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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Strangely Effortless

Hello from the past! Yes, I’ve done that thing where I prepare the Bargain Bucket slightly ahead of schedule, because I’m actually on my way to Nottingham for GameCity as you read this. This means that I’ve only picked deals that I already knew about. It also means that if any major currencies have collapsed within 24 hours then some of the conversions I’ve quoted might be a bit off. What’s never a bit off though, is, a website about cheap games. Read on for this week’s bargain bucket:

Sim City 2000: Special Edition – £1.86/€2.29/$2.99
I owe this city-building masterpiece a great deal. Playing far too much of this game as a child is how I developed my highly systemising world-view that enables me to be good at doing things like closely monitoring the market for videogames in the UK. Here’s why it’s one of the games that made me:

SimCity 2000 instilled a few qualities in me which I know massively shaped me in my child and then adult life. I learnt the value of ‘gaming a system’, working out the underlying rules, and manipulating and pushing them for maximum personal benefit. I also gained an understanding of the value of iterative learning. I knew after my first failed attempt of creating a huge sprawling metropolis that I could do better next time. And I did.

More here.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane – £3.75
Registers on Steam.
Adam thought these things about Warlock:

In the end, its single-minded focus on conflict is a strength, provided it isn’t too much of a barrier for your personal enjoyment, allowing for a streamlined and strangely effortless game of conquering and conjuring. It’s a shame that you’ll most likely knit your brow over the lack of documentation rather than tough strategic choices, unsure as to whether a site is suitable for settling because it’s unclear how useful the terrain is, but as a relatively short and concentrated dose of strategy in a light-hearted and colourful world, it’s something I see myself returning to frequently. It doesn’t do a thousand things, as so many strategy games attempt to, but the few things that it does tackle, it mostly gets spot on.

Also, RPS verdict here.

Frozen Synapse x2 – £9.49/similar price in other currencies
Apply coupon “BUCKET”.
That’s the price for the “Regular Edition”, but the coupon will work on any of the others too if you want to add the DLC and/or soundtrack to your order. Here you get two copies of the game, and both come with a key to optionally register on Steam. Alec did this one for Eurogamer:

‘Commit’ is such a beautiful name for an End Turn button. Press it with trembling hand, for there’s no backing down afterwards. Watching the Outcome of a turn is up there with staring at the flickering television in a bookie’s office, ticket clenched into your sweaty paw as you pound imagined psychic energy into the horse you’ve bet everything on. This time. This time. It must go as planned.

AVSEQ, Blackwell Deception, Oil Rush, Reprisal & To the Moon – £3.35/€4.12/$5.36 at time of writing
All but Reprisal register on Steam.
Price will fluctuate over time, as explained here.
This bundle includes Jim’s game “AVSEQ”. Conflict! Tell you what. Don’t buy this bundle because it’s got Jim’s brilliant music game in it. Buy it because it’s got John’s sweetheart To The Moon in it. Or because it’s got Oil Rush, which Alec thought was decent. Or because it’s got the latest in the brilliant Blackwell series. Or because Reprisal looks ace.

Deal of the week
Hotline Miami – £4.21/€5.17/$6.74
Apply coupon “SQRLUVOC”.
Registers on Steam.
Can you hear it? A tsunami of blood, bullets, broken glass and broken bones is coming. It’s coming for you. No doubt when Hotline Miami is finally unleashed on the unsuspecting public, the cacophony of praise will only be matched by the screams of bloodlust. It may cost just £4.21 to preorder, but the real price is perhaps much more. Will you be able to return to your mundane reality after this? Hotline Miami is perhaps the definitive twenty-first century murder simulator. Put on your animal mask, and let’s get a little crazy.

Also of note:
Interplay games on GOG from $0.01 to $34.99 depending on how many you want.
Vizati – £1.32/similar price in other currencies
Jet Set Radio – £4.68/€5.75/$7.49. Apply coupon “SQRLUVOC”, registers on Steam.

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