Minecryft: The Official Far Cry 3 Mod For Minecraft

Now you are the Creeper
Block by block, like an insidious cubist curse, Minecraft is taking over the gaming world. World of Warcraft was the most recent game to suffer assimilation, in a frightening 1-1 recreation. Usually this sort of labour of love is made by the fans, but Ubisoft are cutting out the post-launch months of people on forums suggesting that someone does it. They’ve hired Far Cry 3 Minecraft modder Michael Lambert to build it for them, creating a free map and texture pack that will be out before the game it’s based on.

It makes none of sense, but it’s a fun thing to do for both communities. Minecrafters get a new world to play with, full of a huge amount of spoiler content for the main game: locations and characters will be present, as well as 50 or so Easter Eggs. And if you’re a Far Cry 3 fan who was eager to see the rather gorgeous game rendered in breaky blocks, then you’re probably more excited than I’m comfortable with. Take a couple of steps back. Further. That’s better.

Here’s some startling imagery of the two games mashed-up. I hope Ubisoft believes this is what they’re making.

It’ll be out on the Far Cry 3 site on October the 26th.


  1. HexagonalBolts says:

    I’m… uh… wait what? This is bewildering

  2. x1501 says:

    It’s funny because it’s low poly and low-res.

    • jorygriffis says:

      Well spotted!

    • Stochastic says:

      It’s funny because you’re stripping the joke of its humor by deconstructing it. Oh wait…

      • Universal Quitter says:

        It’s funny ’cause you killed it by taking it too fa- oh, wait.

  3. Jockie says:

    Cross-promotion usually strikes me a silly and pointless. This is silly, pointless, but kind of a lot of fun.

  4. hogofwar says:

    As far as I can tell Michael Lambert isn’t actually a modder, he just created maps, which isn’t modding.

    • eks says:

      “Map Making” has fallen under the general category of modding since forever. Community maps are released as “mods” most of the time even when there is technically no modding done. So while I guess your statement is valid, you’re two decades too late to argue it, it’s already been established.

      • hogofwar says:

        I mean this in the way that at least from IGN’s report on this topic, you will “meet the characters from the game” and “weapons and tools will be modified”, it would need a real mod for this, which they haven’t cited who will be doing it (May just be internal though), saying Michael is the modder who is making whole thing is probably false.

    • Phantoon says:


    • Tatourmi says:

      Maybe. I don’t know, isn’t it? You are adding content to the original game, thus modifying it in some respect. So I would call this a mod. As for the weapons, he is even replacing things. Once again, third party modification.

      I don’t know what your definition is, but unless it is like the, in my opinion, short-minded ultra-restrictive and completely meaningless definitions we sometimes see of “genres”, art, and well, pretty much everything that is defined by people who have an idea of what they want to define and didn’t think about the subject enough, I guess I want to hear it. (I think the “third party” part of the modification might actually be interesting there as it is made in house)

      • d34thm0nk3y says:

        It’s useful to distinguish between a map and a mod because they bring quite different things to a game. Mods modify the game’s gameplay/mechanics in some way whereas maps simply provide a different area to apply the game’s mechanics to.

        In this case, if it’s being called a mod, then I expect it to do more than just be a map.

        • hogofwar says:

          From at least IGN’s report on this it will be more than just a map+texture pack, it will also include the game’s characters and modding of tools and weapons.

  5. Cooper says:

    Thing is, it’s probably cheaper to hire a guy to create this mod than it is to get some of those fancy cinematic trailers produced. This kind of stuff gets more people talking about it too. It’s an easy win for the marketing department.

    Kind of indicates how unimaginative / overly protective of the IP many publishers and marketeers are. Or how stypid they think game players are (“We can’t do this, they might confuse it for the real game!”)

  6. konrad_ha says:

    Oh my god: Minecraft is the new Star Wars (for games)!

    • JoeGuy says:

      I thought Mass Effect was the Star Wars of games. A space opera trilogy with rich lore, a memorable space ship, great ship mate characters and even glitzy hand waving magic; with a great indoctrinated antagonist that only realized his evil ways at the end and a giant ass baddy ship(s) with a dumb solution to destroying them.

      • Davie says:

        You can still run into people with tangential exposure to video games who wouldn’t recognize the Normandy or anyone in it. EVERYONE knows what a creeper looks like. That’s what he means when he says the Star Wars of video games–such an integral part of popular culture that people know their way in and out of it without having ever experienced it firsthand.

        • Jhoosier says:

          I’ve never played any of the ME games, and if you mentioned a spaceship called the Normandy, I’d have an idea what you’re talking about, but wouldn’t recognize it by sight.

          Creepers, on the other hand…*shudder*

        • Oozo says:

          But by that measure, wouldn’t Super Mario by the Star Wars of games?

    • Rhin says:

      Or a Minecraft mod is the new LEGO game.

  7. Grargh says:

    Funny times. Marketing for a Ubisoft sequel-sequel piggybacking on the hype of an indie hit. Is that a good or a bad sign?

  8. Wedge says:

    None of sense! indeed.

  9. GigaCosmoShark says:

    I’m sick of this!

    That is……EEEEENOUGH!!!!

  10. lovedamon says:

    oh, gosh, what’s this? it looks so beautiful, so special. can you tell me what it is used to?
    link to ick.li

  11. theleif says:

    Cool, cool, cool.