From A Nitronic Rush: Distance. Wait. That Didn’t Work.

A car, farting.

Arcade racer Distance comes from a few of the folk who brought us Nitronic Rush, the Digipen driveygame that impressed so much. While some of the team have slunk off to AAA developers, a core understand the true value of purity, and are staying defiantly indie. (No, seriously, congrats to all who got jobs off the back of their stellar university efforts.) Under the name Refract Studios, Distance is inevitably being Kickstarted, and now we’ve an announcement trailer too. It’s looking pretty fine.

They’re after a sizeable $125,000, but are already well on their way there with nearly $37k in the pot. What are people funding? This:

Oh wait, that was a complete waste of everyone’s time. Sorry. Let’s try the Kickstarter video instead. Jump to 3:20 to see it in action:

The themes of Nitronic are repeated here – gravity-defying racing on impossible tracks, this time far more pretty, along with multiplayer, and driving upside down, like in real life. There’s also a real push to see it be fully moddable. But obviously they’re after funding to get all this done without a publisher. Will they make it?! I actually know, but I’m not telling.


  1. SominiTheCommenter says:

    I sure hope they make it, even addim Multiplayer would already be worth it. With mods it’s even better. It’s even Torcht doing the music again.

  2. Henke says:

    Already backed. :)

    Nitronic Rush was one of last year’s best racing games so I’m really looking forward to this.

  3. DJJoeJoe says:

    I find it hard to sit through these videos of people selling their games. Nitronic Rush was rad, :) .

  4. Glen Moyes says:

    Backed. And yes, Nitronic Rush was very rad.

  5. kaplonkaplonk says:

    Please let there be a “Ghost Ride the Whip” mode!

  6. sirdavies says:

    Will definetly back. Nitronic Rush is awesome.

  7. Mctittles says:

    Multiplayer alone would make this an instant buy for me. I was waiting for this news to get an article on RPS. I wonder if having a Kickstarter can negatively effect talk about your game. Since it turns into a kickstarter article instead of “they are making a sequel” article.

  8. Koshiir Ra says:

    Already backed this. Interesting fact: They said they have another trailer in the works that will show off more gameplay. Should be coming out in the next few days.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Frankly, I’d happily pledge in support of that guy being called Hightower.

  10. Urthman says:

    Anyone who gave Nitronic Rush a brief try and was unimpressed might want to go back and try the hardcore levels where they turn off the wings and make you learn to do flips and drive on walls. It’s like a combination of Trackmania and Tony Hawk (or Rollcage 2 if you remember that one).

    • Mr. Mister says:

      The real deal are community levels (though you may count Gladiator and Nitro Tunnel in too).

      Those things will kill you, Kill you, and KILL you, until you dominate them and show’em who’s the boss.

  11. Urthman says:

    Hmm. Has any racing game ever done that thing there with the hud entirely on the outside of the car? (Obviously we’ve had in-game first-person dashboards before). I think I might like that idea.

    • Nic Clapper says:

      Closest I can think of would be Split/Second — it has the HUD sorta wrapped around the back of the car (not actually ON it tho). Blur has some HUD stuff wrapped around like S/S too (only pickups tho).

      This looks super cool tho — hope they are successful!

  12. fooga44 says:

    Nitronic rush was a real gem made with love, they put a lot of work into it. I’d love to see what they could pull off with more devs/cash to put more work into it. Racing is pretty stagnant as a genre and I liked how Nitronic rush was actually made as A VIDEOGAME, a game made by nerds for other nerds who heart games. Like trying to do new things other games have not yet done that we’ve all thought about at one point or another playing racing games.

    I’d love to combine nitronic rush + pod + maybe some car combat multiplayer mode.


  13. DarkNightRJ says:

    Seem’s like this isn’t going fast enough. It started off strong first day or two now its just slowly creeping up. I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t want to back this, the first one was amazing and this will be even better.

    I’d like to raise my pledge but I don’t know if $10 more for a soundtrack and a digital concept art book are worth it to me.While I do want the game to succeed I still wanna feel like I get the most out of my money,

    • fooga44 says:

      Procrastination / wait and see crowd (i.e. do everything on the last day or two before the kickstarter ends).
      I’ll be honest with you, even though I knew of Planetary annihilation I didn’t fund it because I knew that the procrastination curve would kick in at some point.

      • Mr. Mister says:

        “Procrastination curve”. This needs to be its official term.

  14. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’ve actually been searching for Nitronic Rush but I couldn’t recall where I encountered it and what it was called. I forgot to try it when I read the article. Distance looks rather nice, too.

    • jikavak says:

      You can click the Nitronic Rush tag on this article and it’ll take you to the older ones about it.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        I know, I know. Just commenting on how I’ve been looking for the related title. Been enjoying it so far. But thanks anyway.

  15. Chizu says:

    I already backed this. Since Nitronic Rush appealed to exactly what I like in arcadey racing games, it reminded me of Rush 2049 (an obvious influence). Put my money down as soon as I could.
    I do hope this makes its target. Do want so much.

  16. Big Daddy Dugger says:

    I had a friend over that’s only into xbox halo/CoD stuff and he was amazed when were smoking weed and playing nitronic rush on my tv, needless to say he was depressed for months after i told him they don’t have it on xbox.

  17. LionsPhil says:

    …Nitronic Rush was released? Hunh. Completely missed that.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Well, the guys had balls releasing it the same day as Skyrim. That’s probably why you missed it, but you have no excuse now.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Indeed! And I grinned all through Story Mode. Good fun!

        • Mr. Mister says:

          You’ve probably played most of them by now, but you now must advance through the Hardcore levels! They wingless mechanic is what makes the game what it truly is for me.
          A little bit of frustration is not rare at the beggining, but you’ll get used to it: you’ll be able to beat Hardcore Black in two deaths by the end of the week. There’s quite a difficulty gap with Gladiator though.

          And once you feel you can dominate the standard Hardcore maps… then go Commnity levels. They’re the REAL deal. Can you take my “Kill it with FIRE!” world top score down?

  18. MikoSquiz says:

    Its resemblance to F-Zero is making me moist.