Less Pocket, More Monster: Dragon’s Prophet

'Whoa, it's like looking in a mirror,' the dragon thinks to itself, shortly before reflecting on the fact that it's never actually looked in a mirror before.

SOE’s new F2P fantasy MMO, Dragon’s Prophet, sounds like Pokemon but dragonier. I mean it, too. That is exactly what it sounds like. See for yourself: “In a world shaped by dragon-kind, more than 300 unique dragons roam the lands. Fight, capture, train and ride them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities.” But, in reality, that’s only one aspect of its sky-searing DNA. The rest, meanwhile, might seem a bit more familiar if you’re from ’round these PC-friendly parts.

So a lot of it looks like traditional giganto baddie biffing, ala Tera, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means. SOE’s also touting action-based combat via “a revolutionary auto-targeting system that gives players unprecedented control during battles.” Admittedly, I imagine that’s less on the level of a Bolshevik Revolution and more in line with, say, a Dance Dance Revolution, but I’m all for new attempts at speedy, heavy hitting MMO combat.

The Dragon’s Profit, meanwhile, will come by way of SOE’s Free To Play Your Way model, which does business on “your terms.” I was hoping that meant I could haggle prices and pay in squibbles, quarks, and priceless winter fox pelts, but alas, SOE’s merely referring to the ability to purchase “hundreds” of items and weapons with Station Cash.

The Runewalker-developed MMO will take flight next spring, but you can register for an upcoming beta here. Is that something you’ll be doing, though? This one intrigues me a bit, but we no longer live in a world where an MMO can get by solely on strong combat or a few minute changes to the formula. Then again, dragons are hardly something I’d call “minute.” So I suppose we’ll see.


  1. Wodge says:

    I really don’t like SOE’s F2P model, far more limiting than every other game out there, it’s terrible.

  2. Stackler says:

    Hey SOE, why not make a good game that doesn’t get destroyed by your greedy suits and idiot designers for a change, instead of shitting out this awful F2P-dreck?

    • lordcooper says:

      Bit harsh

      • Wodge says:

        it’s true though, they actually chop up games far too much with their F2P crap, they were also amongst the first to have a subscription and cash shop, the greedy buggers.

    • SAM-site says:

      Are you sure you’re on the right website? For incandescent ranting about The Man and general frothing about any method of paying for games that isn’t from the Good Old Days I believe you want Eurogamer. If you’re really lucky you can also get stuck into a My Platform Is Better Than Your Platform discussion…

      (The fact that most comments on RPS are well argued if they don’t like something, rather than simply resorting to overblown statements of damnation are what set this place aside from the other games venues out there. It is, to that end, an endangered species – please keep it constructive!)

      • Stackler says:

        I’m sorry to be so harsh, but SOE is one of these companies that absolutely earned it. I just can’t stand companies that try to bullshit their customers. And I can’t understand that A LOT of people are fine by getting screwed over, it seems.

    • f1x says:

      The previous game of the studio, as the trailer advices, Runes of Magic, is actually fairly succesful within the “common” F2P mmos, its been running for some years and its got some expanions, (even tho its just a shameless wow clone)

      But if I’m not mistaken Runes of Magic is published/run by Frogster (Now Gameforge) and I think their F2P model is more open, so yes maybe its not gonna be as easy now with SOE, but I dont know

      I’m sure I wont play it, if it has the same playerbase as Runes of Magic its gonna be worse than hell,
      One of the problems about this sort of F2P personally is that being F2P means : kids, morons,
      and if you think its the same type of morons, or even the same amount as in subscription or boxed MMOs I dare you to make a Runes of Magic account and try to play it a bit

    • Iconik says:

      It’s not even in BETA and already your smugness can’t contain itself.

  3. Pryde says:

    The only thing Tera really have in common with “action” is “right-mouse-button-always-pushed camera mode”. That shitgrindfest is no different from the rest, no matter what their PR department have been singing. And this one will be the same, by the look of it. Oh, MMO-space, why have you become so sad place?

  4. apocraphyn says:

    Interesting. There have always been people out there clamouring for a “Pokémon MMO”, yet GameFreak are far too mired in the traditionalist mindset of not fixin’ what ain’t broke. Looks like they’re aiming partly for that market and partly for the Monster Hunter crowd.

    Of course, have no idea if the game itself would actually be any good. It’ll probably be bogged down with all number of free to play restrictions and it’s bound to be governed by ProSiebenSat.1 over in Europe as with the rest of their games, so there are already negatives.

  5. Skid says:

    An interesting concept, hopefully the combat is more like RaiderZ then Tera, not that there was anything wrong with Tera’s combat its just RaiderZ is doing it better. Expecting an MMO not to have any sort of grind however is just foolish, the question is weather or not they can mask it well enough that people don’t mind doing it, GW2 does a decent job of doing that, but still not great. As for Tera, it was let down by bog standard repetitive quests.

  6. Prime says:

    I hereby pronounce today the unnofficial Day of the Dragon.

  7. Qofi (Hero(in(e))). says:

    Will there be EV training?

  8. Gilly says:

    First zombies, now dragons.

    What’s the next dead horse?

    • Mattressi says:

      I was thinking that whatever the result of combining a zombie with a dragon would be it.

      No seriously, I’m pretty sure that would give you a literal dead horse (with wings…).

  9. stillunverified says:

    Could MMOs ever get by “solely on strong combat”?
    I honestly don’t remember that ever being a thing, MMO combat hasn’t even been remotely decent until recently, and I don’t play them for the combat.

    • Stackler says:

      It’s the easiest to come up with because all the mechanics are already set in stone. Instead of improving them, or, much better, invent other, non-combat mechanics, developers try to squeeze the rest of money out of the genre before it dies a painful death.

      Jonathan Blow was right, todays games are the equivalent of McDonald’s. Feed crap to your customers and exploit them where you can. And MMOs are the worst of them, that’s for sure.