just called them patches or updates.
    Come to think of it, I remember when we could buy expansion packs for the same price as DLCs.

  9. Fatshark_Robert says:

    The update goes live October 23 on Steam. And yeah – had we had the financial muscle to delay the release until now we probably should have been better off. But what is done is done and cannot be undone.

    We love the game a little bit to much to just walk out on it. It is like on those friends that you feel are deserving better, ones that you always find yourself defending with “he is actually a really funny guy/good person/talented artist if just given the chance”.

    Anyway – its coop, much needed and it will hopefully buy us some more time in the Krater world. Next update (free as well, if someone wondered) will put some much needed love in how abilities are designed and implemented (well we actually started a little already in this patch but more is to come).