Falling Foul Of A Disco Stomp: Darkfall Unholy War


Darkfall: Unholy War is due next month and the first video of the massive revamp/sequel is here, showing the warrior role. Each ‘role’ will have several schools associated with it and each character will be defined by two of those schools, one primary and one secondary. Each school has five abilities associated with it, the most powerful of which is only available if the school is in the primary slot. The chap in the video is a baresark and he can stomp on people. Well, it says ‘stomp’ on the screen but he actually does a strange disco move and strikes his foes with his pecs, sending them flying off cliffs and into rivers. That sounds exciting but the video was so underwhelming that it left my spirits lower than a worm’s willy.

Any Darkfall advocates out there who are left trembling with excitement after watching that? There’s more info on the role system and the baresark on the development blog.


  1. Javier-de-Ass says:

    looks great. really interested to see the full new ui.

    • KingKio says:

      Yea it will be really interesting to see how the game improves upon the original, which I admit was filled with flaws but I really did have fun with it.

  2. Drayk says:

    This trailer is like shooting an arrow in it’s own knee.

    • astronaute says:

      Haha yeah, worst trailer ever :)
      I was a little interested in this game, then I saw this and have no interest at all anymore, it feels clumsy and the video was obviously made by a 5yr old.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      Strangely I was thinking how the stomp section looks like an imaginary “fus ro da” video filmed in some kind of skyrim demake.

      • RoAE says:

        For some reason your comment made me look up “fus ro da dubstep” on google, for future reference, its not highly recommended.

    • KingKio says:

      how is this a trailer exactly?

    • azmoodeus says:

      This is not a fucking trailer you damn retards. This is just showing 2 spells from 1 school.
      Read up before you post such bullshit.

      P.S Baresark is an old norse word I believe. As I said before, read up before posting shit.
      link to thefreedictionary.com

  3. President Weasel says:

    I believe it is traditional at this juncture to mention pre-patch fire kicks.
    Also to warn prospective RPS reviewers that the Darkfall community may threaten to boycott buying the RPS magazine if any reviews are too negative.

    So “stomp” is “chest-bump off things”, and “stampede” is “make a whistly noise while running slightly faster”. Does it do anything else?
    And what other mis-named abilities are lurking beneath the other three icons on the bar?

    • Trithne says:

      I imagine that Pulverise, being the ultimate ability only the most dedicated of Baresarks (whatever those are) can use, is basically just Saturday Night Fever.

  4. hemmingjay says:

    We waited 2 years for this?!?! I was trying to find a way to describe it……….how about:
    Steaming pile of Darkfall?

  5. f1x says:

    Ok that was bad,

    I mean… STAMPEDE!!…. sounds like a powerful thing involving maybe millions of raging bulls trampling and so on,
    then what you actually see is a guy in a metal pijama doing short sprints in the middle of nowhere


  6. LTK says:

    Don’t you need at least three participants if you want a stampede? And maybe hooves as well? Otherwise it’s just… running.

  7. Kelron says:

    fuuuuu eurogamer!

    Do people who had the original still have to buy this one?

  8. wodin says:


  9. pupsikaso says:

    Still feel a bit betrayed by Aventurine. I didn’t put so much trust and money into Darkfall and the community for them to just abandon us and make a Darkfall2, which doesn’t even look like it’s taking the community’s criticisms and requests seriously.

  10. Solskin says:

    That really failed to impress.

  11. BathroomCitizen says:

    I suspect this game has the potential for some pretty goofy stuff!

  12. foop says:

    Baresark? Baresark? What on earth… Throughout the article and video I kept mis-reading it as ‘baresack’, which triggers all sorts of slightly puerile thoughts in my mind, a kind of unholy mixture of ‘bareback’ (snigger) and ‘sack’ (more sniggering).

    Still, the stomp ability looks useful if your enemies make a habit of standing motionless on the edge of dramatic cliffs.

  13. nizzie says:

    The new UI certainly looks like an inprovement (although that wasn’t so hard to achieve), but the trailer is pretty much what I expected from AV. As someone who played Darkfall for well over a year (and I consider that time to be one of the best in mmorpgs I ever had) I feel obliged to give the new game a chance. Actually, I want to give it a chance, although I have very realistic expectations.