Planetside 2’s Handsome Third Continent Revealed!

Temperate and spectacularly mountainous terrain features in the reveal trailer of Amerish (below), which will be the third continent that Planetside 2 will feature at launch. It’s disgustingly pretty, probably more so than the other two, as you can see. I think I’ll end up playing here as much as I can, so that wearing purple armour and murdering an infinite army of similar begarbed space gentlemen can feel more like a nice holiday.

Oh and if you’re looking for RPS types to play with, we’re getting organised over here.


  1. JonClaw says:

    Looks gorgeous.

  2. Davee says:

    My eyes! They cannot handle prettiness of this magnitude!

    As much as I like snow maps, this totally blows Esamir out of the water. At least until weather like snowstorms is introduced…

  3. Cooper says:

    Very pretty. Though I’m a tad disappointed to see -yeat another- biolab. That base design is by far the weakest…

    There’s also an RPS NC outfit that rolls out on Fridays (tonight). Details here:
    link to

  4. SanguineAngel says:

    This year is stupid in its demands on my time. And I really don’t have very much time to start with. I am struggling to make any headway on Xcom and dishonored at the moment. When this comes out, and mechwarrior…. i just don’t know how I can bend time and space to enable me to play it all.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Just be thankful we haven’t colonized (and interwebbed) the whole solar system yet, or mankind would produce much more worthy content that you could even consider to assimilate per unit of time.

      • Low Life says:

        Wait, did you just manage to make me glad of the fact that we’ve not yet reached the state of space colonisation? That’s a really disturbing point of view; what if every week was like last week?

    • Hunchback says:

      I have the same problem, only i am already on the Planetside AND Mechwarrior betas…
      And not to forget DOTA2… And a ton of other games that i am trying to make some progress on, such as Shogun or Crusader Kings… o.O

  5. Chickenfeed says:

    I’m having alot of trouble enjoying Planetside 2. Since it’s announcement I was really hyped for it, but only used my beta invitation a couple of days ago. I love the concept, the gameplay is solid and there really is some epic moments, but, for me atleast, they are pretty few.

    I played it for a good few hours every day since accepting it, but everytime I stop and realise that I am not actually having any fun. Attacking bases quickly turns into a stalemate of infantry shooting each other across a open desert for a few hours. When the defenders are finally overrun, the attackers spend 10 minutes spawn camping until the flag changes, which is not my idea of fun.

    Am I playing it wrong? I thought maybe it’s not so much fun for a solo player, but with the limited beta access it’s hard to play with friends. Just wondered if anyone else was having the same problems as me, or am I just doing it wrong.

    • TormDK says:

      Well, it is an FPS game. So unless you like playing those games for hours on end thats “all” that it is.

      But I find that it is the most fun when people are following orders, and I expect we’ll have the most fun once organized Outfits starts locking Down areas.

      I tend to dip in with two of my friends for a few hours and then put it back Down. It’s going to be a game I’ll be playing actively, but in “short” bursts of a few hours – I don’t see how I would do the 7+ hour weekend runs, it’s “just” an FPS after all. (But at least there’s something real about winning unlike the normal FPS games)

    • BarneyL says:

      Sadly I’d have to agree, the base designs, capture mechanics and hex system seems set up to encourage situations where the only soulution (and certainly the best rewarded one) is to throw bodies at each other over and over. It’s a capture and hold game that never enda and says you win\loose it just goes on forever with no end in sight.
      There is no work to be done behind enemy lines because you can’t capture anything that isn’t on the front line, experience from capturing quiet bases is far less than getting kills in a lost cause battle and there’s nothing like PS1’s base power system that will force a base neutral after a certain time deadlocked. It also rewards team stacking, would you rather be on the side that wins all the battles (500xp per base capture) or the loosing one that gets a 3% experience bonus (kill 170 people and make up for a single base capture missed) because they are underpopulated?
      PS2 has an engine capable of producing a great game but I’m not convinced that the develpers know what to do with it.

      • Chickenfeed says:

        “PS1′s base power system that will force a base neutral after a certain time deadlocked.”

        Funnily enough I thought that a deadlock feature is exactly what Planetside 2 needed. I was in a battle where a huge amount of players from my team were stood behind a rock firing sniper rifles and rockets at a base where a huge amount of enemy players were stood behind a wall firing sniper rifles and rockets for a long, long, long time. Noone could make any progress because the enemy could respawn in the base just as fast as my team could enter. Some sort of deadlock or spawn blocking mechanic for contested bases could potentially stop a large amount of problems, I think.

        • socrate says:

          i like that people took that much time to realise its the same old boring concept of world pvp that always bored every player alive and never actually worked in any way…why do people think PS1 was a total failure even with EQ player having to pay just a bit more to play it as a merging game with EQ….its a bad concept of base trading that doesn’t give any reward or feel of accomplishment just like WvWvW is in GW2.

          I dont get that people still don’t try to fix the obvious problem which are team imbalance,different play time session with different timezone and a system that just don’t reward capture of base and make them way to easy to conquer making it just a big base trading game vs equal force

    • Calabi says:

      I agree with this. I dont want to take orders from complete strangers on the internet. I have enough of that in my day job.

      Pew pewing from a distant with a bland map with hardly any cover or interesting things, and only vehicles seeming viable isnt my kind of fun. Maybe Firefall will be better.

  6. Mr. Mister says:

    Smarthpone, can’t afford to watch the video.

    Anyone cares to point out the horizontal surface (just 64 sq km like the others?), max terrain height difference, and which/how many biotopes, if any of it’s in the video?

    • MrUnimport says:

      Video just shows off craggy rocks and green expanses and Yet Another Biolab. The craggy rocks are quite impressive, real big spikes, but I’m not sure how significant those are to anything but absent-minded aircraft. I’m really not enamoured; Esamir was a lot more atmospheric.

      Oh, and there are little green men running around all over with ray guns, it’s quite fantastic, bold move for the game, if only you could see the video for yourself.

  7. Synesthesia says:

    *Will dance for a beta key*

    • Greggh says:

      *Will do malicious things with counterparts of roosters for beta key*

  8. Tei says:

    This is not what I expected. I expected a big forest continent, with huge lakes, very few areas safe for vehicles, long roads trought the forest ( dooming vehicles to lots of ambush ).

    What we have here is pretty ( the video in 00:16 is lovable) but seems more varied terrain. Soo.. the game will have better balance than I expected, but also is less unique in that sense.

    I really want to test this new continent as soon as possible :D

  9. Njordsk says:

    Are Esamir and this one merged into the already existing map?

    • darkChozo says:

      They’re instanced by continent; you go to a warpgate and use a world terminal to travel between them.

  10. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    Can any of the more active testers tell me if it still lags whenever there are more than three people onscreen at once? When I last played it, anything larger than a 5-man skirmish became a slideshow, on minimum settings, on a midrange rig that can deal with most modern games fairly well.

    • Chufty says:

      The framerate has drastically improved. It still chugs in big fights on my (midrange) machine, but early in the beta I was getting less than 1fps; it’s now at least playable.

    • Lucidity says:

      Yes, this game is probably one of the worst I’ve experienced for piss poor optimization. If a large battle threatens to really kick off then I’m forced to leave as the game is definitely, as you so succinctly put it, a slideshow experience.

      • Asurmen says:

        What’s your specs because my 3 year old machine runs this fine on medium and high.

  11. wengart says:

    Whenever I play PS2 I get angry that it isn’t more like Arma.

  12. Lucidity says:

    Given the hype for this game I’ve not been impressed at all (slight lie) because the game seems so poorly optimized and laggy which is especially apparent when more than six people start to shoot at eachother which becomes problematic in a game where I’ve seen hundreds of players and vehicles engage eachother…

    Secondly, the prefab buildings and dull terrain make the game quite predicable at the moment, you just get a stalemate shooting match over a large expanse of nothingness which you can’t cross safely without falling prey to the enemy gunline which can replenish numbers as fast as you can kill them (players appear as little silhouettes complete with little red health bars on the distant horizon) which is the same exact experience for the enemy as your ‘gunline’ is exactly the same.

    As it stands, the epic vehicular engagements make a stunningly picturesque slideshow as I can’t get more than 40fps in quiet deadzones, when the action starts the game runs in the teens.

    All in all it’s a fantastically disappointing game but I’ll reserve final judgement until the game exits beta, as it stands I’d say it’s a pretty unplayable affair for me.

  13. Jengaman says:

    I have a feeling there’s just going to be 3 continents dominated by each of the 3 factions.

    • MrUnimport says:

      You don’t get points for squatting on territory anymore. Once they put in base benefits it may be harder to push out of a warpgate, but we’ll see.

  14. Klopka says:

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  15. cassus says:

    I really wish PS2 was a different, more planetside-y game. Or rather, I wish they didn’t go for the CoD style gameplay. The main differences from PS1 that ruin this game for me are how bases work. There are no walls anymore, so your enemy can just siege the crap out of your base. There is no advantage to having the base at all, cause there are no walls or anything. Tanks just pepper the base buildings from far away. Snipers are free to pick off anyone still alive in the rooms who are also dumb enough to peek through the door, maybe filled with false optimism going “oh I’ma score me a kill before they get me.” Which never works, cause 8 snipers are aiming at that door.

    There is no deployable goodness to speak of. The maps have insane elevation differences. It’s basically grand canyon on the first map, and some sort of messed up ski resort on the second. I get why they made the maps like this, cause with the power of the snipers right now, you’ll need hella cover to even get anywhere, and anywhere is always into either sniper range, or CQC range. Mid range combat never ever happens, so you can chuck your assault rifles and machine guns and pick up snipers or shotguns.

    The Galaxy is the final piece of the puzzle that pretty much sealed the deal as far as how the game is played is concerned. Hot drops are done. Planning is over. Now it’s all about just throwing a galaxy as close to the base as possible, and then running in, dying, running in, dying repeat repeat repeat. The pressure is unyielding, and bases have no chance of being defended. The pace is just ridiculous. No repairing of turrets or planting of deployables. Just dig in as best you can, and cross your fingers and hope the tank shells don’t find you.

    Maybe I’m just wearing rose tinted goggles, but the good times and crazy memories I have from PS1 can’t all be nostalgia.. Hate to be one of those “OMG THEY CHANGED THE GAME!!” guys, but Planetside 1 had something no other game had. It was massive, there was tons of strategy and tactics, and it was just really different. Planetside 2 feels really familiar. It feels pretty much exactly like an open world Battlefield 3. Only planetside’s guns don’t feel nearly as good, and you get the performance issues always connected with open world games. I will say this, though; The Forgelight engine is mighty impressive. It’s really beautiful, and the performance is far better than I’d ever expected. I’m sure it’s a fun game if you’re into a way faster game than PS1. If you want some kind of run and gun pewpewfest, planetside 2 will not dissapoint at all. It really does that type of gameplay better than any other game because of the persistence and just crazy scale. Just don’t go into this game expecting planetside, cause it’s vastly different.

  16. cassus says:

    Forgot I had a buddy key to share. Guess most people in here already have keys, but yeah, guess it’ll get some use anyways. Just so bots don’t snag it, all the – are replaced with (K)’s for no other reason than that’s what I could come up with.


    – cassus the encryptorizer –