Piranha Wants Single-Player MechWarrior, But It’s ‘Tough’

This mech isn't in single-player, but it is single. And desperately, obnoxiously lonely. Ladies?

I like giant robots. I like them a whole, whole lot, actually. But let’s be honest here: their titanic clashes are nothing without heaping helpings of human intrigue. They need us and our elaborate, hilariously political squabbles as much as we need their impossibly large arsenals and devil-may-care approach to dealing with skyscrapers. Back in the day, single-player was the perfect middle ground between those exceedingly admirable goals. Now, though – as Piranha president Russ Bullock explained during GDC Online – things are a bit more complicated. Not to mention more expensive. A lot more expensive.

“I’d love to,” he told RPS when asked if Piranha’s hoping to return to MechWarrior’s single-player roots. “I mean, I think we’d all love it. I just think that it’s really tough. The industry has made that tough. You know, what people expect today for a single-player game [is much more complicated than previous MechWarriors]. I’ve almost at times lost ties with some of my friends that the current state of the industry is almost the death of the single-player game. Now it feels like unless it’s the latest Call of Duty, Halo, Assassin’s Creed – each publisher may have one brand they put that kind of money into to make that single-player experience – [it’s a huge risk]. I mean, it costs tens of millions of dollars to make a good single-player campaign now.”

Bullock and co are not, however, giving up hope before the battle’s even really begun. But, unlike the metallic behemoths that butter its bread, Piranha’s taking baby steps.

“We would love to believe we’ll have enough success with MechWarrior Online that it will allow us those kind of opportunities. There’s probably some in-between opportunities that we can take as a step to get there. One of them is, of course, the game we’re making, but also looking at adding PVE encounters to MechWarrior Online. That’s a half-way step of giving players the opportunity to play against AI with friends. And after that, you know, we’ll see where things take us.”

“I’d love to see a big, new ten hour single-player campaign for MechWarrior.”

We also discussed the possibility of modding, another old-school MechWarrior cornerstone, and Bullock’s response was similarly cautious – but with a glimmer of (largely decorative) hope.

“It’s just really difficult in a PC free-to-play game to have the community make content and decide how and which ways that content will go into the game,” he said. “[Modding] is something we’ve thought about and we keep thinking about. We’re looking into fan-made content that can be voted into the game. I think we even have a really small test case coming out soon with player unit decals. We’re putting a system in place where players can upload their own custom decals to our customer support team. And then we can approve the decals so they can actually be put into the game. So that’s kind of a first test, a first step to player-made content. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

So it’s a slow build, but to what? At this point, we can’t really know. The intention’s obviously there, and – based on a rough-around-the-edges but very promising beta – so is the talent. As for how they’ll put those things to use, well, that all depends on MechWarrior Online, I suppose. Meanwhile, Bullock’s counterpart, the President of Piranhas, has yet to comment.


  1. caddyB says:

    I did play the Mechwarrior Online beta a bit, but the trial mechs are so useless I didn’t have any fun for a few matches and then uninstalled it because there are many, many more games I can be playing instead, such as PS2.

    I will give it another chance at some point and hope they do well, because I love Battletech.

    • 1Life0Continues says:

      I had pretty much the same experience. I went up against several Founders Mechs (I think, none of their silhouettes matched the trial mechs) and they creamed me in seconds.

      It didn’t help my computer just can’t take CryEngine 3.

      Still, hoping they get it off the ground.

      • Jekhar says:

        Founders Mechs don’t get any special buffs, they were probably just heavily modified. Which you can do with any mech you bought yourself. Be it with earned C-Bills or bought MCs.

        • Elmar Bijlsma says:

          And to get a Mech you are able to modify takes hours of pretty frustrating gameplay to obtain.
          Newby friendly this game is not. It won’t tell you anything about what a new player can (and cannot) do in the garage or how to pilot your mech. It certainly won’t let you practise in private. Nor does it tell me why I am not getting XP for getting a kill and doing such damage as is in my limited power to do.

          Frankly, the beta of MWO has left the impression with me that Piranha Games just are not very good producers of games. It’s not the market’s fault, it’s them! They need some experienced game-designers ASAP.

          • Taidan says:

            After spending a few months in the beta and doing the whole min/max thing thing for a bit, I’m of the opinion that the designers have made some fundamental errors in their core design that will make it almost impossible to balance the game in any meaningful way.

            Saying that, I did “slum it” for a while and play with the trial Mechs, and had reasonable success. While there are custom-builds that are blatantly broken and overpowered, player experience is still a heavy deciding factor in most face offs.

          • mrmalodor says:

            You’re right and my experience with MWO has been the same. Piranha is just a very bad, inexperienced developer. Never mind the heaps of technical issues, they haven’t even managed to get the gameplay to make sense. The trial mech feature is especially retarded. You can farm credits by just running into an enemy group and dying (guaranteed at least 60 000), because dying in a custom mech is very expensive (repairs and ammo) and trial mechs die fast anyway so you might as well die as quickly as possible. Why did they put in trial mechs instead of just giving bigger rewards for fighting in custom mechs? Beats me, I guess that’s part of the pay2win model.

          • Elmar Bijlsma says:

            Ah yes, that bizarre 60k reward for just showing up whereas doing fairly well (for a newb) and doing quite a bit of damage and survivng for quite long netted me a mere fraction of that 60k.
            So there seemed to be very little point in making an honest effort of participating if you were grinding for cash.

          • Ginga121 says:

            They are working on the issue where people just run in and die and making it so you get more for being useful.

            The XP is used to upgrade mech pilot skills… If you are in a trial mech you can’t use these pilot skills as you don’t actually own the mech.

            I have paid for legendary founders and at the moment I don’t even use the founders mechs. I know the trial mechs are a bit poo… but I’ve been taken down by them in a fully customised atlas before. Obviously if you think you are going to be able to take down big custom mechs by yourself in a trial mech you are a complete moron and should probably be given a self-destruct button to save everyone else the ammo. It is not a game where you can achieve anything by yourself. I could go off by myself in one of my atlases but I’d get annihilated by light mechs just running circles around me.

            To be honest, it’s still in BETA, you haven’t bothered to put the time in to get to the main bit of the game (customising and buying your own mechs) and you are sitting there bashing it. It took my friend about 2-3 hours to have enough for his own light mech and it was a lot more fun from then because he could change things. Sure it takes a while to get the really good mechs. You seriously think that they are just going to hand you an assault mech for nothing?

          • PoulWrist says:

            Or you could buy some creds. It’s also a game that rewards thinking and teamwork instead of headlong solo rushes.

          • Elmar Bijlsma says:

            Thing is, they should not be working on making it worthwhile to participate in proper play.
            It seems to me this is so basic it should be designed for from the very start. And it clearly is not! It is very poor design that the reward system is the way it is. And it is still being worked on this late in development? That is appalling!

            As is the requirement for a starting player to have nothing else to do but take a mediocre poorly optimized default mech to battle with no chance to progress anything but his credits. WoT is much better in this regard as it lets you upgrade that first tank you get and improve its crew. It gives you choices and progression from the very 1st battle on.
            A starting MWO player is just told to suck it up until the game gets fun with no ability to change anything or earn any experience points or do anything else at all. Even playing well is not rewarded in any meaningful way. Going solo rushing to your death is the smart thing to do! Not that I do so, just not my style. But I feel like a chump trying to hover around the heavy hitters looking for an opening to do what I can if come the results-screen it basically tells me my efforts are not worth jack.

            How is it unfair to criticize a game for any of those pretty serious faults?

          • kuhlka says:

            If you’re getting your ass kicked in the beta, you should read up on how all of the different components work and pick a mech appropriate to your play style. Standing still = DEATH. There is nothing wrong with the generic mechs, but you need to pay attention and actually know which weapons are effective at which ranges. Nothing is more laughable than seeing a newbie blasting away with LRMs at <180m… There is a pretty thorough wiki for damage/heat/RoF/range numbers, and the financial rewards for a win are up around 200k, of course that'll change with time and more testing. Anyone who got butt-hurt and quit after a few matches needs to join a clan and get an education. This isn't CoD where you can respawn over and over again. You need to use speed, position, and group tactics to your advantage to destroy the other team. Running solo is only for the lucky, or ridiculously elite players like my buddies who regularly get 3+ kills in their Jenners per match…

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            Boy, this game sounds like a lot of fun. For one or two people.

          • Arglebargle says:

            Without some sort of beginner training exercises, I can’t see this appealing to anyone outside of those already hot for giant mechs.

            I went in cold, on purpose, to see what the intial experiance was like. Couldn’t figure out a damn thing before I was blowed up, real good. I’d love to be able to run in and get a reward, but I couldn’t even get the damn thing to go the direction I wanted.

            Love the concept…implementation is … iffy.

    • grenadeh says:

      A) None of the mechs are useless, you play wrong and are bad.
      B) STOP calling them giant robots, they are not robots. They have never been robots for 30 years of battletech.

      The only issues with the game are that there is no forced class restriction. It’s 5 atlas’s, 2 catas and a scout mech almost all the time.

      The other problems of course being the broken damage. When you get gauss rifled in the head, you die. It’s not a binary choice – you die, always, in a 3d game. In TTG yea sure, a bs luck roll will let you survive. It needs to change, and so do AC/20s and PPCs. They work mostly how they should but they need to be practical instakills, and, they need to find a way around the fact that the only reason anyone lives more than 2 seconds is that they are carrying double the lore armor they should be. Even so you are made of paper.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    “I did play the Mechwarrior Online beta a bit, but the trial mechs are so useless I didn’t have any fun for a few matches”

    I’ve got a bunch of kills with them. It’s just a case of biding your time!

    • Cinek says:

      Well, I got bunch of kills in a Mech running only 2 MPLs.
      It still doesn’t change the fact that a trial Mechs are made in every possible way to discourage newcomers from playing this game.
      They are tricky to use, lack firepower, lack optimization, don’t have any strong points, while having several weak points.

      Yea, sure, I can score kills with them with no issue, BUT I’m a veteran player taking part in Mechwarrior leagues. For newbies the trial Mechs are nothing else then a source of frustration, especially if they never played Mechwarrior game and go against Gaussapults or any Mechs that are actually optimized for combat performance in a hands of human pilot (NOT towards tabletop like the trials)

      • Carbonated Dan says:

        I think you’re on the money – it takes a certain level of experience to be successful, but I disagree that new players need better mechs

        this isn’t a normal FPS – the only transferable skills are controls from tank sims and old MW games, tactical decisions and interface are so vastly different from anything else that a new player in a shit mech is fine, because a new player will be shit in anything – they need to adjust to all manner of idiosyncratic concepts when coming to MWO and learning the ropes in the harshest environments will make for a more skillful player base than letting noobs run about in gaussapults and have no idea how to handle anything else

        tl;dr don’t run before you can walk

        • Cinek says:

          Think is that – new player will be shit in anything, but at least in regular Mech they’ll have a chance to get a better taste of the game and be useful for a team.
          Currently ending up in a team of Trial Mechs is a joke – you hardly can be in any worse situation then that. Regardless how good player you, and Trial Mech pilots are.
          That’s simply because optimized Mechs are so vastly superior to trials that they’re basically capable of scoring 5:0 kills and still run with not even a single component red.

    • Nullkigan says:

      I don’t think the problem was that the trial ‘mechs can’t kill things. Unlike World of Tanks, a Jenner (Luchs) can actually kill an Atlas (King Tiger). It’s that they’re drawn from tabletop desgins where heat, ammo and aiming work differently. Most trial ‘mechs are therefore tricky to use because they overheat at the drop of a hat and don’t really do that much damage in comparison to the custom build of the week.

      It was worse for those few weeks where you’d get about 10,000 credits for winning a match. Significantly reduced if you were in a trial ‘mech! With the cheapest customisable ‘mech being a few million credits, excluding any custom gear you wanted.

      PGI have had a rocky time with patching and balance, and give the impression that they’re doing very little behind the scenes because the beta has been so static. Hopefully things they’ve been working on behind the scenes will start hitting in the near future.

      • Cinek says:

        Isn’t this game already going open beta next week?
        If so then it’s way too lay to weak up.

        All the balancing testing (including heat balancing, especially towards PPCs) should be done already while through whole beta tests they haven’t done NOTHING besides increasing damage of LRMs and large lasers (inc. pulse). They don’t bother with improving the game so… *eyerolls*
        Don’t make any high expectations towards this title. Right now it seems like every other game about Mechs out there has got more polish then this one (including Hawken, MWLL, or heck: even MW4 from decades ago).

        • Nullkigan says:

          Having played all those same titles:
          Hawken is an entirely different style of game.
          MW4 always was, and remains, Marmite. Graphically and mechanically. It also still has extreme trouble with some setups (it hates my mouse, for example).
          MWLL does everything MWO can do but better, with the key exceptions of having a tiny, aggressive and insular population and balance skewed heavily in favour of aero.

          PGI have hinted several times that they’ve got a second stream of work going on – the skins, coconut monkeys, newtech, bitchin’ betty, etc. Many of these features are actually partially implemented in the client’s xmls etc already. The main issue is that their patches so far have mostly been minor and often break something major despite that. Core experiences, such as role warfare and community warfare, being so far off even by PGI’s timeline, are a killer. WoT got away with it because they were the first to try it.

          However, you still have pretty ‘mechshoots, with semi-regular (if rarely important) updates. At the moment I’m playing a couple of matches a week because you can just drop and have fun for 15 minutes, even if the game is not really ‘there’ yet and wont be for years at this rate.

      • PoulWrist says:

        Static? Game has changed radically over the past couple months O.o

        • Cinek says:

          Which game? Hawken? Cause surely it wasn’t MWO.
          It improved…slightly….breaking other stuff by the way….

    • mrmalodor says:

      No, it really is not a case of biding your time. Trial mechs are inferior in every way. I’d like to see you defeat gauss cats and LRM boats head on. Not gonna happen in a trial mech.

      • Asurmen says:

        So what, you’re saying he’s a liar? I’ve killed people in a trial mech by waiting for the right moment to get them, be it a front line target or an LRM boat.

        • mrmalodor says:

          Yes, he is indeed a liar unless he’s just completely clueless.

          ” I’ve killed people in a trial mech by waiting for the right moment to get them”

          In other words you were extremely lucky to steal a kill from someone else who destroyed most of that enemy’s armor already. Kudos to you, master trial mech pilot!

          • Jengaman says:

            The trial mechs use the same armour and the same weapons that the custom mechs do. Just learn how to use them

          • Asurmen says:

            Annnnd now you’re calling me a liar. I soloed said mech. And yeah, if you think choices are attack head on and die and stand back and die are the only ones then I really don’t know what to say to you.

            Fail troll is fail I guess.

      • HothMonster says:

        Why the hell would you run head on at an lrm boat. Maybe its the pilot not the mech that is the problem.

        • mrmalodor says:

          It’s either that or staying back and letting the LRM boat pummel you. Both are equally retarded strategies and it’s not the player to blame, but the people who designed the game that way.

          • crizzyeyes says:

            Or you could, uh, use cover?
            You can’t possibly be serious with this extremely weak argument. For you to propose that those are literally the only two options for this combat scenario is just plain idiotic.

      • Unaco says:

        Don’t attack them head on… did that occur to you?

        • mrmalodor says:

          There is no other choice unless you want to die very quickly.

          • Unaco says:

            There are other choices… try being stealth! Flanking! Ambushes! Working with another pilot!

  3. MrMud says:

    The big issue with MWO is the gigantic stompfest that occurs when teams are unbalanced. If this occurs due to imbalance in the matchmaking system or due to premades being put against pugs or what, I dont know. But I am currently 2-15 in wins/losses and I don’t believe I am so bad that I drag my own team down that much.

    • minimudboy says:

      I have found the same thing. Every time I play it is always one sided. I have only seen a close match once that went one on one. It is putting me off playing because if you don’t luck out and start on the winning side it is, like you said, a total stompfest.

      • andytt66 says:

        I agree completely, to the extent of dropping my Founders package down a tier in protest.

        There are new matchmaking plans afoot, which sound like they will make life a lot less autostomp for the PUGers (of which I am one)

        Essentially, a premade team can be either 4 or 8 in size, and the 8-man teams will only be paired up against other premade 8-mans.

        Very much looking forward to it.

    • mrmalodor says:

      MWO is more about gang rape than player skill at the moment. The team that moves together in a single column is able to decimate any lone wolf that crosses its path.

    • HothMonster says:

      They said they are going to change it so 8 man groups can not play pugs anymore.

      You can have a 4 man party and take that into pugs. If you want to make a full 8 man party you will only see other full 8 man parties in matchmaking. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with pugs but when you run up against an organized 8 man crew with 7 strangers running around doing there own thing it goes poorly.

  4. mckertis says:

    [it’s a huge risk]

    What’s with the brackets ?

    >>We would love to believe we’ll have enough success with MechWarrior Online that it will allow us those kind of opportunities

    Yes, because companies with successful MMOs are known to continue making quality single-player mode in their games. They only make MMOs to get money but they really earn for the great single-player experience. No, honest, cross my heart.

    • kraken says:

      Bracketed comments indicate when original text has been modified for clarity.

  5. Kuromatsu says:

    Listen, I love the idea of getting player made stuff into the core game and sharing it with everyone. However, having it get screened just defeats the subversive nature of mods. Mods get away with things retail games can’t. That’s part of the fun. It’s why you won’t find the Macho man dragon on the skyrim steamworks.

  6. Prime says:

    I’ve almost at times lost ties with some of my friends that the current state of the industry is almost the death of the single-player game”

    Time to change the industry, then, chaps. Also, quit judging gamer expectations by Halo and CoD standards. Legions of gamers DON’T buy those “games” (read: vaguely interactive movies) because they can find more fulfilling experiences elsewhere, often made for a meagre fraction of the development cost. Apologising for being sucked into the MMO scene simply because you can’t see the wood for the trees does not earn you the sympathy of Prime.

    • Cinek says:

      MWO isn’t an MMO.

      It’s regular multiplayer-only game with quite low amount of players allowed in a single match (it’s 8vs8 right now – multiplayer games from ’90s supported higher amount of people, and MWO doesn’t even have plans to support anything on a scale of 24vs24 up – their servers would probably collapse knowing current issues with 8vs8)

      • lordcooper says:

        Yes it is, all they did is turn one of the Ms upside down.

      • aepervius says:

        Indeed it is not a MMO, it is just a multilayer arena match FPS. In a way between this and quake arena there isn’t much a difference : gait, texture, weapon and customization, and map. The principle the game play is roughly the same. It is even *less* of than a MMO.

    • Asurmen says:

      Apart from the fact that he was actually talking about getting publishers to support a game that isn’t CoD, Halo etc, and given we know that it quite hard for developers to get publishers supporting a game like Mechwarrior, they do get my sympathy having to make a multiplayer (Not MMO as already pointed out) in order to hopefully fund a single player experience.

      • mrmalodor says:

        Are you really that gullible?

        • Asurmen says:

          Which bit are you saying I’m gullible about?

          • mrmalodor says:

            You think they hope to make a single-player MW game one day. They never will and that was never their plan.

        • rollermint says:

          You couldn’t be more wrong. They started with trying to make a single-player game but no publisher wanted to fund a “Robot” game. They tried for years.

          They were FORCED to abandon single player and make a MMO because thats the only way to bring a new title to the franchise with publisher funding. What you claimed was the exact opposite of what really happened.

  7. Cinnamon says:

    The super expensive and cinematic single player campaigns in AAA games are all terrible anyway. Competing in terms of production values with them is not only financially ruinous but will not create a single player mechwarrior worth playing.

  8. OrangyTang says:

    “I mean, it costs tens of millions of dollars to make a good single-player campaign now.”

    I’d like to suggest the thing wrong with this sentence is campaign. I don’t care about having a ‘campaign’, but I would like a single-player experience. It only costs tens of millions when you’re trying to create a tedious story with lots of dragged out exposition in flashy cutscenes.

    Just give me a sequence of single-player maps with an escalation of enemies/weapons and enough variety that they don’t all feel the same.

    • malkav11 says:

      I for one absolutely require story and narrative beats and all that good stuff in my singleplayer. A bunch of multiplayer skirmishes except with bots instead of people does -not- cut it as singleplayer in my book. It doesn’t need to be a super-linear CoDfest, certainly, but something akin to (if perhaps a bit more exciting than) Mercenaries campaigns of MW2/MW4 days would suit a treat.

  9. OrangyTang says:

    Also, player voting for custom decals is in no way ‘modding’.

    • Cinek says:


    • thomasjblack says:

      Custom decals – I wouldn’t call that modding. Community-made maps – now that’s modding.

      Take MechWarrior: Living Legends for example. They endorse the community to create new maps, they have a dedicated site for hosting them and they use Crysis Wars’ map autodownload feature to allow streamlined custom map downloads.

      The most popular servers for that mod have a lot of custom maps in their rotations, and player feedback ensures that the maps are improved over time.

    • Asurmen says:

      It isn’t and he never said it was.

  10. rocketman71 says:

    “I mean, it costs tens of millions of dollars to make a good single-player campaign now”.


    You guys promised MW5. You delivered a decent but not anything more F2P. At least have the decency to shut up about it.

  11. PatrickSwayze says:

    Don’t understand all the QQ-ing in regards to this game, or if its the sour grapes of the RPS community coming out from under their bridges that whine about games instead of playing them.

    It’s a fantastic piece of work so far. Patches EVERY WEEK, lots of interaction by the devs with the community, an engine that gets more and more optimized while the game gets nicer and nicer looking.

    I spent a good while playing with the trial mechs before the founders mechs came about, and I LEARNED HOW TO PLAY. I didn’t go in guns blazing unless I was an ATLAS, and even then I certainly didn’t go alone. It’s telling the amount of teamwork players are putting in who are complaining because all I hear is ‘I’ and ‘me’ and very little ‘we.’

    PVE is definately the way to go, and any campaign should be co-op, not single player, just to stay true to the ‘online’ aspect of the title. A true MW5 would be best as a standalone. If you listen you can here Kickstarter calling…

    • mrmalodor says:

      People like you are the reason we can’t have good games anymore.

    • Elmar Bijlsma says:

      Strange, because the e-mail I got this week from Piranha about the state of the game and delay of open beta seemed to concur with the “RPS trolls” more then with your views.

      • Flimgoblin says:

        Heh, that was the update which brought cryengine 3.4 also bringing a tonne of server-side lag and games basically dying after 5 minutes. All fixed now (some sort of physics crazybug).

        Matchmaking is a problem atm (like tribes, MWO is a team game and people on voice comms working together are going to slaughter 8 people running in different directions) though there’s still a lot of room for player skill even if you’re getting roflstomped by a pre-made 8 man team.

        Trial mechs aren’t that bad though they all tend to run quite hot – they should make trial mechs with better heat balance (though people will then complain they they do less damage… and I guess people need to learn heat management at some point).

        The way the economy is not it looks like about 20-30 games before you can buy yourself your own commando. It’s f2p, so if playing 30 games before you get to buy a mech is a problem… pony up :p – (note, while I’ve pondered getting founder’s I’ve yet to spend a penny, happily running around in my Raven which I traded up to from my Commando, so it’s definitely possible)

  12. Valhuen says:

    Gave it a try as well, was not impressed. Not a fan of the P2W model to begin with, and only barely tolerate MP gaming as is. It was only because this was Battletech/MW that I gave it a go. Used to be a huge Battletech fan during the FASA days, including the miniature game, well-written fiction, RPG and the Mechwarrior PC games. Those were all fond memories, none of which Piranha has managed to re-capture IMHO. Well, it was a sliver of hope anyway, gave up Battletech when it went collectible/clickytech some decade ago, guess a game true to the spiritual roots was asking for too much.

    • Nullkigan says:

      I’m intrigued – what is the P2W aspect? If anything, this is the least offensive F2P game I’ve seen outside of (dare I say it?) Dota 2.

      There are no paid-for buffs except to rate of credit and xp gain. No gold ammo, no special units that have extra armour or damage. In fact, the Founder mechs are just standard mechs with a different colour scheme. There aren’t even unlocks – just prices for equipment, so if you want you can suicide through twenty matches and then pick up the biggest meanest gun/mech available.

      Now, someone on the other team COULD have Founders or put in a hundred hours and have an pimped out Atlas against your unoptimised, schizophrenically designed, low-reward trial mech. But as there are no unlocks and they take just as much damage as everyone else, matchmaking systems should balance it out. When those are eventually properly implemented.

      (Also: Battletech fiction was well written? Oh boy. Even masters of liberal interpretation and retconmancy have trouble with that stuff! Will not disagree that I would have loved an SP game first instead though)

      • Cinek says:

        “There are no paid-for buffs except to rate of credit and xp gain.” – there aren’t except there are?
        “There aren’t even unlocks” – there aren’t except of XP unlocks which depend on money you put into the game?
        “But as there are no unlocks and they take just as much damage as everyone else” – only they give out much more damage thanks to various buffs that can be obtained with money (or hours of gameplay) – again: XP unlocks.

        “If anything, this is the least offensive F2P game I’ve seen outside of (dare I say it?) Dota 2.” – no idea where you been mate, but there are other well-made F2P games then DOTA2 as well. TF2 being most obvious example (where even newbie can have as much firepower as person who put 100$ and dozens of hours into a game – as every upgrade is a trade-off, and most paid are visuals-only) ;)

        • Nullkigan says:

          Perhaps I should have clarified that as paid-only buffs. Of which there are only currently two: Premium and Founders Mechs, with the net result of increased RATE of xp and credit gain rather than immediate mechanical benefits.

          The XP tree unlocks are, and as I understand it are INTENDED to be, a peripheral thing. +2% torso traverse limit? It’s not the obvious 20%+ one-less-shot to kill someone from the likes of battlefield, or the “you can’t have this gun” of something like Blacklight. In fact, there are no buffs whatsoever for damage output, armour effectiveness or any sort of direct combat ability (it being pointless to speculate on Modules at this juncture). The three most likely to indirectly affect actual combat are heat dissipation rate (less than one heatsink, a time effect), additional heat capacity (I have no idea of the number on that but it’s trivial and again reliant upon a long engagement) and maximum speed. I’d rather they were gone entirely, but they don’t suddenly make the game a cakewalk for haves vs havenots. Finally: None of these are paid for, they all come from time spent in the game even for Super Galactic Legenadry Elite Founders with Hyper Premium, which was why I was questioning the P2W comment.

          TF2 is not a good example of a F2P game unaffected by the microtransaction economy, which is why I avoided using it. The unlocks (without getting into the sidegrade vs upgrade thing) do mechanically affect how the game is played and the balance of any given match as well as being random. Dota 2, in contrast, is ENTIRELY cosmetic as far as I know?

          • Flimgoblin says:

            You can get the pilot abilities without paying, once you earn the c-bills (in game currency) for your own mech you start gaining pilot xp for your mech.

  13. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    As much as I’d love a new MechWarrior game and enjoyed MWO so far, it’s a bit disappointing that MWLL honestly feels like the stronger game despite being a mod.

    I just hope it improves with time. Hell I still really like Tribes Ascend, another series that I’ve adored over the years like MechWarrior, and if MWO can get on its level then I’ll be chuffed.

    • Warduke says:

      I agree, MWLL feels more like the Battletech universe to me than MWO does… It’s a really well done mod.

    • El_Duderino says:

      How’s MWLL these days concerning server population? I enjoyed it immensely when me and my brother played it online just as it was released, but I have since been riddled with shitty internet from hell. MWLL is definetely one of the games I look forward to play again when I get non shitty internet at the end of the month.

  14. haradaya says:

    Just add some vehicles and infantry, enemy mech AI, a few objectives and you’d be half-way there. I honestly don’t want some big campaign story thing. Just a chance to fool about in a mech and feel powerful without having other players destroy that fantasy.

  15. wodin says:

    I’m happy with the old way of doing single player games myself. This is the thing with many developers they can’t think about outside the box.

    Mech tactics could have been made a single player game with some great political aspects and branching campaign and not have costs millions..sadly that is multiplayer only aswell.

    For a single player gamer these days we really get the shit end of the stick..same thing seems apparent to me in Star Citizen aswell..I mean why didn’t he make two separate games and give them all the time they need..say the MMO first or vice versa..Chris “ambition” Roberts..wonder if he had those ambitions in his film making career.

  16. Undermind_Mike says:

    “I’ve almost at times lost ties with some of my friends that the current state of the industry is almost the death of the single-player game.” ?

  17. Mctittles says:

    Hearing someone blame the “industry” for making it difficult to make a game to me just seems like they lack imagination or innovation. So they are saying it costs X amount of money to “copy” the type of single player they made. Then just don’t make the same game.

    If all they are trying to do is find out how to feasibly copy another game’s single player, then I’d rather they not even try. If they have a good and/or original idea for a single player game then go for it. Otherwise don’t bother. I wish more companies came up with a good game idea and reason to do something before doing it. It’s the same thing the other direction with tacked on multiplayer.

    Come up with a fun game first, don’t try to build a gendre.

  18. Reapy says:

    Yeah I’m not sure why they think we need a cod heavily scripted crazy sort of single player mode in order to enjoy it. Granted, I don’t think one 1 mech warrior mission i’ve played in (MW 1 to 4 mercs) really stuck out. Maybe I can think of a few mech 2 games, though I did play the shit out of mech 1 and 2.

    In my head at least, some of the tie-fighter SP missions I played stick out a lot. In those you had a lot of external factors moving that you had to time / protect, and you sat around doing escort duty, or the mission had a nice lull while say a diplomatic mission was being set up as two craft flew out to meet one another.

    This kind of stuff doesn’t require anything crazy except some voice acting and some pre canned pathing, and creative writing /scenarios.

    I dunno, it just seems like battletech is so rich, it is shocking to think that it would take that much work to come up with some interesting material and gameplay.

    Eh anyway, sounds like from the comments I need to give this guy another year or so. I guess I had my issues with mech 4’s online combat, doesn’t sound like they added too much to it here.

  19. Commodore says:

    Realizing, of course, that things are much more expensive now than they were years ago, it still really hurts to see that a 10 hour campaign is considered “big.”

  20. vonkrieger says:

    I understand the clamoring for single player because salvaging urban mechs in MW2:Mercenaries is one of my fondest gaming memories.

    God those things were rubbish.

  21. grenadeh says:


    You start with shit equipment in CoD. You start with shit in BF3 and BC2. You start with shit in ORC. You start with nothing and rank up in almost every modern game – starting your dumb ass in a centurion or a commando, both of which are thoroughly useable – and working your way up is the way works.

    If you are too bad to even play as a team and reap the benefits of a team victory because you want your personal 2000xp 6 kill score, you belong in a different game. MWO isn’t for the MW4 playing douchebags that ruined mechwarrior in the early 2000s, and you can tell that by the fact that people love battletech so much they gave 5 million to a company for a game that isn’t even finished and is free.