Hack This: Memory Of A Broken Dimension

Memory of a Broken Dimension is a strange thing. It’s an abstract and deeply beautiful exploration game, with a text adventure/hacking sort of thing at the start. That’s here. Right now I can’t tell if that’s just the text part, or whether you can get to the exploration part. It seems that you can’t. There’s a video of the full thing action below, as well as the presentation where it was revealed at the Tokyo game show. It’s quite the glitchy nightmare. Take a look!


  1. dee says:


    • Henke says:

      Memory Of An Broken Dimension?

      That can’t be right.

      • dee says:

        Well, They fixed it, so now you’ll never know what I meant.

        Yes , They. It is a conspiracy.

  2. mikmanner says:

    This looks awesome but I’ve no idea what to do, can’t get past the first screen

    • yhancik says:

      DIR gives you the list of available “exe” that are
      – REMOTE
      – VOIDSCAN
      – S-DIVER

      I tried them all in that order and.. .. stuff happened, but only in console, not visuals as in the video…

      • Caiman says:

        Yes it has just enough DOS commands for me to figure out basic stuff, but not enough to actually do what I want. When VOIDSCAN creates all those SECTORx.DAT files I want to EDIT or TYPE them! S-DIVER seems to delete them all and put you back at the start. Hard to tell if other files are being created because the interface glitches constantly mutate the text. I like it, but I’m stuck.

        • yhancik says:

          I wonder if the current online version isn’t just a teaser or something…

          • Caiman says:

            Jim seems to think so, but I don’t know if he’s much smarter than us and has gotten deeper into the system. Wait, what am I saying?

        • TwoDaemon says:

          Mmm, same problems here. I’ve been trying to see if there’s anything to the fact that it lists “1 DIR[S]” in the DIR output, given that to my knowledge if there’s no directories present DOS should either say there’s two (for . and ..) or none (if you’re in the root of a drive). I can’t find any directories, although CD is a valid command which doesn’t seem to do much.

          • Caiman says:

            I, er, cheated and watched the video presentation. The graphical / first person section of the game is activated by those executables, but they’re not working in the free version. Not sure if that’s intentional, because otherwise it’s not much of a teaser! Well ok, I am intrigued, so perhaps it succeeded, but I’d have liked to explore the sector data briefly.

          • TwoDaemon says:

            Ah, I see. Hm. I feel oddly cheated, despite the whole “free teaser” thing. Oh well. Thanks for stopping me from musing on it all afternoon, anyway!

          • WMain00 says:

            Oh. Bleh.

            Where can I buy it then? Or is it not out yet?

            Seems thoroughly daft to release a demo that effectively does nothing.

          • Sc0r says:

            Been messing around a little.
            commands that do anything are:

            Voidscan only seems to work, if you executed remote before.

            Files are
            and after executing remote&voidscan you’ll get:
            sector01 to 09.dat and sectorA to F.dat

          • diehappy says:

            also works but no idea what the user name is, let alone the possible password

    • XRA says:

      sorry guys, that is just the console from when I was doing some network tests and is placeholder for now! I really appreciate all the interest in the game, I want to update the site and get some new stuff up there soon.

  3. Premium User Badge

    yandexx says:

    The music is brilliant. As well as the visuals. Do want!

    Edit: ooh, it is available just like that.

  4. Charles de Goal says:

    Grr when will this Unity Web Player thing be finally be ported to Linux?

    • BillyIII says:

      As soon as linux becomes a proper desktop os.

      • Charles de Goal says:

        Not sure what you’re talking about, it works fine here as a desktop OS.

    • Petethegoat says:

      Dunno about the web player, but Unity 4 is supposed to be able to export to Linux.

  5. yhancik says:

    It reminds me a bit of what Rosa Menkman did in Unity link to triangulationblog.com

  6. SooSiaal says:

    Uhm, I think the version number can give you a hint on why it doesn’t do much at the moment.

  7. VileJester says:

    The music reminded me a little bit of the old Muse albums, which is good.

  8. Kein says:


    Besides, Unity Player… nah.

  9. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Looks like when i used to record 7th generation porns on my family Betamax

  10. Kefren says:

    The first trailer reminds me of Mondo Medicals / Agency (Cactus).

  11. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    Looks beautiful. Hope to see more sooner instead of later.

  12. Synesthesia says:

    Beautiful! When will it be done?

  13. Saldek says:

    That looks absolutely fantastic! Love the idea of objects forming when you look at their fragments from the right perspective.

  14. hello_mr.Trout says:

    aesthetic exploration in incredible broken down hacking weird noir world? i’m sold!

  15. cunningmunki says:

    Would be ace if the Black Mesa guys do Xen in a similar fashion.

  16. Qofi (Hero(in(e))). says:

    Is that a Matrix reference I spot?

    So I went ahead and made a ‘let’s play’ of this, and the game creator actually made a comment on the video confirming that there’s no way to access the actual ‘gameplay’ parts of the game yet.